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by JSL

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There's something that alienates us all. Every soul upon this planet has a dark, twisted secret that lies beyond the realms of humanity, something so special and incredible it has become almost sacred. Some should be imprisoned for it. Some should be condemned for it. Some just needed a bigger mirror.

Brianne's mirror had to suffice for now, its current state being two by four feet as it hung firm to the eggshelled hue of her bedroom wall. The glass was polished just two hours ago, smooth, gleaming and flawless. Yet where it so often before reflected the white surfaces of the opposite side of the room it was days like today where the image it reflected back was black, wicked, and every bit as smooth, gleaming and flawless as the surface that rebounded such an image of lust and desire. Sculpted curves of a feminine body, well cared for as it approached later twenties, stood out from the innocent white room like a liquid string of pure sin, the dark side of the young woman's soul coming out to play.

For years she never understood why some people wrote or talked about admiring themselves in large mirrors for any length of time, at least until she discovered the wonder and glory of chlorinated rubber that could polish so brilliantly that she could see herself, and the mirror, in the glow of her own glory.

At that point she knew.

At that point she never went back.

Turning to look over her slender shoulder showed the matte black zipper tucked away within the seams of the glued, heavier gauge material, only spanning halfway up her back. The rest of this catsuit, by her own request from the designer, was left permanently sealed for her to wriggle down into with nothing but her own determination to help. The feet were finished just right, the rubber squeezing each individual toe as it poured over toned calves and thighs like discarded oil. Curving inward to a waist she had to fight tooth and nail to retain all the way up to a chest that fit her profile with natural precision, that polished shadow swept down each graceful arm straight to the tips of her fingers. A tall collar sealed her in from just beneath the base of her jaw, brown hair cascading down just far enough to conceal the back entrance and hazel eyes catching their own reflection for one breathless moment in time.

Snorting a quick laugh she turned away from her own reflection for a moment, "Oh great, I've turned into one of those people." Turning to point at her own reflection she added "This sort of thing stays with you forever, you know. You'll never look at another mirror the same way twice."

Pausing, thinking, both shoulders rolled within their slippery shell in a way that made the light spill across her figure once more. "Eh, whatever. Small price to pay."

The thought stayed with her as she went back to the bed, turning and lying back onto the heavier black rubber waist cincher she had already set out, waiting to close around her waist and get a little more flare out of those hips. Sucking in a tiny breath in she carefully worked the front buckles, minding the gloves so they didn't get pinched within the chromed metal hardware. That was marked as yet another day ruining experience, she didn't want to go there. Once properly sealed in she made no effort to move, enjoying the feeling of the artificial garment squeezing her and rapidly warming up to the temperature of her body, firm and unyielding like the hold of an old lover.

For a while she let her thoughts take over, eyes slipping closed as she focused on her breathing and the firm, encompassing strain wrapped all over her. It wasn't until her inked out hands started playing across her imprisoned body that she realized what was happening, everything just felt so normal, so natural. Plain old nudity did nothing for her, shaven or not. Since her discovery of catsuits she quickly came to favor shaven, however.

Her mouth slowly parted with a dry, faint gasp as those fingers found their own way to her breasts, tracing their contours with a feathery touch as she worked her way inwards, ever closer to the twin peaks that continued to rise against her touch.

Without warning there was a scratching, rattling sound from her door. It was a sound she had come to deal with so often before that it no longer surprised her to hear it again, ever since her personal life changed it was an all too common occurrence. "Ishka, I told you I'd be a bit!" she calls back in an irritated tone. There was a momentary pause before the scratching sound came back, earning a frustrated sigh from the rubber-dipped woman as she sat upright and walked over to the door with each step light and silent upon the carpeting.

Opening the door just a sliver revealed the face of a curious Calico peering back up at her, not accustomed to being locked out of the bedroom. And clearly not thrilled about it.

Staring at the yellow-green eyes peering back up at her she muttered, "You're not going to leave me alone, are you."

A tiny mewl and a paw hooking around the edge of the door confirmed it, today would have an audience.

As Ishka ran in and jumped onto the bed she turned with her hands falling upon the swell of her hips, yet again staring at the small animal. "Stay out of trouble in here, alright? In fact, stay on the bed while you're at it." She left the door slightly ajar as she walked back into the room, deciding against curling up onto the bed again lest the wrath of kneading claws be the end of her pricey new skin. It was time to move forward with her plans, anyway.

Walking over and taking a seat at her desk, yet again having a mirror to admire her torso in, she leaned back into the cool vinyl padded chair and let her legs relax as they pleased. It gave her enough room for a pair of fingers to rest from her left hand, ever so lightly teasing herself while reaching for the phone and rattling off a well known number.


"Hey Sarah." By now she was certain that her old friend would recognize the tone in her voice, not much else needed to be said. That woman could see through any mask that Brianne could set up around herself, after a while the whole thing seemed rather futile.

A gentle sigh came through from the other end, "Yeah, don't tell me, Bri. How long this time?”

Getting a slight grin on her face yet keeping the amusement out of her tone she offered back "An hour this time. Hey, I'll need you to actually come in this time too, okay?"

"Be there in an hour..? Bri, that's going to cut right into my favorite show, you know they always run the new stuff tonight."

That part she had forgotten. "You know they always rerun that in a few days! Please, Sarah? There's no one else I can call--"

"Alright, hold up a sec. First, keep your panties on—"

Too late for THAT

"—Then listen to this. I'll be there five minutes early, make sure your crazy butt is alright, then I'm planting my own on your couch and watching it from over there."

Brianne snickered, "Plant your crazy ass on my couch?"

"You know what I mean, Bri. And this time it's gonna cost you."

Bri rolled her eyes, catching part of the motion in the mirror. Without thinking about it those two fingers slowly pressed inward, unable to completely stifle back the quick gasp that came into her. Hell, did Sarah catch that?

"Sounds like you didn't wait for an okay, dare I ask what you're doing over there?"

Crap, she had. Pinching the phone against her shoulder she reached down and physically removed her hand, setting it flat onto the desk and restraining herself with a vice-like hold upon her wrist. "Uh.. yeah, probably not so much. But name your price."

"Right, look. Sometime between this time and the next one I want you to show me what the heck all of this is about. I'll probably regret it but I want to know everything that I'm missing here, obviously it's something good enough that you keep coming back to it."

Surprise shone clear upon Brianne's face. Sarah had always been very clean-cut, even less outgoing in general, yet she was always very firm of her beliefs and convictions. "That's what you want for this..? You can come and see for yourself then, I won't be calling you after this."

Quickly sighing once again, "Yes, Bri. That's what I want for this. Feel free to tell me all about it once I drag you out of it later. You're on the clock, see what's left of you in an hour."

Relief is what took over her surprise, she had a green light. "Yeah, thanks—bye!" she quickly added before hanging up and trying to recompose herself. Just like being told we're hitting the amusement park, she lamented from the days of her childhood. The rush of adrenaline back into her system made her hands shake a little, today was an important one for her. She had made plans, saved her pennies, and was about to throw a whole lot more than caution into the wind.

She was about to put her own life on the line.

On her way back to the bed the warnings of so many others kept coming back to mind, never do this unattended, never be left alone, she had practically memorized every last one of them yet that was what made it so exciting for her. She had practiced, she was confident that she knew her limits. A lot could happen in an hour, but those first twenty seconds were the most critical of them all. Once she had that part down she'd be fine for the remaining sixty minutes.

"What's life without a little risk, right?" she asked the curled up feline with a merry little smile about her. "Oh what am I kidding, risk for you is staring at the birds through the kitchen window."

The space beneath the bed held her newest acquisition, twin sheets of heavy gauge black rubber strung out within a sturdy metal frame with a zipper running down the length of one side and all of one nickel-sized hole cut out in what'd be the top layer. There was enough space on the silvery white carpeting of the floor to position the entire frame and have room to spare. Lying on top of it was a single inflatable plug, a solid rubber plug, and a wireless remote. She was so completely devoted to this idea for more than a week prior that she had placed all of the items on top of the sheets in a nice, organized pattern as though set up as some sort of freakish altar for practices best left unspoken. Today she was going to be a bad girl.

Going back to the closet she wheeled out the vacuum cleaner next, which by the sound of it clunking around Ishka's head popped up to stare worriedly at the bulky appliance.

"Yeah, I know you don't like this thing," Bri offhandedly remarked. She didn't need to see the change of demeanor in her pet to know it had taken hold. "I did warn you!"

Connecting the hose to the frame was all it took for the Calico to make a hasty departure, slipping out through the still slit open door.

"Well, that's one less thing to worry about," she gently breathed out. Finally, some peace and quiet! Again.

The cord went straight into a powerstrip with a configurable timer, for the test run she set it as low as it would go then made sure the vacuum's switch was set and ready to go. A pair of tubes came out of the inflatable plug, one with a bulb on the end and the other standing rigid. Fitting both through the opening in the top sheet was easy enough, not only would it help her to breathe but she finally found a practical use for those inflatable gags that had no straps anywhere on them. With the bed ready to go it was time for the coup de grace, the one final plug sitting there waiting for its time to shine. For this one she knelt on the sheets, taking it in her hands as her slippery knees slowly slid outward towards the edges of the frame surrounding her. The only flaw in her plan came in her eagerness to put the cincher around her middle before, that would have to go for now.

Eyes glazing over with a long intake of breath she let the open shell of the cincher fall behind her and carefully clipped a small length of chain to the back zipper of the suit, drawing it down as far as it'd go. Just one arm peeled out of the sleeve, taking the toy and working it down beneath the suit. She had requested not having any openings through the legs, this suit she had planned on putting to a lot of use with external vibrators. And this little wonder, here. With a sudden straightening of the back, gaping of the jaw and sharp intake of breath she curled the head of the synthetic shaft into her sex and began pushing it inside of her, little by little. Jaw clamping shut she gave a strained little whine out through bared teeth, head rolling backward as the toy's base was placed into her palm and slowly forced in until it was flush against her skin with just the small baseplate left exposed.

Reflexively tensing and gripping around the new presence within her it took a moment of heavy breathing and firm shuddering before she could retract her hand and pour that extension of life back into her gleaming obsidian armor, drawing the zipper back up to the base of her skull where it belonged. The chain she unclipped and tossed aside, not even caring where it landed anymore. Swiftly rolling out onto her back gave her the ideal position to buckle her torso back into the firm, contour-defining hold of the cincher once more, perhaps just a bit tighter than before. She wasn't paying particular attention to which grommeted hole each buckle passed through.

"Mmmh-Kay," she panted out, "Let's do this thing."

Carefully crawling off of the sheets and rolling out onto her side she lifted the unzipped flap and rolled into the rubbery prison, the heavy scent of pure, unblemished sex hitting her like a physical force. It had taken no time at all to associate that scent with pure, euphoric bliss, and now she was utterly surrounded by it. She took the second plug into her mouth, breathing a few times to make sure it was alright, then reached out with her left hand completely out of the vacbed's sheets, feeling around for the power strip. With a definitive click the vacuum jolted to life, quickly drawing all of the air out of her cocoon.

A quick, shocked yelp of surprise sounded out from around the gag, slipping out through the breathing tube into the room beyond. The heavy black material completely blocked out her vision, sealing away her look of utter shock as the top sheet molded down on top of her exact curves with so much fervor that it made her suit feel tighter than it ever had before. In seconds all she could move were the fingers of her left hand, twisting and arching against the unyielding hold the bed now held over her.

The thought hit her an instant later. Oh dear lords, THIS is how I'll be for an hour?!

Somehow it failed to deter her motivation.

She was reluctant to finally turn the power off, yet it was necessary for what she had in mind. This was only a test run, she wasn't ready yet. Second by second more of the material drew away from her, the one way valve within the mechanism only doing so much with her extended arm breaking the seal in the side of the sheeting. Even after it had completely let her go she sat there with the deflated plug still stuck in her mouth, breathing heavily from the sudden rush she had endured.

This was serious business.

Just like that she understood the warnings, the disclaimers, the many, many steps that you were never supposed to do with this device. It was perhaps a little late for second thoughts, but late was still better than never.

Pulling free of the gag and shaking her head once she said out loud, "No, I can do this. The test ran fine. Right? I've got this all planned out. It'll be good. Hmmh, it'll be a lot better than good." Brown eyes darted across the floor, hungrily staring at the wireless remote for the dildo safely sealed away within her suit. Completely out of reach.

Soon to be completely inaccessible to anyone.

Crawling out the rest of the way she nabbed the remote, set it for a low, steady vibration and gave the rubbery invader within her folds the life that it so desperately craved. She couldn't hear it work, yet every inch of her, every single nerve ending within her senses could sure as hell feel it thrumming away with life. Back straightening then curling backward against the cincher her hands reached up and almost viciously clamped down onto her rubber-coated breasts, panting heavier than before as she slowly rolled her hips from side to side against the forced stimulation.

It was time.

Hastily setting the remote on the edge of her wooden dresser she rolled back onto her side and set the timer on the power strip. She had, roughly, five minutes to get ready before the power kicked on. She had it set, and thoroughly tested, to run for five minute intervals after every twenty. It was an audible means of keeping track of the time, plus with her devilish thoughts she hoped that it would continue to draw out any air that might somehow manage to sneak back inside while writhing around in there. She gave the bulb on the gag just the right number of pumps to get it where she liked it the most, set the valve, quickly sealed the vacbed's zipper, sprawled out onto her back, and fitted the now inflated rubber bulb back into her mouth.

Breathing check? ..Good.

Both arms stretched way out over her head, spread eagled and strained outward as though she were being drawn out upon a rack. It wasn't an easy position to hold with the vibrator going to town within her, or how the suit seemed to bite even deeper up behind her and between her legs with her arms draw out like that. Her hips were anything but still while she lay there, alone with her thoughts and the exaggerated sounds of her every heavy breath.

Shouldn't it have gone by now?

She willed herself still, renewing her stretched stance. She was excited, that's all. It'd be any minute now. Just wait and see! Everything would work out just fine, she could breathe, she couldn't scream, and she could climax like heaven is wide.

Something prompted her to move the instant those few minutes ran out, the sound of the vacuum startlingly loud yet seeming more distant than before as it came back to life. A muted yelp into that thick gag was the start of her audible protest, fingers flexing against the top sheet as it quickly came down around her. This was it.

Had she made a mistake?

What if Sarah never made it?

How long would she be stuck like this if she lost the house key?

In mere seconds worth of time the top layer seamlessly molded against the bottom, wrapping around her every curve, locking down around her squirming hips. Completely entrapping her, head to toe.

Oh my god, what have I done?

In under a second the answer slammed back into her head, Exactly what I had set out to do.

Quickly following that thought was Sarah's going to walk in on THIS?! Hah, hope she's more prepared than I am!

It took some considerable effort but she found that she could still writhe around within the two layers, just enough give left in the heavier rubber to inch her hips upward or twist and pull them from one side to the next. Overall though, especially from her perspective, the amount of movement that she retained was very, very minimal. The metal tubing of the frame completely eliminated any twist or flex from that element, which meant she was strung out like a butterfly on a slab of Styrofoam. With a vibrator tirelessly buzzing away in her folds.

She loved this..!

Her fears evaporated one by one as her building need and ever-stoked heat rose to unimaginable levels, completely enveloped with rubber so stifling it flooded all five of her senses. The sweat against her skin was no longer enough to squirm around within her catsuit and cincher, she was utterly welded into place with a vibrator that wouldn't be getting out until she was. Every inch of her right down to her erect nipples strained out against the unforgiving hold of the vacbed, jerking and bucking and screaming out into that gag for all that she was worth.


No give, limited sound. Zero hope. She was there to stay until Sarah found her. Or someone else.

The element of fear, of edgeplay, of toying with something so sacred as her own life on top of her sexuality only fueled the process further, gasping heavily through the tube as the low, steady pulses that rolled up into her from the toy seemed to tickle up the length of her spine, overwhelming her as much as her all rubber captivity. Time stood still, the room around her ceasing to exist. Not even her fingers could stretch out the material to claw out into the air above her, screams turning to whimpers turning to heated and insistent whines.

I did this to myself. No one else can be blamed for this. This is your little sin, your crime and punishment.

Groaning into the gag with a deep, soulful sound, she had time for just one more thought: And here is your retribution.

Every ounce of energy she had at her disposal went into throwing her hips upward against the firm hold of her personalized cell, head straining backwards against a soft, velvety hold that refused to grant her so much as a fraction of space to move within. It took effort on her part not to bite clean through the gag as every muscle in her body strained outward in vain, screaming into the still room air as the build of passion and need ignited into a sudden rush of pure chemical lust. She could feel the excitement being forced out around the base of the vibrator, safely sealed away within two skin-tight layers of heavy rubber, trapped against her flesh as a constant reminder of what she was doing to herself. Gasping and howling with every joint-jarring contraction her heart suddenly skipped a beat as a sharp point of pressure fell down upon her sternum.

Oh.. Damnit, Ishka!

Willing herself still with everything she had left there was the familiar feeling of a cat crawling on top of her, turning around once, then curling up onto her sternum.

This wasn't supposed to happen! she mentally screamed at herself. The door had been left open, she came back inside once the vacuum turned itself off! And now there were four sets of claws perched on top of her, waiting to dig in and wreak devastation upon so much latex if she didn't keep herself still under there.

Just focus on your breathing, push everything else aside, she mentally willed herself, held rigid and tense to try and push back the persistent thrumming of the toy within her. Fifteen minutes, tops! The power'll kick back on and she'll be out of here in a flash, just.. oh lord, Fifteen Minutes?! The vibrator wasn't about to stop. Her body wasn't about to shut down. This was a battle she couldn't possibly hope to win.

"Ith-ha..!" The muted sound of her own voice nearly made her blush beneath the blackened layer of material lovingly surrounding her head, "ITH-HA! Neuh oihh neh!"

Without warning the Calico's weight transferred to four points, digging down into her ribs a second before the cat hopped off of her and crawled away, giving Brianne a chance to sigh in relief. A brief clicking of claws told her that she probably jumped up onto the dresser to watch from above, undoubtedly intrigued by this strange new creature before her.

Damned voyeuristic cat, she thought to herself as the unnecessary tension slowly bled back into the proper sort of tension. The vibrator was still working its magic, in no time her breaths started to shorten in length and quicken in repetition.

Something thunked against the floor, sending a slight tremor through the surface beneath her. For the second time in gods knew how long she froze in place, unable to see anything of her surroundings. Another, softer thump followed a moment afterward. Okay, that would be her jumping down from the dresser... It almost sounded like something clacking against plastic, she could vaguely hear it being knocked around the floor with an enthusiastic cat following it around wherever it went.

Then the vibrator went still.

Ooooh, you have GOT to be KIDD—

With every bit as little warning it came back to life, the pulsing firmer and quicker than before. The thought in her head instantly translated into another low groan, trying to lift herself up away from the floor but getting nowhere.

That damned cat, she thought between heavy breaths, is batting the remote across the floor..!

The vibration dropped down to a low setting again, permitting the captive woman a chance to catch her breath. Then it kicked up to full power, angrily buzzing away within her. The sound that was forced out into the room was beyond stunned, beyond surprised, and so very far beyond aroused that it was no longer identifiable as having ever been human in origin. The corners of her eyes started to water as the sudden rush of so much stimulation overtook her body and soul, trying so desperately to lift her pelvis up off of the floor as though her entire body was melting upward into the heavy vibrations. It felt like she was flying when she was still firmly held down to the floor, vertigo nearly setting in around her, drawing in a deep, ragged breath for the mind-shattering orgasm that was about to claim her, and ..the vibrations stopped.

God.. freaking.. NO! she screamed inside of her mind, howling out in frustration as the rhythmic clenching of her inner muscles fizzled out into nothingness. I'm gonna kill that damned c—

The power variations jumped all over the scale. High, low, medium, off, puree, she could practically picture the Calico's front paws wrapped around the box while her feet kicked away at the buttons. There was no one steady frequency for her body to connect with, being dragged along with every rapid and unexpected shift of speed that it was quickly driving her out of her mind. A muffled howl of utter frustration sounded out around her right as the vacuum's power kicked back to life, drawing out mere fractions more of air, and scaring three lives clear out of the cat's lifespan. She could hear the rapid departure of her still breathing pet but none of it mattered anymore, the last button to have been pressed on her way out was the max power setting. Biting down onto that gag with a savage force she screamed out as though the bound woman's very life were being drawn out in one purely orgasmic rush, straining outward with so much force it was surprising that nothing in her got cramped or nothing around her got severed.

There was no time permitted for recovery, the end of that first harsh climax leading right into the next. There were reasons why she never used the highest setting on this, the stimulation she was forced to endure so unbelievably intense that it bordered on the painful, keeping the corners of her eyes moist and her voice singing out through the rubber tube from her mouth-filling gag.

See what's left of you in an hour, the words echoed throughout the deepest recesses of her mind while her immobilized body strained out in pure desperation for one release while continually receiving another. There may not be much left for her to see.


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