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Doctor Leytecks
by RbrBill
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Storycodes: latex; bondage; n/c-cons; slave; XX
‘Doctor Leytecks’
Or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lived for H. Brasiliensis’

Chapter Nine - Conversions

Spring was in the air but growing pains were being felt at the Institute.
“The expansion is exceeding even my fondest expectations,” declared Dr.  Leytecks.  He was seated at the head of the conference table.  The sweep of his eyes took in all of the inner sanctum members seated down each side of the polished expanse of wood.  Ten others were in the room.  Tom was seated in the middle on the right side.  Next to him sat former RCMP Inspector Scott.  His wife had arrived while he had been engaged as a rubber mannequin.  They were living in a comfortable cottage in a former resort owned by the Institute.  The others were members of the medical staff or “assistants” like Tom.  Tom only knew these people by name.  Dr. Hennington, the austere doctor who had given him his initial examination, sat across from Tom.  She kept pretty much to herself but Tom knew that she had an eye on him.  He often made it quite clear that for all of the rubber sex that he was exposed to, he preferred to keep his intimacy and his rubber frolics with Betty private.  Tom felt the touch of a foot against his toe and glanced at Hennington.  She was smiling easily but keeping her eyes on Leytecks.

Across from Scott was Bill.  He had seniority on Tom by all of five days.  Bill was the researcher who had kept the victims of the punishment pool in suspension for three days.  He was smart and grasped concrete concepts quickly, but he was a little slow on human responses and interaction.  Bill was an engineer and helped design some of the equipment used at the Institute.  Bill lived in one of the cottages with his family but his wife had yet to come onto the Institute grounds.  The other four at the table were assistants to the section heads.  Tom knew them by name but didn’t really associate with them.  In fact there wasn’t really much association outside of the rubber experiments or bondage activities that were carried out on the grounds.

Leytecks sipped his water before continuing.  “The only problem is too many of us have spouses that don’t want to be part of the project.  I had hoped that inclusion would be spontaneous once they saw how our project effected their mates but it hasn’t been that way.   I think we need to develop a stronger social bond within the group.  I want us to have a party.  All couples will be invited.  We will refrain from any rubber activities during the first part of the party.”
“How about an Open House?” asked Bill.
“A thought, Bill, but the reluctant spouses haven’t been all that receptive to similar invitations.”
“Why can’t we bring them in forcibly?” asked Scott.
“I’m sure we could, but I want to test a new theory that is key to my long-range plan.  The spouses must be persuaded gently into the folds of latex.”
The decision to have a News Year’s Party was easy.  It was after all the “Millennium” even though the actual date wouldn’t come until 2001. 

“We will have the most extravagant Y2K Party in the country!” exclaimed Betty.
The group was just finishing up on the decorations of the central hall.  The plan was well thought out and ready for action.  The hall was transformed into an inviting party place.  Balloons and streamers were hanging from the ceiling.  The stage lighting was tested and ready.  The Millennium theme was carried throughout.  The main event of the evening was to be an erotic fashion show.  Leytecks had contacted the most famous designers in the medium of latex and explained the need for modern fashions for the Millennium with a distinctive latex flavor.  He emphasized the need for clothing that was truly fashionable and inviting to both rubberists and the less enlightened.

Betty’s comment was in response to the first sketches from one of them showing his ideas for the show.  The shiny sheaths, along with the accessories that would cover the models, were truly a balance of simplicity and elegance.  He planned multiple layers of black, red or blue bodysuits covered by wonderfully colored dresses or skirts and tops.  Stylized hoods attached to the bodysuits framed the faces of the models.  Betty got wet inside her own suit and felt that little wobbly twist in her stomach just looking at the pictures. After the fashion show, the party would take on its own direction.  Some of the couples would demonstrate the softer side of rubber loving for those who stayed on.  The general plan was for the displayed eroticism to wash over the more reluctant partners and they would melt with a desire to try out the allure of the sexy latex fashion in the room.

“Dear, you must come to this party,” said Scott.
“Why should I come over to that place, Henry?” asked Elizabeth Scott.
“The party is a social gathering.  All of my coworkers and friends will be there.  Everyone is bringing his or her spouses.  Dr. Leytecks wants this to be a joyous celebration for everyone at the Institute.  He has specifically declared the Hall a ‘latex-free zone’ for the dinner and dance so that you and the other non-rubberists will be more comfortable.” 
“You should hear yourself!  You make it sound like we’re the weirdoes around here.”
“Gosh, honey, I didn’t mean it that way.  I know you don’t think much of what I do over at the Institute.  I know you feel that I am some sort of love slave to the whims of rubber but I love you and rubber certainly won’t replace my love for you.”
“Humph, tell that to some other naïve girl.  I see you come home after one of those extended experiments, so spent that you can’t get it up until you sleep for ten hours.  I’m ready to be taken right then but you just grunt and roll over.”
“But, honey, you know it’s all part of the Doc’s research and every experiment I’m involved in is completely asexual from a certain point of view and I make it up to you later.”
“How would you feel if I replaced you with a vibrator?” she fumed.
“A nice one attached to a comfortable latex brief can be arranged,” Scott suggested.
“How dare you imitate such a thing!” she spat.
“Gosh honey, you condemn the idea before you even know what it might be like to try it.”

Elizabeth picked up a plate and was preparing to throw it.  At the top of her arm swing she held and looked at her husband’s eyes.
“You know, Henry, you used to be so gentle and I thought I knew you but this job, this place, you’ve changed.”
“Have I really changed all that much, dear, or are you letting your own prejudices blind you to the facts?”
“I don’t know,” she put the plate down.  “No rubber?”
“That’s what he promised, at least through dinner and the dance.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I guess that means through the dinner and the dance which is really most of the evening.  Maybe he’s planning an after-party party for the rubbery couples that want to hang on after the ones like us leave.”
“Would you want to stay for that part?”
“Honey, socializing with other rubberists that are getting hot is dangerous.  Without you there I would be alone.  It’s one thing to be forced into erotic situations because of some laboratory experiment, but I couldn’t do it as a spontaneous loving act unless you were with me.”
“You’re warped,” she pronounced.  “But, I guess I should go and meet these weirdoes who pay you and keep food on our table.”
“Thanks, Honey.”

Similar conversations took place throughout the off-site neighborhood as rubberized associates persuaded and cajoled their reluctant partners into going to the Millennium party.  Scott secreted a case of rubber wear into the trunk of the car.  He hoped fervently that he would have a use for it before the sun rose.  He looked uncomfortable in his wool suit as he held the door open for his wife.  She was a vision of modern fashion.  She wore a simple gown that fell from her bare shoulders to the floor.  Long satin gloves reached above her elbows.  A shawl covered her shoulders against the night chill. Scott helped her into the car before trotting around to his side and getting in.  They drove the five miles to the Institute gates and were waved onto the grounds.  Elizabeth couldn’t control the tightening of her stomach as she entered the grounds of the loathed fetish complex for the first time.

The band played Oldies and a dance globe rotated above the floor scattering light throughout the room.  Scott and his wife were at a table with Tom and Betty.  Betty was asking Elizabeth about some recipe or other while Tom and Henry were discussing the chances for the Sonics since the Grizzlies left town.
“The Lakers will get them again,” Tom said.
“I don’t know.  They had a good recruiting year and those trades really shore up the front line,” countered Henry.
“Yeah, but ‘Payton’ can’t carry the whole team.”
“Honey, Betty has the best recipe for short bread,” interrupted Elizabeth. 
“Yeah, it’s great,” said Tom.  “It’s been in the family since after the Civil War.”
“Really.  Your family passes down things like that?” asked Scott.
“Sure.  We always fix it for Thanksgiving and Christmas,” replied Betty. 
“Don’t you have some special family tradition, Henry?”
“Well, I set up the train set around the tree, if that counts.”
“Isn’t it kind of a waste without kids?” asked Betty.
“Actually I enjoy my train but the bungalow doesn’t have enough room for it to be out all the time so Betty lets me put it around the tree.  Of course, we’re thinking about working on the other part of your question.”  Scott sipped at his drink.
“The on grounds housing is much nicer than those little cottages they have down where you are,” commented Tom.
“Yeah.  I’ve seen the apartments on grounds.  It would be worth trying to get into one of them in the future.”
Elizabeth gave Scott a sidelong glance but held her tongue.

Actually she was surprised to be enjoying the company of these two avowed weirdoes.  She was surprised to have so much in common with Betty.  In fact they were planning a shopping excursion to Vancouver later in the month.  She had learned that Betty and Tom were married less than a year, although they had been together much longer.  Tom had been a struggling research assistant to some PhD in the States when he took the job at the Institute.  She got the impression from Betty that the rubber thing had happened only after they got to the Institute.  She knew that was the way it was with Henry.  He had come over to this place to investigate a missing person’s case and the next thing she heard was that he quit the RCMP and was working for this Leytecks fellow.  She couldn’t deny the increased compensation the Institute provided but when Henry began to describe some the sexual nature of his duties, she had been appalled.  Now she was in a room full of the rubber perverts yet she felt warm and comfortable.  She was enjoying herself and they all seemed perfectly normal.  In fact they were all very articulate and the party was certainly not boring. 

Leytecks had made the rounds asking how everything was and if he could do anything for them...the perfect host.  He complemented Elizabeth on her dress and stole her from Henry for a dance. 
“So what were you expecting tonight?” he asked as they swirled around the floor.
Elizabeth hesitated then said noncommittally, “Not this.” 
He pressed, “Then what.”
“I thought there would be table dancing and wild sexual displays, perhaps an orgy on stage,” Elizabeth boldly pronounced.
Leytecks laughed.  “You would be surprised at how routine our lives are here.  We don’t do any sort of daily group orgies or rituals.  In fact, except for what we wear, we pretty much live regular lives.”
“I’ve heard Henry tell me about some of your experiments and they’re certainly not routine,” Elizabeth countered.

“You’re absolutely right.  We do perform highly erotic sensory deprivation and control experiments here.  If rewards weren’t provided to the subjects, they would probably go insane in a matter of hours.  You see much of our testing really is about developing techniques to maintain sanity in closed places for very long periods of time.  It happens that rubber is the perfect medium to simulate some of the desired conditions.  Sexual arousal and gratification is a powerful tool toward maintaining mental stability,” explained Leytecks.  “Of course, developing a fetish for latex and rubber is a side effect of the tests.  I’ve been a firm rubberist for over twenty years and no harm has come to me.  Considering the side effects of some drugs that are used to control human behavior, I consider rubberism pretty insignificant.” 

Elizabeth listened intently to his explanation and the first shadow of doubt concerning rubber entered her mind.  She even thought of what it would be like to be completely cut off from the outside world.  Being completely under the control of someone else was a little frightening but that too had allure. The music ended and Leytecks escorted Elizabeth back to her table.  “I’ve kept you too long from her friends and partner,” he said as he offered a chair for her.  Leytecks moved on to another table.
“Well, what did you talk about?” queried Henry.
“Just dance talk.  Nothing important,” she replied.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, Happy New Year!  Hail the New Millennium!”  cried out the hundred or so guests in unison.  The band struck up Auld Lang Syne.  Passionate kisses filled the room as couples vied for the best first kiss of the new century.  Cheers, laughter and tears filled the room as people realized the impact of the moment.

“Okay everyone.  We have a special treat,” Leytecks was trying to talk over the bustling cheer of the midnight passion.  “I commissioned some of the best European avant-garde designers to show us a glimpse into the future with a special showing of New Millennium fashion.  So without further ado let the show begin.”

A curtain flew open and a turntable stage spun revealing the first creation.  A stunning figure, tall and willowy strode onto a catwalk that now bisected the dance floor.  Gasps of appreciation or surprise came from the congregated guests on either side of the platform.  The spotlight reflected off of every inch of the clothing.  She wore a body-fitting nightgown of soft blue-green washed latex.  The swirls of color fading to white provided the illusion of being dressed in the surface of a sea.  Elizabeth thought the sea surface had been peeled right from the earth and wrapped around the model.  Her feet peeping out from beneath the dress skirts with the occasional glint of black latex and black latex opera-length gloves enhanced the illusion.
“This number will bring appreciative looks of admiration at any formal occasion.  The soft latex provides comfort that exceeds any known material blend as it allows complete freedom of movement, and maintains complete coverage while providing a provocative appearance.  As the Millennium dawns I see the revealing nature of body hugging latex combining with total coverage as a signal of feminine strength,” the moderator explained.

“Next we see the best for those rainy days we’re so accustomed to around here...”
The model was wearing a calf length shiny latex coat, belted tightly about her waist to reveal her shapely figure.  A floppy matching hat sat jauntily on her head.  Again black latex gloves disappeared into the sleeves and knee high latex high heel boots could be seen beneath the skirts of the coat.  The entire ensemble shone severely in the light.  At the end of the catwalk, the model loosened the belt and pulled the coat back as she placed her hands on her hips.  She turned to show the bright pink latex catsuit she wore beneath the coat.
“This combination is sure to brighten even the dullest day,” the commentator said.

Elizabeth was in awe at the display before her.  As the parade of latex clad models continued, Elizabeth felt her panty dampen as her body betrayed erotic thoughts that began to intrude into the edges of her mind.  She actually began to see some of the clothing being shown as practical and sensible for certain occasions.  She didn’t see anything modeled that could be used only in the sexual context of rubber that she associated with her husband’s work. 

The show finished after one and the knots of people began to drift their separate ways some went off to side rooms and rubbery pleasures; some just drifted into the night.  Scott and Elizabeth walked toward the door with Tom and Betty.
“What did you think of the show?” Betty asked Elizabeth.
“I’m surprised that I found the clothes interesting and exciting.  When that first girl came out, I had my usual revulsion toward rubber that comes from the societal perversion associated with kinky rubber.  But as the show continued, I actually began to realize that some of the clothes were damned sexy and under certain conditions would be much preferable to more traditional clothing.”
Tom pushed the door open and they were greeted by a Strait of Georgia monsoon.  “You mean like now,” he quipped.
“That pink number with its coat would be perfect right now,” Elizabeth mused.
“Done and done,” said Tom brightly.  He ran back into the hall as Elizabeth looked after him.  He returned shortly with a large armful of shiny material.  The pink of the catsuit was conspicuous among the black pieces. 
“Here’s the changing room for you two,” he pointed at the ladies room. 
“Henry and I will wait for you.”

The men waited for their wives.  They pulled the two coats with hoods that Tom had brought out with the other gear over their clothes and waited for the ladies.
“Boy, I wish I was completely rubberized tonight,” Henry said looking out from the door.
“Yeah, tonight was made for it.  Well the girls will be properly dressed.”
“I wonder what Elizabeth is going to do?  After all this is the first time she’s put on anything rubber besides snow boots or dish gloves.”

The girls came out.  Betty sexily spun as she revealed a black catsuit beneath the coat.  Elizabeth just came over to Scott and hooked her arm through his.  She looked up to him with a distant gaze that he couldn’t read.  “Let’s get out of here,” she said firmly.
The couples ran to their cars.  “See you!” called Tom as he dropped behind the wheel of his Honda.
“Yeah, we’ve got to watch some football today.  You know I’ll be there,” replied Scott.
Tom watched the friend drive toward the gate before heading toward his own apartment.

The drive home was silent as Elizabeth sat next to Scott.  She looked out the window at the rain but said nothing.  Scott tried to guess what was on her mind as she sat stonily silent.  He knew better than to say anything and drove on in silence.  They pulled into the drive.  Elizabeth was out and heading for the door before he could even turn off the ignition.  He was a bit worried about her taciturn behavior.  He got out of the car, picked the box of gear out of the trunk and headed for the door.

Upon entering the house, Elizabeth stood before him, legs apart and hands on hips.  The tight coat hugged her form.  Its folds reflected the low hall lighting and drops of water shone like jewels on the surface.  A small puddle of water gathered at her feet.  “You’d better put that stuff in the box in its place right now,” she said sternly. 
Scott moved toward the garage to put it away.
“You fool.  The right place is covering that pathetically pale body of yours,” she said.
Scott’s heart skipped a beat as he looked into her eyes and saw the burning arousal that accompanied her pronouncement.  He knew it would be a hot rubbery night and he would be with his beloved Elizabeth.

Chapter Ten
The New Day

“Hey Henry, where were you yesterday?” asked Tom as Henry came into the administration building.
“I was tied up.”
“Man, you missed some great football.  The Trojans took Michigan in the last minute and Tennessee got revenge on Florida.  Man it was something to watch.”
“Like I said I was tied up.  I mean I was really tied up!”
“What happened?”

“Elizabeth went wild when we got home.  She made me get into my suits, which I was happy to do.  Next she went to the garage and got a bondage sack, hoods, gas masks, and just about everything.  She shoved a big dildo up my ass and closed me back up.  She pulled a blinding hood over my head and shoved me into the sack.  Man I was hard and ready to pop as she climbed on top and began to grind herself against me.  The sound of the squeaking rubber was incredible as she worked herself into a frenzy. I think she stuffed a dildo into herself and kept working on me because I heard her come at least twice before she opened the zipper and let my tool loose.  She went right down on my sheathed cock and sucked my essence right out of me.  Oh, what a sensation!

“I figured she was finished with me and would let me go but the next thing I knew was she closed all of the zips up and snuggled up to my encased body.  She must have slept some but I was hot and only dozed fitfully.  After a while she was on me again.  This time she had loosened my tool and she impaled herself on it, pumping vigorously.  Her juices lubricated the sheath and my woody was pounding in and out of her hot cylinder like a redlined piston.  I exploded into the sheath again as she gripped me in her own convulsion of passion. I knew she would let me go now.  I mean she had exploded at least four times and I had cum twice.  She closed the zips again and left me.  After a while I felt belts tightening about the sack and she soon had me bound in heavy straps that kept me from even being able to move in the sack.  The convenience zip was available, though, and I serviced her or she serviced me until this morning. I’m glad the sheath had a catheter tube and she magnanimously gave me a chance to pee every so often.  Still the sweat and the smell of old sex was overwhelming this morning when she let me out of my confinement.”

Scott continued, “She didn’t say a word to me the entire time I was in that sack.  But this morning after she let me out and as I headed for the shower, she said, ‘The smell of hot rubber sex must always be a part of our relationship.  Now get ready for work.’  I’ll tell you, I didn’t even know what day it was.”
“Wow, I’d say Elizabeth is a convert.”
“Yeah, it’s kind of scary, I mean I get enough of the rubber bondage here but now I’m going to get it at home, too.  I just don’t know.”
“Hey, the novelty of it will wear off of her soon.  Maybe you should get her involved in some of the projects here.  That way she will be just as worn out as you at the end of the day!”
“Yeah, it’s a thought.”  Scott headed for his office while Tom went off to preparation room three.

That night Scott entered a house transformed.  Elizabeth greeted him completely encased in black rubber.  The gas mask gave her an insect-like appearance as she directed him silently to the bedroom.  The bed was covered in shiny rubber sheets.  The drapes were heavy rubber that kept the sun out of the room.  She directed him to the bathroom and showed him the enema equipment.
“Prepare yourself well.  It’s going to be a long night,” she said and left the room.

Henry doused himself three times to make sure he was completely clean.  He pulled on the clothing set out for him, the sheathed brief with plug, and two suits with feet, attached gloves and hoods and his heavy wading suit.  He was completely encased in thick rubber and these suits didn’t have convenience zips so his tool was buried beneath the layers of rubber with no hope of being sprung from the tight rubbery prison.

He walked into the bedroom to find Elizabeth holding a raincoat for him.  He pulled it on and belted the coat at the waist.  He was now a shiny black rubber alien, enclosed in the multiple layers of the sensuous material.  She pulled the coat from the first night over her own body suit.  She pulled an Israeli gas mask like hers over his hooded head and snapped a wide rubber collar about his neck, locking access to his hoods, pulled his arms behind his back and locked them in cuffs that allowed his hands to hang at his side but no more.  She hooked a leash to the collar and tugged him toward the door. 

She opened the door and walked boldly into the pouring rain; Henry could only follow. She led him to the car, opened the passenger door and shoved him in.  She went around to the driver’s side and got in.  She pulled the gas mask from her head and started the car.
“Where are we going?” asked Scott, his voice muffled by the rubber and mask.
“I thought a nice walk would be nice.  We haven’t taken a nice romantic walk in ages, dear.”
“But the car?” he queried.
“I know a nice park where we can enjoy the rain and wind.  The only thing is, it’s on Vancouver Island.  Here we go!” 
Henry mumbled into the mask, “Don’t you think we’re a little bit overdressed for the ferry, even in the rain?”
“No I don’t.  You’re a rubberist; I’m a convert to rubberism and a dominant besides.  I want the whole world to know and see our pleasure in this unique activity.  Don’t worry, they won’t recognize us.” 

To leave the island, no toll was collected so they just parked at the jetty.  Soon the boat pulled in and after the two or three departing cars were off, they were waved aboard. The deckhand noticed little out of the ordinary as the woman in the shiny black raincoat drove aboard.  He didn’t really notice the passenger. They sat in the car for the journey to Vancouver Island.  Elizabeth drove out of the terminal area and into a parking area near the dock.  She parked the car, pulled on her gas mask and opened the door.
“Here we are.  Let’s go walking!” She jumped out into the rain and splashed playfully in the puddles as she went to the other side of the car.
“This is great.  I can play in the rain all I want and I won’t ruin anything!” she exclaimed to Henry. 
“Aren’t we a bit overdressed?”  Henry asked again.
“Nonsense.  I told you already; a rubberist must proclaim his passion to the world.”
She pulled his leash and he stumbled from the car.
“Stand up and walk right, slave,” she said sternly.

They walked out of the parking area and headed toward the downtown Ladysmith.  Ladysmith is a very small community and the apparition that greeted the few residents willing to face the miserable weather was astounding, two black clad rubber aliens walking seemingly nonchalantly down the street.  The lead figure was obviously a woman although she was completely enclosed in rubber rain gear and gas mask.  She towed a man with a leash.  Some of the people looked about as if to find a hidden camera.  Some turned away in fear.  None seemed to show disgust only puzzlement, or surprise.

The rubbery pair reached the beach and began to walk along it.  Elizabeth stopped and sat on a large driftwood log.  Henry sat next to her.  She unlocked the cuffs so his arms were free.  They sat in silence for a long time as the rain pelted their protected bodies.  She hooked her arm around his and leaned against him.  Wet rubber on rubber rustled softly as her hot encased body held him close. The eye lenses had splashes of water on them as she turned to look at her rubber man.  “Honey, how can you forgive me for these last few months of rejection?”
“I’m fast to forgive, dear.  What I want to know is once you tried some rubber, what got you to immerse yourself in it so fast?”
“I decided I had a lot of lost time to make up for.  I have to admit that the first suit felt so good that I thought more would be better especially after remembering your stories of some of the things you’d been subjected to.  In this case, I was right.”
“I love you,” he whispered.

She wrapped her arms tightly around him and cheek to cheek they hugged.  Squeaking rubber accompanied the loving embrace of two in peace with their world. Oblivious to the surroundings the two held each other, secure in the embrace of their protecting rubber gear.  A passing car slowed at the sight of the two lovers.
“Look at that.  Must be new love to be so foolish not to get out of the rain,” said the passenger to the driver.
“At least they’ve got good rain slickers on,” replied the driver.  “But getting out of the rain would make better sense.”
The car disappeared into the heavy downpour.

They got up from the log near the road and walked up the beach.  Elizabeth steered them to the water and they waded into knee deep pools as they navigated around a promontory and found themselves in a private cove.  Steep rock walls surrounded the beach on three sides.  In the privacy of the cove they settled onto another driftwood log and communed with the beauty of the brisk stormy afternoon and their private thoughts. Elizabeth hooked her leg over his thigh and her inner thigh rested subtly against his crotch.  She rocked her foot slowly.  The motion sent erotically pleasurable waves through his loins.  He held her in his heightened arousal, reached beneath her belted coat and stroked her inner thigh, rewarding her with a similar buildup in emotion. 

The tide came in while they sat on the log.  Water lapped at their booted feet.  Elizabeth was startled out of her reverie.  She nudged Henry.  “It must be getting late.”
“The tide is in.  We may not be able to get around the rocks,” Henry said.
He untangled himself from her, got up from the log and started to retrace their steps.  The water lapped greedily at his thighs, waist, chest, and finally threatened to pull him under as it lapped toward his shoulders.  He struggled out from the watery grasp of the Sound. 
“It’s no use.  We’re here until the tide goes out some.”
“How did the water feel?” Elizabeth asked.
“Actually, the press of the water against me was really erotic.  As I got in deeper, the trapped air in my suit rushed out around my neck.  I felt the rubber tighten about me as I went deeper.  I think it’s like the pool at the Institute except there is the feel of the waves lapping against the suit.  It’s almost a massage as the water flows over and around your body.”

“I’ve got to try that!” Elizabeth exclaimed and she splashed impulsively into the water before he could say any more. She was up to her rubber-hidden breasts when a rogue wave slapped her off her feet.  In a flash her cavorting excursion became all too real.  She struggled against the tide as Henry waded out to her last position.  Her head broke the surface and she drew in life-giving air before the water pulled at her again.  Henry was there and reached for her.  He caught her arm and pulled her to him. Elizabeth gasped and sputtered into her mask.  She pulled it from her face and let the trapped water out.  “That was kind of stupid.  But what a thrill!  My gosh, I’m spent.”

She fell into Henry’s arms.  He pulled himself and her from the water to sit with a thump at the edge of the lapping waves.   Elizabeth pulled her gas mask back on once she was safely on firm ground.  She ground herself into Henry’s legs and began to rock against his slick black leg.  The rubbing against his leg stirred the dildo that was inside of her and pleasant shocks pulsed through her as she worked her body against his.  His own member stirred inside the layers of rubber and he was soon riding on crests of long erotic pleasure waves. The two were warm inside the rubbery cocoons and in each other’s arms despite the cold water.  As the two rocked themselves toward bliss the wave action slowly sucked them into the sandy beach.  As Elizabeth reached shuddering climax, she found herself locked to Henry by sand that had half buried them. 
“Henry, are we in danger?” she asked him.
“I don’t think so.  The suits have us well protected and the tide is already at its high.  Let’s just enjoy the moment.”

The pressing sand squeezed against his suit and he drew new strength from the closeness of his rubbery lover.  He shot his load into the buried sheath and only his tensing muscles betrayed his moment of joy to his wife.  She pulled him closer still and they lay in the comfortable depression of sand formed by their bodies and the waves. 
Daylight found two half-buried black alien creatures laying about ten feet from the receding water.  Henry stirred and levered himself out of the clinging sand.  As he struggled to his knees he slowly cleared his mind.  He remembered where he was and shook Elizabeth awake.  He pulled her loose from the sandy pit.  Together they waded out toward the end of the rocks. 
Henry dropped to his knees and washed sand off of his outer clothing the helped Elizabeth do the same.  The two waded around the promontory and found themselves facing about forty surf fishers.

Henry and Elizabeth looked at each other. “Well, we are in it now,” he said. 
“Nonsense.  I’m a proud convert to rubber,” replied Elizabeth.  She slogged right past the surprised fishermen with Henry in tow.
“Did you get a load of that?” commented one.
“Great protection against the rain,” said another.
“What’s with the masks?  Civil Defense drill?” asked the last one as they went by.
“Better than that, honey,” replied Elizabeth wickedly.  “It’s pure sexual pleasure that you wouldn’t know anything about.”
They left the stunned fishermen buzzing behind them.
“Let’s give Bert and Ernie a good surprise, too,” she said as they reached the car.
“What have I done,” thought Henry as he looked toward the sky.

Chapter Eleven
New Horizons

The Leytecks Project was one year long.  There were over two hundred people participating in the project.  After the New Year’s party every non participating companion had tried some latex gear and the conversions into latex were if not enthusiastic at least unanimous.  Several decided to become full participants in the games played at the Institute while the rest at least played rubber games at home.

Leytecks was ecstatic over the success of his subtle conversion of the unyielding mates of his team members.  Close on the heels of the party success was the further news that the “Rubber Tree Annexes” in both Vancouver and Edmonton had tremendous sales reports for the Christmas season.  The living mannequins employed at the two locations were the obvious draws and sources of the brisk sales.  Word soon got back to the Institute that new outlets would be opened in Toronto, San Francisco, and New York.  This news was received with high hopes around the conference table. 

Tom Henderson and Henry Scott watched the other key members of the group keenly as Leytecks received the report on the operations at the Rubber Tree Annex stores.  He consulted with Bill at length on increasing production in the manufacturing operations to support the planned new outlets.

“Expanding production is not a problem.  We can divert test subjects over to production as needed.  Most of our research and development is about over anyway.  I’m sure that I can provide the appropriate stimulation at work stations to keep them happy,” Bill said.
“Good.  We need to get cracking at it right away.  Tom,” Leytecks looked at Henderson, “Your research assistant days may be numbered.  If we are pulling subjects from the research side and moving them to production, I’m going to have to ask you to take on a different job.”
“Sure, Doc.  Anything you need to have done.”
“That’s the spirit.  I’ll get back with you later after we work out the needs of the changing operations.”

Leytecks went on to other things before dismissing Tom, Henry and the other four assistants that were not part of the inner circle. 
“I wonder what they’re cooking up?” asked Tom to his friend Henry Scott.
“Don’t know.  But if security is involved, I’ll sure find out soon enough.”
That afternoon the staff was assembled in the main auditorium in the center of the Institute.  Spouses and partners that did not already work at the Institute were brought in as well.  In fact everyone associated with the project directly or indirectly was assembled. 

Scott’s security team was scattered around the sides of the room, although he wasn’t aware of the need for their presence.  The smattering of conventional clothing and visible faces from some of those that still lived off site was noticeable among the crowd of faceless shiny black figures. Scott stood at the back of the sloping theater auditorium floor and felt a twinge of uneasiness.  He almost felt like this was a scene from some sci-fi movie, “The Body Snatchers” perhaps, came to mind.  There was the mass of those that were of the body and the few outsiders that were so acutely obvious.

He rocked on his heels.  He was, after all, dressed in the uniform shiny black suit so he was “of the body.”  His deputy stood near him.  The man had been in charge of security until Scott had joined the group and he was still a little disturbed over his demotion, even though he never showed his feelings to Scott.
The Deputy eyed Scott and thought, “Today, you get your just reward, Scotty my boy.  Today I will again be in charge of security.”

Leytecks stepped from the off stage to the center podium.  A hush descended on the gathering in rapt anticipation.
“My friend and colleagues,” began Laytecks.  “I don’t say that lightly.  We have been working hard for over a year to achieve this moment.  Many of you were with me from the beginning when my vision of this project was only a dream.  Some of you have joined along the way but all of us are an integral part in reaching this moment. 
“Even as I speak, trusted members of the staff are sharing my vision with our new friends that have found our way in Vancouver and Edmonton.  We will soon have friends in many other places as well.”
“What is he talking about,” thought Scott.
Tom and Betty looked at each other questioningly.  Both turned their attention back to Leytecks. 

“Yes, my friends, today marks the beginning of a new age in human history.  Our work, your work,” he opened his arms to include the entire crowd, “has made this all possible.  I have developed the perfect solution to all of human kind’s struggles.  You are the lucky ones that will continue my work and bring about the change to the world.  You shall continue to work in our production facility, creating the marvelous instruments of the future.  Everyone shall enjoy the fruits as we make enough rubber suits and bondage sacks, enough VR hoods and gear to bring the joy and pleasure that you’ve experienced this past year to all the people in the civilized world!

“Imagine no war, no hate, no competition, no worry.  Only a world full of happy rubber lovers, living only for the pleasure of the rubber world we have created.  Our mission to spread rubber love can’t fail.  The message is so clear.  We will succeed!”
The vast majority of the crowd erupted in cheers.  The few people that were in conventional clothing looked around fearfully.  Tom and Betty were swept right up with the rest of them in the moment. 
Scott was glad the hood hid his changing expression as the truth of the words sank in but shifted uneasily and his shoulders sagged perceptibly.  The deputy saw his boss’s body language and moved next to him.
“You aren’t a true believer, I think,” he said.
Scott stuttered in response, “Of course I am.”
“Say that to Dr. Leytecks with a polygraph machine hooked up to you.”

The deputy quickly cuffed Scott’s wrists and led him off.  They found Elizabeth in the crowd, no easy task considering she was dressed in the same shiny black uniform of the majority and took her along to Leytecks office.
“Inspector Scott, you disappoint me,” purred Leytecks.  “I gave you position and a you were well compensated and this is your repayment.  Oh, well, I am magnanimous in your fate.  I won’t resign you to the fate you deserve.  No you and Elizabeth shall share a nice cozy VR world together for the rest of your living days.  I think we’ll even program your little walk along the shore in Ladysmith for you to enjoy two or three times a week, along with some other surprises I can think up.”
He turned to the guards.  “Take them away and prepare them for eternity.”


I have no idea what happened to our friends, Henry and Elizabeth Scott, after the meeting.  For Betty and me it meant a new job.  We were helping to spread the love of rubber to the entire world. Sometimes I would wander into the Observation Room that overlooked the laboratory the first time I saw my Betty engaged in the bath experiment.  The room was now completely clear of any furnishing but there were long rows of shiny black pods, all properly plumbed and obviously holding people requiring punishment of some sort or another. 

I knew how they would have been prepared.  The victim’s hair would be completely removed, insides purged through enemas, medical catheters plumbed into the appropriate locations, tubing pushed down nose and throat to insure air and liquid nourishment.  Two rubber suits would be pulled over their bodies, the thin one with the dildo for the ass and the dildo or stimulation sheath for the reproductive organs, attached socks, gloves, hood and the heavy VR suit with the electrodes and probes to stimulate the body.  They would have the heavy VR hood pulled over the head completely cutting the outside world off before being placed in the tight bondage sack.  The controls would be hooked up and the ride in rubber VR would begin for the duration of the punishment.  I enjoyed that ride once that first month I was at the Institute.

The one puzzling thing about the room was the identity numbers on the sacks never changed nor were any of the sacks ever removed once they were in place.  In fact it just seemed that a few new sacks would be added to the room each time I looked out onto the rows of black pods. 

Sometimes one of the faces I recognized from the work floor would be gone for no apparent reason.  The security guy would just shrug indifference if any of us asked about the missing worker.  I was happy to work the rubber suit production line.  Production bonuses were frequent and usually meant extended playtime in the “Rubber Motivation Suite”. 
I filed that thought away.  Perhaps I would ask Dr. Leytecks about it some time.  Meanwhile I had an appointment.  Betty was waiting for me at a motivation suite.


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