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An Alternative Sex in the City 3 - Girls' Night Out

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFFFF; M/f; F/m; latex; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 3 - Girls Night Out

The club was really humming when they arrived, and was perhaps a little more crowded than before. Big found them a booth and they sat, Carrie a little tentatively on her butt plug. After they had ordered drinks and made small talk Big tried to gauge the reactions of the three women new to the club. He had been surprised at Miranda’s decision not to wear a mask first time, but she seemed very calm and at ease as she scanned the dance floor. Samantha also surprised him a little but perhaps the mask would allow her greater anonymity and then she could let loose. Charlotte seemed to be having fun too, and he was sure the white mask attributed to her confidence.

Samantha was particularly interested in the curtained cubicles to the side, and watched several tableaus unfold. Big noticed she had surreptitiously lowered a hand under the table and laid it on her lap….and then further down. Somewhat surprisingly it was Charlotte who was approached first. A handsome young fellow with a pleasant smiling face, nicely trimmed hair and a firm slim body encased in a blue and black catsuit, knee high blue boots and a blue cape hanging from his shoulders down to his knees introduced himself and asked if she would like a dance. Charlotte seemed flattered, smiled broadly behind her white mask and took his hand in hers.

On the dance floor he pulled the cape back behind his shoulders and Charlotte could not help but notice his fine physiche as the catsuit hid nothing. He introduced himself as Jack and they made small talk as he held her firmly round the waist. Charlotte did not know why but she felt instantly at ease with him. Despite the somewhat strange setting and the clothes, she was enjoying his company although she was beginning to get hot in her costume. She was also beginning to get moist, the small rubber nodules inside her bra constantly rubbing her nipples, particularly when Jack held her close. He asked her why she wore the mask, as he would love to see her face although he perfectly understood if she was shy. She told him it was her first time and he immediately commended her on her costume, asking her if she was a real nurse. She laughed and said no, but she had brought along her bag of “equipment.” He smiled and raised his eyebrows but said nothing more.

Despite the changes in music, they only danced close to each other, as Charlotte’s tight skirt allowed her little movement. But this did not disturb her at all, as her hands passed under his cape and felt his muscled body. She was beginning to like the smooth feel of the rubber and, strangely……the smell. It was all going very well, she thought, this young man was really a lot of fun. And then he tentatively leaned into her and rested his head on her rubber covered cheek. She felt his hand on the back of her mask, below her pony tail and she moved her head to his and kissed him hard.

She didn’t know whether it was the rubber, the noise, her arousal or his company, as she never did this so early on a first date, but she happily responded to him, her hands gripping his firm backside through the suit.

“Let’s find a cubicle, yes?” He whispered. She surprised herself by nodding as he took her hand. They returned to her booth where the others were in conversation and the wine was flowing. Charlotte was glad she was wearing a mask as she felt very flushed. They all exchanged glances as she took her bag and said rather innocently.

“Jack and I are just going off for a while, we’ll see you later.”

“That’s good, have a good time you two.” Smiled Samantha, wickedly, as the others looked on approvingly. They found an empty cubicle with a large bed on four sturdy legs and covered in black latex sheets and pillows. There was side table and laid out on it were condoms, lubricant, handcuffs, keys, a transparent butt plug, and a bright red ball gag and rubber strap.

“Well,” thought Charlotte, “they certainly are organized here!” She was now a little nervous….but horny as well, and after Jack pulled the curtains together and took off his cape, she lay back on the bed and he joined her. And very soon they were entangled on the bed and Charlotte was surprised at her own willingness to be a partner to this so quickly.  Jack was strong and practiced in his moves and as he rubbed her nipples through the blouse and bra she could feel she was close to coming. Then she felt him move her hands behind her as he fondled her breast. Her eyes were closed and her breath coming in spurts and she felt him lean over her and as he kissed her she felt something hard and cold wrap round her gloved wrists, followed by a tell tale clicking sound. In that instant he had handcuffed her! She extricated her lips from his.

“Hey, hey, wait a minute, I’m not into….......”

“Shh shhh, take it easy Charlotte, just take it easy.” She wriggled in his arms as he still fondled her rubber covered breasts. Part of her wanted immediate release, and yet a small part of her wanted to see where this would go, but she still said, loudly.

“Okay, enough Jack, come on…..let me go, let’s just have some nice se…….urgggh…..mmmfff.” With great ease Jack had stuffed the large ball gag into Charlotte’s mouth and was pulling the tight elasticized strap behind her head. She looked up at him, her startled eyes wide and full of alarm, as she bit down on the red ball.

“Take it easy now sweetie.” (Sweetie! She thought.) “I’m not going to harm you; I think you will enjoy what is to come.” (What the hell did he mean? She thought.) He was still fondling her breasts and kissing her gently on the cheek, and if truth be told Charlotte was still very aroused, for she actually didn’t feel threatened by this handsome young man; she was quite happy to lie passively in his arms and feel his strong hands on her. But she also wanted to be fucked by him!

He then rolled over and sat on the side of the bed, gently pulling her to him and eased her over onto his lap, face down. Then, with her head buried in the latex sheet and with the gag in her mouth forcing her to breathe in the strong aroma of latex, she felt the rear zip of her skirt being drawn up, revealing her shiny white stockings and panties. He laid one hand between her shoulders, gently she noticed, but still keeping her face pressed into the latex sheet, while his other hand rested on her tight panties and rubbed her buttocks. She could now spread her legs and did so as his hand moved between her legs and rubbed her wet pussy. She thought that she should be struggling under this assault but she didn’t, she continued to take deep breaths, taking in the pungent aroma on the sheet pressed to her face.

She began to grind her body into the bed, her nipples were on fire, and then as if from nowhere she felt a hard slap on her buttocks. She squealed into her gag, but it was well muffled by the ball and the latex sheet. The hand descended again on the other cheek. Ouch, that hurt, she thought and twisted her head to the side to look up at him imploringly. He raised his left hand and tenderly rested it on her rubber-covered head and then brought the other down on her left buttock, and then again on her right buttock. Now his hand passed between her legs again and pressed hard into her through the thin white panties. He found her clit easily, for she was well aware it was hard and inflamed, and he rubbed it and squeezed it through the thin latex. Then he was back slapping her buttocks which were now becoming quite sore.

But she had noticed she was not squealing or screaming now…..for she was moaning….at both the pain and the pleasure.

In the dark of the cubicle, with her face pressed into the latex, her mouth crammed with a rubber ball, her hands cuffed behind her and looking up at this handsome man who was both beating her rubber-covered bottom and bringing her to climax, Charlotte wondered if this was some sort of epiphany. She was hurting (not a lot though), and she was aroused, she was not embarrassed or humiliated, and she was thoroughly enjoying the position she was in….of being totally passive and not able to fight off this man, for she did not want to, she wanted him to carry on! And it was at that moment that she came in a shuddering, rocking orgasm, like she had never had before. She screamed her lungs out, thankful for the large gag, if she is to have orgasms like that in future, perhaps she will have to be gagged all the time: she almost chuckled at the thought of it.

As he held her shoulders down with one hand his other slickly opened her nurse’s bag. He slapped her playfully again and then, rummaging around, he pulled out the black rubber oxygen mask with attached corrugated tube and re-breather bag. He smiled coolly and looked down at her. Her eyes were closed, for she was near another orgasm. She barely noticed as he released his hand from her back and swiftly clamped the mask over her ball gagged mouth and stretched the straps over head to align with the straps of the gag. Again alarm showed in her eyes as she gulped in rubber scented air. But he gave her a comforting look and said.

“Don’t worry, love, you’re going to really like this.” And she believed him, and didn’t put up any resistance as he lowered her latex panties and tossed them on the floor. He noticed she was dripping there as he raised her to sit on his thighs, the tight skirt stretched across her lap. He unzipped his crotch and she saw his hard cock drop out. He slipped a condom over it and then raised her. Oh, she was so ready for this!

She sank down on him, a contented groan coming from behind the oxygen mask and gag. He twisted the end of the re-breather bag and placed it over her shoulder, out of the way. She immediately noticed that her oxygen was reduced and the aroma of rubber became even stronger. But, impaled on him, gagged and handcuffed….she didn’t mind and concentrated on his hard cock inside her. Yes, he was right, she really liked this! He pinched her nipples and she let out a muffled scream, he tweaked her clit and then she began to shudder again.

Then, with her impaled on his cock, gagged and cuffed, he turned, picked up the transparent butt plug, poured lube onto it and showed it to her. She shook her head, the coiled tube from her mask waggling in front of her. No, she screamed, I’ve never had it up my ass, no!

But with his left arm around her, he passed his right underneath and she felt the cool, hard plug at her rear. She tried to wriggle and lift herself but she was well impaled on his cock. He pressed and she implored him with her eyes to no avail as she felt it stretch her sphincter. She was breathing hard the rubber scented air and moaning, for she was still aroused with his cock in her. He continued to press and push, taking his time and allowing her to accommodate the widening girth. It wasn’t as painful as she would have thought and then, finally, the plug was in her. As the tight sphincter clamped on the narrower neck at the base she realized it was not really painful at all, but a feeling of….fullness. He released his grip on her and began to rub her clit and then roll his teeth over her rubber covered nipples. For a while she then forgot about the plug as he calmly brought her to another orgasm.

Oh Jeez, he’s just playing with me, I’m his love doll and I can do nothing! Double fucked, gagged, masked and cuffed she thought she must have looked quite a sight!

Oh my God, she thought, as she shook and shuddered and grunted and tried to take as much rubber scented air in as she could, as she bit down hard onto the large rubber ball. Is this the real me? Have I found my destiny, is this my life partner? These were too many questions to consider, as he continued to arouse her to another crashing orgasm, and she willingly succumbed to his wonderful abuse!

Meanwhile, as Charlotte is being sent to seventh heaven behind the dark curtains, the other girls are well relaxed and enjoying themselves. Samantha, still masked was clearly aroused by all the writhing shiny bodies around her, while Carrie and Big are arm in arm, Carrie nuzzling him through his mask. Out of sight from the others, Miranda has moved her hand under her short skirt and is rubbing herself through her tight panties, feeling the hard nodules pressing on her clit. She does not mind at all that she is unmasked, for she is not at all embarrassed to be seen here, and she is having a very good time!

It is Big and Carrie who got up and made their way to a vacant cubicle, both Samantha and Miranda giving them a naughty look. No sooner had Big closed the curtains when Carrie leapt on him and dragged him to the latex covered bed. White and red rubber bodies became entwined as Carrie then rolled him on his back and straddled him. She wriggled up to his head, trapping his outstretched arms under her calves. He could easily toss her off, but he was relishing having his latex clad Carrie above him. She was feeling in very dominant mood as she straddled him, looking down on his masked face. With an evil smile she unzipped her crotch and planted herself on his face. He needed no encouragement and she felt his tongue inside her immediately. She squeezed her cheeks on the butt plug, now very comfortable with the invader. It took her seconds to come and she grabbed his head and held it to her groin.

Then she leant back and released the zipper at his groin. His cock she was happy to see is rock hard. She grabbed a condom from the side table and expertly rolled it on him, then wriggling backwards she raised herself and then with a gasp impaled herself on him. He gripped her by the hips and began to raise and lower her. Oh, this is wonderful, she thought. His large cock she could feel inside her, even rubbing the butt plug still embedded in her rear. She had never had both holes plugged before, but now she had, she never wanted it to stop!

And so she came again, grunting loudly, then lowering herself and kissing Big. He then comfortably turned and sat up on the side of the bed, so that she now straddled him, face to face. And that is how they stayed for the next while; he, still masked, alternately burying his head between her rubber boobs and then kissing her, while she rode him, wallowing in the new pleasure of being plugged back and front.

And so, in adjacent cubicles, Carrie and Charlotte are in similar positions straddling their lovers, both butt plugged, but one the dominant over her long time partner, and the other very much the submissive with her new found partner, or perhaps master, and both loving it!




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