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Abandoned Slave

by Qwert493

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© Copyright 2004 - Qwert493 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Sbm; caught; F/m; latex; bond; outdoors; bdsm; crop; torment; toys; insert; mast; oral climax; cons; X

An entry in the Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

I remember my first bondage experiences in early teenage years when me and my friends played cops and criminals and we had those cheap plastic handcuffs. Even if they didn’t actually hold anybody from escaping I still liked to click them around somebody’s wrists or wear them myself. Later I started playing with straps and belts, buckled my feet, restrained my arms and then tried to get free. At some point, I started getting these pleasurable sensations while being in bondage. At first I didn’t understand nor even tried to understand these feelings, just enjoyed the ride. I started collecting all sorts of stuff that could be used for bondage. For an example if a nice strong leather belt came my way it was added to my collection as well as chains, clips, metal rings etc. 

Don’t know why but I never have liked ropes, they just don’t feel as restricting as leather and steel. Rope was and still is only good for tying my cock and balls. I always kept this habit of mine as the darkest secret, there was no way anybody would have understand my fetish. My most daring act was stealing my father’s Hiatt’s hinged handcuffs from the cellar. Once he found out about that I just made an innocent face and fortunately, he didn’t make a great deal about it. Then many years ago mostly via Internet I discovered that I was definitely not alone in this business. I learned to make my own toys like ballgags and harnesses. Also some interesting positions and techniques. And time passed by.
Over the years I had many girlfriends, even too many, but I never told about my great fascination towards bondage and by then I also had developed rising interest to latex and PVC. I graduated high-school, then university and then by some luck got a really good job in the forest industry.  My job is to find new investment opportunities in that area, coordinating the work in new sawmills or other industrial sites and so on. I live in a nice new house just a mile out of town, with a forest line behind it, a small lake not far away and a country road passing by. 

My old bondage equipment is mostly in the garbage by now because for some years I have been real busy surfing the internet and buying all sorts of gear from such online shops like Stockroom, Sub-Shop, Erosboutique, WhiplashUSA and also from eBay etc. I must have buried thousands of dollars there but no regrets whatsoever. Currently I’m 6’3’’ tall, built up really nicely (years of training must show out in some place), not all muscles type, rather really fit and just had my 26th birthday. 

About a year ago I met my current girlfriend at a barbeque party and we clicked right away. She was an executive in some pharmacy company, 5’8’’ tall, dark hair and she has naturally slim figure (no diets, just little workout to keep trimmed) with beautiful round C-cups and curvy behind. After 6 months we were living together and one night I “came out of the closet”. I just asked her if she trusts me and after a positive response I handcuffed her to bed, strapped her feet in spread eagle and made her moan for hours by using my dick, tongue and a vibrator. She was all the way into it that she even didn’t mind when I strapped a ring gag deeply in her mouth and the forced my cock in her throat making her swallow my cum. When I finished she was so wasted that she fell asleep instantly, didn’t even wait to be untied. 

When I woke up next morning, she lay beside me with a smile in her face and spark in her eyes. She confessed that she had never dreamed something like that happen to her and it was completely unexpected, but she really liked the feeling of being helpless at my mercy and waking up a bit ashamed when thinking about the kinky stuff that happened last night. I was in heaven. Bondage games became part of our life as I told her about my fetishes and she was so eager to explore. She was “introduced” to all pieces of my bondage equipment and again I spent many hours surfing the web to find clothing, footwear and accessories for her. I had a whole walk-in closet full of leather, latex, pvc and steel in most variable forms and uses from simple fetish play to most severe bondage. Even though I like being tied up more I still enjoyed the master’s role because she has quite dominant nature in everyday life and it gives much satisfaction to break her resistance. She just never seemed to care about taking initiative in her own hands so I continued my self-bondage sessions while home alone. It was like that for few months: I played alone during the day and played with her at night, until I screwed up real bad.
It was a bit rainy day when I decided to use some new spreader bars that just arrived. They are about 2 and the other one 3 feet long, made out of polished steel and has welded rings on both ends and one in the middle. I put on a nice red catsuit made out of thick latex, zipped it up starting from my ass then between the feet and up to the neck. I laced tightly on the Smouldering Black Boots with 7 inch spike heel from Erosboutique that ended just below my knees and finished them with leather ankle cuffs. I like the feeling of heels but I’m not really into cross-dressing, they just truly restrict walking and add so much humiliation, taller the heel and sluttier the look more they turn me on. 

Next came a pair of leather wrist cuffs, buckled tight and locked. Then I picked up a latex Bound & Gagged Hood and pulled it over my head. It has removable blindfold and gag and it zips up in the back and it also has laces for extra tight feeling. I removed the original gag to make room for one of my favourites: a ballgag. The hood was finalized by buckling the attached collar around my neck. I used a simple medium sized red ballgag this time, pulled strong between my teeth. Next I locked my each foot in the 3 feet long spreader bar, took a deep breath and padlocked both hands with some serious trouble to a 2 feet long spreader bar hanging from chain bolted to the ceiling.

And now, fully in latex, bound and gagged I just had to wait for keys. I used my candle mechanism. Its simple, just put a string around a candle with keys and some weight in the other end and when the burning candle passes the string keys just fall down. I had a string tied around my thumb so I could lift up the keys once they fell. Couldn’t pull them down on my own because I use a special candleholder. Its secured to the table and looks like a stone tube with an opening large enough for keys but too small for candle on one side of the holder. There is no way to pull the keys out before they are released from the candle, I just may break the string connected to me. 

But that day I didn’t count in the weather factor. Suddenly I felt the window behind me crashed open due some heavy breeze and as I realised later, it blew out the candle. I waited what must have been more that hour and my arms became numb but still no keys. Eventually I lost patience and pulled the string until it snapped. No hope! I struggled with all my strength but what becomes to my bondage gear I always use quality stuff. So, I just hanged there for another hour till I heard my girlfriend coming home.

Ok, must calm down, she will understand. And she did “understand”. My senses became alert as she turned open the front door and entered. At first I heard that she was a bit surprised but then she figured out the benefits of this situation. She came over to me, put her one hand an my rock hard cock and used the other hand to pull my collar ring while whispering to my ear, “Well, well, the tables have turned, ain’t life a bitch. I know you are! What do you think, should I take advantage of this situation?”  I didn’t even got time to think about it. “Ok, I’m gonna take it as a yes, dear.” 

Before I knew it she had pulled open the 2-way zipper from my ass to my crotch, grabbed my dick and yanked it couple of times. I came instantly, shivering all over my body, pulling restraints holding me. 

“You slut, what have you done to my business suit, you definitely have to pay for this mess!!”

About an hour later, I was still it my high heels and latex suit, legs cuffed and arms bound behind my back by a belt. She didn’t take any chances; she drugged me before releasing from spreader bars to avoid any resistance. Still felt bit out of place. And she came back to me with a box full of gear. 

“I brought some things you might need for your lesson.”
First she pulled out heavy leather single glove, pulled it up my arms, put the straps around my body and started lacing it up. She pulled the ends close together all the way and then buckled straps placed around my wrists, under and below the elbows. Next she picked up a leather waist cincher with a crotch strap. Whatta hell she’s gonna do with that. But I wasn’t kept in darkness very long. She fastened it around my waist as tight as possible and then showed me my torturer. It was a solid hollow metal butt plug covered with lubricant, but it had no slimmer base as usual ones, no-no, this tube-shaped plug got wider at the last inch. I have some experiences with anal toys but this one was huge. I started wiggling and hiding my ass, but she rolled me on my back, pushed my bound legs over my head making the ass stick up fully vulnerable and started inserting the plug. Oh my god, I thought shes gonna rip my ass apart with that thing but I still moaned with pleasure as it began sliding in. 

“Oh you like that? Good, you can keep it!” She pushed it almost all the way in, left only the widest part out and the used the crotch strap shaped like Y to secure it tightly in it’s place. She pulled the strap so tight that every time I tried to lean forward the plug was pushed further inside me. And she continued by opening suit’s nipple zippers. She took a pair of metal nipple clamps, the ones that get tighter as you pull them and attached them to my nipples. She finished that part of my bondage by hanging some weights to clamps and then used an Y-shaped chain running between my legs to connect the claps to the ring at the end of armbinder. Like that every time when I moved my single gloved hands the chain pulled the clamps. Next came a leather bondage hood with big mouth and small eye holes. It was laced on the back without even a 1mm of loose space. Then she placed a heavy leather posture collar around my neck leaving me looking straight ahead and padlocked it. Like that she made sure that the suit and the hood stayed on. 

Next she commanded to open my mouth and a large red ballgag with head harness was pushed in. All the straps were pulled tight and buckled. Damn, this one can break my jaw! But I couldn’t push it out. And she finished her job by securing my legs with two wide leather ankle cuffs with a feet long chain between them. 

“Now, my dear, you must be wondering where this little adventure is going to take you. Don’t worry, you will get to know.” Saying that she clipped a leash to my collar and started pulling me to the front door. “Yes, we are gonna go for a walk!” 

My attempts to resist did no good, she just laughed at them. So I was pulled outside and she helped me to the back seat of her car. Then she took a blindfold and pulled it over my eyes. We drove quite fast about 15 minutes when she stopped. When I saw the light again I realised we were on the other side of the forest that ended next to my house. I was pulled out of the car by a leash and then she smiled at me by saying, ”Now, my dear, its your job to find your way home. It’s up to you how to do it. You can walk straight through the forest to avoid meeting anybody, but I’m afraid it’s quite impossible with those 7-inch monsters you so generously chose. That leaves you that pretty nice and even walking trail, but I’m quite sure that you will not be the only one using it despite its not sunny day.” She kissed me on my ballgagged lips and drove away, leaving me alone in the woods.
What I’m gonna do now. It’s at least 4 miles back home and my feet are killing me already, not to mention my stiff jaws, tortured nipples and spreaded sore ass. But she was right, within first hundred feet I realised I can’t use the short way, the heels just sunk into the ground with every step and holding balance was out of my league. So I returned to the trail and started my journey again. Its takes forever to walk a mile in high heels on a forest trail even if it has more or less smooth and hard surface. At one mile I was sweating like hell in my latex catsuit. I stopped after every few minutes to look around and trying to hear something from my leather bondage hood. Nothing, nobody seems to be near. Lets continue. If she only didn’t shove that plug up my ass, with every step it moved inside making me lose concentration. Just wanted to grab my dick and give myself an orgasm, but the single glove held my hands well and I couldn’t even move them to spare my already burning nipples from more pulling. 

Suddenly I saw something flashing ahead between trees. It was a jogger coming closer and closer. Without sparing my nipples or my ass I ran (if you can name it that way when you have such high heels) as fast as a foot long chain allows behind some bushes that were luckily quite close. I landed on my stomach behind bushes because in this bright red catsuit I can be spotted a mile away. Luckily the jogger passed by peacefully. Oh damn, I can’t be seen like this, most of the people using the trail are from houses near to mine and even the city is small enough that in no way my secret passion will remain secret.

How could she do that to me, that little bitch, if I could only get free. Still behind the bush I gave my bounds another test in strength. They didn’t fail. With some tremendous nipple torture I got back on my feet and ready to go. I was smarter now knowing that hearing does no good in my situation, must rely completely on vision. So I stopped in every now and then to rotate myself 360 degrees, because my heavy posture collar allows no head movement whatsoever. 

Hours must have passed when I got to the spot from where was about a half mile to my house. Almost there! I’m so gonna punish you for that, you little slut! Wait a second, damn, somebody was coming. Stranger was only about 50 feet from me so I made another “run” with no mercy on my ass and nipples. It was nearly 6 feet tall dark haired woman with amazing DD-sized breasts and by the way she looked I thought that another person has met my girlfriend in bad mood. She was wearing black thigh high domina boots with at least 5 inch platform heel, a tight PVC Three Zip Dress and a leather corset laced tightly around her waist, a pair of Latex Opera Length Gloves and in her hands were a riding crop and a small leather handbag. She came right to the bush behind which I was hiding.
“Come out, I saw you there, don’t make me came all the way to you!” 

Who the hell is she? 

“You look so surprised, slave. Let me explain. I go to the same aerobics class with your girlfriend and we have become close friends and she has told me about you. She told me everything. And since we are very good friends and I’m truly into that stuff, she called and told me about a little present waiting for me in the forest and she hoped I’ll be the right person to take care of it. And what a pleasant one it is. Oh, how nice, even a leash for easy handling.” Said that she pulled the leash leading me back to that damned trail. 

“Be a good doggy now, walk nicely” and she pulled me to a small path that ended with a small camping area. “Now slave, lets see how good you are with your mouth. Do your best and then maybe I’ll be good to you.” 

She put me in a kneeling position. Then unbuckled my head harness and removed the ballgag. I stretched my mouth and tried to make it move again. More than 2 hours with that large gag is a killer to my jaws. I was in heaven and hell at once as I was under total mercy of this strange merciless mistress and every inch of my body aching and covered with sweat. But I didn’t get time to gain myself as she sat on a fallen tree in front of me, pulled up her dress revealing Latex zipper panties and commanded, ”Lick, slave! Make me cum or... you really don’t want to know.” 

I kneeled forward to her pussy which at first only resulted the butt-plug being pushed even harder to my ass, the widest part was way pass my stretch limits, but it still found its way deeper inside. After unzipping her panties with my teeth and couple of minutes of intensive tongue work, I heard her moaning quietly. I tried harder, buried my tongue as far inside her as I could and then stimulated her clit. Occasionally I was cheered up by a strong smack against my ass by the riding crop.
Minutes passed and she got real wet... but that was all. Finally she got tired of that. She threw away the crop, got a vibrator out of her handbag, turned it on and still sitting in a tree she unzipped her pvc dress starting rubbing her breasts and playing in her pussy with a vibrator until I saw her reaching climax. And I was just kneeling in front of her, unable to escape and didn’t dear to speak. A minute after she had finished pleasuring herself all the attention was back on me.

”Not good enough, slave. It was a nice foreplay, but that’s all. And don’t tell me I didn’t warn you about the consequences!” 

I started, ”But...” 

Before my words were mumbled by a large red ballgag that was pushed back to my mouth and buckled tightly around my head as the head harness that followed. She opened my crotch strap and then pulled me by the leash until I was laying on a fallen tree, face in the ground and ass high up. She unzipped the suit and put her hand on the plug to stop it from coming out.

”Now, you thought that your sweetheart was cruel by making you wear something like this. She is a kitten. Try this.”

And she pushed vibrator running on full speed into my hollow butt-plug, quickly zipped the suit and re-buckled my crotch strap, this time two holes tighter. I screamed to my gag with pain and pleasure, as now madly vibrating plug was pushed all the way to my rectum. Next I was pulled on my feet and she reached for the handbag. There was a key and a chain about 8 inches long. She removed my old hobble chain and replaced it with a shorter one.

”It isn’t much further to home from here, but that doesn’t have to mean its going to be easy for you.” she said as she now applied some more weights and two small bells to my nipple clamps before I was abandoned in the forest once more. “Bye, be good, don’t talk to strangers, its not safe, lol.” 

She gave me some good smacks with a whip before she disappeared behind trees.
Damn, what now? With every step the nipple weights swinged back and forth causing the bells make terrible noise. And talking about steps, they were now only 2/3 of the previous already short length. But I had no other option but go back on the trail and try to get home. Fortunately, there was nobody on my way this time. 

Now I wasn’t in a position to hide anymore because of the added extras like some more nipple weights and of course the bells not to mention vibrating plug doing its best driving me nuts... so just had to count on good luck. Everything went nice until I reached the road. Just had to cross it and I was practically at home. But there I faced a problem, the place I had to cross the road had blind curves on both ways and considering the time it would take me to cover this, about 20 feet long space was long enough to give a nice close view to anybody who happens to drive by. For two times I stepped out of the forest but after few feet, I stumbled back because of a car coming. Third time I just went, with a doubled heart rate and shaking feet, didn’t even turn back on half way when I saw a car. I was in woods again when I heard car slowing down and some voices shouted at me, but I didn’t look back. 

About ten minutes later I was in my own backyard. Home, sweet home. My girlfriend greeted me by pulling the clamps and saying, ”Good boy, found your way home. As I can see you met my friend on a way. Was she bad to you, don’t worry, she’ll be coming over later tonight to show me how little sluts like you should be treated. But now you should get some rest, I’ve got a nice leather bodybag waiting for you. Its perfect for a little nap.” And she pulled the leash to lead me to my next punishment.Er



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