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An Alternative Sex in the City 4 - Charlottes Awakening

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: MMMF; M/f; F/f; latex; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 4 - Charlottes Awakening

Miranda and Samantha were quite happy to be together and watch the action. However that was soon to change. Three young men approached their table….were they triplets, or perhaps twins with a lookalike? They spoke quietly and respectfully to the women. Miranda, after just a little thought declined their request. They turned to Samantha, who, behind her grey and white mask smiled her famous smile.

“Well, I don’t know boys. I wouldn’t want to tire you all out.” They all laughed and she thought again. “Hey, I’m here for a good time. Aren’t I? What the hell, now boys, don’t be too gentle with me, I’m not made of porcelain…..and public is fine, I was always an exhibitionist!”

“Are you sure?” Said Miranda.

“Never been surer, sweetie.” She replied, pecking Miranda’s cheek. “Time to liven this place up a bit. Come on boys, its showtime!” She stood and the three men escorted her to the small raised stage, where the four of them took theatrical bows.

Soon the young men were erect, with a little help form Samantha, who now unbuckled the crotch strap from her corset and exposed her pussy and ass through two oval apertures. There followed much fondling and grappling but soon Samantha was on her knees, straddling one of the young men under her, while a second approached her from the rear and eased his double condomed cock into her rear. As they set up a steady rhythm, she turned her head to the side and took the third young man’s cock in her mouth, seeming to relish the taste of the condom.

Samantha showed off her insatiable appetite and physical prowess as they shortly changed positions, careful to also replace used condoms. Sam now lay on her back with one underneath her and one above, then again turned and took the other in her mouth. Miranda noted the audience was quite quiet, and appreciative of Samantha’s efforts. After perhaps 15 minutes, with a nod between them the three boys came in unison. She came too, her moans muffled by the cock in her mouth. They lay back on the latex bed on the stage to appreciative applause form the audience.

Samantha, perhaps a little wobbly, was helped up and two of the men helped her strap the crotchpiece back to her corset, back and front. They held her elbows as the audience parted and they escorted her back to her booth and the waiting Miranda, and Big and Carrie who had returned in the meantime, clearly very pleased with themselves and looking a little exhausted.

“Well thank you, boys, I hope we didn’t disappoint.” Said Samantha, and grinned at her friends.

“No, maam, we certainly didn’t. And thank you.” They said in unison, bowed and left. At the table there was quiet for a few seconds.

“Well come on folks, we’re not nuns here. Look at you two.” She nodded at Big and Carrie. “We know what you were up to behind that curtain.” And they all laughed. They then all looked up and were a bit shocked to see Charlotte rejoin them with Jack.

Jack had put his cape back on and was carrying Charlotte’s bag. What shocked them was Charlotte’s appearance. Parting the crowd, she tottered towards them, taking the tiniest of steps in her tight white skirt and high heels, with her hands still cuffed behind her back…..and with the big red ball gag still crammed in her mouth and held there by the red strap over her white mask. She seemed to be in a bit of a daze and Jack tenderly sat her down with her friends. Then he held his hands up.

“Look before any of you say anything I should tell you that this is how she wanted to return. I started to take her gag off and she shook her head violently and wouldn’t allow me to take her cuffs off either. Without being too graphic……we had an amazing time in there, she is absolutely wonderful.” Charlotte turned and looked at Jack, then leaned into him, clearly letting the others know her feelings.

“Look……Charlotte….dear Charlotte, has found out this evening, that she is a……natural sub, yes?” And Jack turned to Charlotte and she closed her eyes slowly…and nodded.

“I know you are her dear friends and may be concerned for her, so if you want to ask her questions then go ahead. She can nod or shake her head. Believe me I have her best interests at heart. I know….I haven’t even seen her face behind her mask, but this sounds crazy I know, she is amazing and I want to be with her to explore our……relationship.”

“Yeah well that sounds great Jack, but she’s our best friend and we would like to hear it from her, okay?” Said Samantha and looking at Charlotte said.

“Well sweetie, you’ve got yourself into quite a state here, you don’t look in distress, are you okay?” Charlotte nodded.

“And what Jack said is true?” Charlotte nodded.

“And you want to be gagged and cuffed, in public here?” Charlotte nodded.

“When you were behind the curtain, you were comfortable with what went on?” And there was a smile in Charlotte’s eyes, and she shook her head, then nodded to Jack and stood up, turned her back and bent over slightly.

“I think she wants me to unzip her skirt.” Jack said and Charlotte nodded. So he did so and then gently pulled down her latex panties, exposing her red buttocks….and the base plate of the butt plug. The others just looked at her in silence. Jack gently pulled up her panties and zipped her up again, and she sat, closing her eyes as the plug moved inside her.

“Well, talk about still waters.” Said Carrie and chuckled for she too was still plugged in her rear.

“And…what do you feel about Jack here, do you trust him, do you want to be with him? It looks as though he gave you a good tanning there. Do you want to be his……..sub?” Charlotte was breathing deeply now, saliva forming at her gag and dribbling down the chin of her mask. Jack took a napkin and tenderly wiped it off and dabbed her eyelids though the mask. She looked hard at him and then turned and nodded at her friends. It was Big who spoke next.

“I have known Jack here for a while, he comes from a good family, well educated with a very nice job in the financial district. He is a man who I can trust.” And then he leant over and faced Jack.

“Right Jack? Charlotte is my friend too and if anything should happen to her…”

“Please don’t worry, I have her best interests at heart, I shall be very caring and loving……but Charlotte has shown that she likes the role of sub….” Charlotte nodded here and looked at her friends.

“And therefore, if she wants it I will be her dom, her loving dom.” And here Charlotte nodded again. It was Carrie who spoke next.

“Well that’s good enough for me. Charlotte honey, I hope you know what you are letting yourself in for. This I have to say is a bit of a shock for me, and all of us I guess.”

“And perhaps for Charlotte too.” Said Jack, placing his arm around her, and Charlotte tried to laugh behind her gag, and nodded.

“Well we all need a drink, I think.” Said Big and ordered another couple of bottles, and they then started to relax again, Charlotte quite happy to sit next to Jack, and playing the true subbie and not even having any wine. Miranda realised that all this talk of doms and subs had made her even wetter, and decided to go to the ladies to wipe down. She excused herself, pecking Charlotte affectionately on the cheek and made her way across the dance floor.

“Evening counselor.” She spun round.

“Oh…er….hello judge.” It was a judge she had appeared in front of several times in the past. Tough but fair, Megan Frost was known as frosty. About 35, with straight blonde hair to her neck, she cut a fine slim figure. She was now encased in a shocking pink catsuit complete with gloves and feet, tucked into six inch pink pumps and with a matching leather pouch at her hip.

“You look wonderful, Miranda, you don’t mind me calling you Miranda? Take a seat.” She was on her own in a small booth. Miranda hesitated.

“I have to go to the….I’m a little hot… and er…damp.”  But Megan took her hand.

“That doesn’t surprise me, I’m a little moist too, but you get used to it….come on, sit.”  Miranda, a little nervously, sat down a couple of feet from her in the semi oval. Megan moved over towards her and smiled broadly. Megan motioned a waitress to bring a drink for Miranda.

“Well, this is a surprise, a very pleasant one though, as I said, you look fabulous, the green and the yellow, a great combination. I’ve followed your career with interest, Miranda.” She laid a gloved hand on Miranda’s forearm.

“Really?” Miranda stammered. “I really didn’t think I had much of a career.”

“False modesty, Miranda, no no, naughty girl.” The waitress brought her drink, her favourite drink.

“How did you…”

“I’ve been keeping an eye on you and your friends, well you, mostly.” She cocked her head.

 “Your masked friend in the grey suit will be a wonderful addition to the membership. And the subbie nurse, she’s a cute one, all rubbered up and gagged and cuffed. I couldn’t help seeing her bend over exposing her red behind…and the butt plug. She’s a real subbie if she can do that first time. She’s lucky to have Jack falling for her, he’s a very good man, he will be good for her, stern but good.” She smiled knowingly.

 “But they’re not as sweet as you, Miranda. So…what do you think?” Megan surveyed the club.

“Well, er…it’s amazing, Raunchy yet very civilised, and well behaved. Friendly with a sexual frisson, quite…exciting really.”

“Well said, of course you are a lawyer after all, good with words.” Her hand had stayed on her forearm, and Miranda did not withdraw it. She had calmed now, maybe it was the drink, or the club atmosphere.

“What are you thinking?” Megan seemed to catch her mood.

“Oh..I don’t know. This is all a lot to take in at once. I just saw my friend taken in all three….orifices there on the stage. As you mentioned, another is over there…with a gag in her mouth, masked, cuffed, and with a…butt plug up her ass…and she is as happy as she has ever been.” She laughed out loud. She was feeling a little giddy. And she looked at Megan.

“And look at you, the last time I saw you, you were in judge’s robes. And now, phew, you look fantastic in that….shocking pink. Your body…well…I didn’t know you were so….well propor….er…fit.”  She was breathing hard now.

“Hey, calm down Miranda. And thank you for the compliment.” She put a gloved hand to her cheek. Miranda drew in a breath and closed her eyes.

“This is all…very strange….nice really, but still hard to take in. Seeing you was a bit of a shock I have to say, and dressed like that. You realise this is my first time here?”

“Ah yes, I’m aware of that. I’m here all the time and keep my eyes open for new members, and you are definitely one of the more interesting ones.”  Calmly Megan moved her hand from Miranda’s forearm to her knee. Miranda took in a deep breath.

“We are all very friendly here. You do look lovely, so how about the latex? You look good enough to eat.”  Miranda opened her big eyes wide.


“Don’t be alarmed sweetie, just a phrase.” And Megan gently squeezed Miranda’s thigh. Miranda gulped her drink. And perhaps in her mind, Miranda was maybe a bit disappointed.

“Well the latex, yes. Well, I like it, it flatters my body, pulls everything into the right place, and I like the cool smooth cling, and how it warms up with your body heat. My bra and panties also have….er…rubber…bristles which continually press against my…..phew… well yes, I actually like it. It really is hot in here, isn’t it?” Megan smiled at Miranda’s stuttering discomfort, clearly aware that she was aroused and didn’t know how to handle it here. Megan squeezed her thigh again and looked at her intensely, as if coming to a decision.

“Look…um…Miranda, I may be going out on a limb here. But if all this is a bit too much for you first time….would you like to leave? We could go to my apartment and have a drink….talk about old cases.” She laughed. “Miranda, I’m not going to assault you or anything… although in that outfit you are really asking for it! A drink and a chat, it will be much quieter than here. Hey, up to you. Whatever you want.” She sat back and taking her hand off her thigh, finished her drink. Miranda thought on this, she moved her rear along the bench, feeling the nodules brush her pussy.

She looked across at her friends, who seemed to have been keeping an eye on her! On impulse, Miranda imperceptibly nodded towards Megan then herself and then the door, and raised her eyebrows. Carrie seemed a little surprised but pursed her lips and raised her shoulders as if to say, “sure, go for it, girl.” And Charlotte nodded vigorously as saliva again dripped off her chin. Miranda licked her lips nervously and said quietly.

“Well, you seem to have got the seal of approval from my friends. If they never see me again, they’ll know where to look at least.” And she stood up. Megan put her arm round her waist, barely touching her.

“The idea of kidnapping you and taking you to my lair did cross my mind…. but I prefer a willing victim.”  She gently tapped Miranda’s rear through her flared skirt. Miranda looked just a little alarmed, but not too much.

“I’m not sure how to take that.” But she quite liked the gentle arm of this beautiful woman at her waist.

“Miranda, you’re in charge here, okay? Don’t be so nervous, let’s just relax and be friends, not too hard I think.” Miranda waved to her friends and Megan did also and then made a clear gesture to them by tightening her grip on Miranda’s waist and leading her to the lobby. Miranda got her cape and hood, and Megan did also, an identical one covering them from top of head to ankles.

“They’re owned by the club. All members use them for anonymity, and bring them back when not needed. By the way, I own a piece of the club…. welcome, I for one am very happy to see you here!” She placed a gloved hand on her shoulder and led her to a waiting limo. They sat in the dark confines of the back, a foot or so apart as the limo took off. Under her cape and hood, Miranda was very hot, and very wet and Megan seemed to sense this.

“You can take the cape off when we get home. You must be dripping.” The double entendre did not go unnoticed on Miranda, who laughed nervously.

“Yes….you could say that.”

“And you look super in that cape. Look Miranda, I don’t make a habit of picking up new members and taking them home, only the very rare….and very pretty ones.”

“Megan, look, I have to tell you….”  

“Yes, I know dear, you’re not a lesbian. Well, shock of shocks, neither am I. I just like attractive, gorgeous people (she looked at Miranda) of both sexes.” Miranda took in a breath.

“Well if this is a mutual admiration society, you look pretty stunning yourself.”  Megan extricated her arm from her cape and placed it around Miranda who did not flinch now.

“Thank you, that was nice….still nervous?”

“A little yes, but a little excited…..I don’t know but these bristles are torture on my….nipples and…..well, you know. I’m not quite sure how I’m expected to….behave.”

“Do whatever you are comfortable with, I’m not going to force anything on you, dear. Just see if we can get to know each other.” By now they were at Megan’s apartment building and they exited the limo and entered the building, two mysterious women, caped and hooded.

In the elevator they said nothing, but Megan took Miranda’s gloved hand in hers and squeezed it encouragingly. They entered the attractive suite and Megan helped her off with her cape, standing back to admire her in her green and yellow glory. She sat on the single armchair opposite the couch as Megan got drinks. She turned and gave her a disapproving look.

“Miranda, I’m not going to shout across the room at you, now come and sit here.” Miranda looked guilty and smiled sheepishly as she sat next to Megan.

“Cheers, and to new friends.”  They clinked glasses.

“You’re still breathing a bit uneasily, nervous still?”

“I guess, a little. I’m not sure about this.”

“Well dear, you came to my suite here. What did you expect? To sit around and play checkers? Come on young woman, sink or swim, deep end time.” She stood up, her firm body encased in tight pink latex,and put on some quiet music, then turned and held her arms out.

“Come on, you need to relax, get up now, we’re going to have a dance, nice and easy.” She took her by her gloved hands and pulled her up, then very gently placed one hand at her waist and one between her shoulders. Their bodies barely touched, but their breasts did and Miranda took in a gulp of air as she felt the bristles brush her sensitive nipples. They moved very slowly, from side to side, but Megan leading – pink catsuit against green and yellow dress. Megan looked her in the eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m not made of glass, you can put your arms around me.” Miranda put her left hand on Megan’s right shoulder and then her right in the small of her back.

“There…I didn’t bite, did I?” Miranda smiled, her moist lips now just six inches from Megan’s. Megan lowered Miranda’s left arm and placed it behind her then wrapped both her arms, gently, around Miranda, effectively trapping her. She pulled her in very slowly, their bodies touching, the latex rubbing. They stared at each other, saying nothing, then Megan whispered.

“Okay so far?”

Miranda just nodded, her breathing just coming in slow gasps now.

“Good, let’s just dance a while then.” And in silence they slowly moved about the area in front of the fire. There was not much room but Megan managed to maneuver her very comfortably around the room. Miranda closed her eyes and rested her head on Megan’s latex shoulder. Megan could hear her breathing and she placed a gloved hand on her head and smoothed her hair.

“Still okay?”

“Hmm mm.” Was the reply. On the one hand the room seemed to swirl a little, but on the other Miranda seemed to be very focussed, now very calm. Then, almost as if on cue, Megan moved her hand to Miranda’s neck and leant back so they were face to face, three inches apart. Miranda’s lips were slightly parted as Megan moved her mouth closer. Miranda gave the slightest of nods and she felt Megan’s lips brush hers. She could smell her latex, her perfume, and her sweet breath.

Slowly she parted her lips and Megan’s lips slowly pressed hers, lightly at first as if not to frighten her, then more firmly. And then she felt Megan’s tongue very slowly explore. Time seemed to stop for a while as Megan’s tongue and lips continued to kiss her lips, cheeks, nose and then her closed eyes. They then parted for a second.

“Still okay?”

“Yes, oh yes.” Miranda stammered, and so Megan took her by the gloved hand and slowly led her to her bedroom and closed the door behind her. The room was quite sparse and the large bed had latex sheets and pillows. Miranda was very aroused now, but still a little nervous.

“Welcome to my lair!” She smiled and took her by one hand while the other she placed around her waist.

“Now you still have time to say no, not now, not yet, not ever, whatever….”

“No….no, I’m fine, just want to take it slow, that’s all.”

“And that’s the only way I know dear.”  Her hand went up the rear of her skirt and patted her latex covered bottom playfully, while the other fondled her breast. Miranda took a gulp of air, turned and then kissed her hard on the lips while her own hand went to Megan’s groin where it rubbed her firmly.

“Hmm that’s more like it, that is very nice. Now I want to see these famous panties of yours, the ones with the bristles inside, come on, let’s see.” And she knelt down and her head disappeared under Miranda’s short skirt. Miranda heard girlish squeals as she felt her panties being drawn down her legs. As she stepped out of them she heard Megan say.

“My my, you are wet down here, I will have to get a pair of these panties if they do this to you my dear. My, you are almost dripping, I’m going to have to dry you I think.” Miranda felt Megan’s tongue lick around her shaved pussy, and then, as she parted her legs and took Megan’s head gently in her hands and pressed it to her, Megan’s tongue was inside her. Within seconds she was shaking.

“Jeeez, fu…fu…oh…oh…oh.” She fell back on the latex covered bed, still holding Megan’s head, and then she heard Megan’s muffled voice.

“Well, don’t you think one good turn deserves another?” And Megan quickly turned round, still on top of Miranda and with her face still buried in Miranda’s groin, but her own now directly opposite Miranda’s face. Miranda slowly lowered the zip and Megan’s shaved labia popped out like a flower in the sun.

“I’m not sure…I haven’t ever..”

“Just follow me sweetie.” Came the muffled response. “Remember, whatever you like, there’s a good chance I will like it too, go for it love.”  And so Miranda used her tongue and lips and then her teeth on the sweet smelling Megan. She was very pleased to see that very soon her ministrations were rewarded with Megan coming in a shuddering rush. Miranda found that she was actually enjoying bringing pleasure to this beautiful woman, and this woman certainly knew how to pleasure her!

Soon they were lying on their backs, getting their breath, revelling in what had gone before. Miranda had never felt this calm, this fulfilled before, and she leant over and kissed Megan on the cheek.

“Thank you, thank you very much. That was……well…the best….love…….I have ever had. I have never been with a woman before and well….I don’t know, I thought I was a hetero, but……You know I can actually still taste you, and I rather like it.” Megan leant over her and kissed her hard.

“Likewise my dear, and you taste pretty sweet too.” She giggled. ”But the night is yet young, and as we all know, women can multi-orgasm forever, right? Lucky us.”

“I don’t know about forever, but….well, what do you have in mind?”

“Well I have an idea. In my drawer there is a special mask, it looks a little fearsome but it does the job, so to speak.” She placed her hand under Miranda’s skirt and rubbed her. . “I would love you to wear it and please me, but there is no pressure, we are here to please each other, which….I think we have already done.” She smiled as she gently nipped at Miranda’s clit. She pulled the black flaccid object from the drawer. Miranda looked a little concerned, but also intrigued.

“Don’t look so worried, this here is for pleasure….see, a single zip, padding at the ears and eyes to enhance the senses. This dildo is a beauty, attached to a short snorkel mouthpiece and breathing holes at the base of the cock. You’re in your own little world, dark and quiet and all the other senses, believe me, are enhanced. Miranda felt so comfortable with this woman, who seemed to know her better than herself, that she simply smiled, took the mask from her, dipped her face and pulled it over her head.

She descended into complete darkness and the pungent but not unpleasant aroma of latex. Her mouth found the snorkel mouthpiece and as she let it slide behind her lips and over her teeth she breathed in, the air was clear. She could feel Megan help her with the zip at the rear, pulling it down and tucking the ends under the collar of her dress. Pads pressed down on her ears and eyes, all sound was muffled and distant, and there was no hint of light. The mask gripped her head in a smooth clammy vice, but she did not find it discomfiting.

She felt Megan gently push her back and then felt her lips at her pussy again. Oh God, she thought, I won’t make it through the night. She sucked hard on the mouthpiece and let out a scream, muffled by the mask as Megan gently rolled her clit between her teeth. She grabbed her own nipples and squeezed them hard….oh God…fu…fu…fu, she tried to shout but the room was almost silent.

After about ten minutes Miranda wanted to return the favour and lifted her skirt, tapped Megan on the head and pointed to her featureless head and the cock sticking out from her mouth. She didn’t see Megan smile but felt weight on either side of her head as Megan turned round, raised Miranda’s arms and slotted her shins under each arm. Miranda’s hands found Megan’s breasts, held firm in their pink rubber cups. Leaning forward slightly Megan, facing Miranda’s raised legs, slowly lowered herself onto Miranda’s featureless face.

She felt the pressure on her face increase and then decrease as Megan raised and lowered herself on the rubber cock. Megan expertly pinched Miranda’s nipples through her dress as Miranda returned the compliment on Megan’s. Then Megan lowered her head to Miranda’s pussy, and Megan raised her head and tucked a pillow under it, to complete the soixante neuf.



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