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The Challenge
by RbrBill
© 2006 - RbrBill - Used by permission
storycodes: F/f; latex; enclosure; slave; cons; XX
The Challenge by RbrBill F/f; latex; enclosure; slave; cons; XX
The Challenge - A Short Tale of Latex Enclosure 
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Author's note: This tale is spun from my larger unfinished work about the Latex Foundation. Look for it soon. 

Sister Margaret, Latex Nun of the Sixth Degree, held the title of Sister Superior. She had been unchallenged in the position for almost a year. Only Sisters in the highest Degree of Latex in the Order could challenge the Sister Superior. Now a new Sister of the Sixth Degree had the temerity to challenge Sister Margaret for the title. She studied the carefully lettered challenge note before preparing her defense for the Council. She chose to answer each charge directly and with evidence in the form of supporting documents and photographs. 

Sister Margaret was glad for the testimonials from the slaves and other Mistress's of the Foundation and decided to reward the supporters accordingly should her defense succeed. She furled her brow in concentration as she applied herself to the task in hand. One thing for certain was that she did not want to leave any doubt in the decision. 

The rules were simple. A challenger presented charges of failure in leadership, authority or discipline and the Sister Superior answered the charges. Only a Sister of the same Degree of Latex could make a challenge. The Council of Sisters reviewed the charges and the defense and ruled on the effectiveness of the challenge. The Council had seven members and a super majority vote of five was required for removal or retention of a Sister Superior. If the super majority could not be reached, the challenge could continue in the ritual "Duel in the Pool". Sister Margaret was hopeful to avoid the duel. 

Sister Margaret read the list. 

Charge One - That Sister Superior Margaret failed to provide consistent guidance and consideration to lesser Sisters and Mistresses, thus undermining the just order and discipline of the Foundation. On at least two occasions she gave special favor to slaves in servitude to other Mistresses. 

Response, scribbled Sister Margaret, "The slaves in question were punished excessively for the indiscretion they were guilty. In one case a slave was forced to consume mixtures of urine and water for 24 hours. The slave's waste system was modified to feed directly into his suit from his bowels. The resulting expulsion of excrement was to remain in his suit until his next cleaning cycle, three days later. He was to be kept in tight isolated bondage the entire time and forced to inhale air mixed with the fumes produced by his waste. This was punishment for his failure to hold his bladder overnight. I ordered his release after twelve hours and immediate removal of his suit. This broke his cycle and I rebuked the Mistress for excessive punishment and took the slave as my own." 

Charge Two - That Sister Margaret failed in leadership and brought dishonor on a fellow Mistress in the presence of slaves. 

Response: "The Mistress in question was far exceeding the allowable levels of pain and punishment as specified at the Foundation and immediate action to protect the physical well-being of the slave was needed." 

Charge Three - That Sister Margaret failed to discipline a personal slave for indiscretion to a Mistress. 

Response: "The slave was punished by denying him physical satisfaction for 24 hours of stimulation and arousal by both mechanical and human means. At the conclusion of the period of denial, the slave continued in sensory deprivation bondage for an additional 48 hours. The slave then was forced to orally pleasure the offended Mistress until she was completely satisfied and plead total exhaustion as a result of his efforts. Only then was the slave allowed to fulfill his own pleasure." 

Sister Margaret entered the trial chambers. She was resplendent in her black latex catsuit and black habit with its six white latex stripes on the sleeve of the robe. Her slaves had spent hours shining the habit and her suit to perfection. The thigh high latex boots with six-inch heels shone like mirrors, as did every other latex items she wore. Her gas mask was tightly sealed to her face and framed by the white latex underlining of the habit cloak. 

She faced the seven Sisters of the Council and bowed to them. The Chief Judge, Sister Mary nodded in return. Sister Mary was also a Sixth Degree Latex Nun. The other panel judges were Nuns in the Fifth Degree. 

Sister Margaret took her place behind the polished maple table on the left side of the aisle. She glanced to the right and saw Sister Angelica, her accuser, at the plaintiff's table. Sister Angelica looked much the same as Sister Margaret. Her latex gleamed from hours of polishing by her slaves. Her gas mask hid any expression from the other nuns. Sister Margaret knew that much pain from the cane and the crop was responsible for the gleaming perfection of her accuser's clothes. 

Sister Margaret thought about her two slaves enjoying being together in a bondage bag as a result of her pleasure at the result of their work on her clothes and clamped her muscles tightly about the hard rubber wand filling her pussy. She smiled at the thought of the sexual pleasures the two must be enjoying as she stood her trial. Fortunately her mask hid her smile behind its anonymity. 

"Is the accuser ready to proceed?" asked Sister Mary. 

"Yes, Sister." 

"Is the defense ready, Sister Superior?" Asked Sister Mary, acknowledging the high position of the accused, even in accusation. Much like a boxing match, the challenger had to clearly prove the accusation to win the crown. This minor assertion of etiquette proved that point very clearly. 

"Yes, Sister." 

Eight hours and ten votes later, the Council was still locked at a four - three vote for acquittal. Sister Mary decided that enough was enough and she ended the deliberations. It was obvious that personal preferences were involved in the results but no one could prove that. She felt resigned to report out an inconclusive result of ballots and to order the trial to resume at the Duel Pool, if required, the next morning. The two duelists were to be remanded to the preparation chambers in accordance with custom. She led the seven jurors out of the deliberation chambers and delivered the verdict. 

"Sisters, having failed to reach a verdict, you will be remanded to the preparation chambers for meditations and ritual garbing for a duel. You shall be delivered to the Duel Pool ten hours hence by your appointed Seconds for the Duel of Domination. Be it known that the results of the Duel shall be final. The victor of the Duel shall be ordained as Sister Superior of the Latex Order. The vanquished shall be stripped of all title and rank and shall assume the duties of Latex Slave Toy, the lowest of the slaves. One last opportunity, Sister Angelica, do you drop the charges you have levied?" 

"No, Sister. I choose to settle this matter in the Pool." 

"Very well. This trial is recessed." 

Sister Mary and the trail panel rose and left the chambers. 

"A latex slave toy? What is that?" asked Sister Angelica. 

"Ha! You ask now? You did not research your challenge so well after all?" Sister Superior Margaret smirked. 

Margaret continued, "I'll tell you what a latex slave toy is. We had one when I first joined the Foundation but he died many years ago. Even new comers to the Foundation are above a latex slave toy. Latex slave toy is the harshest punishment in the Foundation. It is for the most useless member of society for our purposes, the unbroken, and unrepentant male slaves who find themselves in our family or the Mistresses and Nuns who break their oneness in latex. 

"A latex slave toy is sealed permanently in a very heavy latex suit. The slave toy is then bound to a bondage harness in a private pleasure room. The toy is fed and watered regularly. The mouth and ass have removable tubing to allow access to the rubber-lined holes. The harness is on gimbals so the frame he is strapped in can be rotated to any position desired. The toy has the mouth permanently held open with a thick latex ring and tube that allow male slaves or Mistresses with dildos to pleasure themselves in the mouth. The hands have large rubber dildos molded into the palms and pointing at just the right angle to allow Mistresses to climb on and enjoy the shafts in their pussies. The thighs have similar shafts that are larger for the same purpose. The helmet of the toy has two dildo horns to allow a mistress to mount and ride as desired. I remember two mounting at once and seeing the slave's head clamped between two sets of rubbery legs was quite exciting. You could tell the slave was actually aroused to such a fever that he might have come but did he even know where hen was or what he was doing? 

"The ass is opened and lined for the pleasure of any who desire. The linings are thick and the slave feels little or no sensation from these sexual contacts. A male toy has his cock forever sealed in a thick latex sheath behind the thick latex suit, tightly but inanimately held. The cock has a permanent discharge tube since it has no other function save urinary functions. If the slave enjoys latex, he will be aroused. But he will never have the pleasure of another orgasm since he is only a latex toy and not one with the latex. A slave toy is sealed in latex for the rest of its unnatural life, which can be quite long and fulfilling for the others in the Fellowship. 

"A female toy is similarly prepared only the pussy is filled with a thick hollow shaft that allows males to enter and abuse her. Mistresses can insert double-shafted dildos into her and use her for their pleasure. They will listen for her increased breathing and for her growing arousal then mock her as they reach glorious latex release while the slave waits in frustration. Her clitoris is thoroughly shielded from stimulation behind the thick latex walls and she lives her remaining days as a mere latex toy. She is not one with the latex. 

"You did not know this was the fate of the loser of a challenge in the pool? Or did you think the Council would find in outright favor and avoid the challenge of the pool?" 

"Surely you are wrong. Such a fate is inhuman!" 

"As if your cruel streak toward your slaves is not inhuman? To answer your question, I do not jest. The Duel in the Pool is a very final act. And the punishment for going that course is as extreme as the reward. Now Sister, we are not supposed to be talking with each other. I thought to enlighten you was needed. You should have researched your actions more thoroughly. Let me go to my preparation chamber to rest and meditate before our duel. I suggest you do the same." 

Sister Superior Margaret strolled majestically from the room. 

Eight hours in the sleep sack refreshed Sister Superior Margaret. She dreamed of her most memorable times in latex, as she was snugly encased in the sack. This was the first time in many years that she had been sealed in a sleep sack by someone else and at another Sister's mercy for release and it pleased her to be out of control once again, even for this short time. Now she was awake but still sealed inside the pitch-black stillness of the tight rubber womb. Her mind wandered back through her life as a latex slave, a mistress and finally a latex nun. Her thoughts were full and vivid of her many humiliations at the hands of strict latex mistresses, her own triumphs of personal achievement as she passed each test of latex purity and her ultimate achievement as a mistress and latex nun. She was one with latex and understood the meaning of latex servitude and the humbling yet exhilarating world of latex. She knew that this day might be her last day in this capacity of her world. The punishment for the loser of a duel was final. The vote determining the results of the duel would be done by the entire mistress and sisterhood community. 

The duel pool had observation windows to allow all to watch. Much like the Roman gladiator contests, the group would vote on the outcome. The announcement of the final decision would be the duty of the Solicitor of the Faith, Sister Mary. The losing person would have an ether compound introduced to her breathing system in the pool and once she lost consciousness, she would be taken to the transformation chamber. There the losing combatant would be transformed into a living latex slave toy. 

The dressing in the dueling suit took the final hour prior to the appointed time of the duel. First, the habit and gas mask were removed, leaving Sister Margaret in her basic 24/7 catsuit. She took care of some final hygiene business preparatory to putting on the dueling suit. The dueling suit was a double skinned latex suit with feet, gloves and helmet. The helmet had a very small oval opening that allowed the mouth, nose and eyes of the 24/7 hood to show. Between the two thin latex skins was a layer of gel that was heavier than water. As long as the suit was intact, the occupant maintained neutral buoyancy in water. Wounds to the outer skin let the gel ooze out and the tiny air cells embedded in the latex brought on positive buoyancy. As more damage occurred, it became more difficult to stay beneath the pool surface. The loser of a contest was the duelist who wound up as a floating latex raft so buoyant that no effort could drag her beneath the surface. This allowed the other duelist to reach the bottom and retrieve the Scepter of Power that was the Sister Superior's badge of office. Of course a wounded combatant could make a wild dash for the Scepter of Power, but usually, the other could stop her. 

Sister Margaret allowed able hands to pull the tight suit onto her body. The nature of the design resulted in a very thick and cumbersome suit. Movement was very restricted and she understood why a dash was so difficult. As the arms were fed into the sleeves, she noted how they tended to stay in a neutral position with arms outstretched comfortably. Only with effort could she pull them down to her side. She noted the weapons attached to the finger, thin blades that could slash the outer skin and release the gel. 

She wondered at the strategy involved in winning the duel. Certainly as the suit gel bled, mobility would be better for a short while, so as one became more damaged, she could for a few brief moments gain advantage and strike enough blows to the other duelist to perhaps win the battle. She wasn't sure about this idea but it was a thought to file away just in case. 

The tight hood was pulled to her head and she was ready to take the walk to the pool where the final preparations would be done. Her Seconds escorted her through the door to the dueling chamber. She saw Sister Angelica similarly dressed and waiting. She was led to the pool edge and sat as the Seconds put the fins on her feet and strapped the breathing mask to her face. She checked for seal with difficulty and gave a thumb up. She looked across to Angelica and saw her similarly sign. 

"Sisters and Mistresses, we are here to witness a Duel for the Scepter of Power. Latex is the glory and the power of our sorority. Courage, intelligence and latex oneness shall be affirmed through this contest. Are the combatants ready?" 

The two sisters nodded. 

"Then, let the contest begin." 

The two rubbery seals dropped into the pool. Angelica swiftly, as swiftly as the suit would allow, swam for the bottom. She planned to grab the Scepter and escape as quickly as possible. Margaret saw the ploy and moved in above Angelica. She wrapped her legs around Angelica's head in a lock. She pulled Angelica up and slashed at her head. Red gel oozed from the suit spread into the pool. Angelica slashed a leg. The long welt began to seep the ooze. Margaret released and rotated and drew her finger across Angelica's chest. Again a long welt in the latex and the seeping ooze beneath appeared. Margaret grabbed Angelica's wrists and the two thrashed and tumbled in the water. Air hoses became tangled and air flow restricted. 

Pink slime slowly drifted to the bottom of the pool as more of the stuff seeped from the double thick suits. Angelica broke free and wrapped her arm about Margaret's neck, choking her. Margaret pulled her arms to the encircling arm and struggled to release the chokehold. She slashed at the arm and saw the oozing gel. She worked her fingers under and twisted in the grasp. Suddenly the two faced each other and Margaret saw wild animal eyes behind Angelica's faceplate. 

Margaret broke the hold and made one last slash opening another wound on Angelica's suit, but Angelica retaliated and Margaret was slashed across her back before she could get clear. Angelica pushed off the side of the pool and mounted Margaret's back. She slashed at the air hose; cutting breaks in it but not severing it. Margaret broke free and slashed Angelica's legs. 

Now Margaret was in desperate ways. She was loosing neutral buoyancy and her air was reduced as much of it was leaking into the water. The pressure kept water from entering her mask in a rush but it was slowly migrating into the hose and a small trickle of water was filling the lower portion of her facemask. She figured that she had maybe five minutes before the water reached her nostrils. She had five minutes before her life, as she knew it would end. 

Angelica was having trouble staying under. The damages to her suit were greater than those of Margaret's but she had one final thrust to go for the Scepter. She wasn't aware of the time constraint that Margaret was handicapped with. She thrust toward the center of the pool and tried to swim to the bottom. 

Margaret knew she had to go for the Scepter. She pushed off and plunged to the bottom. She saw a black shadow in the pink tinged water and realized that Angelica was there as well. She grappled the black body just as it began to rise toward the surface and pulled at it. She found a stair rung and with one arm around the waist, she hooked her left foot under the rung. Anchored, she pulled Angelica to her and slashed at legs, arms and chest. She slashed at the hand with the scepter and it dropped to the bottom of the pool. 

Now the water was at her lips and she could only breathe through the nose or with her head tilted at an extreme angle. Soon that would not be an option. Margaret slashed at Angelica's hose and was rewarded with a burst of air as it was severed. 

Water flooded into Angelica's mask and she took one last breath before it filled completely. She struggled to get clear of Margaret and succeeding made one last attempt for the Scepter. She reached for the rod. Her fingers were so close. Her lungs were bursting and she knew she had to get to the surface or drown. But she had to reach the Scepter. Her arousal from the situation was complete. The battle with her rubbery foe, the challenge, the danger, the pressing water against her rubber-clad body, and the consequences were too much. As she held her last breath before losing consciousness she touched the Scepter and shuddered in an overpowering orgasm. She screamed into the water-filled mask in agony and ecstasy and she lost her chance to grasp the prize. She rose rapidly to the surface, buoyed by the air pockets of the suit. 

Margaret watched in exhaustion as she saw her challenger reaching for the prize that would doom her to a life as a latex slave toy then shudder with body-wracking spasms before going limp and rising to the surface. The Scepter remained on the bottom of the pool but Margaret didn't have the strength to grasp it. The water reached her nose and she knew she was defeated as well. Accepting a draw, she let go of the ladder rung and let the buoyant suit take her to the surface. She ripped the mask from her face as soon as she broke the surface and gasped the pure air. She swam to Angelica's limp body and ripped her faceplate off. Water drained out of the mask and Margaret struggled to get the limp Angelica to the edge. Seconds from both quickly dragged her from the pool and began CPR. Angelica coughed and sputtered as water spat from her mouth and she began to thrash and rage at the restraining arms. 

The mask clamped to the face as the final vote count was announced. Angelica was still wearing the tattered dueling suit. Water still beaded on its slick shiny surface like tiny jewels from the recent emersion in the pool. Angelica was tightly bound hand, arm, leg and foot and with no hope of escape. 

"Sister Angelica, Latex Nun of the Sixth Degree, having challenged and lost in the Dueling Pool is hereby banished from the Order of the Latex Sisters and ordered to live out her remaining days as a Latex Slave Toy. May you become one with Latex through this sentence." 

The sweet ether-laced air flooded the mask and Angelica could do nothing but breathe in the glorious smelling stuff. She drifted to unconsciousness with thoughts of that final orgasm in the pool, "Ah, to orgasm like that one more time was worth it all. Will I ever feel that glorious rush ever again?" 

The limp woman was quickly stripped of the tattered suit. Her 24/7 catsuit beneath was in good condition and would remain on her. The new uniform of her existence was a bizarre creation of thick molded latex. The suit skin varied from one-eighth inch thick latex to one-quarter inch latex over the erogenous areas. Reinforced latex patches held protruding eight-inch long penal dildos attached to the suit. These were located one in each palm, one on the top of each thigh, and two on either side of the head just above the ears. A very thick hollow tube that was about one-inch inside diameter was thrust into the anal opening of her 24/7 catsuit. The shaft interior was lined with supple spongy latex that would assure pleasure. A similar shaft closed at the top and shaped like a phalanx was pushed into her pussy. Both tubes were inflatable and filled the cavities completely. At the same time the tight seal formed assured that the two objects would not move inside, regardless of the rigorous use from others. The catheter from her urethra would pass through a heavy latex shield in the front that would cover the clitoris and isolate it from any stimulation. 

The tight suit was pulled carefully onto Latex Slave Toy. The catheter was of the 24/7 catsuit was pulled through the suit and glued with latex cement. The arms were fed into the tight sleeves and the hands pushed to the gloves. The gloves were actually mittens with separate fingers molded inside. Each finger had to be fed into the matching hole and once on the hands were permanently positioned in a neutrally relaxed curve, the dildos pointing upward and ever waiting to satisfy the animal pleasures of any comer. Her hairless head was carefully fed into the tight attached hood. Breathing tubes were inserted and the thick mouth tube with inflatable gag pushed between the teeth. The eyeholes were only a mere formality to allow the victim one last look at what he or she had became before final darkness. The two dildo horns adorning the head gave a satanic appearance to the slave toy. Thick foam padding molded against the ear openings and cut off all sounds. 

The Latex Slave Toy was strapped to the gyro-like frame. The arms and legs were firmly locked inside thick latex sheaths that assured no movement against the frame. The wide body strap and head harness assured the same oneness with the frame for the entire of slave. Now the Latex Slave Toy could be rotated into any position and used in any way and she would never know for certain what was up, down, or sideways. The final mask fitted along with the extremely tight latex pressing the entire body would confuse any attempt at orientation. 

The final mask was very similar to an Israeli gas mask except the normal molding of the inlet and outlet port area was modified to fit the face perfectly. The face molding was customized, as was the suit for the wearer. The feeding/oral sex tube fit right to the lower opening and the breathing tubes fit into little holes in the molded nose cup of the mask. The eye ports were covered with thick latex and no light could enter. The whole effect was the transformation into a shiny latex insect. 

Angelica groggily awoke and was immediately aware of the very tight and restricting sameness of the latex suit covering her body. She warmed to the tight caress of the suit. She felt the fullness in her mouth, her pussy and her ass. She tasted the rubber in her mouth with her immobile tongue. She felt the tube that passed down her throat and knew that her saliva was directed to her stomach without need of swallowing. She tried to squirm in her bonds and found she was firmly strapped to the device. Her arousal manifested itself as she felt her juices start to flow around the thick filling phalanx in her hot pussy. She wasn't under stress. It wasn't an uncomfortable position. In fact her body was under no strain at all. She couldn't move her head and her vision was restricted by the tiny eyeholes in the hood. She saw a shiny black latex clad figure reclining in a very futuristic steel frame looking at her. The shiny body was an exquisitely shaped latex creature. Narrow waist, flared hips and shiny round globes highlighted the creature. The only flaws in the perfectly formed female body were the six dildos located at the thighs, the palms and the head. The six protrusions were certainly not natural but they didn't detract from the overall sexuality of the vision. In fact the strange toys added to the absolute sexual nature of the form. 

Seeing the vision enhanced her arousal. She thought her punishment might be to watch the slave in her view be ravaged as she helplessly watched. That was fine with her. As a Sister of the Sixth Degree, she had practiced personal sexual denial as part of her vows. She still sneaked an occasional romp from a willing slave during the time she to practice latex chastity. Slaves were ordered to never tell of the times under penalty of extreme punishment. She knew that once they let her out of this hot suit, she would be ready to take one of the slaves for the night. 

She saw the circular opening at the hooded face, false latex lips pursed about the opening in a permanent invitation to consume and satisfy any male tool that might desire the pleasure. The pouting latex lips of a vagina open between spread legs invited any takers as well. The latex lips assured a tight and complete seal to any shaft that plunged into those nether depths. 

Angelica was getting hot inside the tight suit and wanted to use the object opposite her for her own pleasure. She felt a tight fullness in her pussy but knew that one of those cock toys on the rubbery woman would fill her even more and feel soooooo good. She decided that her slave should be dressed and bound in such a way. The slave would be a perfect sex toy that way. To think of such a toy available for pleasure any day and night. Angelica wanted the toy she was looking at for her own and knew that once this ordeal was over she would ask Sister Margaret about it. 

"Sister Margaret," she thought. "The duel, the punishment." 

Fear suddenly wracked her entire body as the very idea that she might be looking at herself rose from the pit of her stomach. She saw the eyes of the slave across the room change to fear. Her arousal rose as the realization that she was trapped inside that glorious latex suit and strapped to that frame welled up in her mind. She wanted so desperately to feel the tightness in her pussy stroke her "G" spot. She wanted to feel smooth latex stroke her clitoris. She wanted the satisfaction of someone using her exotic form and taking her to the completion. She remembered that last orgasm in the pool as she was reaching for the Scepter. It was soooooo glorious and it cost her a chance at winning the duel. It was worth it though for surely the fate of a Latex Slave Toy would not be permanent. Surely it was just one of Sister Superior Margaret's mind games. She relaxed some at that thought but her arousal remained unfulfilled. She waited for what would come next. 

"Ah, our new Latex Slave Toy is awake," Sister Margaret said. 

Angelica saw Margaret's lips move but she heard no sound. The suit hood must have been very sound proof. 

"You cannot hear me but you can see." Sister Margaret held up a lettered signboard for Angelica to read and comprehend. 

It read, "The decision of the Sisterhood is confirmed and the sentence shall be carried out. May your life as a Latex Slave Toy be long and joyous for all who use you and may you find oneness in latex." 

Sister Mary came into Angelica's limited vision. She was holding a mask that slowly closed off Angelica's vision. She saw the dim light coming through the opening that would fit over her mouth and watched it go dark as it sealed to the lips. The dim light from the edges of the nose tube opening was snuffed out as the mask was adjusted to the face. The dim grayness from the loose edge disappeared as the mask was cinched up tightly against the face. Angelica shuddered in arousal and ecstasy and hoped that this total latex enclosure would last long enough to complete her desires. She still couldn't imagine the finality expressed during the sentencing and execution of the punishment. 

Sister Mary applied the sealant to the edges of the mask and to the various places where tubing penetrated its surface. She fished the pursed lips of the mouth out and glued them to the mask surface. The excess was cleaned with solvent and the suit given some final polishing. The Latex Slave Toy was ready. 

"Latex Slave Toy is ready for use. Pleasure yourselves as you see fit and find joy and happiness in latex. May your pleasure bring Latex Slave Toy to oneness with latex," proclaimed Sister Superior Margaret. She opened the door and went to the viewing chair to take her rightful place as witness to the first use of Latex Slave Toy. 

Mistress Penelope mounted the smooth round globe of Toy's head and wrapped her legs tightly to the shiny latex crown as she pumped the dildo deep into her hot dripping pussy. Pussy juice flowed down the side of the helmet as she worked herself to a frenzied climax. She shuddered and shook in orgasm and wrapped her arms under Toy's shoulder to keep from falling off. Gasping she climbed from the head to a thigh and took her pleasure a second time. As she climbed from Toy, slaves ran forward and polished the marred latex. 

Latex Slave Toy felt the heat pressed to her head. She knew someone was using her and her arousal was soooooo great that she knew she would come. Only nothing could shift or stimulate her clit or "G" spot and the legs surrounding her head as they gripped like a vice gave her tremendous stimulation to her head and hot horny arousal but no relief was there. The user dismounted only to have another mount her thigh and she was forced to float in that strange region of arousal without satisfaction. Try as she might, she could not bring her muscles to find the ability to move the latex inside her or to move within the latex surrounding her. Now she felt someone rubbing the tight hood and she was feeling sooooo hot! 

A male slave was next, thrusting himself into her pouting rubber pussy. He pumped hard against her banging away with his love piston. Latex Slave Toy felt the slight pressure of something pumping inside the rubber cylinder that filled her pussy. She strained to amplify the touch and to reach fulfillment for her lust and the pumping ceased as the user hugged her body tightly and she knew another satisfied customer was done. 

"Excellent," said Sister Superior Margaret. "The Latex Slave Toy is a great success. This room shall be available to all twenty-four hours a day." She rose in all her majesty and left the room. 

Fifteen years later Sister Superior Margaret welcomed a new slave to the Foundation. She was destined to become Sister Sharon, Latex Nun of the Ninth Degree. On that first day, as with all new arrivals, she was introduced to Latex Slave Toy. It was a cautionary introduction as a warning for those who might challenge the authority of the Foundation and the Sisterhood. Sharon took her introduction to Latex Slave Toy to heart and aspired to achieve such a lofty rank in the Sisterhood that no one could deny her right to be Sister Superior. Ten years later, Sister Sharon was proclaimed Sister Superior. 

In the seventh year of Sister Superior Sharon's leadership, Latex Slave Toy passed on. No one ever asked her if the duel in the pool was worth the price. 


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