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An Alternative Sex in the City 5 - Samantha's Discovery

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; toys; cons; XX

Chapter 5 - Samantha's Discovery

As Miranda and Megan continued to get acquainted, back at the club Samantha had recovered from her exertions and had decided to make a reconnoiter of the facilities. Charlotte was across Jack’s lap, still cuffed and gagged, and she seemed to be in a different world as he fondled her breasts and tenderly kissed her masked forehead. Carrie and Big were also engaged in some heavy petting and Samantha gave them a quick wave and moved off.

She thought she would check out the cubicles first, starting at the nearest. Here she saw a man bent over an exercise horse, his legs strapped to the spread rear legs. Covering him from hips to neck was a black latex straightjacket, but Samantha was intrigued to see it appeared to be of two layers and it had been inflated. It had several horizontal straps and gave the man the appearance of the Michelin man. Underneath, the man’s arms were undetectable and he was not strapped down on the horizontal portion of the horse. However he was not able to move his upper body as a chain from the front of the horse was attached to a ring at the crown of a full head mask he was wearing. The mask had no eyeholes, just two small holes at the nostrils and a wide mouth hole. Samantha further noted that the two zippers at the back of the mask and straightjacket were joined at the back of his neck, and padlocked. This fellow was going nowhere!

From his hips down to his knees he wore what could be described as a pair of tight rubber bicycle shorts. However his cock and balls had been drawn through a reinforced hole at the front and at the rear there were three further holes. Firstly, there was a small one adjacent to his anal passage. This had a reinforced border with stud fastenings and Samantha saw that some form of butt plug had been crammed up his rear and kept in place by the stud fastenings. But it was the other two openings that interested her, for these were much larger (maybe eight inches in diameter) and exposed his buttocks. And these buttocks were bright red with horizontal lines of blue! This poor chap had received over the evening quite a beating. His head lay on its side and she could see that he at least was not gagged.

There was no crowd there; evidently they would come if and when he was to receive another beating. She was surprised that a man would, perhaps willingly, subject himself to this. She pressed her hand into the inflated rubber of the straightjacket and it barely gave at all. It had been pumped to the maximum, and he would barely be able to move inside it. Then she looked down at his bare legs below the latex shorts and yelped with surprise! Tattooed on the outside of each calf, just above his ankle was a black horse, rearing on its hind legs and Samantha knew those horses! No, no way, she thought, this can’t be. She moved forward to the featureless black mask, only the man’s mouth visible. She tried to envisage the face underneath. She laid her hand on the side of the head and the man groaned.

“Tommy?” She said. “Tommy, is that you?”

The man did not move for a few seconds, seeming to place the voice, which would have been difficult with the tight mask.

“This can’t be happening, is that you Tommy, I recognize the horses.”

The man then seemed to come to his senses.

“Sam…Samantha, no, that can’t be you, is it you Samantha?” Samantha pulled the curtains closed and quickly returned to the man, then sat on the bed next to him. If she hadn’t been masked the look of shock on her face would have been apparent to anyone.

“Yes, yes Tommy it’s me.” She chuckled nervously. “Well, long time no see, eh. You’re in quite a pickle here aren’t you?”

A grin appeared on his face under the mask.

“Yes, you could say that.” And then they were silent with their own thoughts for fully a minute.

Samantha saw stretched out in front of her the one true love of her life. It must have been ten years ago now when they had met and had a torrid love affair. He, without a doubt, had been her best, her favourite lover, and she had been smitten. And he returned her love. They seemed to be the perfect couple except for one thing. She was not from the right part of society. His family was very well off, socialites even and he was the eldest son. He was required to marry well and of course produce a male heir to keep the dynasty. Under huge pressure he yielded to his family. He left Samantha, in tears of course and completely distraught, and married a woman considered of appropriate breeding. Two children followed, a boy and girl, and so the line was continued. But this woman, of course, chose money over love (as if she was ever in love with him) and a messy and expensive divorce ensued. She got the money and he, surprisingly, the children, who, although he loved them dearly, his family considered best if they were packed off to a school in Switzerland.

Since then, Samantha had moved from boyfriend, to lover, to boyfriend, none of whom seemed to fill the void. Was he the reason for her promiscuity? She never really had analysed it. As for him, he had a string of girlfriends, no more than arm candy, and he too seemed to have a hole in his heart. He never called her, and she never called him, people do silly things when in, and out of, love.

“God, you hurt me Tommy. For a while there I really hated you. Leaving me like that.”

“I…know. It’s no consolation, but its something I’ve learned to regret, I was weak and I hated myself for it.’

“You never called after….” He licked his lips and moved his body an inch as if to get comfortable.

“You screamed at me, never, ever to call you again, you wanted me to rot in hell, I think you said.” He said wryly, a small smile on his face. “And I deserved it.”

“Well I meant it then, of course, but later I would have liked to talk.”

“We’re talking now, I’m not going anywhere…..quite a sight aren’t I?”

“I’ll say. So….why did you end up here Tommy? Like this, all rubbered up, with a plug up your ass. Looks like you have taken quite a thrashing here. Hardly the place for a socialite.” She couldn’t help the bitterness in her voice coming through.

“Ha, it’s a long story. Actually I own a piece of this club. I started coming here after the divorce. I kept thinking of you, I felt that I needed to pay penance to be punished, so that’s what happened, I come here to be punished.for my sins. I like it here, everyone is discrete, I am always masked but some good friends know who I am. So I come here about once a week, a fellow owner helps me dress and I am masked and bound somewhere in the club and made available for the members.” He chuckled, but without any humour.

“You know I’m almost glad to hear that. You mean anyone can paddle you or beat you; you’re just a piece of meat to whack? You don’t have a lover who does it?”

“No, Samantha dear, no lover, but that would be kind of fun, I admit.”

“That’s quite a penance, sure you’re not a Jesuit? Part of me thinks you deserve it…..” She saw him smile grimly under his mask….”although you seem to be taking it a bit far.”

“I was always a bit kinky, I like the latex, have since my twenties, and I like a bit of bondage, you remember we tried it a little, and we thought it was fun. The much heavier stuff I kept from you as I did love you, and didn’t want to shock you…..seems I underestimated you. How did you get here?”

“Friends, and I really like it here, it’s quite wicked, and fun too.”

“That almost makes me feel worse, the fun you and I could have had, and missed through my….stupidity.”

Samantha looked at him for a while, neither of them spoke. Life and its missed chances, she thought. She didn’t hate him, couldn’t hate him any longer. In truth of course she had never stopped loving him. She laid a hand on his masked head, and he raised it as best he could, turned and kissed it.

“I only ask you to forgive me…”

“Water under the bridge now, Tommy, we’re a lot older, and maybe just a bit smarter………but if you would like to be punished by a lover, and wouldn’t we all…..then Tommy….how about an ex-lover? Perhaps it would make me feel better if I gave you a tanning, turned these cheeks even redder. Well, what do you say?”

A wide grin appeared on his face under the mask.

“Samantha, my dearest Samantha….I am hardly in a position to refuse you, am I? Maybe you would find this hard to fathom, but I would be very pleased if you felt that you could gain some revenge, even pleasure by doing that. Please?” And Samantha noted that he actually wanted her to….and she noted that she wanted to!

Laid on the bed were a paddle, cane and bullwhip, as well as various gags and even a strap on dildo! She rose and took the paddle. She was sure she could not use the cane or bullwhip, yet, as she did not have it in her to cut him. She laid a hand on his back just below the straitjacket and admired his red buttocks. A few more with the paddle would hurt, for sure.  His cock and balls hung down between his legs, oh, she knew them so well! She was hot and wet in her suit, she had still not removed her mask, but she was becoming aroused. Without any preamble she swung her arm down and with a loud “thwap” landed the paddle on his left exposed buttock. He yelped but said nothing, and she repeated the exercise on the right, he yelped again.

Then she did left and right again, to now heightened screams from Tommy. But she wasn’t quitting now. She turned to the bed and saw an inflatable gag with attached elasticized strap.

“You’re making a bit too much noise Tommy; don’t want to waken the neighbours. Open up now.”  He knew what was coming and he obediently opened his mouth as she crammed in the flaccid rubber ball. She pulled the strap behind his head and then pumped the inflator bulb quickly. Within a few seconds his cheeks were bulging and all she could hear was a quiet “mmmm.”

She noticed she quite liked doing that, making a strong man defenseless and mute, yes, she could get to like that! She returned to his rear and continued to paddle, accompanied my muffled grunts from Tommy.  After maybe ten on both cheeks, his buttocks had the colour of a lobster, and poor Tommy was breathing heavily. Enough, she thought.

But then she saw the strap-on!

Well, he’d fucked her over, she thought ruefully, maybe now is my chance. And she stepped between the straps and tightened them at her thighs and waist. Oh, she liked this, she felt empowered, like a western gunslinger, swaggering into town, the cock waggling in front of her. She slid a condom on it, dripped some lube over it, and moved to his enflamed rear.

“Tommy dear, I am revenged….almost…..but your ass is too tempting. I see the plug here…” and she released the studs and gently pulled the plug from his ass….”has expanded you nicely, so after I bum fuck you a while we will be even, all right Tommy?” And she even noted an imperceptible nod and grunt from her former lover. She placed the end of the rubber cock at his puckered sphincter and inched forward, her hips extended. It didn’t offer much resistance, he must have been fucked here before, and she slid in smoothly, to a faint moan from Tommy.

And then she began to ride him….hard. She remembered the nights alone, thinking of the way she had been treated….and she pushed harder….and faster. This was a cleansing, after this all would be well, she had to do this, both for herself and Tommy. She was highly aroused, the base of the strap-on rubbing her pussy, that finally as she rammed it to the hilt one last time, she came.

She lay on his back, resting on the firm inflated rubber, her arms raised and cradling his head. She pulled the cock from his rear, but with a cruel smile, replaced the butt plug which slipped in like a hot knife through butter. She stepped out of the strap-on, leant over and kissed his cheek tenderly.

“There, we’re even.” She whispered and could not tell if he heard. He was making no sound, but then she noticed he had a huge erection sticking out under the horse’s belly. She knew that cock well and really wanted to renew acquaintance! Was it the bum fucking or the beating that made him hard, or her? Or both? She pulled the strap from behind his head, deflated the gag and withdrew it from his dripping mouth. He said nothing for a few seconds, gathering his thoughts.

“My God, that hurt…..thank you Samantha dear….I really…..hope that this has somehow made you feel better…….I….” She kissed him on the lips to silence him.

“It’s over, what’s done is done….and yes, Tommy, I loved doing that, the whipping and the fucking….and if you want me to do it…..on a more regular basis…..” Tommy interrupted her.

“There’s a woman in the club, about 35, wearing a formal riding outfit, as if she was going fox hunting, you know?” He was panting now, in pain or frustration she couldn’t tell. “It’s red and black with a white shirt, she’s very imperious, we love her dearly and call her the Countess….she has the key to my jacket and mask…..if you want…..I’m not due out of this until we close at 4 am but….you can bring her here and I can explain….the situation….look, Samantha…”

But she was already gone, looking around the teeming masses in the club. Finally she saw her at a table in all her riding regalia. She was feeding a morsel of her food to a catsuited and masked man kneeling in front of her. His feet and ankles were cuffed and a chain from his posture collar was attached to her wrist. The mask had no eye or nose holes just a small round hole at the mouth, through which she fed him small pieces of smoked salmon. She looked up when Samantha approached and gave her an approving inspection.

“Hi…er…hello Countess, I am Sam….”

“Oh, I know who you are my dear, you have a wonderful performance earlier, and on your first visit too, we all appreciated that, well not Victor.” She looked at her kneeling man.

“Countess….umm, I have just been with…Tommy. He’s an old…..look, he’s asked you to come and see him, he’ll explain it to you….please?” She smiled through her mask.

“Of course my dear, anything for dear Tommy, I hope you didn’t give him too much of a beating?” She asked with a smile. “Although I’m not sure there is too much of a beating for tommy, he seems to relish it, wants to punish himself for some past indiscretion I think. Poor chap. Come on then.” She stood and pulled hard on Victor’s chain and he quickly stood.

“We’ll take it a bit slow; Victor can only take small steps.” And they shuffled across and over to Tommy’s cubicle. The Countess opened the curtains pulled Victor through and then pulled hard down on his chain, forcing him to kneel by the bed. As Samantha closed the curtains the Countess admired Samantha’s work.

“Hmmm, very nice. Hello Tommy, I see……Samantha has given you a good paddling.”

Tommy turned his head at the voice.

“Hi Countess, oh, she did indeed….and she gave me a good ass fuck too…and she gagged me of course.”

“Well, she is quite the addition.” Samantha smiled rather embarrassingly at this compliment.

“Now why do you want to see me? You know you have about two more hours here before I release you.”

“Countess dear, this is Samantha…..I knew Samantha…..many years ago, when I was younger and much more stupid….I made a terrible mistake… something I’ve been paying for since…”

“Hence your current position here at the club, and every week?” The Countess was catching on.

“Yes, you could say that….would you please release me, Samantha and I have a bit of talking…and other things to do.”

“Of course, Tommy.” She produced a key from her pocket and unlocked the padlock, while Samantha released the straps at his legs. With Samantha supporting him, he stood up, a little groggily. The Countess watched as Samantha wrapped her arms around the bulbous rubber jacket, and then looked down to see Tommy’s still hard erection. She laughed.

“If I think what is happening is happening, then all I can say is welcome Samantha, you’re long overdue. I think they call it serendipity, don’t they, something like that. As you are both masked I can’t really judge your emotions but I’ll leave that to you both.” She kissed Samantha on her rubber cheek, and then Tommy on his, then jerked Victor to his feet and pulled him out, carefully drawing the curtains and giving them both a last, lingering look.

Samantha came round in front of him, putting her arms around his inflated upper body, tight as a drum. His cock was still erect and rock hard, pushed up against the underside of the straightjacket. She tried to squeeze him, but barely made any impression. He smiled under his mask.

“Can you move at all in this? Do you like being in it?”

“No, not an inch, snug as a bug in a rug. I love it, but right now I feel very vulnerable….”

“And so you should, hmmm I could pretty well do anything with you now.”

“You already have…my buttocks are on fire and my asshole is sore too, even with the plug still in there. You seemed to really get into that ass banging.”

“Yes, I did actually. Serves you right, too.” He could not see her broad grin, she was liking this. “Maybe I should give you another paddling, or perhaps a whipping this time.” She watched his reaction, she could see that was one thing he didn’t want now.

“Just kidding…..for now.”

“I do want to talk Samantha….there’s a lot to…..”

“We can talk later, but right now I have you…” and she grabbed his hard cock; he winced but he did have a smile on his face…… “in my hands.”

She dropped to her knees and took him straight into her mouth, no condom, just straight in. Oh, she thought, this brings back memories. Her fingers passed between his legs and she pressed hard into him. She remembered that he was always very controlled in coming, and she hoped he hadn’t lost that skill.

And straight away he knew she had not lost hers. Her tongue, lips, teeth, her blowing and her sucking had not in any way diminished with time. As he stood, still trapped in the rubber straightjacket, and still masked, the years seemed to peel away. This was wonderful, just heaven, he even forgot about the butt plug! Ten minutes later, as she had held him on the edge like a magician, he didn’t see her unstrap her gusset piece from her corset and display her wet pussy before him, but she felt her lay back on the horse in front of him, then raise her legs to rest on his nicely air cushioned shoulders.

She gripped the sides of the horse as she saw him move forward, wiggle his dick around a little and then find her warm nest. He moved in, and slid into her with a huge gasp. And now the roles were reversed, for she on the horse, and he was pumping into her. And he pumped and pumped as if his life depended on it, and finally he could hold out no longer and came, and she, as skilled as she was, came too.

Shortly she rose and led him to the bed, where she laid him back and stretched out next to him. Nothing was said for fully five minutes, then as he broke the ice, she perhaps detected a break in his voice.

“Nothing I can say or do will bring back those years….but, the last hour, here with you again….is the best….” And he stopped.

“Getting all mushy, Tommy? Well, that’s okay, me too.”

“Will you unmask me Samantha, you don’t have to if you want, but I would like to see you. I have memories of course but….” She leant over and kissed him.

“Are you sure the visage of this wizened old woman won’t shock you?” She turned his head and drew up the zip and then gently pulled it from his face. She stared at him and he at her.

“I have the advantage on you; I still am masked as you can see.” His face was a bit pink and very wet and his hair; well he still had all his fine hair, with just a tinge of grey at the temples. He’s worn very well, she thought, he’s still very much a hunk, a forty plus hunk, but still a handsome brute….but she wouldn’t’ tell him that.

“You don’t look too bad.” He smiled, yes, he had a wicked smile.

“And you, dear Samantha, look fantastic…still shaving down there, I see.” She crossed her legs coyly. “You have the body of a twenty year old, oh my God…” he shook his head…”what have I missed, what a fool.” She leaned over to him, and grabbed his cock.

“Enough of this, okay, this self pity, self indulgence. You fucked with me, remember? And I am prepared to move on, the past is gone Tommy, now move on.” She gave him a squeeze and looked at him hard, he nodded silently. They were quiet for a while

“Take the mask off Samantha, please.”

Without saying a word she reached back and pulled off her grey mask, tossing it on the pillow and stared at him, watching his reaction. He couldn’t fake it, his mouth actually dropped.

“God, what a sodden, wet mess you are.” He said at last, straight faced, and they both burst out laughing.

“Hey, I’ve had this on for about five hours now, what do you expect?” Her hair was indeed a mess, matted to her skull. She wore no make-up and her skin was pink and glowing.

“You look just gorge……wonderful. Samantha, you have grown, grown into a beautiful, beautiful woman.”

“Okay, enough of this, we have some catching up to do….” And she rolled him over on his front.

“Hey, steady on there…”

“Shut up while I get these straps off, and release this valve. I want those expert hands of yours on me. I’m not going to do all the work for the next two hours before they throw us out, no way. I might even try a spell in this jacket of yours, then you will be able to have your way with me.” And as she said this she was pleased to see his cock harden.




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