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The Making of a Latex Doll
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/f; latex; bondage; cocoon; cons; X
Mistress Lhina & Rubberdoll
The Making of a Latex Doll
By: Rbrbill

Mistress Lhina was unhappy. Some jerk had flirted with Rubberdoll at the Halloween Party and the departure had been uncomfortable.  Lhina explained her relationship with Rubberdoll to the oaf but he refused to accept the idea that such beautiful women could not possibly desire the company of a man.  He had pressed against Lhina's shiny corseted figure and she had felt his hard manhood through the latex skin of her dress.  Not that she didn't occasionally desire the company of the male sex; it was just that she really loved to be with Rubberdoll and she wanted her for herself this Halloween eve.  The lout was obviously hot.  Lhina knew that her striking figure in latex and Rubberdoll's tight latex maid outfit were the reason for his arousal.  She gave the guy the phone number to the local FBI office as her own and the fool promised to call her.  She and Rubberdoll were able to finally leave.  The scene cost them fifteen minutes that could have been spent doing much more interesting activities and placed a cloud over what had to then been an enjoyable evening. 

Lhina now had her plan for punishing Rubberdoll and ensuring the scene from the party would never happen again.  She first had to prepare Rubberdoll for a game of long-term enclosure.  They had done this sort of thing before so she knew she would have no problem coaxing Rubberdoll to submit to the enema, the plumbing for her bodily functions, or the breathing and feeding tubes required to sustain a person in long-term rubber encapsulation.  In addition to the above precautions, she would have to plug the ear canals and cover the eyes as well.  For these, she decided to use ordinary swimmer's earplugs and two oval shaped pieces of clear latex that she would glue over Rubberdoll's eye sockets.

She confined Rubberdoll to her room while she planned for the eventual punishment.  To insure enforcement, she chained Rubberdoll to her bed.  The chain allowed her freedom in her bedroom and her bathroom but she couldn't move out into the rest of the house.  She chose to leave Rubberdoll naked except for the collar that the chain was attached to.  She locked Rubberdoll's closet, put cotton sheets on her bed, and denied her any toys while she prepared for the ultimate punishment.  She only saw Rubberdoll when she brought her food during the time of her preparations.  Rubberdoll knew that she was being punished for the Halloween party scene.  She missed Lhina and the rubber she now loved.  She hoped that Lhina would soon relent and that the rubbery pleasures she was accustomed to would soon resume.

Lhina went to a winemaking supplier and purchased a large stainless steel vat.  The vat stood eight feet high and was about four feet in diameter.  Next she went to a latex extrusion company and ordered fourteen 55-gallon drums of black liquid latex, enough to fill the vat with plenty left over for other fun.  The vat and the latex were delivered to the rear of Lhina's house the next day.

Lhina had the delivery truck driver put the vat right in the left side of her garage.  She was concerned that her BMW was evicted to the driveway but it couldn't be helped.  The shiny steel vat filled one side of the concrete floor.  The latex drums were arranged along the other side of the garage.  She went to a material handling company and found a lift that could cradle the drums and lift them high enough to empty the into the top of the vat.

The drum lift arrived the following day and Lhina set about filling the vat with the latex.  She quickly mastered the lift and maneuvered drum after drum over the vat.  She would position the drum over the edge of the vat and breech the bung, letting the gray liquid pour into the vat.

AT first it seemed the task would take an eternity but drum after drum, she dumped the liquid into the vat and slowly the surface rose, much to her satisfaction.  Finally, she lifted the last drum into position.  She tapped this drum with a faucet and emptied enough of the stuff into the vat to fill it to within six inches of the top.  Now she was almost ready.  Her garage had a vaulted style ceiling and she had a block and tackle that was suspended from the ceiling for various uses in her dungeon lifestyle.  Lhina made sure that the vat had been positioned in a way to allow the block and tackle to be maneuvered from positions beside the vat to directly center of the vat. 

Now the time was at hand to complete her plan for Rubberdoll.  Lhina was five feet two inches and weighed a mere ninety pounds.  Her light tan skin and features betrayed her Asian ancestry.  She dressed in her most severe dominatrix outfit, shiny catsuit, with corset cinching her petite waist from its normal 20 inches to a minute 16 inches.  She slipped a vibrator in her pussy before closing the suit.  She knew that the procedure would take several hours and she wanted to be properly stimulated while she watched RD being coated in latex.  She pulled on the thigh length latex boots with seven-inch heels and one-inch platforms.  She put on a shiny hood with red highlights around the eye openings and red streaks on the cheeks.  She pulled her silky black hair through a reinforced opening at the crown of the hood.  She put her knee-length black latex dress on.  Finally she pulled her opera length black latex gloves over her hands.  She checked herself in the mirror and made certain that every piece of clothing was meticulously shiny and in place. 

She opened RD's bedroom door and entered.  RD was lying on her bed.  She had been crying recently and her eyes were red.

"Oh, Lhina," she started to say.

"Silence, Slave," spat Lhina venomously.

RD was shocked at the continued punishment but she was also relieved that Lhina was here and obviously dressed to do something interesting.  She waited for her orders expectantly eying her mistress appraisingly.  Lhina had never looked so ravishing.  The shiny latex exquisitely enhanced her petite figure creating a magical aberation of a sex goddess.

"Clean yourself inside and out," Lhina said in clipped words.

RD jumped to obey her mistress.  She went to the bathroom, knowing what she had to do.  Lhina, meanwhile got what was needed for the next step of the plan.  She got the needed implements for the long-term enclosure ready.  These included a catheter tube to insert into RD's urethra, a hollow tapered relief tube with an inflatable ball about five inches from the end was there for her tender buns.  The inflatable section would seal her from the inside of her sphincter.  She got a double dildo from the play chest for RD's tender pussy.  She rummaged around some before locating the nasal tubing and the combination mouth gag/feeding tube.  She found the arm spreader bar with the attached two-inch wide wrist restraints. 

RD returned to the room and saw the implements on the table.  She avoided a cry of delight because Lhina still seemed set on continuing her punishment but she recognized the toys associated with her favorite submission, total enclosure for long periods.  She was puzzled by the absence of a full rubber suit or a bondage sack.  She submitted easily as Lhina inserted the catheter into her body and fitted the hollow shaft up her rear cavity and inflated the bulbs that assured a tight seal.  Lhina attached her wrists to the spreader bar and her arms were comfortably held 24 inches apart.  Lhina pushed the nose tubing into her nostrils and inflated the tiny bulbs that held the tubes firmly inside nasal passges.  Next RD let Lhina feed the gag into her mouth.  RD felt the gag line her mouth with rubber as Lhina pumped it full and tight.

Now Lhina led RD out into the house.  In the pantry room, next to the garage, Lhina fit long tubes on the short nostril tubes.  She put little plugs on each of the other lengths of tubing that protruded from RD's body.  She put earplugs into RD's ears and put a light coating of rubber cement around her eyes.  RD saw the oval shaped piece of clear rubber as Lhina put it to first her left eye and then her right eye.  The pieces of rubber were very thin and she could see through them almost as looking through a light veil.  Now RD was quite puzzled by the earplugs and these eye shields.

Lhina led RD into the garage and RD saw the vat for the first time.  Lhina took the block and tackle and attached it to the center of the arm spreader bar.  She pulled the breathing tubes above RD's head and secured them to the lift chain.  Lhina attached an ankle spreader bar to RD's legs.  Lhina inserted the double dildo into her love spot.  Her long denied sex spot greedily took the shaft and her muscles clamped it tightly.  The lift motor whined to life and RD was lifted off the floor.  She dangled helplessly above the floor, spinning slowly as Lhina lifted her above the rim of the vat.  RD saw the gray contents of the vat but was as puzzled as ever.  The hoist swung her over the vat and she was lowered into the liquid.  She was submerged a mere matter of seconds before she felt herself being lifted from the vat.  Gray liquid poured from her body but a thin layer stayed in place.  She dangled above the vat while Lhina turned on the overhead forced air heaters that were used to keep the garage warm in winter.  She felt the hot air caressing her coated skin as she slowly spun in the artificial wind created by the heater.  She felt the coating tighten about her body and she noticed that her vision was slightly reduced from before; the veil seemed to be darker.  Lhina had a mirror on the wall of the garage and when in the right position, she could see the gray coating turning a shiny black as it dried to her skin. 

She was dropping again into the vat and again she lifted from the dripping liquid.  Her vision was still possible but the shade was again darker.  She saw the gray coating again turn black under the hot breath of the heater.  Lhina lowered her again. 

The process took hours as Lhina lowered and raised RD over and over again in a monotonous repetition resulting in an increasingly thickening coat of latex on Rubberdoll's body.  Meanwhile Lhina amused herself by firing up the vibrator buried in her own love flower.  She kept the tool on a slow speed to avoid cuming while she finished with Rubberdoll.  The resulting frustration assured a lively session once RD was completely encapsulated.  Fifteen times the process was repeated. 

"Like making a candle in kindergarten.  Dipping the wick into hot wax and seeing the thickening of the wax," Lhina thought. 

Lhina's eyes lusted on the perfection of the sex toy she was creating.  The lovely curves of the ebony body, the building swell of the perfectly formed tits, the deep shaddow of RD's slim waist, widened by the latex coating but still delectible, the swell of the hips and the perfection of the latex encased legs all conspired to sweep Lhina away in her desire to take her love creation.  Her eyes longed to sit astride the black latex fuck doll she was creating.  The massive girth of the protruding rod created by the process stirred her to the very depths of her carnal lust. 

Each dip resulted in the black rubber coating being increased by a thin layer of latex.  The process resulted in a coating that was three eighths of an inch thick.  Rubberdoll was tightly sealed within a perfectly fitted latex suit. 

Lhina lowered Rubberdoll to the floor and removed the spreader bars from her.  The only flaws in the shiny coating were the bulging wristbands and ankle straps that had held RD to the spreader bar and were now encased in the thick rubber.  Lhina decided that these blemished were acceptable considering the overall result especially since they provided reinforced spots to attach any sort of bondage implement.

Lhina methodically polished her entrapped love partner's coating to a lustrous black shine.  RD felt the massaging all over her body as her lover created the perfect gloss on the exterior skin.  RD thrilled to the touch of the shining cloth and shuddered delightfully with anticipation of the pleasures to come.

Lhina cut the plugs from the tubing that would provide RD with food and remove her waste from her.  She led the blinded and rubber bound RD to her own room where a nice cozy bondage sack awaiting Rubberdoll.  Lhina had RD step into the feet of the sack and she pulled the heavy latex up RD's shiny form.  She slipped the now extremely thick shaft that protruded from RD's form through a reinforced hole in the sack and finished pulling the sack to Rubberdoll's neck.  With some effort, she pulled RD's arms to her side and pulled the sack to the shoulders.  She adjusted the neck opening and shoulders before closing the rear zipper that sealed RD tightly in the latex bag. 

Lhina gave the black formless rubber pillar a push and losing balance, Rubberdoll fell onto the waiting bed.  Now Lhina, hot and ready from the self-imposed abstinence of the previous three days and the excitement from the vibrator and the imprisoning process, unzipped her catsuit and removed the vibrator exposing her dripping pussy.  She crawled onto Rubberdoll's prone form and slowly placed herself over the thick black rod that protruded from the seemingly lifeless black form.  She slowly lowered herself onto the phalanx gasping as the thick rubber rod spread her opening to its maximum.  The squeak of rubber on rubber sent shivers through her body.  She seated herself to the root of the rod and slowly rocked herself to an erotic height of ecstasy.  In her building passion, she began to pump up and down on the shaft, letting her hot pussy take and release the black rubber love piston. 

Inside the bag, Rubberdoll was in sweet ecstasy.  She was completely sealed in her favorite material and now her lover and friend was using her.  RD knew that both she and Lhina would achieve a supreme explosion of carnal lust as she felt the shaft moving inside of her own hot pussy.  RD soon came in an explosive orgasm.  Her muscles tensed and her scream of lust was but a muffled grunt inside the gag.  She clamped the rocking rod in her pussy, holding it in desperate desire to prolong the explosive orgasm. 

Lhina felt RD's body tense and heard the low guttural grunts of passion and went into high gear, pumping on the black rod of pleasure.  She locked her legs around RD's rubber encased torso and with one final plunge on the shaft, exploded with her own waves of pleasure.  She rode the shaft as the pleasure/passion rocked her with wave after wave of carnal passion.  Her scream of ecstasy filled the room as she was swept over the edge and she fulfilled her craving for lustful sex.  She snuggled down onto the sack, leaving the rod imbedded inside her and fell asleep. 

Several hours later, Lhina rocked herself to another gentle explosion of passion.  From the quivering of the bag beneath her, RD obviously achieved a similar release of passion. 

"So much for the fun, RD," Lhina said loudly.  "I hope you enjoy the sack.  I plan to keep you in it for a very long time.  You will be entertained appropriately while I'm not around." Lhina placed a heavy cock sheath over the protruding shaft.  She attached a rod to the sheath.  The rod was connected to a gear wheel of an electric motor that would pull the rod up and down about an inch and move it side to side within RD's pussy.  It would repeat the cycle randomly from thirty to sixty times a minute.  It was a crude but effective vibrating device.  Lhina turned the motor on and the shapeless form of Rubberdoll shuddered as the piston action on the rod began.

"I'll be back to feed you later.  Enjoy yourself," Lhina said as she closed the door. 


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