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Adventures of Maria

by John Sanders

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© Copyright 2002 - John Sanders - Used by permission

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Part One: The Dinner Party - Preparation.

It was the festive season, parties, dinners and dances were the main occupation of the evening. Invitations for the company of the vivacious Maria came from everywhere. In fact it was rather boring attending the regular hunt balls, the ladies' nights and the other expensive charitable do's. The strangely embossed envelope that arrived in the morning post immediately attracted Maria's attention. Her eyes settled on a black envelope, written in a strong, bold script. The contrast of the black paper against the silver pen was striking to the eye. This was something to be savoured. Quickly, Maria opened the other envelopes. They were the usual rash of cards from people almost forgotten, interspersed by the odd bill from Harrods and Fortnum and Masons.

Maria's tolerant impatience in dealing with these mundane matters almost drove her to distraction as her eyes kept returning to this intriguing cover. At last, the routine opening was over. The black and silver envelope was the only one left. It lay on the table, thin and flat, but as Maria moved to pick it up, the diagonal light caught the lines of the embossing. On first sight, it looked like an "O". Maria, becoming more and more intrigued, looked at the sign more closely. It was a circle, but there was more detail in the ring. Moving the envelope through the light at different angles, Maria noticed the detail pressed into the paper. It was a coil of cord finished with a reef knot, a neat ring of rope.

Opening the envelope with care, Maria took out the enclosed black card, printed in silver. It was no ordinary invitation, it was a command. A thrill shivered through Maria as she read the few, brief words. It read:- Madame Ruth orders you to attend dinner at Fetter Manor on New Year's Eve. 7.30 pm for 7.30. Dress - Extreme. Carriages when permitted. Reply is not required - This order will be obeyed. This curt instruction set thought of anticipation swirling through Maria's mind. She had heard of Fetter Manor and had seen the cars coming and going on various evenings, but never had she seen the visitors. Tales were told in the village about the exceptional Madame Ruth, but never had Maria anticipated receiving such a regal command. It was barely a week before the appointed day, what could she wear? What was meant by extreme? Nobody could be asked, nobody could advise, but the embossed insignia and the imperious command stated that extreme dress was definitely not the pink taffeta cocktail dress.

When alone, Maria dressed to please herself. She felt comfortable wearing her pantyhose and high heels. The pantyhose were sheer, so clear that nothing was hidden of her sensuous body. To be prepared for the occasional visitor she wore a leotard of shining, black PVC. It hugged her body, accentuating her full breasts. Flattering the slimness of her waist against the full round curves of her hips. The wide front covered her sex, but the high cut legs and thong back intensified the roundness of her luscious buttocks. Searching through her wardrobe, Maria looked at many of her dresses, but nothing looked to fit the description of extreme. At last she started looking into the special wardrobe containing her clothes that she normally kept for her more intimate evenings in with her special friends.

Lifting out cire, pvc and rubber garments her eyes lighted on the very special creation she had made by a specialist dressmaker. It was a brilliant scarlet, a real eye catching colour that could hardly be matched. Lifting it out of the wardrobe sent a shudder of expectancy through Maria. She had never worn this creation, it was very expensive and no circumstance, until now had warranted its use. Now though, was the time. It hung quit heavily on the hanger for it was of heavy gauge latex. In this state it did not look much, it was a straight, slim line rubber dress. But Maria knew more. It was more than a dress, it was a total body stocking that would enclose her from head to foot in this sensuous scented material.

How the days dragged by, but eventually New Years' Eve came, the 31st of December. Would the day be long enough to prepare? Could she keep her excitement in check at entering this unknown mansion? What would happen? Taking the day slowly, Maria ran herself a hot, luxuriously scented foam bath. She pampered her body with foaming sponges and soft towels until she glowed throughout her body. The day was slipping by and at last it was time to put on the final make up and dress in this exquisite ensemble. The make-up for this dress was simple, deep plum red lipstick, silver eye shadow, deep black eye lining and black mascara for the eyelashes. The hair-do was simple also, hair drawn back and pressed close to her skull. No waves or curls, there would be no hair on display tonight.

Thus prepared, Maria returned to her bedroom, looked at the dress hanging by the wardrobe and entered the final stage of preparation. Taking the dress, she separated it into two parts by removing the long, pencil slim skirt, revealing a cat suit that would cover her from head to foot. Standing without a stitch of clothes on, Maria lavishly powdered herself and then inside the cat suit. Unzipping the body suit, rolling the legging section down, she drew the suit on, struggling and sliding into it, easing the tight fitting latex over her feet, calves, thighs, hips, bust, neck, and finally, the head piece. She had had the zip put in the front of the suit, she knew the problems of trying to dress alone with zips in the back. She nestled the neck band snugly about her neck, joined the zip together and started to slide the slider down the shiny silver zip. The sensation was exquisite. As the zip pulled the suit tight about her, so her body snuggled into the shapes the makers had so accurately welded for her.

First her breasts were enclosed and with the lavish powdering, she felt herself ease into the cups that had been so carefully devised. The narrowing of the waist hugged her figure and then flared out to encompass her shapely hips and bottom. Finally, the zip slipped between her legs and concealed the secret, but aching intimate parts. Turning to the mirror, she saw herself, as the real scarlet woman. The latex clung and enfolded her like another skin. Her deep plum coloured lips and silver and black eyes contrasted sharply with the brilliance of the rubber. The swell of her breasts, the slimness of her waist against the curve of her hips, her slim legs made Maria wish she could love herself.

But she was not yet ready, the body suit was too extreme for this early stage and she had yet to put on her matching boots. They enclosed her legs to the knees and raised her another four inches on the stiletto heels. Having pulled on the boots and again viewed herself in the mirror, with distinct approval, Maria eased herself into the skirt. It was so tight it was almost as if her legs were bound together from thigh to ankle. However, this long pencil skirt detracted from the appearance of the boots so Maria adjusted it to the mini length so that it felt as if only her thighs were hobbled.

Slipping a broad patent leather belt about her waist, she tightened the silver buckle, notching another inch or so off her already slender waist. She looked at herself in the mirror for a final appraisal of herself. She liked what she saw. The hood, tight as it was, made her anonymous, the rubber clung to her like a second skin. Her shape was woman at the most sensuous. The silver zip and buckle created a mystical divide down the centre of her body and the taut, tight mini skirt gave her the initial feeling of indulging in her favourite hobby of being in bondage.

The Party!

Stepping down the stairs against the tilt of her heels and the restriction of the mini skirt, Maria felt her body moving within the confines of her costume. With each step she felt the latex becoming more intimate and as one with her own skin. For warmth on the short journey to Fetter Manor, Maria slipped on her shiny black pvc mackintosh. This only accentuated the brilliance of scarlet rubber.

Sliding down into her Lotus Esprit, she closed the door, started the engine, paused for a moment to indulge herself in the excitement of knowing that she was going into the unknown. The thrill coursed through her veins and it was with some effort, yet desire, that she set the car in motion and drove to her rendezvous. Parking her car on the terrace, Maria slid out of the low slung car and felt the cold night air penetrate the unusual cladding to her legs. She turned and faced the steps to the front door, feeling conscious of herself and that she was being watched. As she climbed the steps, she un-buttoned her coat and looked down at herself as her thighs pressed against the elasticity of her skirt. "Am I too extreme or am I too moderate," were the thoughts that ran through her head, but it was now too late, the huge oaken doors swung open and she was ushered into the vast gallery hall.

At first she was too overcome by the opulence of the room to take in all that was going on about her, than she noticed the people, their dress was so varied as to be, for the moment, indescribable. There was a buzz of conversation, music was playing, and there was the clink of glasses as the guests took a pre-dinner drink. Bewildered by what was before her eyes, Maria responded to the hand that grasped her arm. Turning she saw she was being touched by a maid. She was in the traditional white blouse, black mini skirt and suspendered stockings with three inch high heeled black patent leather shoes. This was what Maria expected to see as a maid's uniform. What surprised her were the additional item that was wearing.

Maria now took stock of the maid. She was gagged with a black ball gag that filled her mouth. A collar round her neck carried chains that were connected to a bar that held the shackles on her wrist, yet held them apart. Another chain went from her wrists to the shackles that prevented her from taking more than a small pace at a time. The maid, although so restrained, made it quite clear to Maria that she was to go with her, so she followed the gentle, yet firm propelling hand into an ante room. The door shut and the maid took her coat. Her next action was to buckle a collar round Maria's neck. As with the maid, the collar had chains on it. The maid deftly clamped handcuffs around Maria's wrists and connected the chains to the chain linking the cuffs with neat little padlocks. The chain was short enough to prevent Maria from dropping her hands below waist level. The maid could not converse, but in spite of her gag, she smiled and indicated that Maria should return to the main hall.

For a moment, Maria felt overwhelmingly conspicuous in her second skin latex outfit and now chained, but as she walked out, mildly restrained, she saw that all the other guests were similarly restrained. Another gagged and restrained maid offered Maria a drink, which she took and stood, gazing unbelievingly at this throng of bondage guests. The chains on her collar and wrist were short enough to remind her that she could not move as freely as she had on her arrival. Maria walked slowly into the room, marvelling at the sight before her. There were not many people but they were all dressed in some unusual garb. It was difficult to determine the sex of some of them, but they all appeared to know each other and were very much in pairs. Their clothes were made from all manner of materials, leather, latex, PVC, silk and cire. Some were all enveloping, others were all revealing. The sight before her caused that strange sensation of entering the unknown.

As she stood, lightly restrained, sipping her drink, a tall blonde woman approached her. She was dressed in a pale blue leather dress that clung to her body as well as Maria's latex dress. She was slim and elegant. Her high heels clipped across the wooden floor, yet as she moved, she appeared to glide rather than walk. This lady approached Maria, extending her arms and placing a light kiss on Maria's cheek. The hands ran lightly down her back as the blonde lady examined Maria's outfit, with eyes that approved. "My Darling, how good of you to come and you look so divine. You obviously took the invitation instruction seriously. I am Ruth. It is too late to introduce you to my other guests as we are all going in to dinner now. The girl who looked after you when you arrived will take care of you and tell you when to come in to the dining room. You see, I always invite someone outside our group to join us at these little soirees, and you will be introduced to everyone at once, as our guest of honour. Just follow her instructions and you will be alright," said Ruth. With that Ruth slid away and followed the other guests through a door into another room. Maria felt a hand grasp her arm, it was the maid once again, who being restrained and gagged, had to make Maria understand by pushing her in the direction they had to go.

The maid was smiling around the ball gag in her mouth and nodding affirmation as Maria moved, not toward the door all the other guests had gone through, but to another door on the same wall. In this room, the guiding hand stopped her. Signs told Maria to take off the tight mini skirt. Maria was about to argue, but the maid deftly slid her hands into the waist band and slipped the skirt to the floor. Opening the door, the maid pushed Maria forward into the softly lit room. It was totally silent. She could feel all the eyes looking at her and in her skin tight latex suit. Without the skirt, she felt naked, yet she knew she was completely covered by the bright red second skin. She felt herself become excited. Her breasts and crotch tingled ecstatically.

The maid turned her to the head of the table where Ruth sat with one empty chair beside her. The tables set in a hollow square. The maid walked her towards this one empty place. Maria felt all the eyes following her. Watching her body move within the tight stretched rubber suit. She felt strangely good at being the centre of attention. Yet apprehensive at not knowing what was going to happen to her. The maid's grasp on her tightened as they approached the chair and Maria saw why. The chair was no ordinary dining room chair. It was high backed and looked more like an electric chair from the executioner's chamber. It was laden with fitted straps and buckles. Was this to be Maria's place for dinner? The maid stopped her by Ruth. Ruth stood and spoke to the guests.

"This is Maria, an attractive young lady I am sure you will all agree." A murmur of approval rolled round the room. "She has been checked out by my colleagues and she comes with good credentials as our bound guest of honour tonight." Turning to Maria, she continued, "I am informed that you have friends with whom you indulge in bondage games and that you practice on yourself when you are not able to be with others. Is this so?"

Maria nodded, but Ruth's voice changed. "You will say, Yes, Madam, No, Madam, as the case may be. You will address my other guest as Sir or Madam. You will not speak to your personal maid who I have made available to you tonight. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Madam," uttered Maria.

"Very well. You see the chair by my side. You see that it is well equipped with means of securing a body in its confines. This is where you will start tonight and progress to more exotic positions as time goes by. You may now decline the invitation you were sent, but I warn you, you will never receive another. What is more, your maid will be your substitute. As she is more experienced, she will have to enjoy far more exotic and erotic situations than you. She may not thank you if you now fail me," said Ruth.

Maria felt the maid's grip tighten on her arm and start pushing her towards the chair. The situation was too good to miss, so without more ado, she followed the maid's lead and moved towards the chair. Again, a ripple of approval ran round the room. Momentarily, the maid released her hold on Maria to re-arrange the straps, then Maria sat down as instructed. First, her wrists were secured by thick straps to the arms of the chair, followed by another pair of straps that clamped her forearms onto the chair arms just below her elbows. Another pair of straps, like the others, soft leather, encircled her arms again, just above the elbows. Maria realised that in a very short time, her freedom had gone. The maid was most adept at fixing the straps. Next, a broad strap that was fixed to the chair back, tightened round her waist. In quick succession, her ankles were spread to the chair legs and strapped tight. More straps spread her legs apart, to secure her knees to the out spreading chair legs. The excitement of the unknown still coursed through Maria's body. Her willingness to submit to the bondage was only slightly denied by her attempts to test the restraint. As her excitement built so she struggled. Involuntarily, she protested. Why?

She had no reason. Her arms, legs, hips and waist were pinioned to the stout arms and legs of the chair. The waist strap held her body and all she could do was to wriggle her hips, shoulders and head. At the sound of the protest, Madame Ruth made a short sign to the maid. From behind the high chair back, the maid produced a broad leather strip. In the centre of the strip, was a flaccid rubber extension. The maid pushed the extension into Maria's mouth. The straps from the broad strip were then passed behind the chair back by the maid. Maria heard the ominous tinkle of metal, and she knew. The gag had been completed. It had been buckled behind the chair back, around her mouth. What is more, it secured her head to the back of the chair. Maria struggled, but her delicate neck muscles were no match for the strength of the leather. Her head was pinioned to the back of the chair. Now she could only move her shoulders and her hips.

The desire to be free, yet the need to be restrained, conflicted in Maria's mind. Her instinct was to struggle and cry out, but her inner self told her to submit. Relax, settle into the state of helplessness that she had no option now than to accept. Indulge her inner emotions to the pleasures she found so difficult to get in the solitude of her normal life. She knew many people who professed to be experts in bondage, but they really were pathetic. A few moments concentration and the feeble restraints were merely a pile of loose ropes on the floor. The situation was not thus now. Continuously Maria tested the strapping. Not a single buckle was within the limited reach of her fingers. Twist and squirm as she would, there was no way that she could possibly free herself. With this acceptance, her body relaxed onto the bonds. Legs, whilst they could not move more than a twitch, were comfortable. Arms likewise. Her head firmly strapped to the chairback, partially stifled any sound. That was not good enough for Madame Ruth.

In her testing, Maria had been able to make some noises. They were all totally incoherent to the audience, but they were noises. A crack on the table of Madame Ruth's crop galvanised the gagged maid into action. Stooping down and showing a sweet display of frilly knickers, suspenders and stocking tops to all and sundry. This titillated the bound Maria also. She took a rubber pump, the same as the doctor uses to pump up the band on the blood pressure machine. The shiny, knurled ring at the end of the tube from the bulb was screwed, unseen to Maria, thread on the outside of the gagging strap. Maria felt the threads engage, the twists given by the maid, then the sound and sensation of pumping air. The limp rubber within Maria's mouth immediately started to swell. Fascinated, Maria, caressed the growing piece within her mouth and sampled with her tongue, the shape. It was familiar. Initially, the pumps had not had much effect, merely a slight movement of the insert, but as the pumping continued and the inner mouthpiece grew, so Maria pulled her tongue back so it was not trapped by the ever growing, inflatable gag. It did not take many pumping thrusts for the gag to fill her mouth, holding her jaw open and stifling any sounds. Maria tried to cry out, but the gag was complete. The sound that crept out was a mere gurgle, not a cry.

Maria tried to look about her, but other than the amount she could swivel her eyes she had a very restricted field of vision. Even so, the other guest were watching, intently. Waiting, perhaps for Maria to enter a frenzy of desire for release, but no, that was not Maria's way. The maid, still in her own restraints, busied herself about her slave, sometimes Maria could see her, then she couldn't. It was these moments that sent Maria's thought racing. Out of sight, what was being prepared? Would it be more bonds? The answer for Maria was rhetorical. She realised from her own experience that she would not be left with the small amounts of movement she now had. She knew that she would be rendered totally helpless and immobile before much longer and so she struggled all the more. It was a fantastic sensation, arms, legs, waist and head held tight. No knowing of what was to happen and the bond maid was still moving about her. The sheer sensuality of the circumstance made Maria squirm even more and she could feel the sweetness of sex tingling between her legs. The use of straps changed. Maria felt the soft heat of cords being drawn over her skin. The cords went over her shoulders then under her armpits and with a jerk, her shoulders were pinioned to the back of the chair. Now her struggles were even more confined, here only movements were in her feet and hands, and her pelvis. Moving her pelvis in this restrained position only excited her.

She wanted to cry out for satisfaction, but the muffled sound only caused her personal maid to put another pump on the rubber bulb. The inflatable gag swelled more, forcing her lower jaw down and filling the enlarged space making it even more impossible to articulate. The thrill within Maria was now almost beyond endurance. Her struggles got more intense, but only her hips could wriggle in the restrictive chair. The more she wriggled, the more excited Maria became. It was an intolerable vicious circle. Madame Ruth watched Maria's minimal gyrations in the chair, then she signalled to the maid. The maid delved her hand between Maria's thighs. Maria naturally thought that this hand was going to stroke her into a satisfying climax. Pushing as hard as her bonds would allow, Maria tried to gain sexual relief, but the maid was unco-operative. Her hand pushed hard between Maria's thighs, fingers sought for something and then withdrew. Maria felt the hand draw more leather between her thighs. The gag prevented her from looking down, but she felt every movement. A thong pulled tight into the divide of her buttocks. She felt the maid manipulating straps and buckles. The thong pressed deeper into her and pressed onto her already aching, ardent sex. The buckles and straps tightened, pressing Maria's hips back to the chair back.

The broad front of the leather piece that had been drawn between her thighs, spread over her lower belly, pressing like a corset. Pinning her to the chair. Her last bodily movement was strangled. She tried to move, using the thong to further titillate her sex, but it was so tight it was impossible. For a moment, Maria bucked and fought the urges that streamed through her body. Never had she felt so sexually stimulated. Never had she been so helpless and unable to appease her own driving forces. Her muscles positively prickled and strove to move her limbs toward satisfaction, but the bonds held her, immobile. Within her rubber cocoon, Maria felt the perspiration run, like warm and cold fingers down her bound body. Without help, she did not climax, and so she slowly came down to earth from the tremendous sexual high she had just encountered so helplessly. She noticed her surroundings and saw the faces of the other guests, smiling, hands applauding. She had been so engrossed with her own circumstances, she had become unaware of her surrounding situation. A hand covered in silk fine latex brushed across her brow. The fingers returned and stroked her face, so gently, but she could not move her had to see where such tenderness came from. The caressing continued and Madame Ruth's voice spoke out; softly, yet strongly enough for all to hear.

"My Darling Maria," she said, "You have gained the approbation of my guests and me." Her hands continued to caress, but the strayed further and further from Maria's head. Her neck, shoulders then breasts received this same gentle caress. As Madame Ruth's fingers stoked over her excited nipples, so the thrills of sensuality and sex coursed again through her body. The voice continued, softly, strongly, "I and my guests would wish to continue with you as our plaything for the evening." A murmur of approval came from the seated guests. I will ask you now this once. You may accept or decline. If you decline, you will be freed and escorted to you home and you will be honour bound to keep the secret of these evenings. If you accept, then I promise you more adventurous and exciting times in bondage and restraint. I will tell you how to answer in a moment. You have been dealt with by my faithful and trusted maid, Jan. She will be with you throughout the rest of our fun proceedings, but she will not always be in a position to be of any assistance to you. In fact, she may well be bound so close as to be part of you." Madame Ruth paused.

" To signify your wish to continue as our plaything tonight, you will keep your eyes open. If you do not wish to play, then close your eyes and keep them closed for a count of ten when I give you the word. We have watched your reactions so far, which we like, but I warn you, the restraint will be harder as the night progresses. Jan has experienced it all and will have to take more than you, but she will be with you all the time, or at least close." Madame Ruth chuckled softly. Maria moved her eyes to see Jan and as she did so, Madame Ruth moved to remove the gag from Jan's mouth. Maria's eyes met Jan's, and without hesitation, Maria knew her answer. Jan's eyes told her that she would have experiences never felt within her body. Madame Ruth moved in front of Maria, in a strong, yet purring voice she asked Maria the vital question.

"Maria, do you wish to continue as our plaything for tonight?" How the thrills moved through Maria's body. Her muscles positively bucked and fought at the thought of being a bound toy, a plaything for the guests. What were their predilections? Through her bound reverie, she heard Madame Ruth asking her what she wanted to do. Did she want to stay? The thoughts, the fantasies swept through Maria's mind. Her body still pressed against the straps. She pushed her hips forward to bring more pressure to bear on her sex to say that the answer was yes. The disembodied voice told her her options, keep her eyes open or close them. With a monumental effort, inspite of the thrills coursing through her body and mind, Maria forced her eyes to stay open for the required time, without a single blink. The effort, the straining against the effective straps and cords left her feeling exhausted. For a moment she slumped back from the unyielding straps and relaxed, and as she did so she heard the burst of cheers and applause from the other guests.

Madame Ruth's hands continued to caress, even more intimately now, Her head bent low by Maria's ear and she whispered, " My Darling, you are now one of us. You have passed your initiation. You are a playing piece within our game of chess. Remember, it is a game, but games need practice. Tonight you will be in checkmate position all the time, but your maid Jan will teach and train your moves until you are the opposing champion. Your behaviour so far has given me great confidence that we can share a long and adventurous path into high degree bondage. Watch, my Dear, and you will see the makings of your first ordeal."

With that, the room lapsed into total silence. Sitting, bound and helpless, this hush was uncanny. Through the silent air came a faint hum from above. A section of the high ceiling opened and slowly, so slowly, a single wooden crucifix started towards the floor. As it dropped out of the dimness of the high ceiling, Maria's up-raised eyes saw the array of harness and the metal hook and ring accoutrements attached to it. Maria's body stiffened against her already perfect bonds. This would indeed be an unusual ending to the year, but what a superb start to the new!!

Gentle hands clasped her body, her maid Jan whispered to her and told her that that was the last time, for a long time that Madame Ruth would treat her so compassionately. Jan's hands then started to release the restraining straps.

Part 2. The Cross

Maria watched the cross and harnesses descend to the floor. Her maid, Jan, deftly undid the her restraint, but within herself, Maria felt that she did not want to be freed, but she had no control over these matters. As soon as Maria was free, Madame Ruth called Jan over to her and released her chains and gag. "Jan, you know what to do. Take Maria to the ante-room, prepare her for her and our further entertainment. My guests appear pleased with her performance so far. We will see how she behaves as the bonds get more intense." Announced Madame Ruth.

With that, Jan took Maria's hand, eased her up from her previously restrained position and massaged her limbs into motion. Jan lead Maria to a double door at the side of the dining room, into a smaller, warm, softly lit room. As the double doors closed behind them, Maria heard the excited buzz of conversation from the guests. The doors closed, the room was warm and comfortable, the air was delicately perfumed with an attractive, sensuous fragrance. Jan moved quickly and quietly about the room, opening other doors and cupboards. As Maria looked about her and into the rooms and cupboards, she realised that this was a self-contained flatlet. One room was a small dining room and on the table was set a light meal. The two girls sat down and ate. Curiosity overwhelmed Maria, but Jan would not be drawn into conversation. They ate and drank in total silence. The food was superb and the wines very pleasing to her palate. The alcohol went quickly to her head making her whole body shiver with expectancy of what was to happen. Maria was still in her skin-tight latex suit.

As soon as they had finished their meal, Jan told Maria to take the suit off, have a bath and return to this room as quickly as possible. Jan helped Maria peel off the clinging latex and admired Maria's slender, shapely body as she walked to the bathroom. The bath was all ready for Maria to step into. The temperature was perfect and the oils mixed with it were redolent and balmy to her senses. Maria lingered in the bath, soaking up the mellowness it generated in her mind and body. Slowly the water cooled and it was time to get out. Large, soft towels rested on the warm towel rail. The feel of them as Maria drew them about her body was velvety. This was sheer luxury. Maria walked out into the main room where Jan was waiting for her.

Draped across the sofa was another shiny black rubber cat suit. Jan picked it up and handed it to Maria telling her to put it on. It was much heavier than the scarlet suit she had taken off. The inside of the suit had already been heavily powdered with perfumed talc and as Maria examined the suit so she realised that it was not a single covering of rubber, but two. A lightweight latex on the inside, and a very much heavier, SBR on the outside. This intrigued Maria, why two layers she mused? With Jan's help. Maria started to slip into the rubber suit. As she slipped on the leggings, more detail of the suit became apparent. The outer garment was very heavy SBR, much heavier than anything she had already experienced. There were also small appendages set into the inner lining in the shaped crotch. The suit was well powdered, and, although very tight fitting, slipped on relatively easily with Jan's help. Maria felt the rubber press onto her legs, then Jan started to pull the heavy duty zip up her back from her bottom. Easing the zip up until it drew the round collar tight about Maria's neck, Maria felt the rubber caress her whole body. The legs had feet in them, the sleeves had glove coverings for her hands.

She was clad from neck to toe and finger tip in rubber again, her favourite material of all. In a mirror across the room, Maria saw herself. The suit fitted her well, as if it had been made for her. She shone in the outer shining black rubber covering and as she moved to see herself better, the two layers of the suit slipped over each other and adjusted themselves to her body shape. The feeling was superb and exciting. Whilst Maria was engrossed in admiring herself in the mirror, Jan had picked up a rubber helmet made in the same way as the suit. Moving behind Maria, Jan slipped the helmet over her face and adjusted it so Maria could see through the small eye holes. The shaped nose slipped over Maria's nose and she could feel the air moving through the holes that coincided with her nostrils, but there was no mouth opening. Instead there was small ball that slipped into her mouth as a mild gag. The helmet clamped round Maria's head as Jan pulled the zip down from the crown of her head to the broad, heavy collar band. Now Maria was again, totally enclosed in rubber. Jan took a pair of black patent leather shoes with five inch heels on them and slipped them onto Maria's rubber clad feet. The high heels made her tense her leg and buttock muscles.

As they tensed, so the rubber moulded them, intensifying her delectable shape. Next, Jan buckled a broad leather collar around her neck that forced her to keep her head held high and stopped her moving her head around. The restraint was starting. Taking the lead that was attached to the collar, Jan started to lead Maria back to the door to the main dining room. Walking in the high heels was difficult, it made Maria take small mincing steps that accentuated her legs and body movements in the all over suit. The door swung open, the hum of conversation died abruptly. Through the small eye holes Maria could see that the tables had been re-arranged and there was a clear path for her to walk to the cross she had seen lowering from the ceiling.

Now it stood there as if a permanent piece of furniture in the centre of the room. It stood in a plinth with steps up to it. The straps and ropes hung limply from the vertical post and horizontal cross. 'Soon', thought Maria, 'they will be binding me tight to the post.' A thrill coursed through her body again as Jan urged her up the steps to the post of the cross. As Maria walked with quick short steps across the intervening space, her anticipatory excitement was overcome and added to, by her realisation of how well the rubber, double skinned suit fitted her. It must have been made to measure as there was not a single wrinkle in the rubber and she could feel the inner suit holding her body while the outer, stronger layer pressed and slipped against the inner. The suit positively caressed her body exhibiting her very feminine shape for all to see. The helmet and the leather collar restricted Maria's vision. Her head was held so she could only look directly ahead. The eye holes were just large enough for her to see clearly ahead, any eye movement resulted in her seeing only the inside of the eye holes.

Jan continued to make Maria walk and then climb the steps of the plinth until they were both on the top level facing the cross. Even with her restricted sight, Maria looked at the array of straps and buckles. It all looked very complex, then using the harnesses was not going to be her problem. Maria just had to do as she was told, then, when her degree of helplessness was achieved all she had to do was let the expert hands take total charge. Already Jan was taking control. Turning Maria, back to the upright post, Jan paused. The faint buzz of conversation that Maria could hear within her helmet died away. In front of Maria sat Madame Ruth, sitting in a huge throne-like chair, looking as svelte as ever in her close fitting leather ensemble. Madam Ruth rose easily out of her chair. The silence in the room was electrifying.

She spoke. "Maria, you have passed your initiation. You are about to enter our special world of total captivity and submission. Once I give your maid the signal to start you will have little opportunity to reverse or stop the proceedings that are about to happen to you. You may now decline this invitation to continue your training to become as competent as we all are in this room. It will not be an easy course, but you will be trained step by step, rope by rope, strap by strap, until you lovely body can accept constraint that you have never thought of as possible. If you wish to continue in training, raise one hand. If you do not wish to experience new and exciting bondage, raise both hands. You have ten seconds to consider your future!"

Inspite of the double layer of the helmet, the words, although muffled were clear in her mind, Maria did not take ten seconds to consider. She was so excited and involved that her response was immediate. She raised but one hand. With that signal, Madame Ruth nodded to Jan telling her to commence the bondage. Jan moved into Maria's limited line of vision. Pushing Maria back against the vertical of the cross, Jan moved behind her. Maria's hands were drawn back behind the post and a strap looped round them. In a trice, the buckle was threaded, the tension applied, the tang of the buckle passed through an eyelet, the end of the strap was threaded through the other side of the buckle and Maria knew she entered the first stage of helplessness. As deftly as with her wrists, Maria felt another strap thread round her arms, high above her elbows, she awaited the tension that she knew would be applied, pushing herself back against the post and pressing her shoulders back.

The tension came pulling her arms together, pulling her shoulders back even more than she could have on her own volition. It made her breast thrust forward within the taut latex confines, pressing on her nipples that sent messages to her body that conveyed deep inner sexual desires, improved by her knowledge of her now helplessness. Arms pinioned behind the post, wriggle and strive to be free were of no avail, Maria knew this, but she tried. Moving her head so she could see more of her companions, she perceived faces of pleasure as she squirmed against the post. Looking directly ahead of her she could see Madame Ruth, smiling approvingly at the efforts of the captive and the captor. What really exhilarated Maria was the change in the walls behind Madame Ruth. The luxurious flock wallpaper had changed, Maria saw herself in great high mirrors and she like what she saw. The moving, writhing figure encased in rubber, now almost helpless, unidentifiable in the helmet, sent more titillation through Maria's body, for the sight before her was disembodied from her real self. She wanted more to happen to the prisoner as though it was not her. These strange perceptions were soon answered.

Maria could see Jan moving about her, freeing and adjusting the strange array of harness and straps. Jan brought a wide leather belt that had been hanging lifeless from the post about Maria's waist. Adjusting it slightly, Maria felt it nestle into the smallness of her waist, press on her flat tummy, then feel it being drawn tight, like an old fashioned Victorian corset. It pressed Maria's back to the post. The round of the pillar pressed into the divide of her buttocks and divided them. Now she could not move the lower part of her body. No sooner was her waist secured than Jan fastened buckles around her ankles. As the straps tightened Maria felt her ankles drawn back to the column.

Jan was stooped down so the mirrors revealed a truly sensational view of the maid working on the bondage. Next, straps were buckled below and above Maria's knees, pinning her legs to the upright. Now she could only work her shoulders in mock protest at her confinement. The small gag in her mouth did not effectively reduce her vocal ability and, knowing that the voyeurs preferred an active victim to a passive sacrifice, she worked her shoulders and made to cry out against the gag. Her efforts were rewarded by approbation from the audience and more restriction by Jan.

Too much to contain. Maria felt the shudders of sexuality ranging through her body, yet the ropes and straps prevented her from making a positive reaction. It was so incredibly exciting. Taking some ropes hanging from rings on the cross beam, Jan worked them under Maria's armpits from the front, then took them behind her, though more rings on the cross beam on opposite sides, then almost hanging, full weight on them, she knotted them behind the post. Again Maria tested her position and found that her freedom had been reduced to merely her head. Throwing herself about against the bondage gave Maria no movement more than twitching muscles. Ankles, knees, waist, shoulders were all firmly held against the cross.

Mind you, she found that she could gyrate her hips slightly which excited her even more. Jan was aware that the body bondage was not complete. Those broad hips must be tied down like the slim waist. Pushing her hand between Maria's thighs, she drew two straps from the upright. Pulling them completely through, Jan then moved behind Maria. Reaching round she took the two straps, brought them up the line of Maria's groins, pulled them behind and buckled the strap as tightly as any other strap that had been applied. Maria's immediate reaction was to test the new restriction, to no avail, but her efforts made her waggle her head and grunt indiscernible sound from behind the gag, within the helmet.

The efforts of testing the bonds in the warm atmosphere of the dining room made Maria perspire within her rubber covering. She felt the sweat run down her body, between her breast, spreading over her abdomen, and ultimately down her encased legs. It was all part of the exciting sensation. Moving her head to look about her, Maria saw the other party goers watching her intently. It was strange to be the focus of attention, yet helpless. Maria fought against the bonds, but it was still to no avail. The more she struggled the more she realised that she could only move her head. Her body was completely immobilised.

The freedom to move her head was relief even if she was gagged and had only limited vision through the helmet. Her very thoughts must have been conveyed to Jan, who taking a specially shaped strap, buckled it under her chin to hold her head and mouth still. To ensure the restriction was complete, another strap was put around her forehead. Now Maria felt the exhilaration of total bondage. Her movement was confined to her toes and fingers, eyes and tongue. No matter how she struggled, not a limb could move. Maria felt the excitement of this unusual situation, her body bucked against the ropes and straps in an orgasm of pleasure. Seeing her body racked by the orgasm, the watchers gave a polite murmur of approval.

Opening her eyes again, all Maria could see was Madame Ruth and her own image in the mirrors. Taking a cat of nine tails made of rubber strips, Madame Ruth raised it to Jan. What could possibly happen now, thought Maria. "I am enclosed in rubber, bound in such a way as to be completely unable to move, what can happen now?" From beyond her vision, Jan took a small rubber hand pump.

Unnoticed to Maria was a small valve on her helmet. Jan screwed the tube of the ball to the valve and squeezed the ball. Air forced its way into the helmet, between the two layers of rubber. Jan pumped again, the ball in Maria's mouth started to swell. Quickly Maria pulled her tongue back so it was not trapped by the inflating ball. As the ball expanded, Maria's mouth was forced open, but the restraint under her chin stopped her jaw from moving. The ball filled her mouth and her attempt to protest was stifled. She did not know whether the sound even reached outside her helmet. Jan continued to pump, the swelling within her mouth stopped, by the sheer pressure of her palates, but the helmet did not stop reacting.

Maria felt the pressure within the helmet building up all around her head and as it built, so the small eye holes gradually closed. Each pump was discernible to Maria. Each increase in pressure, shut down the area of vision until blackness overtook Maria's eyes. The pumping continued and the helmet clamped around her head, clamping her eyelids in a soft yet resolute vice. Small plugs entered her ears and shut out any sounds that penetrated the helmet. The bondage was going beyond anything Maria had experienced before. Maria relaxed against her restraints. They were so complete, she felt no movement of her body as her muscles relaxed. Unseeing, unspeaking, unable to move, the straps held her as Madame Ruth had intended. Jan had done her job, so Maria thought. She felt the pump being unscrewed from her now, all enveloping helmet.

A pause. A hand delved between her tightly held together thighs. The sensation Maria had experienced as Jan screwed the pump onto her helmet were repeated between her legs. The mild vibrations were exaggerated within her sex. A shuddering orgasm racked her body, her stimulation was on a knife edge. Jan squeezed the ball of the pump again, and again, pushing air between the two layers of rubber enclosing her body. The fit of the suit was so exact that very little air was required to create the sensual pressure all over Maria's body. Previously, Maria's breast had thrust out against the latex, now with the air inflating the suit, her thrusting pressure from the severe bondage of her arms, was counter-acted by the coercion of the air. But this also served to excite Maria within her confines. The pumping continued, Jan's hand working to keep a steady flow of increasing pressure. The press of the rubber grew all over Maria's body.

Increasing volumes of air reminded Maria that there had been limp inserts in the crotch of the suit, now she realised what they were for. The heavy outer rubber directed the pressure to points of least pressure within the suit and so these inserts started to swell. Their position was strategic. Being previously stimulated, Maria was wet within and as Jan continued to pump, the internal appendages distended and forced their way on lines of least resistance. And so, while totally enclosed and bound, Maria felt her sex being penetrated by this inanimate object. The delight of the slow, inexorable thrust of the inflated, ever swelling tube sent even more thrilling struggles overcame her body.

Maria tried to ride on the pleasure, but her bonds held her rigidly tight. The pleasure was exquisite, nothing could be better! Maria felt Jan remove the tube of the pump from between her thighs. As she relaxed and tensed on her bonds, the pleasure of this bondage was a new high for her. What could be more exciting. Maria set about enjoying her new extreme bondage, nothing more could be done to her while she was in this position, but she was wrong. Without warning, the ground beneath her high heel shoes dropped away. Her body dropped fractionally into her bonds.

The sensations was incredible. As she dropped, Maria expected the straps and ropes to cut into her, but they didn't. In fact, she realised that because of the air layer within the suit, she was hanging within the inner skin, with the outer layer supporting the bonds. The minute drop added stimulus to her sexuality as her breasts pressed into the pressurised suit and the inserts pushed deeper within her. While she was held in suspension, she found that within the thin layer of air between the layers, she had a trifle of movement that she exploited to her own thrilling excitement. With her eyes sealed from the world, Maria was unaware of what was happening in the outer world, but she was soon to learn.

Madame Ruth had risen from her throne-like chair and climbed onto the plinth by the suspended Maria. She carried the cat of nine tails that she had used to signal Jan to carry on. Raising her arm, she swung the lash at Maria's helpless body. The rubber thongs cracked on rubber. Maria heard the crack of the whip but she felt no sting of a lash. Instead, the force of the lashing was transferred into a change of pressure within her enveloping cover. The heavy outer rubber again forced any reaction into the low pressure points of the thin inner suit.

The effect was unworldly to Maria. Every insert into her body reacted. The pressure quivered over her breasts, thrilling her body yet again. The intruding inserts quivered within her sensual sex and her body, involuntarily went into sexual stimulation. The lashed repeated, again and again, the vibrations delved deep into her and her body was racked with a new pain never before experienced. The pain was that she could not move herself to create the stimulation she needed and she was in an enclosed, immobile, enjoying partial stimulation. Maria fought and struggled against her restraints, furiously, vigorously, but without the ability to achieve the ultimate she desired.

It seemed an age that this treatment went on. How long it was she could not tell, but gradually the strength of the lashings reduced to a mere tickle, then stopped. Slowly, a step or so behind the intensity of the lash, Maria's excitement reduced until she was able to realise and rest within her bonds. How long she languished in this pneumatic suspension, she could not tell, but it was all an exquisite experience.

3. Release & Rest

Hanging in this air wrapped suit, Maria experienced a new feeling. She had struggled against her bondage, testing the effectiveness of the wide and strong straps. She had felt the invasive thrust of the air-filled gag and dildoes that entered her inner body without her permission. She had enjoyed the sensations of their entry and the stimulation of their vibrations as she hung from the cross being flogged by Madam Ruth. Maria had no concept of time. In her strict bondage, she had entered a state of total submission. There was only one thing she did not want to happen - release.

Her body was warm within the insulated, inflated rubber suit. She felt her own moistures. The sweat within the helmet slid passed the gag, giving her the salty taste of her body. The light inner suit was lubricated with not only her sweat, but her sex juices that had flowed so freely from her as she orgasmed again and again, stimulated by her thoughts, her bondage and helplessness. Her eyes had seen the slender, attractive mistress to whom she had entrusted herself. In her bound blindness, she had visualise being Madam Ruth's assistant, slave and lover.

These thoughts were her only incentive to the eventual release she would receive. In her mind's eye she saw the two of them moving round the bedroom, watching each other clad only in sheer pantyhose and heels that made her feel so tall. Watching her mistress slip the tight fitting PVC leotard from her body to reveal her breasts, firm and pert. Maria's mind moved to the bed with the two of them lying close, caressing and kissing. The thoughts made her tingle in yet another orgasm as her muscles gripped the air-filled insertions in her body.

Her dream was broken by a vibration in the cross to which she was secured so closely. The floor returned under her feet and pushed her up, taking her weight off the bindings. She felt the straps loosen so she could stand freely. The straps holding her arms behind the post slipped away and she was free. She stood, keeping her precarious balance, waiting for her instructions. A hand grasped her arm and pushed her forward. The change in Maria's balance made her stagger on her high heels. What made it worse was that she still could not see nor speak. The double inflated suit held her body so that she had to make an effort to force her legs to move.

The suit tried to keep her total body in one position. Any movement from the body contours put tension in the suit that snapped any limb back to the suit's requirement. Maria walked in the direction she was being led. The rigidity of the suit making her movement like a robot. The effort of walking so confined, made it difficult to breathe through the limiters of the still inflated helmet. The gag seemed to fill her mouth even more as Maria forced air into her lungs against the restriction and the pressure of the suit. It was a new discipline. Breathing was no longer automatic. it was now a controlled exercise.

As they moved, Maria noticed the change in the air she drew in its controlled ration. It had turned sweet and scented. It was the same smell she had met in the bathroom previously. Fingers moved to the valve on the helmet, a twist, a hiss and the gag flopped in her mouth. The eyeholes opened. Maria could see Jan again as she moved about her to release the valve on the bodysuit.

The twist of the valve, a long hiss and the suit settled onto the inner lining freeing Maria's limbs. This was a pleasing relaxation after the difficult walk but with that pleasure Maria felt the inflated inserts collapse within her. The rapid collapse of the inflated dildoes made her shudder with a mix of pleasure and regret. Maria's body trembled and a moan of delight escaped from within the helmet. Jan set to work quickly undoing the helmet and suit. She helped Maria peel the helmet and bodysuit from her body. Maria was surprised at the amount of her fluid trapped within the suit. Her sweat and juices had not had anywhere to go and were spread over her body like a layer of oil.

The scent of her own trapped juices was strong and pungent against the perfume of the oils and soaps in the bath. Jan told Maria to get into the bath, relax, clean herself and prepare for a light meal then to bed to rest for the next day. Maria slipped down into the huge bath. The water was at just the right temperature, not too hot and not too cool. The haze of steam and fragrances made Maria relax and sink into the water. In her mind she could still feel the compression of the inflated suit, but whilst in the showroom, she had not been able to feel her body beneath the rubber.

As she lay in the bath, she caressed herself, felt the soft firmness of her breasts. The firm flat muscle of her belly, the curve of her hips and bum. Without a thought her hands wandered between her legs where the inflating dildoes had forced their way into her without her permission or resistance. Her fingers slipped into her sex. Fingers pressing outside her labia whilst other fingers slipped between them. Slowly, gently, then pressing and delving deeper, Maria's fingers explored herself, her mind fantasising on the source of the stimulation. The overwhelming feelings of sexual pleasure trembled through her body in the deep warm water. Her eyes closed tight, her mouth opening and the soft groans of delight slipped from her lips as she worked on herself, harder and deeper. She felt the orgasm of self-indulgence tense her body and the cries of pleasure grew louder until the body racking pleasure died away.

The pleasure and the fantasy within her mind had been so intense, that Maria had not noticed that Jan and Madame Ruth had come into the bathroom and were watching her pleasure herself. Madame Ruth smiled down on the immersed body. "So you enjoy your pleasures. That is good. In the next few days you will learn more. You will enjoy pleasures you had not thought of. Now get dried, have your supper and go to bed. Jan will look after you."

Climbing out of the bath, Jan threw a vast, soft bath towel around Maria and started to pat and rub her dry. Maria felt the other girls gentle hands rub the towel all over her. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander away in thoughts she had never had before. They sat a the table in the dining area, ate a light but luxurious meal, talked a little until Maria felt her eyelids getting heavy. Walking to the bed, Maria could hardly put one foot in front of the other. She slipped between the silk sheets, resting her head on the down filled pillow. She was just aware that Jan climbed into bed beside her. Jan's soft warm body next to her was a pleasure she found more pleasing than a strong muscular male, but she was too tired to have any further interest at that time. She slipped into deep sleep.


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