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Alexa T. and the MaxVac Bed

by Mauser

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© Copyright 2009 - Mauser - Used by permission

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This story was an entry for the Kink Engineering Vacbed Story Contest 2009

She called herself "Alexa T." When she started modeling, the almost-anagram for Latex was just a spur of the moment invention, which she intended to replace with something better later on. But her first few sessions with Patrick came out so well, she was an instant hit, and so she was stuck with it.

Still, there are worse fates in life than to be an internationally famous fetish model. The clothes, the travel, the parties, it was a dizzying whirlwind. Everyone wanted her, from the top designers to the best photographers, and she was determined to enjoy every minute of it while it lasted.

Which is not to say that she ever forgot her roots. She'd come back home and done many shoots with Patrick, and his star had also risen. He was known for his much harder BDSM take on his Fetish photography (as well as a more fetishy angle to his kink work). Patrick had an imagination that was hard to match. You never knew for sure where things would end up, but you knew you would enjoy the ride.

And that brings us to today. Alexa was standing in the spare room at Patrick's studio home where he kept all his latex and gear. The room was stuffed with nearly as much latex as her own overflowing closets, but here it was different. For one thing, there was a lot more black. And most of the gear was much more purpose-built for effect, not fashion. Certainly she had one or two items that could be described as a latex straitjacket, but those lightweight things with the zippers on the palms couldn't hold a candle to the menacing monstrosity hanging off the steel cage in the corner. She'd been in it, she knew what Heavy Rubber entailed. She got a little quiver just thinking about it. Next time, she thought, no cameras, just some serious fun.

Patrick's fiancee Sabrina came in just as she was folding up her street clothes to set on the chair. "Perfect timing," she said. Sabrina gave her a hug.

"It's so good to see you again," Sabrina said, "but we can catch up later. Patrick's being Patrick."

Alexa laughed. "Okay." She spread her feet and held her arms out so Sabrina could powder her body.


The theme for the day was "Smooth". So Alexa started with a pair of simple latex booties, followed by a pair of gloves that came halfway up her forearm.

"These are great gloves," she said looking at her hand as she flexed her fingers. They fit perfectly, with no gaps between her fingers and no extra at the tips. "Where'd you get them?"

"Trade Secret!" replied Sabrina, with an impish grin, "Actually, I have no idea. I'll ask Patrick later."

A plain black catsuit was next. Alexa had brought this one from her own collection. Tonya had tailored it for her personally, and it fit her just like the gloves. Sabrina helped her with the zipper, which started at the small of her back instead of being a "through the crotch" number. Tonya was a fetish wear genius, and knew how to make a catsuit that could fit tightly without pulling away from the curve of her back. With her ample rear and slender waist, that was a challenge.

The hood was last. She had selected one with a large opening for her nose and mouth, and fairly large eye openings. Sabrina handed her a small towel to wipe her head, because she was already starting to sweat, and then re-powdered her. The hood slipped easily over her freshly shaved scalp. She'd been letting her hair grow lately because too many jerks had been making noise about her "ripping off Kumi's look" even though they'd even done shoots together. But this shoot wasn't about her, and frankly, she just loved the sensation of the rubber against her scalp.

Then it was off to the "White Room", AKA the bathroom, where any stray powder was carefully rinsed off, and then to a newspaper-strewn patch on the deck where she was sprayed and rubbed down with silicone oil. Patrick bought the stuff by the gallon from a chemical supply house, which was so much cheaper than from sex stores, but that was only practical if you used it as much as he did. The oil was safe for latex (but oddly, not silicone toys, which would turn gummy) and gave her black-suited body a mirror sheen. But it also got all over the place if you weren't careful.

Sabrina quickly did Alexa's makeup, a small job considering how little skin she had showing, and then they were ready.


In the studio, Patrick was still trying to find an out of the way place for some of the props they'd be using today. Alexa smiled when she saw him. He was barefoot but wearing a latex catsuit as well. He always said it helped him know how the models were holding up. But the smile was because she saw that Sabrina had locked a chastity belt on him over the catsuit (clearly without some of its interior hardware, but that wasn't necessary). He put down the large panel he was moving and said, "Hey sweetie!"

Alexa leaned close and gave him a peck on the cheek. "Don't touch, I'm all slippery." She waved at Rick, who was tying back some of the cables from the strobes.


The panel Patrick was stacking against the wall was the whole point of today's shoot. This wasn't a glamor modeling set, but product shots. The manufacturer just happened to want a Top Model and Photographer for the pictures. And for good reason. The MaxVac system was the most innovative thing to come along in VacBeds.

Each panel made up one half of a VacBed. The frame was a custom aluminum extrusion that formed a rigid rail around the edge of the panel. The corners were precision injection molded plastic connectors for the tubes. The latex was held in place in a groove along the inner edge of the frame by a bead of O-ring material, much like a window screen. A second O-ring served as the seal when two frames were brought together. Two locating pins in opposite corners of the frame snapped into two holes in the matching corners of the other frame, and vice versa, aligning all four corners and ensuring a perfectly aligned seal. Clips could be slipped over the edges of the frame if necessary to insure against any gaps.

Each panel was identical, so that when flipped around, its pins would match the holes in the other frame, and that was what made this bed so special, because the panels could be mixed and matched freely. The manufacturer had graciously provided nearly a dozen panels in different colors and thicknesses of rubber, a few with special features, and a few with other materials for them to try.

One corner piece on each panel included the vacuum port, which had a built in valve and an air-tight screw on cover. The manufacturer claimed that the bed could hold a vacuum until you released it. That would be put to the test today.


The set was simple. Since the idea was to show off the product, they were shooting against a plain white backdrop. Patrick had gotten out the "Ice Cubes", which were half a dozen or so 18" square white formica-covered cubes - end tables he nicked from the student lounge when he went to college. They were going to be trashed anyway, so he grabbed the ones without cigarette burns, and he'd been using them as virtually invisible set-pieces ever since. Today they were pushed together to make a platform to set the bed on.

After a few shots to check the lighting and exposure, and a few more of Alexa posing with the panels upright, it was time to get down to business. The first two panels were the "standard" ones, with a medium weight black latex, one with a breathing tube. Rick and Sabrina laid the first one down on the platform, and Alexa climbed up on it and laid down.

"I can tell this is going to be a LOT easier than a regular VacBed," she said as they lowered the second panel over her. "Hold it, I gotta skooch." They stopped with the panel just barely above her as she shifted position to line up right under the tube. "Okay."

Rick and Sabrina lowered the panel and aligned the pins with the holes in the corners and snapped them together. Then Rick walked around platform putting a clip in the middle of each edge, and stepped back so that Patrick could take some close-ups of the clips.

Now it was the moment of truth. Rick uncapped one of the vacuum ports, turned the knob so the valve was open, and connected the Shop-Vac. "Ready 'lex?" he called out, and was answered with a muffled OK.

The frames had a line of holes every inch just inside the O-ring seal, and the small gap between the frames caused by that seal meant that they would not get blocked off as the latex contracted. When Rick applied the vacuum, the effect was almost immediate. Instantly the latex conformed to Alexa's body, the lubricant that covered her prevented any wrinkles as the latex slid across her to even out the tension. Every last bubble of air between her latex-clad body and the latex sheeting of the bed was evacuated.

Rick shut the valve, turned off the vacuum, and then screwed on the cap, sealing off any possibility of air reentering the bed. "You good?" he asked, and Alexa mmphed affirmatively.

The effect was stunning. A perfectly smooth female figure embedded in a sea of perfect glossy black. The studio lights were positioned to reflect off her curves, their shine being the only indication of the form entrapped within.

Alexa tried to squirm, but she noticed something. The frame that surrounded the bed was much more rigid than the PVC pipes that framed other beds, and that made her imprisonment much tighter. The bed would not flex as she pulled against it. The latex, of course, had some give, and she could buck her hips a little, but she might as well be Han Solo in Carbonite in this bed. That very thought made her hot.

Patrick seemed to be snapping a LOT of pictures, and it sounded like they were re-setting the lights. As Alexa continued to test the limits of her vacuum sealed confinement, she realized that the claims were right. Normally after this long at least some air would have made it into the bed, but there was nothing. She couldn't even slide her spread fingers together, which was usually one of the first places to accumulate air. The two sheets of latex may as well have been GLUED together around her. This was incredible, she thought. A bed like this would keep her entrapped for hours, maybe even days in its unrelenting grip, with no outside intervention. She bucked her hips, and let out a little moan.

"Are you doing okay?" she heard Sabrina whisper into her ear.

"Oh yes!" she thought, "Just leave me like this, or maybe bring out the Hitachi vibrator...." but all she could signal was the barest of nods and an "Mmm-hmmm."

But there was more work to do, and all too soon she felt the tension release from her body as Rick uncapped the connector and opened the valve. They popped off the clips and unsnapped the corners, then lifted off the top panel.

Alexa sat up. "I have GOT to get one of these."

"I thought you had one," said Patrick.

"Not like this. That was amazing. It was so much better."

"Well, I'm glad you liked it, because we've got about a dozen more variations to try out."

Alexa was like a kid in a candy store. A very twisted candy store. She watched the layer of red latex descend over her face before it shut off all light. Then blue. Each time she was subjected to the nearly instantaneous capture of her position, as the powerful vacuum called out "Red Light" and froze her in place. It was mind-blowing how a thin film of what normally was a flimsy and stretchy material could exert such utter control over her body.

But that was nothing compared to the panels lined with the extra-heavy latex. When the first panel of the double thickness latex descended over her, she thought nothing of it. That is, until the vacuum was applied. Instead of slipping over her like a second skin and conforming to her shape, the heavy latex had a lot less stretch, and it was her body that had to give. She felt like she was being crushed, or maybe buried alive with the pressure the unforgiving latex brought to bear on her.

Breathing though the tube became difficult as the double thick latex formed an extra tight corset over every square inch of her body, and she almost grunted her safety signal. There was virtually no give, bucking and wriggling were out of the question. She might as well have been cast in concrete. But she was a professional and she was determined to endure this. But as the shooting dragged on, she began to feel that internal quiver, and she knew she was going to come. She fought her imprisonment, and strained against the unrelenting membrane that sealed her in place, and at that moment, when she felt the utter depth of her confinement within the latex, her orgasm seized her. And held as tightly as she was, nobody outside the bed could tell what had happened.

Moments later the pressure suddenly eased. "Perfect timing," she thought. A moment or two earlier and it would have ruined everything.

"That thick stuff is pretty intense," she said.

"I could tell," Sabrina said, with an odd glint in her eye. She handed her a sports bottle of water. Perhaps she had noticed the change in Alexa's breathing.

"Lunch break," declared Patrick as he set down his camera.


After lunch, the next panel up was transparent latex. As Rick flipped on the Shop Vac, Alexa gasped in surprise as the breathing tube was pulled from her mouth.

"Heh, had the thilly thing in reverse," joked Rick, in his best Duck Dodgers impression.

Everyone on the set was laughing. Instead of being trapped between the layers of clear latex, Alexa was now imprisoned in a nearly cylindrical balloon. She pressed her fingers against the surface above her. "Well, THIS is unique."

"I think we can use this," said Patrick, as he looked over her predicament. Noticing how the latex appeared even more transparent where it had touched Alexa's freshly lubed body, he sent Sabrina out to treat the two panels.

Prepared for round two, Rick carefully inflated the bed.

"This is really cool," Alexa said, rubbing her fingers over the slick arc of transparent latex above her.

Patrick just kept snapping pictures. "Move around," he said, and Alexa started posing.

After a bit, Sabrina reminded Patrick that they hadn't gotten the product shots of the clear latex, so he instructed Alexa to lay back down, and Rick sucked all the air out of the bed.


The final panel had a turtleneck. And so Alexa could finally see from the outside how she looked in the black latex of the VacBed. It was just as cool as she imagined. But once the product shots were done, for some reason, nobody moved to release her from the bed.

The others were huddled off to the side, and then Sabrina and Rick went out of the room.

Patrick turned to her and said, "I know you've got to be hot in there with all the lights on you," and he was right, she'd been stewing in her own juices for a while, "so I thought you might like to cool off in the pool."

Alexa's eyes grew wide. Then she smiled. "Okay, let's see what you've cooked up. Do your worst."

"Oh, I intend to," he said with mock menace.

At that moment, Rick returned with a pair of volleyballs, and Alexa gave him a skeptical look. He released the bed, positioned the balls near her shoulders, and sealed her in again. Then he and Patrick lifted her by the frame, which was rigid enough to stand up to such treatment, and toted her out the door to the deck.

There Sabrina was waiting with an old-style black anesthesia mask. She settled it over Alexa's mouth and nose, almost perfectly matching the cutout on her hood, and fastened the perforated black rubber straps behind her head. There was a chrome T-pipe at the end of the mask, and to this she attached two very long corrugated rubber hoses. They had valves at the ends so that she would inhale through one and exhale through the other. Patrick had grabbed another camera with an underwater housing to shoot this process, and Alexa realized that he'd been planning on this for a while.

Patrick and Rick lifted Alexa up by the frame again, and carefully lifted her upright. Amazingly, the latex supported her. But that may have been because the bottom panel had been one of the thicker ones. They had switched at one point because it made the thin top layers curvier. Then, gingerly so as to not scrape against the concrete coping of the pool, they lowered her into the water. The purpose of the volleyballs became manifestly obvious - flotation. The mask had been a precaution, but it looked way too cool to remove.

Sabrina managed the hoses from the apron of the pool, while Patrick and Rick jumped in and began positioning her in the deep end. It was so much easier to slide her though the water sideways, and almost impossible to move her forward and back, the bed gave too much resistance to the water that way.

And so Patrick began what was quite possibly the first underwater VacBed shoot ever. Rick would lay on the diving board and try to shove the bed underwater for some shots, which quite frankly scared Alexa silly, but in a good way. Later, they tucked a few pool noodles under the bed to help float her horizontally, and relaxed with her in the pool.

It was when the porch lights automatically came on that Alexa realized just how long she'd been in this last bed. She tried to squirm, and almost knocked over the drink Sabrina had balanced on the latex sheet. "What time is it?" she asked.

"Almost 7, why?"

"Seven?! Man, I've been in this thing for what, six hours?"

"More or less," replied Patrick.

"Well, I can definitely vouch for the 'No Leaks' claim."

"It must be pretty comfortable too, since you haven't said anything until now."

Alexa tried to squirm, "Well, I am getting a little stiff. And hungry, among other um, biological needs. Isn't it dinnertime?"

And so Patrick and Rick decided that it would be easier, or at least more interesting, to take Alexa out of the VacBed while it was still in the water. And while it was a bit slower for them to allow enough water into the bed to let them slide off the bottom panel, Alexa merely had to duck underwater to pull herself free of the turtleneck.

Fortunately, Sabrina had thought grab a camera to capture Alexa coming up the stairs out of the pool, because nothing looks better than shiny black latex when it's wet.

Alexa looked back over her shoulder at Patrick and asked, "So, when do you have to send all that stuff back?"

"You know, they haven't mentioned anything to me about that."

She smiled. "Well, I'm free this weekend, unless you want to do something about it."

"Freedom will be the least of your worries," he replied, with a grin and more mock menace.

Alexa laughed.



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