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Jenny's Last Fantasy
by RbrBill
© 2002 RbrBill - Used by permission.
Jenny's Last Fantasy 
©opyright 2000 by RbrBill

Jenny was trapped. She was hopelessly ensnared in the life of a rubber submissive. The only problem was that her Rubber Master, Shane, had tired of her and summarily dumped her on the street. Now she was alone. She had a place to live and a decent job but she missed rubber and the enthralling memories attached to it. Man, or in her case woman, does not live on bread alone as the old saying went. 

In the depths of her depression, she had taken the extraordinary step to place an advertisement in one of those "looking for" personals on a rubber/S&M website. For weeks she checked her e-mail for any responses to her ad. The mail mocked her each day. Spam and the occasional, "How are you?" letter from one of her friends was all she received. 

Out of habit Jenny logged onto the net and heard the familiar tone that heralded new mail. She opened her mailbox and saw the mail from an unknown sender...L8XDREAM@...Her heart skipped a beat and she felt her chest tighten as she clicked on the open mail icon. 

There was the message. 

"I can fulfil your deepest desire for fantasy. If your love is latex, I hold the key to your ultimate happiness. Serious responses only please. I do not extend invitations for prospective associates lightly." 

Jenny reread the message twice. It was straightforward, yet mysterious in the brevity. She pondered her situation a minute before hitting the reply icon. 

"I am willing to accept your invitation for some fun. 


She hit the send icon. 

Electrons banged against each other as her message found its way thousands of miles away and reached its final destination as a new message for L8XDREAM. The system was set up for an auto reply. As Jenny's message entered the queue, the following response went to Jenny. 

"I will come for you within three days. Please be prepared for an extended stay at my accommodations. Place a hold on your mail and let your work know that you will not be in for a week. Please note anyone that you tell about your absence. Do not tell anyone the real reason for your absence." 

Jenny decided to tell work that a close relative had suddenly taken ill and was not expected to live. She needed to visit him and would be gone for a week. She went by the post office to stop her mail. She called her few friends that might care and told them that she would be out of town. Although she frowned at the idea of keeping a record of whom she told, she meticulously wrote down every name on a sheet of paper. 

The hand tightly clamped over her mouth startled Jenny from her sleep. The distinctive odour of latex filled her nostrils as she was roughly dragged from her bed. A hood was pulled over her head and as the hand came away from her mouth, the thick rubber gag quickly replaced it. She heard the sound of a ball pump and felt the gag inflate to fill her mouth completely with rubber. Her hands were bound behind her back and she was stripped of her panties and night-gown. A latex brief was pulled up her legs and two probing rods were summarily pushed into her private openings. The thick rubber phalanxes pushed deep into her now aroused body and touched her most secret passion spots. She heard the rustling sound of heavy latex and was soon being wrapped inside a latex sack. The tight rubber squeezed her entire body. Before the zipper on the bag closed, a hand fumbled around at the base of her rubber-enclosed flower. The dildos came to life and she was in rubber heaven as she was carried to the inevitable climax. The bag was closed over her hot body as she tensed with the first wave of release. 

"That is the first of many, my dear," chuckled one handler as she was hoisted over a shoulder and unceremoniously carried from her apartment. 

Jenny lost track of time as she was carried from one orgasm to the next. She only knew that she was engulfed in a rubber heaven that had been denied her since Shane had kicked her out. She sensed the drive and the stop, the moving to another place near the car, the banshee scream of powerful jet engines, and the press of the G-forces as a plane took off, the endless flight, a landing, and another car ride. 

Jenny was again carried up a short flight of stairs and dumped on the ground. The bag was opened and her fatigued body pulled from the rubbery confines. The hood was removed from her head and she blinked in the low red light. A startling figure of shiny black rubber stood before her. She saw no seams in the suit of the imposing figure, no opening either. Instead of eye openings in the hood, two lenses of thin latex kept the eyes of the mystery man hidden. Nostrils were hidden behind a nose cup and tubing passed along the sides of the hood, ending behind the head giving an alien look to the shiny figure. 

"Master L8XDREAM has a very special plan for you. He has sensed your desperate need to be controlled through latex and is ready to fulfil your deepest desire. I give you one last chance to change your mind. You will be returned home and we will never contact you again. If you want to continue, just let us know. You will have one hour to decide." 
"And if I already know my answer?" Jenny asked. 


"I want to have L8XDREAM do as he pleases to me." 

"Very well. We shall begin." 

The rubber-clad men took Jenny into the next room. The room was white and sterile. An examination table was in the room, a shower stall, and various medical implements. Jenny was no stranger to enemas or catheters. She was soon being prepared for a long-term enclosure in latex, something she missed and longed for. She was given a castor-oil cocktail and other laxatives. She cramped and as her insides were purged of the last day's food. Next she was given a warm soapy enema. Her insides filled with the fluid and the most delightful cramps pushed her to squirm. She was led to the shower enclosure and allowed to flush the enema dregs down the drain. Two more times she was filled with clear water and two more times she released the fluid down the drain. Next she was given a complete shower. The liquid soap she used on her body left her skin tingly and smooth. As she rinsed herself under the hot shower spray, her hair fell away from her body. She stood in terror as the long locks of her hair joined the short hairs from her nether region on a journey down the drain. A rubber man held her tightly as the realisation of her hairless state sank in. 

"Hair will only get in the way of achieving your highest state of latex awareness," he assured her. "Besides, hair can't be seen when it is inside a tight head hugging latex hood."

Still Jenny didn't like losing her hair. Of course it wasn't permanent loss. She just didn't like it. Now the rubber being covered the tips of the pending intruders with lubricant and carefully inserted each into the appropriate body cavity. She saw the latex catsuit that was intended for her use. The suit had a long zipper that reached from the buns to the top of the head. The attached hood, feet and gloves assured complete coverage once the suit was wrapped around the intended person. This suit had a long sheath that would be pushed into Jenny's love nest to maintain the complete latex seal while allowing access for any interesting moments that might occur. The hood had the same thin latex film over the eye openings as everyone she had seen since arriving at this place. 

The heavy latex was now being pulled up her legs. Her feet fit snugly into the thick booties of the suit and her legs warmed to the touch of the rubber that she had missed. The shiny black skin slowly devoured her body, her very being. A total rubber submission began to control her thoughts and actions as she surrendered to the inevitable desire aroused deep within her soul. The sheath was lubricated on its inside and the rubber assistant pushed a dildo into the sheath, pushing it firmly into her aching love channel. He fished the catheter tube through a small hole above the sheath. After he pulled the tube taught, he glued the flange to the inside of the suit. He completed the same process with the tube that protruded from Jenny's tight buns. Now he worked the suit over her upper body. She completed her surrender to the lovely tight latex as her arms were fitted into the sleeves, her hands seated firmly into the attached gloves, and her soft, shapely breasts hidden behind the shiny ebony skin. The hood was pulled to her face and she saw the little tubes with small inflation bulbs that would be inserted into her nose. The tubing would allow air to enter from the front of the hood for comfortable breathing but kept air from getting between her face and the latex skin covering her. 

An inflatable gag of thick rubber was pumped to capacity. The gag had a tube passing through its centre and terminating on the surface of the hood. Jenny was effectively silenced from voicing any protests. Granted she had very few up to now but the extreme gag made her wonder what sort of safe signals might be employed as her fantasy played out. 

The zipper of the suit was pulled closed and the rubber squeezed Jenny in its blissful grip. She was fully aroused and floating in a rubber paradise that she had longed for these past months. Any worries she had were swept away by the powerful influence of the rubber. The assistant now glued a thin strip of latex over the zipper run, forming a completely water tight seal. 

The assistant silently led her into another room. This room appeared to be a gallery of some sort. The central object of the gallery was a large framed sheet of transparent latex. This frame was in the centre of a warm glow from spotlights. The assistant now took a very severe latex corset from a nearby table and pulled it up Jenny's legs and over her hips. The corset would shape her torso from the top of her hips to just below her soft ebony breasts. He began to pull the lacing snug and she felt the heavy boned rubber tighten about her waist. As an aid, he attached wide straps around her wrists and clamped her feet into foot restraints in the floor. He then hooked the laces to a special machine that wound the laces even tighter. 

Jenny's waist was being crushed to a smaller size than she had ever experienced. Her breathing could only manage short swallow bursts as the heavy rubber gripped her like a vice. The assistant checked the size of her waist. 

"Seventeen," he said. "That's ten you owe me." 

"Yeah, I know," replied another rubber assistant. "It's amazing how the boss can accurately predict the maximum contraction these slaves can take."

"Slave?" thought Jenny. "Is that what I am?" 

Of course it was too late to do anything about it. They took heavy latex bondage mittens and pulled them over her hands. The mittens sealed tightly against her wrists but the assistant added glue to the inner seam of the mitten forming a permanent bond to the suit. 

They released her from the feet and hand restraints and led her to the spotlighted frame. 

"This is a vacuum bed," explained the assistant by her left side. We will place you between the two sheets of latex in a spread-eagle position. The openings for your sheathed flower, your relief tubing, your mouth and your breathing tubing are reinforced. They will be glued to your suit to maintain the vacuum seal. The reinforced opening at the top of the bed is for your head. Only we have another special addition to your fantasy before we seal you in the bed." 

He picked up an Israeli style gas mask that had two long tubes protruding from the inlet and outlet ports. The eye lenses were darkened. 

"The gas mask has a thick layer of latex added to the inside and outside of the eye ports to insure complete darkness. The tubes will be attached to a respiration system that will assure your comfort and will provide you appropriate stimulations of heavy rubber odours or other desired effects." 

They led her to the bed. She struggled some but the two strong assistants were impossible to overcome so she accepted her fate, not totally unwilling. She had often fantasised about being trapped inside a vacuum bed and being ravaged by rubber predators. She was gently guided between the two latex sheets of the now prone bed. The two assistants went about sealing all of the openings in the bed to her suit. Her quivering sex pulsed with anticipation as the process slowly made her one with the bed. Now only her exposed face remained unsealed to the bed sheet. 

The assistants hoisted her into a standing position. She saw her form in a mirror that hung on the opposite wall. Her shiny black body was trapped beneath the sheet as surely as an insect pinned to a display. The narrow hourglass shape of her waist and the shapely rise of her breasts above the restricting corset brought a lump to her throat as she realised that she was the most desirable rubber lady on earth. The pain from the tight corset was worth the view as she looked at herself. 

One of the assistants took the gas mask and approached her. 

"You've seen enough of yourself for now. Time to get on with your fantasy," he said as he pushed the mask to her face. She was blinded, now in complete darkness. The mask amplified the sound of her heavy breathing. She felt the assistants working with the seal of the gas mask and knew that they were completing the seal to the bed. 

Shortly afterward, the vacuum was applied and she felt the latex sheets squeeze against every inch of her suspended form. She tried to move her arms and legs against the press of the latex and couldn't move even an inch. She was completely immobilised between the latex sheeting by the vacuum. 

"She is ready, Master," she heard one of the assistants say. 

"Lovely. Absolutely lovely. She is more exquisite than I imagined. A latex jewel for my use alone." 

She felt the nearness of a person and the light touch as hands passed over her trapped form. Then with a startling suddenness the dildo in her pussy was removed and replaced by a thick hot shaft that plunged into the pussy sheath. She grunted at the ferocity of the attack as she was simultaneously driven to the highest level of ecstasy that she ever experienced. The pumping rod filled her with complete desire for the mysterious rubber man that made this moment. She tensed as the building passion sought release and was pushed over the abyss into the chasm of an earthshaking climax. Her panting breath and tense body ached as she tried to find final release. The bed held her tightly as each muscle strained in lustful desire. The driving rod plunged one final time into the love spot and pumped hot juices into its own sheath. She felt the heat of the release and knew that she had satisfied not only her own lust but also the lust of her new master. She smiled inside the darkness of the mask. 

"Put the vibrator in her. I don't want her to feel lonely. And don't forget to feed her. I'll take care of her mail, her work and those friends she contacted. We don't need any snoops coming around three or four months from now," master said to one of the assistants 

"Oh, by the way, Jenny, I think you will be staying with me a very long time. My vacuum bed display hasn't been complete since my last slave retired. I'd say ten years or so will earn you a retirement as well. Good night and enjoy." 

A thick phalanx once again filled her pussy sheath to capacity and the vibrator erupted to life. Jenny was truly a rubber slave again. 


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