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An Alternative Sex in the City 2 - The Club Scene

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2006 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFFFF; latex; toys; cons; X

Chapter 2 - The Club Scene

She held her breath, not sure what to expect. A hatcheck girl, dressed all black latex maid’s uniform and a cut little pillbox hat, nodded and smiled as they went downstairs into the cavernous room. It looked like any other club at first, except for what the patrons were wearing. There were tables and chairs, and booths, and a long bar with adjacent stools down one side. The music was not too loud and somewhat strangely was cool modern jazz. The tables had subdued lights and there were a number of raised “stages” located between them around the room.

People seemed relaxed, eating snacks and drinking, chatting among themselves. There was a small, central dance floor and a few couples were dancing cheek to cheek. It all seemed very relaxed and not at all the den of iniquity that Carrie might have anticipated. Carrie noticed along one wall a number of cubicles, made private by long curtains that could be drawn closed. Most were closed and patrons were respecting that, but a couple were open and she noticed some patrons were watching, not leering, at the tableaux within the cubicles.

In one an attractive young brunette dressed only in latex pants, stockings, suspenders, opera gloves and halter top bra and high heels was stretched on a St. Andrews cross as a rubber masked man in a latex leotard paddled her rear. She shook her head, seemingly in distress and snorted, for her mouth was stuffed with a red rubber ball attached to a strap pulled tight around her head and biting into her cheeks. The man gently stroked her hair and whispered something into her ear, and she leaned into him. Carrie’s mouth dropped for a second.

“They’re regulars, husband and wife, in real estate I think. It’s all consensual, Carrie, don’t worry.”

She looked at him through her mask.

“I wasn’t actually, I was wondering if you dreamt of getting me on the cross….hmm?”

“Maybe, Carrie, but this is all about consensuality. Pain and pleasure, domination and submission. You don’t want to, you don’t like it, that’s fine by me Carrie.” She smiled and leant into him, unable to do anything with her arms still tethered behind her back.

“Difficult to fight you tied up like this.” She almost seemed to be taunting him, but he just smiled, took her arm gently and they moved on.

Carrie was getting hot behind her mask, but she was really quite enjoying herself, how could she be embarrassed if she was masked? This was a happy crowd, relaxed and unpretentious, everyone dressing up and playing out their roles….and just having fun. There was no sense of danger, of unrest, a sexual frisson, yes, but Carrie was experiencing that too. She was also feeling quite horny and really wanted to get hold of Big! She stuck close to him, his firm body lacquered in red and white latex. As they moved through the crowd, they struck up the odd conversation with others, singles and couples, all of them commenting on her catsuit and mask. A couple asked her if she was a sub, being cuffed in public as she was and she wasn’t sure what to reply. But she nodded imperceptibly and looked at Big, who smiled proudly at her and said.

“I think she will find that she can swing both ways, right Carrie?” And she nodded again, suddenly thinking of having Big on the cross and paddling his backside!

She noticed all sorts of extraordinary costumes, people had gone too great effort, and probably expense, to really stand out and live out their fantasies. There were rubber nurses complete with full head masks, naughty schoolgirls with short pleated skirts, stockings and suspenders and frilly knickers exposed. There was a rubber nun complete with smock and full head tabard. Domination and submission was a common theme, with many males and females held on leashes around studded collars. It made her feel more comfortable with her own wrists cuffed. Many were parading exposed piercing through noses, nipples and even a couple through their exposed labia. None seemed uncomfortable or shy, but were happy to be paraded like this.

At the bar two women at the bar chatted away as two slaves knelt by them, heads bowed, the women resting their hands on the rubber-covered heads. As they cruised she looked at him, not saying anything but feeling warm and moist. He returned her look, a smile at his lips. He had noticed she had not asked him to release her arms, and he noted she seemed quite at ease tethered like this. There seemed to be a sort of bond growing between them, one of complete trust.

They passed a cubicle where a seated man was being fellated by a kneeling woman in tight red straightjacket and mask. The fact that this was happening did not really surprise Carrie, but what the woman was wearing did. The straightjacket and mask were in one piece, and the jacket had been inflated until she looks like the top half on the Michelin man! There was a valve at her shoulder and a high reinforced collar and her hands were undetectable under the bulbous rubber. The jacket ended at her hips below which all she wore were a pair of high heels, nothing else, well nothing if you don’t count what appeared to be the base of a butt plug peeking out from her rear! The red mask covered all her featured, save for eye and mouth holes, the latter at the present time being occupied around the mans cock. She seemed oblivious to the small gathering around them, intently gobbling away, while he sat, legs open, one hand on her head and the other nursing a glass of wine. All he wore were a pair of blue rubber tights with crotch zip, shoulder gloves and a full head mask.

“She seems to be having fun.” Carrie said, looking up at Big, as if to tempt him. “She looks pretty powerless in that jacket……nice and easy to control……”

“Perhaps I should get you one, sweetie…would you like that?”

“Why don’t you surprise me, love.”

“I just might.” And he leant down, kissing the dome of her tight mask.

“I’m sweating buckets in this suit, and mask, can we get a drink?” As they moved to two stools at the bar and sat, he said.

“I guess I should unlock those cuffs….” And opened his hip pack

“No…no I’m quite comfy, thanks….and I like the idea of you feeding my drink to me, I feel rather pampered actually.” He was becoming more surprised with her by the minute, and proud too! He ordered and paid for drinks from his hip pack and they drank in silence for a while, each with their own thoughts as they watched the proceedings unfold before them. Presently they heard a voice.

“Do you mind if we join you, but we don’t mind if you want to be alone.” It was the woman from before, the woman in the red straightjacket and mask.

“No, of course not, why don’t we take a booth there.” Big said and they moved to an empty booth. The woman was still of course in the inflated jacket and tight mask, and with a giggle barely squeezed between the table and seat. Then she sat, saying.

“Have to be a bit careful sitting, this plug is a really good size. Wow, this seat’s nice and cool. Hi, this is Frank and I’m Julie, I won’t shake your hand.” She said to Carrie and laughed, seeing both their predicaments. Carrie liked her immediately, she was fun and totally unpretentious, and seemingly lacking any embarrassment about her attire.

They dispensed with small talk and Julie complimented Carrie on her suit, and the cuffs. She asked if Carrie had a butt plug in her and Carrie somewhat shyly said no, she had never had one. Julie smiled coyly and said she should try it, it was always worth trying something once! As they talked Frank with one hand gave Julie sips of wine while with his other unashamedly played with her clit under the table and Julie continued to rub her bare rear on the plastic seat, at the same time commenting on how much fun it was to be completely in the hands of the one you loved. Carrie considered the comment and could only agree now, and she asked about the jacket.

“Oh, it’s really snug, I can’t move an inch at all, but I feel wonderful in it, and so vulnerable, with my pussy and ass on view. And my mouth available of course.” And she laughed again. She was a graphic designer and had no qualms about being watched with Frank, who was an architect. She had introduced him to the club, and now he was a devotee too. Next week it was to be his turn in the jacket, and he said he was really looking forward to it, and servicing his mistress.

Shortly they finished their drinks and Carrie could see they wanted to move on, Julie was actually so wet she had smeared the seat under her. They were probably off to put on another “show” and after pecking each other on the cheek they left Big and Carrie alone. Carrie watched in amusement as Julie was led away, the end of the butt plug wiggling in her rear. Carrie had enjoyed their company, particularly Julie and her unabashed sexuality.

Shortly three young men approached and she was amazed to see how similar they looked, were they triplets or two at least were twins she thought. They all appeared about 30, the same height and same slim athletic build. And all were identically dressed in skin-tight dark crimson catsuits, with gloves and feet but no masks. Big clearly knew them and made small talk and then introduced Carrie. They moved on and Big explained they were regular members of the club and a bit of a star act. They approached women in the club, and very civilly, asked if they wanted to be in a foursome! The women were not pressured and apparently the young men were so proficient they had plenty of takers!

“Not for everyone, I know.” Big said. “But some women truly want to be…taken I guess. Three orifices, three cocks, they have usually done it in one of the cubicles but sometimes, with the woman’s consent, they do it with the curtains pulled open. Disgusted?”

“No, no why do you say that? You seem to think me a nun or something, as long as it is consenting then, why not?” I was just wondering how they…all fit in, so to speak.” She giggled.

“Apparently they are very flexible, and I understanding very accommodating to the lady. Who goes where… to speak….I don’t know. But they are very clean, condoms at all times when they change positions. Lots of lubricant in the bum hole.” He changed topic.

“Well what do you think, honey, you’ve sweated off a couple of pounds I guess.” She nodded and rested her head on his shoulder. She was very warm and very moist, in all the right places. She breathed in the strong aroma of rubber, sweat and sex in the room, she didn’t find it unpleasant at all. She was aroused, whether by the rubber, the cuffs or all the action around her. He seemed to read her thoughts.

“Wanna go? Do dirty things?” She nodded and he helped her up and out of the room, nodding goodbyes to new acquaintances. Part of her didn’t want to leave this cornucopia of naughtiness but she did really want to be with Big now!

They picked up her cape at the hatcheck and draped it over her, again showing no inclination to take her cuffs off. This did not concern her, at the moment she was like a volcano, ready to burst and when he did release her she would just show him! George had the limo outside waiting, and still masked, they sat in the back. Immediately, as they drew off, his hands were inside the cape. He lifted her with ease and rested her on his outstretched thighs. Her arms were still pinioned behind her but she clamped her lips on his, two white masked faces glued to each other. Under the black cape his hands roamed her latex covered body. He kneaded her breasts and pinched her nipples. Thank God, she thought, the cars windows are tinted. Carrie felt like she was about to burst, she wanted to use her hands on him but only her mouth was available. She was like a bottle of champagne, the bubbles inside her under huge pressure, ready to burst.

And then she came, he had not touched her pussy, her clit was still well hidden behind the tight latex and yet she had come, she had even surprised herself. Finally they arrived at his Manhattan townhouse and George dropped them off. Quickly they exited the car, and entered the house, both masked and she still caped.

He took off her cape and almost crushed her in his arms.

“The cuffs, the cuffs…” She panted and at last her released her. She ran her hands over his sleek body, breathing in the heady aroma. They did not attempt to remove their suits and she found this very sexy, two slippery bodies rubbing against each other. He lifted her as if she was a child and took her to the bedroom.

They were uninhibited, warm, moist, and hungry for each other. Soon the crotch zips were lowered and through the night they made love, in every which we they could. Little was said but Carrie was amazed at how the suit, or was it hers, had transformed Big. He could go on forever, he was tender, then aggressive, then allowed her to be the aggressor which she really enjoyed.

In the morning, she had an early appointment, so still in her hot sweaty suit (he had taken the lock off at least!) and caped but not masked George drove her back to her apartment. She sat in the dark, feeling her tender pussy under the cape. Her ass was a little tender too; he had lubed a finger and pressed it gently inside her, then he eased two fingers, but nothing more. She had liked the feeling which surprised her, it was a little odd but not uncomfortable, and maybe, maybe she could over the next while take his cock: she would have to think about that.

Once in the apartment she draped the cape over the couch and went to the bathroom, stripping off the suit. Her body was a light pink and glowing with sweat. She showered and carefully cleaned the suit. She almost wanted to get back in it.

The day progressed and it was early evening when she could finally call her friends and invite them over, for she had an amazing story to tell them. And around appetizers and wine she told then every detail.

The reactions were somewhat predictable.

Samantha, lascivious smile on her face, pushed for more details, saying she wanted to go to the club the following Friday. Carrie had mentioned to Big that she would like her friends to see the place. He had been all for it, the thought of all four of them in the club amused him.

Miranda was a little intrigued and a bit cynical but thought it might be “interesting.”

Charlotte seemed a little shocked, calling it no more than a “sex club” but was slowly brought round by the others. She would go, as long as they did.

They were interested in the latex element, Samantha had worn it once before, ever the adventurer but the other two, although aware of fetish clubs had not. They wanted to see her suit, but she smiled and said they would have to wait until the following week. She called Big with the good news and he gave her the names of a couple of latex fetish shops where they could buy some clothes appropriate for the coming evening.

The following Tuesday Big dropped off three full-length capes for the girls so they would be able to change at home and then meet at her place without attracting too much notice! They would all then pile into Big’s car and go to the club. Carrie met him at the door in her rubber suit and mask. His eyes nearly popped out of his head as she jumped on him and virtually ripped his clothes off.

Carrie could hardly wait for Friday. Twice more in the week she had slipped into the tight rubber suit, simply to enjoy its comforting sensual cling….although she couldn’t resist playing with herself a little! She also enjoyed the mask, peering at herself in the mirror, all white and sleek. She talked to the girls on the phone and they all said they had bought their gear, but no-one gave any indication of what it was, keeping it a secret. Later in the week they came over and Carrie gave them their capes. Funnily, they all sniffed them, but none of them seemed to take exception to the aroma. Then, finally, Friday came round.

Carrie took her time getting ready for the evening. She was excited, like a teenager on her first date.  She showered and shaved her pussy, there was little hair there but she wanted to be super smooth and sensitive.

Then she made a decision, she wanted to give Big a treat and at the same time, experiment with her own emotions. She had remembered what Julie had said the previous week, trying something at least once. Then she had found the anal fingering that Big had tried with her to be quite arousing. So earlier in the week she had gone to one of the stores on Big’s list and had bought a bright pink butt plug! She had been a little embarrassed to say the least, but the staff, a forty something woman had been very supportive.

Well now was the moment of truth. Having two of Big’s fingers inside her rear was different to this pliable plastic intruder. It was not a big one and the neck attached to the wide base was in fact quite narrow, so she would not be stretched too much. But it would take plenty of pushing in, even with lubricant and certainly be a constant reminder that she was well plugged! She applied some lube to her sphincter, quite enjoying the feeling and then copious amounts to the bright pink probe. Well, all or nothing, she thought, and leant over by her hand basin. She spread her legs and placed the rounded head at her tight ring and then gently pushed. At first nothing happened and she tried to relax and then push her ass out towards it. The head slowly began to breach the ring and she pressed on.

Come on, she said, no backing out now, more backing in really, she chuckled. She twisted it slowly and that seemed to help a bit as it reached its widest section. Then with a final push it was in, and her ring closed down on the narrow neck. She breathed out, she was now firmly impaled. She stood up and turned to see the wide base held firmly between her cheeks. It was not uncomfortable at all, she thought with a chuckle but when she took a few steps she felt it move within her and thought it a very odd, but not unpleasant sensation. All in all it had not been too hard to put it in, but she then thought it may not be quite so easy to extricate!

She applied talc liberally and then slipped into the sensual grip of the suit. She was now getting used to the cool cling and how her body quickly warmed it up. Once she had pushed her arms down the sleeves, with difficulty she zipped herself up to her neck. She took a big breath as she ran her hands down her torso, feeling her nipples harden quickly. Phew, she thought, I’m going to be a wreck before we even get there.

She got some silicone spray and buffed herself to a nice shine, not missing a chance to rub herself between her legs. She was right on the edge, her heart pounding, her breath coming in short gasps.  She was almost relieved when the first of her friends arrived, and almost inevitably it was Samantha.

Opening the door to her, Carrie saw her raise her hooded head and say with a sly smile.

“Hi sexy, what I can’t understand is why I haven’t got into this stuff before, it makes me so horny. What is it, I wonder?”

“Samantha, you’d find Harris tweed sexy. I don’t know, but it certainly does something for me, all right.”

“And look at you, that suit doesn’t hide much does it, and yet you are all covered up. Like a sexy seal, and those red swirls around your boobs and bum, very yummy. You’ll be fighting Big off. Hey, what is that outline there between your bum cheeks? You bad girl, do you have a butt plug inside you?” Samantha was an expert there, rather liking being screwed in the rear.

“Guilty I’m afraid. It was a special treat for Big, he said I should try and get used to it, I know he wants to bum fuck me sometime.” She said somewhat sheepishly. “Actually I quite like the feel, I’m very sensitive there and it makes me feel very….full, if you know what I mean. And when I walk or sit I can feel it move inside me, really strange. Jeez, Samantha, I’m so close to coming, he’ll only have to touch me. But let’s look at you; come on, off with the cape!”

“All in good time my dear, I do like the way the two layers of latex rub against each other. I’m just tingling under here.” With a smirk Samantha lowered her hood and tossed her blonde locks.

“Come on, Rosie Lee, speed it up.” And Samantha slowly separated the studs of her cape and lowered it to the floor.

“So what do you think, am I a little honey pot, ready to attract some bees, hmm?”

“Oh yes, sweetie that will do the trick. Unreal, you didn’t hold back I see.”

She was completely enveloped the light grey latex, from high neck to toes, and with attached gloves. The suit incorporated a heavy duty rubber corset which extended from her neck down to just above her crotch. It was laced brutally tight and pulled in further by a series of brass buckles. There were cutouts for her rubber encased breasts. At the bottom of the corset a triangular shaped gusset piece was attached by silver buckles, and covered her groin, passed between her legs and a similar shaped piece of rubber covered her ass and was attached to the corset at the back.

“I can’t tell you how tough it was getting into this, I’m going to have to diet a bit more in the future.”  Only her head, held high by the reinforced collar, and her nipples pushed through small holes in the suit, were visible, all the of her was covered in metallic grey.

“God, I feel so horny in this, my nipples have been rubbing against the cape and I’m on fire, come on let’s just go now!”

“Now then, patience will be rewarded.” Carrie laughed and handed her a glass of wine. Samantha was teetering on six inch heels attached to knee high laced leather boots. She sat and took a gulp of wine, and then it was Miranda who arrived.

Carrie opened the door and saw Miranda was hooded and caped as well. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Carrie, who twirled in front of her.

“Jeez, you’re not holding back, are you?”

“Nope, none of us are tonight, it’s going to be no holds barred debauchery!” Miranda giggled and stepped inside, then saw Samantha and let out a huge screech.

“Oh my God, hi Emma Peel!  Well I’m feeling positively conservative compared to you two….catsuited cuties.”

“Never mind that, strip, girl, get that cape off now.” Said Samantha, and Miranda dropped her hood, pulled the stud fastenings apart and stepped out of her cape. Carrie and Samantha nodded their approval and Miranda relaxed a bit.

“Hmm, very nice, not too slutty, a little naughty and very sexy too.” Miranda wore a deep green dress, tight at the neck, bodice and waist, and then flaring to a pleated skirt to mid thigh. The sleeves were loose, ending in tight wrists under which she had tucked bright yellow latex gloves. Matching yellow stockings extended up from bright green granny boots with four inch heels. She grinned, getting more confident now and saucily lifted her skirt, exposing a flash of bare thigh and bright yellow panties with green edging.


“Better than okay, you look great my dear. Great colour coordination, yellow and green. How do you feel?”

“Just fine, I like the clean lines of this rubber, it sort of grips in all the right places. So to speak.”

“Yeah, we know what you mean! To be honest, Samantha and I are just about on the edge of coming!” Miranda yelped with laughter as she took some wine.

“Well I have to admit that I’m a little…….damp myself. These pants have, well how do I say this….little rubber nodules on the inside which are kind of…rubbing me. And my rubber bra has the same nodules in the cups which are constantly rubbing my nipples; I’m under attack, I tell you.” She giggled, almost embarrassed at admitting this.

“Oh, you bad girl.” Samantha laughed. “Now why didn’t I think of that?” They sipped on their wine, the sexual tension in the room was transparent, each woman in her own world, reacting to the effects of the latex. Miranda broke the ice.

“Well your boyfriend is a quiet one, Carrie, who would have thought….”

“For sure….but no regrets from me, I think this is quite fun, and wait ‘til you see the club!”

“Well I for one can’t wait,” Samantha said, “where is  Charlotte anyway?” And as if on cue the bell rang and Charlotte had arrived.

“About time,” Carrie said and opened the door, “we have three horny women here, so get in here and let’s see what you’ve got.” Charlotte was caped and hooded and gave a double take when she saw Carrie.

“Wow, you look….incredible Carrie.” And then she saw the others. “Oh no, I’m way out of my league, you said to get a…..costume, and I thought……well , a costume, you know.” And she dropped her hood, then opened and stepped out of her cape. And on seeing her, the others burst out laughing, not with ridicule but with genuine affection for their friend.

For Charlotte had taken the word costume literally, and had dressed as a nurse, a latex nurse!

“This is all they had in stock, this and a nun’s habit and I couldn’t wear that, you’d have made fun of me all evening. Anyway, screw you lot,” she grinned coyly, “I quite like it.”

Carrie hugged her.

“And I love it too, good for you, there’ll be a whole bunch of folks there who will want you to give then a sponge bath, or probably a high colonic.” The others burst out laughing.

“Don’t laugh, the costume came with all this too.” And Charlotte opened up a small doctor’s bag she had been holding under the cape. And she pulled out a surgeons mask, thin latex gloves, an oxygen mask made of black rubber with attached head straps and at the end of a corrugated tube, a re-breather bag with valves, a full length white rubber apron, and then an enema tube and bag!

“Holy moley, you’re really set up here.”

“The woman in the store said you put the mask on and your breathing can be controlled with this valve at the bottom of this re-breather bag, so you breathe in this….rubbery smell, it’s too weird.” 

“Wait ‘til you see the club.” Carrie chuckled. “You’ll fit in very well there.”

“So….the costume…it’s okay?” She said nervously. It was a bit of a parody of the nurses uniform but she looked just great. She had a light blue front-buttoned blouse with high white collar and cuffs, a tight white skirt to her knees over white stockings, or tights and four inch white pumps. Tucked under her cuffs were white gloves. She had pulled her hair back in a pony tail and she looked a perfect combination of innocence and naughtiness. They said she looked just perfect.

“I can hardly walk in this skirt, it’s so tight at my knees, my stockings are rubbing together it’s giving me a funny feeling.”

“Join the rest of us.” Miranda said and they all laughed. Carrie gently slapped Charlotte’s backside.

“So, what have you got under here? Show and tell time Charlotte, we’ve all seen each other.”

“You have to be kidding.”

“Nope, look.” Said Miranda and raised her short skirt, exposing her stockings and panties. Carrie bent down and unzipped the rear of Charlotte’s skirt. She exposed white stockings, suspender belt and white, high cut panties.

“Okay, happy now?” Charlotte lowered her shirt, with a shy smile and Carrie zipped her closed. She sat down and took her wine.

“This is so weird.” She said, as if to herself.

“Hey lighten up, it’s just a bit of fun, look on it as a fancy dress party….with a bit of sex thrown in.” Said Samantha, and this seemed to set the tone for the evening. They were going to have a good time, without any shyness or embarrassment. They finished the wine in no time and Carrie opened another. Samantha caught Carrie’s eye.

“So…how’s the plug?”

“Fine,” she replied, perhaps a tad shyly, “getting used to it.”

“Plug? What plu….oh my God, Carrie, you have a butt plug up your…rear?” Said Charlotte. Carrie nodded.

“I could never…I mean…”

“Hey, don’t knock it, if you haven’t tried it.” Samantha said with a knowing look, and all the others giggled. The wine perhaps, or the rubber clothing was talking its toll and they were now well relaxed, even Charlotte was now getting into it. She put her hands to her chest and pinched the latex, pulling it away from her.

“Phew, this bra is so strange.”

“Don’t tell me, there’s these little rubber…..bristles in the cups, right, and they are rubbing your nipples.”

“How did you….”

“Because I’m wearing one too, they seem to be….standard wear! They do the trick though, I’m really hot. Don’t fight it Charlotte, just go with it.”

“I am, I am, really.” And she gave them a sly smile. Yes, they thought, she is getting into this. It was a more relaxed Charlotte than they had seen in a while as they watched her quietly rubbing her latex-covered legs together.

“Big had better get here soon, otherwise we are going to be wrecks.” Carrie said, as she rubbed her rear on the couch. Miranda had been very quiet, but the sheen on her face showed that she was highly aroused. She even allowed a hand to sneak under her short skirt and finger herself through the tight panties. She was very wet down there, she noted. The others were so intent on themselves that they were hardly in a position to make any critical comments!

Finally Big arrived and this time he too was wearing a cape. As he entered, Carrie slid her hands through the slits and noted appreciatively that he was clad in his tight latex suit, and she ran her fingers up and down the bulge at his crotch.

“Pleased to see me, I see.” She hugged him.

“Of course, I could eat you now.” His hands came out from the sides of the cape and fondled her latex backside and then the base of the plug. He stared at her, and then gently pressed the base of the plug and she let out a sigh.

“Carrie, you have a…..plug….”

“Yep,” she smiled up at him mischievously, and whispered, “and it’s not uncomfortable at all. I’m widening it for you, training myself, so you will be able to take me there soon. You would like that I know.”

“You know I would, sweetie, but only if you would too.”

“Don’t go all soft on me, baby. I know I’ll be on my hands and knees in front of you with my ass in the air soon!”

“Whatever you say, Carrie.” And she giggled. He then looked over to the other three girls and could hardly believe his eyes as he surveyed them in all their latex glory.

 “And I knew you three ladies wouldn’t disappoint. You look…..fabulous.”  And it was Samantha who replied.

“Well thanks for the compliment, but we are hotter than I don’t know what. Your latex…..”

“My latex?”

“Well, whatever, we’re ready to go, right now, and we want to check out this den of iniquity of yours. So let’s go!”

“You won’t be disappointed ladies, perhaps a little shocked.” He needled them. “But we will see, okay capes on, we don’t want the neighbours calling the puritan police do we?” They quickly donned their capes, sniggering as they covered up their diverse costumes. More than one of them noted to that this now allowed them to play with themselves! Carrie noted that Charlotte didn’t forget to take her little bag of tricks with her. Somehow Carrie tried to imagine Charlotte with her apron, and surgeons mask and gloves on, enema tube and bag in hand, and some poor guy strapped to one of the benches in the club, his bare backside in the air. She chuckled at the thought.

Quickly they were in the back of his limo, three facing the driver and two, Miranda and Charlotte facing the other two. Big could see they were excited and this pleased him enormously, as did having Carrie rub her hand over him under the cape.

“I’m sorry ladies, but one of the rules of the club is that first timers have to be bli…….”

“It’s okay,” Samantha said, “Carrie explained it to us, just hand them over. This is kind of fun, you could kidnap us and sell us off in the sex slave trade.” She joked as they all placed their blindfolds over their eyes. The car was quiet for a while, each girl with their own thoughts, while Big and Carrie both without blindfolds kissed passionately. The smell of the rubber in the dark confines of the rear of the car was pervasive but none of them seemed to dislike it. Soon they were outside the club and Big told them they could take their blinders off, and then took a large bag from the door’s compartment.

“Ladies, as with Carrie the other night, I am offering you the opportunity to mask yourselves. Some of you may choose anonymity, there may be some people you know in there, people who you may not want to know you are there. It’s entirely up to you. I myself choose to be anonymous.” He drew out his white mask and Carrie helped him pull it on and then kissed him again.

“Tonight honey, I think I’ll just go as I am, okay?”

“Of course, ladies?” He held open the bag and they could see a number of masks in different colours and designs. Surprisingly it was Miranda to decline first.

“No, I think I’m fine the way I am.” The others were perhaps a bit surprised but Samantha said.

“Well I think for starters I’ll try one. Means I can get up to all sorts of naughty things, anonymously” She chuckled and dipped her hands into the bag withdrawing a dark grey one with white borders at eyes and mouth.

“Yes, I like this one, it will match the suit nicely.” She grinned and dipped her head into the flaccid rubber as Miranda helped her zip it down to her neck and tuck it under her collar.

“Mmm, yummy, I like the smooth caress of this, we’re going to have fun I think.”

Now it was Charlotte who had her hand in the bag.

“Well if you don’t mind ladies….”

“Of course not, whatever makes you comfortable…..” Carrie said.

“I’ll try a nice matching white one. Let’s see, there’s one here with a hole in the crown, perfect, I can pull my pony tail through. Miranda can you help…..” And Miranda helped her pull on the tight mask and zip it down to her neck tucking it under her white collar. She ran her gloved hands over the perfectly contoured mask.

“Phew, that’s quite tight, but I….like the smooth feel of it.”

“And you look great Charlotte.” Said Big and all the others nodded. “Bring your capes, ladies, we’ll drop them off at the hatcheck, you can pick them up when you leave. George is at your disposal all night, and you may choose to leave when you wish. Well…..let’s see if we can have some fun.”

And what a sight they were, clambering out of the limo, clad in jet black capes, the women on their high heels, and Charlotte and Big masked. They all sensed it was going to be an interesting evening!




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