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Doctor Leytecks
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: latex; bondage; mudplay; reluct/cons; X
‘Doctor Leytecks’
Or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lived for H. Brasiliensis’

Chapter Eight - The Leather Binder


“Hey, buddy.  Do you have one of those displays with a woman?” asked the customer.
“No.  I just have those two male figures,” said Bud, the owner and proprietor of Leather Binder.  “This is about the tenth time that a browser had asked that question today”, he thought.  Aloud he said, “I’ll talk with the supplier about adding a female to the display next time I see him.”
Everybody who came in the store was completely fascinated by the living rubber bondage display.  At first they commented: “How kinky it looked”; or “How real the display looked”; or “how did the mannequins respond that way?”  No one could make the leap to the fact that the display had real people inside of it.  The secret knowledge of the truth was quite a turn-on for Bud.  He didn’t dare tell anyone the truth.  He would glibly lie saying, “Yeah, these are as good or better that Disney’s robots.” 
Even the folks who stumbled into the store by mistake, sometimes someone would be looking for old books, were attracted to the shiny black, silver and yellow display just inside the door.  Some of them would stare in shock, as the system cycle would bring the rubber-encased models to erotic climax.  Except for the most prudish, the show invoked a barrage of questions and invariably resulted in the sale of some minor piece of latex wear. 

The bolder customers, the ones that were already into leather, were so intrigued by the display that they would walk right past the leather goods and buy the latex equivalent.  The usual comment from one of them was: “I know that rubber is really kinky, but I think I’ll experiment and try just one piece.”  Bud noted a lot of repeat customers in the first four days, all shunning leather and going for the latex. In fact the display had caused a run on most of his latex and now he was reduced to showing people catalog pages of items that he could order for them.  The two heavy-duty body binders he kept in stock had gone the first day.  He usually sold one or two around Christmas but this was still September! 

His stock of hoods and catsuits was gone as well.  Again he seldom kept very many but the rush had been phenomenal.  All of the little things: gloves, briefs, bras and the like were moving too.  As for gas masks, his entire stock of thirty was gone just two days after the first customer came in the door the day the display was set up.  He had called for a rush delivery from his main supplier.  He had also sent a plea to the Institute to see if they could help him out.  He figured that they must have some manufacturing capability since they worked with the stuff daily.  By the end of the fourth day, Bud moved his leather goods to his other store in Surrey.  That night he added a new line to his store sign that read: “Rubber Tree Annex”.

Bud decided to have a sale once he got his new inventory, especially since the display seemed to have such an impact on sales.  He knew that he had to get more permanent replacements for the display.  He decided to call the Institute and get two more of the bondage displays made.  He would specify a woman’s outfit and a man’s.  He decided to provide the ideal measurements for his displays and select the lucky accomplices to match the suits.  He opened e-mail and sent his request off.  The $3000 per outfit was pretty steep but well worth it based on the initial sales response since the two mannequin-men had gone on exhibit.

True to the original agreement, an Institute truck arrived on the seventh day after dropping off bondage pair.  Bud was surprised when the driver rolled three large crates, several medium crates out of the truck and a pallet with twelve bright yellow air tanks off the truck.
“What’s this?” Bud asked.
“The crates are your bondage suit sets that you ordered.  These other boxes are items to help you out with your inventory,” the driver replied.  “These tanks will be enough for all three sets since I’ll only take four of the originals back with me.  The Institute added your name to the authorized use list with the air supplier but you will have to pay for the service from now on.” 

He rolled the crates into the back of the store and stacked them neatly.  Next he pulled two empty crates from the truck and went to the front of the store.  He methodically placed the living mannequins into the crates, along with the control panel.  Before closing up the crates, he replaced the air bottles with fresh ones and placed two more in brackets inside each crate.  He connected hose lines from the second bottles to a side port on the regulator line of the ones that were hanging behind the models.  Now they had eight hours of air, plenty for the trip back to the Institute.  He rolled the crates out to the truck. 
“Sign here,” he said passing over the shipping documents. 

Bud signed for the inventory and said, “Thanks.”  He was astonished by the promptness of the completion of his order.  He ran into the storefront and hung the closed sign.  He was trembling with anticipation as he studied the crates. 
The outside of each crate was labeled clearly.  He had no problem finding the crate that held his suit.  He passed by it and opened the female crate.  He took a plastic bag containing a black latex bundle and opened it.  The suit spilled open to display a shapely hourglass of shiny black rubber.  The breast cups stood out prominently from the front.  He noted the various attachments inside the suit, a hollow dildo tube for solid waste, a black rubber vibrator held in a sheath for the personal spot and a relief tube with a catheter and small shield at its base.  Fortunately, detailed instructions explained the procedure required for placing the catheter properly into the urinary track, the dildo into the vagina and the anal tube into the rectum.  He studied the attached hood and saw the gag with hollow tube passing through and the nose tubes for each nostril.

He lifted the heavier suit from the crate and opened its protective bag.  He studied the holes in the crotch and hood.  They were positioned to pull the tubes and wires on the first suit through.  Next he picked up the mask and studied its interior.  He saw that the feeding tube had a flange that mated nicely with the tube in the gag. He studied the instructions and warnings that accompanied the suits.  He already played some with enemas and catheters and such.  He thought, “This should be easy to get right.” He left the base and pole on the crate base and turned his attention to the crate with the male suit.  He soon had all of the latex pieces neatly stacked and ready for a volunteer.  He figured that most of his customers would love to try out the suits.  He smiled at the knowledge that the circumstances might involve a session that was somewhat longer than any volunteer might guess.

He went about opening the other crates and pulled boxes from them.  Each box revealed a rubbery surprise.  He had catsuits, hoods, gloves, and briefs for both men and women.  The supply was enough to handle the store for at least a month.  There were bondage bags, twenty of them.  He found that some had different features.  Some had internal sleeves for arms; some had “D” rings and heavy rubber straps to completely immobilize the occupant.  One box held straight jackets made from thick black rubber.  There were dildos and vibrators in all different sizes.  Latex party wears in several colors and styles; dresses, shirts, pants, and blouses were in two of the boxes.  Several gas masks, Israeli and US, spilled from one medium size box.  The plethora of kinky rubber that lay at his feet was turning on Bud.

He took a couple of armloads of stuff to the front and began stocking the shelves.  He soon was sweating from moving all of the heavy stuff out of the back and onto displays but he was satisfied that he would be ready to open the store in the afternoon.  Since the store theme was now latex oriented, he decided to pull on a pair of latex jeans and a white latex tee shirt as costume.  Taking no half measures, he put a brief with sheath on before donning the outerwear.  He pulled on some latex socks and pulled a pair of Wellington boots over his feet.  As a final touch, He put on a pair of wrist length gloves.

He unbolted the door and flipped the sign to open and waited for his first customer.  An hour later the tinkle of the door chime announced the arrival of someone.  Bud looked up to see a girl wearing leather.  She stood at least five feet eight inches.  Long legs were encased in shiny vinyl boots with five-inch heels making her a statuesque six feet one.  She wore latex gloves that he recognized as coming from the store earlier in the week.
“Can I help you?” he asked conscious her appraising look of his attire.
“I see you changed your clothes some,” she said.  “Do you have any new latex in?”
“I just restocked today.  Feel free to look around,” Bud replied.
Her gaze scanned the store quickly and she asked, “Where did that bondage display go?”
“It was on loan.  They took it back this morning.”
“Too bad.  I was really looking forward to seeing it know...inspiration before I select something to buy.”

She began to wander among the shelves.  She picked up one of the gas masks and turned it in her hands before putting it down with a bit of a sigh.  Next she wandered over to the rack of bodysuits.  She took the sleeve of one in her hand and felt the texture of the shiny material.  She held the suit to her nose and breathed in the sweet latex odor.  She looked at the price tag.  Her eyes seemed saddened as she let the sleeve drop.
“Oh, I wish I had a little more money,” she sighed to herself.  “Then I could afford one of these wonderful suits.”  She walked over to the dresses and blouses and began to look them over.

Bud came up behind her and said, “I overheard what you just said.  I have some more stock in back that the wholesaler gave me a really good price on.  The suits are very fine quality and I might be able to make a deal on one of them.”
The girl turned to him.  “Really,” she said.
“Sure.  They are on the floor in the back but give me a minute and I’ll take you back to see them.”  Bud went to the door and locked it.  He hung his out to lunch sign before coming back to the girl.
He led her into the back room.  She saw the piles of black rubber on the floor and the open crates to the side.
“Wow!  You have the bondage stuff here.  Why don’t you have it on display?”
“It just got here today,” Bud replied.  “The mannequins are due to arrive any time now.” 
He took a cloth soaked in ether and put it to her face.  The girl was out in seconds.  “I don’t even know her name,” thought Bud as he stripped her and prepared her for the bondage display.

The girl awoke as Bud passed smelling salts beneath her nose.  She became aware of the constant pressure exerted on her entire body as well as the fullness of the probes that penetrated her lower openings.  She tried to speak but the rubber gag filled her mouth.  She struggled against her bonds, testing for weakness and finding none, stopped.  She darted her eyes fearfully back and forth, taking in the limit of her obstructed view.  She saw no clue to determine her predicament.
Bud couldn’t see the terror in the darting eyes since he was just beyond the visual limit of her hooded face.  He stepped in front of her and saw the terror.  He said,  “I’ve decided to make you a partner in my store.  Not exactly an equal partner but a partner.  You’ll get a share of the profits generated with your help.  Before I put the final touches on the display, I wanted you to see what you look like.”

He stepped to the wall and pulled a curtain back revealing a full-length mirror.  The image the girl saw was completely alien.  She had to concentrate completely on it to comprehend the fact that the black shiny alien pinned to the pole like some insect specimen was she.  Her narrow waist accentuated the full hips and soft mounds of her breasts.  Despite her fear, the nipples were hard and taught against the rubber skin.  A binder held her arms in a slightly bent position that was not too uncomfortable.  In fact as bondage went, the position could be maintained almost indefinitely.  The constant pressure against every part of her was the main thing, and the inability to move.  She couldn’t help becoming aroused by what she saw.  She strained to move the intruder the probed her tight pussy as the surge of anticipation washed over her.

“I think you’ve seen enough so I’ll finish getting you ready for display and move you to the front of the store,” Bud said.
He approached her holding the gas mask with its interior toward her face.  She saw the tube inside the mask as he placed it loosely to her face.  She noticed the eye lenses allowed no light into the mask.  She saw the little chinks of light around the edges as he fiddled with the tube.  Finally, she saw the light fade as he pulled the straps tight and sealed the mask to her face. 
Now it was completely dark for her and only the sound of her rapid breathing and the tight caress of rubber on her body reached her senses.  She couldn’t help but respond to the erotic flood of thoughts that pushed into her mind.  She felt herself tilted as Bud moved her to the front and knew when he set her back in the upright position.  She felt his hands rubbing the latex skin of her suit, touching every inch of her and driving her to an even higher state of frenzy.

Bud finished polishing his new living mannequin to a high glossy shine and hung the yellow air tank on its bracket at the back of the display.  He switched the console on and stepped back to watch the results. The girl suddenly felt the two probes erupt inside of her most private and sensitive crevasses.  The sudden vibration and her already aroused state quickly brought an all-consuming eruption that spread from the center of her arousal to engulf her entire body in a shuddering climax.  Only the restraints held her in place as she went over the edge of consciousness and went limp held in position only by her bonds.  The vibrations shut off for the moment.

Bud was in such an aroused state from the show he had just seen, he pulled himself out of the trousers he was wearing and worked himself off in a most satisfying climax of his own.  Panting, he went to the back and cleaned up.  He checked the purse of his new employee and discovered her name was Carol.  He came back to the front and reopened the store for business.  He decided he had to get his male for the display as soon as possible. 

“I’m new to bondage.  Last night my girl friend tied me up and put some sort of rubber hood on me.  I was really turned-on by the close fit against my head and the way it reduced my hearing and cut off my sight.  She did stuff to me that was so erotic.  I mean I didn’t know what she would do to me until she did it.  I was under her control kind of like this mannequin you have here, you know?”  The customer was looking at the display.  The breathing was light and even since the program was currently in a rest cycle. 
“Boy, she sure looks real,” he continued.  “ She must cost a lot to be so realistic. Anyway, I got such a kick out of that hood and those gloves my girl used to bring me off that I asked her where she got them and well, here I am.”
“So what exactly are you looking to get?” Bud asked.

“Well I had no idea just how much of this stuff there was.  I mean, I’m kinda’ new to this bondage thing and well...” his voice trailed off as he scanned the store.  “I mean, I just didn’t realize there were so many different things available.”
“Yes.  Well, I can get you into some pretty simple and basic stuff.  We have briefs with sheath or butt plugs.  There are gags, wrist and ankle binders.  I can put you into inflatable hoods.  We could get you into a full suit.  We have this bag that completely encloses you and only your playmate can let you out.  Of course we have lots of locks and collars and binding straps.  We’ve got these suits and thongs for your girlfriend.  They can be quite exciting for you and her, if you know what I mean.”
“Gee, you have so much stuff.  It’s really hard to figure out just how much I want to get into this thing.”
“Just let me know when your ready,” Bud said brightly.  Then he cast his bait.  “I’ve got some stuff not on display in the back.  It just came in yesterday but it might be just the thing you’re looking for.”
“You have a pretty good selection out here.  Let me browse for awhile.”
“No problem.” 

Bud knew when to let the bait set.  He had cast the line. There was no point in getting too impatient and scaring off the quarry. 
He busied himself behind the counter.
“Excuse me.”
Bud looked up from his book, “Yes.”
“I think I want to get me and my girl one of the suits.  I also like the bag.  Do you think a brief would be a good idea, too?”
“Yes, latex underwear to go with the other things is always a good idea.  You might also want some more conventional outerwear to go with the suits, shirts, jackets, jeans, dresses, or skirts.  Those can be used at the clubs and such.”
“Jeez, I can’t afford that much.”
“How about a credit arrangement?  Or you can help me around the store some and work some of the price off?”
“I don’t know.  My job keeps me pretty busy.”
“Well, just a little part-time can help.  Business is so good since the display that I can always use some help.  In fact, if your girl is pretty, she could come in some too.”
“I’ll think about it.  In the meantime, I’ll take this suit, one brief and I think a thong for my girl.”

“We do made-to-measure service too.  If you want better fitting things, that’s the way to go.”
“That must cost a lot.”
“Sure but if you’re working for me, that won’t matter.”
“I haven’t decided on that, yet.”
“Sure, but if you decide you want MTM things, it always helps to have the measurements in the system.  You can give them to me now and I will have them.  That way you can just phone in additional orders,” Bud reasoned.
“OK.  I’ll give you them.”
Bud took a leap, “You can give me your girl’s measurements now too, if you like.”
“I can try.”

Bud handed over the forms with the questions and worked up the purchase-order for the items the fellow was getting.
“What is waist to waist?” Bud took a tape out and made the measurement.
“I don’t know that one for my girl but she is pretty close to your mannequin.”
“That will probably work,” Bud smiled to himself.
The fellow finished the worksheets and handed them back to Bud.
Bud looked the sheets over and said, “Great, Jim?  I’ll put these on file.  Don’t forget to talk over my proposal with...” he glanced at the sheet, “Kathy?”

Jim left the store and Bud called in the data sheets to the Institute.  He needed another female bondage display to go with the male that he already had.  He thought about the idea of taking turns in the display with his future partners.  It would be Carol and himself for a week followed by Jim and Kathy, if he got his way.  Of course Sundays would be free since the store was closed.  He could think of lots of things a foursome could play with the stock he had in his store.

The suit was delivered three days later along with more stock.  Bud signed a draft over to the driver and began uncrating the new stock.  He placed his new female suit next to the male one in anticipation of a call from Jim.  He remembered that it was time to take Carol out of her bondage after closing.  He dressed out in a full suit with sheath, pulled another suit on that trapped his member between two layers of rubber, and went out to watch Carol go through orgasm one last time before letting her out.
After he satisfied himself, he wheeled the now limp Carol to the back and started removing her from the bondage display.  As he loosened the mask from her head she began to mumble into the gag.  He kept the lights low and red to protect her eyes as he removed the mask.  He saw her wildly blinking eyes.  Even in the red light, he could see a fire as she looked at his shiny black image.  He deflated the gag and pulled it from her mouth.
“You’re the devil,” she said.  “A delicious, erotic, sensual, lusting devil.”

He began to loosen her binding.  She swayed and he caught her from falling.  Her head rested on his rubber shoulder and she slowly lifted her face to his.  Fire in her eye she moved to his lips and drove her tongue deep into his mouth.  She explored it; she played with his tongue; she sucked at his hot breath; she gave him a kiss as no one had ever before.
“Does this mean you liked it?” Bud asked between kisses.
“Yes.  Oh definitely yes,” she replied fervently.  “Take me now and show me what a real rubber man can do.”

She dropped to the floor, still shackled at the feet.  Bud removed the tubing and, using a solvent from the Institute, pulled the seals that covered the built-in sheath.  He pulled the vibrator from the sheath and mounted her.  He undid the convenience zip from his outer suit and as his long black-clad probe sprung forth, carefully mounted her at the spot just recently occupied by the inanimate mechanical object.
“Can I stay?” Carol asked an hour later as she stepped out of the shower.
Bud looked at her beautiful body.  It’s glowing perfection heightened by the recent activities and her hot shower.  He said, “Only if you love wearing rubber.”
She came to him and gave him a light kiss, “I agree.”

The next morning Jim and Kathy came into the store.  Carol was behind the counter.  Her red bodysuit was covered with a black mid-calf skirt that hugged her legs provocatively.  Ankle boots with five-inch heels gave her an imposing stature.  The shiny red of her suit highlighted the exposed portion of her legs and formed a deliciously sensual top.  Her auburn hair fell loosely about her shoulders.
Jim looked around the store before approaching the counter.  He couldn’t hide his reaction to the black and red vision behind the counter.  “Eh, Where’s Bud? He asked. 
“In back,” replied Carol.
“I need to talk to him about a proposal he made on Tuesday,” Jim said.
“Oh, you must be Jim,” Carol responded.  She looked at Kathy, “And you must be Kathy.”
Kathy responded, “How did you know?”
“I’ve seen our special request files,” Carol said.  “I’ll let Bud know you’re here.” 
She went in back.  Presently Bud appeared at the door.  “Hey Jim.  Good to see you again.”
Bud was in a loose fitting latex shirt with black latex jeans.

“About that offer, Bud.  We’re pretty sure we want to take you up on it but Kathy wanted to see some of your more enticing bondage stuff.  She especially wanted to see that display again.  She saw your males earlier, but she really wanted to get a feel for how a woman looks when done up in rubber suits.”
“Hmm, I’d say Carol here gives her a pretty good idea.” Bud pointed toward Carol.
“Yes, but she really wanted to see the full effect, you know what I mean.  She wanted to see the bindings and the gas mask.”
Bud looked at him for a long minute, “Our mannequin had some problems the other day and its in back for repairs.”  Bud glanced over to Carol.  She got the sign and headed toward the back.

Kathy said, “Oh, please let me see her.  I mean those two guys were a trip but to see a woman’s figure in that condition would, well, would, you know, let me know what I might look like under similar circumstances.”
They had taken the bait.  Bud decided to set the hook.  “Come on back and you can see her.”
Bud held the curtain open, his hand just inside the opening.  Carol placed a rag saturated with ether in his hand.  Kathy went through the door followed by Jim.  Bud clamped the rag over Jim’s face just as Carol did the same to Kathy.

As the two rubber-enclosed figures came out of the drug induced sleep, they found themselves looking at two mannequin-like figures dressed in shiny black latex and bound to the chrome poles.  Jim tried to move closer and realized that he was fixed in his position.  Awareness slowly penetrated into his drug-fogged mind and he realized that he was looking at an image of himself!  He tried to speak but his mouth was gagged and he could only grunt softly.  He realized that Kathy was the other figure.  The unexpected bondage caused a stirring in his loin and despite his fear his lust betrayed him. 

Upon seeing the stirring of his new mannequins Bud quickly completed the process.  He saw no need for explanation this time.  He unceremoniously slapped the gas masks to each face and finished connecting the feeding and the breathing systems.   He and Carol wheeled the two new and unwilling employees to the store floor.  Bud said, “See you in six days.  I’ll let your employers know you’re on vacation for a while, a sudden death in the family.”  He threw the switch on the control panel and the two figures shuddered as the system came alive.  Bud saw the two figures reach the first of many satisfying climaxes before he returned to the storeroom.  Carol had things to do at the counter and took no more notice of the two living mannequins.  She already knew what pleasure they were being subjected to and the thought made it hard to concentrate on her work.  She pushed her hand against her spot to adjust the probe inside her.  A delicious tingle coursed through her and she knew that she was slick from her love juice.
Bud called from the back.  “Can you help me for a minute?”

Carol went in the back and found Bud was dressed out in the first of the suits from the display built for his use.  “Can you finish getting me into the outer suit and strapping me into my device.  I haven’t even gotten to use it yet and I’m hornier than ever from seeing you and now them bound to the thing.”
“Sure.  How long do you want to try it?” Carol asked.
“Just a few hours.”  Bud looked at the wall clock and added, “Let me out at six, just in time for dinner and you.”
Carol finished dressing the outer suit on Bud.  She cemented all of the openings and connected all of the tubing.  She led him to the pole and locked his feet in place.  She connected all of the straps and closed all of the locks.  She pushed the gag in place and inflated it.  She tested Bud’s breathing and made sure there was nothing wrong with any of the connections before taking up the gas mask.

“Are you ready?” she asked.  Bud fluttered his eyelids affirmative, the lustful desire very real in his eyes.  Then she said, “It took a lot of work to get all of that gear on you.  I mean four hours isn’t very much reward for the effort.  I think I’ll put you on display for a couple of days.” She saw his head try to shake despite the bonds.  He grunted a muffled protest as she clamped the mask to his face, connected the feeding tube and pulled the straps tight.  The protest of his eyes as she put the mask in place was a little payback for the first time he put her into the display suit.  Of course she knew that he would quickly come to love the suit and would indeed look forward to another turn in it.  In fact she looked wistfully at his strapped and bound body before she wheeled him out to the two other displays. 

She put him beside the girl so that her bound form was between the two men and switched on the equipment.  She saw Bud rising to his first rubber-bound climax and savagely attacked the probe in her pussy.  She dropped to the floor in a quaking release of passion as his figure strained within his bonds from his first trip to the rubbery Shangri La found in this bondage device.  Now she wondered if she could wait for two days to release him so she could take him the way he had taken her upon her own release from the device.  She knew that the wait would be best.  She also knew that he would be even hornier for her warmth after the mechanical probes were finished doing their magic.  She went back to the counter and as she heard the three living mannequins grunt noticeably, she sighed in envy.

Business was booming.  Jim and Kathy quit their jobs the day that Bud released them from the bondage displays and swore complete loyalty to Carol and him.  The four partners were working hard every day.  At least two of them were working hard every day; the other two were taking a three-day turn in the display.  Sundays were free days and the four would romp about the store developing some game or another.  Soon they began to venture outside dressed in less provocative latex.  They often received admiring comments and they were always quick to tell people where the store was. 

Some of the more adventurous people began to browse the store and purchase wares. The word got around the party and fetish scene and soon Bud had more business than even some tamer stores.  His floor was always crowded during lunch and early evening.  Most customers were repeat business but he soon began to see new people many from the States or neighboring Provinces.

As winter came and the rains started, they went out in heavier gear, hidden beneath rain suits.  They discovered wading and mud play during one of these excursions.  The variety in latex play never failed to amaze Bud or his colleagues.  They added waders and hip boots to their stock.  The Institute sent him latex dry suits and suits with built-in waders to try out.  He pulled four sets for himself and his partners and immediately put the rest on the floor.  Bud even installed a large pit of mud behind the store for the customers to try out wading items before they bought. 

Bud was dressed in his usual Sunday attire.  That meant he was wearing a full rubber suit that had a sheath, a butt plug and attached socks, gloves and hood.  The hood had the clear latex eyepieces and tubes in his nose.  The gag was limply hanging from the mouth hole.  He wore a second, heavier suit, over the first one.  This suit had a convenience zip in the crotch that was closed.  The hood for the suit hung at his neck since it had only nose and mouth openings. 

Carol was helping pull the .40 mil wading suit over Bud’s latex encased body.  The heavy suit fit very tightly and required quite an effort to get it on smoothly.  After Bud had shoved his feet into the two black holes of the bootlegs, she worked the narrow waist over his hips.  She adjusted the crotch of the suit.  Bud gasped as the heavy rubber pushed right against his jewels and the rubber clamped against his hardening tool.  He fed his arms into the waiting opening at the shoulder and worked his hands and arms into the sleeves.  He pulled his hood from the second suit up to his face cutting off his eyesight.  Carol finished closing that suit’s back zip before she carefully guided Bud’s head into the neckpiece of the wading suit.  The wading suit was actually an industrial weight Avon latex dry suit that had boot feet in place of the usual socks.  Bud had attached thick gauntlets onto the sleeves and it had a very tight hood with a small oval opening and would fit snuggly to the face with a waterproof seal. 
Carol closed the watertight zipper of the suit before leading Bud to the edge of the shallow end of the mud pit.  She locked his feet in a spreader bar that held them about two feet apart. 

Carol pulled on a pair of hip waders and took up a gas mask that Bud modified for this purpose.  He had attached two hoses to the nose cup, one each for the inlet and outlet ports.  The hoses were connected to a float that prevented them from slipping dangerously beneath the surface.  Carol clamped the mask to his face and pulled the straps tight.  She held the inlet tube opening against her palm while Bud sucked the mask to check for seal.  He gave the thumbs-up sign of a good seal and Carol let the hose drop.  She pulled his hands behind him and cuffed them in a spreader bar that would prevent him from getting to his cock should he weaken with desire. 

She waded into the pit.  The mud lapped at her thighs and sucked greedily at her legs as she positioned herself to help Bud into his planned position.  She held his shoulder for support as he clumsily, because of the spreader, swung his feet into the pit.  He waded haltingly to the center and sat with a plop in the center of the pit.  The thick mud slowly rose around his sitting form as he sank into the glutinous muck.  He pushed his legs out in front of him displacing more of the goo.  It took some effort as the thick stuff resisted his intrusion. He leaned back into the tan stuff and let himself slowly sink beneath the surface. Carol watched, fascinated by the scene, as the yellow-brown mud slowly swallowed Bud’s shiny black form.  The nose cup of the mask sank beneath the mud and only the two hoses, supported by the float, betrayed the location of the submerged rubber man.

Carol now pushed down on the chest of her lover and worked him deeper into the suspending muck.  Bud felt the building pressure as he slipped deeper into the pit.  All air within his suits was displaced as rubber pushed closer against his body.  The plug in his rear probed deeper into his interior as the muck molded to his very shape.  He squirmed and the probing instrument sent little shocks through him.  His rock-hard member was straining for relief that he could not provide.  He was buried alive in thick mud that covered him with eighteen inches of sludge.  Isolated, in the dark, with only the constant presence of the rubber suit pressed against him by the mud, he contemplated his life. 

The dream vividly filled his sensory deprived mind.  Carol was beckoning to him from a heavy black rubber sack.  He pushed himself into the vacant black hole beside her warm body and snuggled down into the sack made for two.  She reached across his chest and closed the zipper that sealed him into the sack.  Only his hooded head stuck out and her head was there next to his.  She looked into his eyes and leaned over to lock her mouth to his in a deep lingering kiss. She pulled the convenience zip open at her crotch.  As she pulled the zip at his crotch his sheathed glory sprung forth.  She grasped his tool in her rubber-encased fingers and gently rolled it between the rubbery digits.  Sensing his power about to peak she eased off of the massage and slid him into her waiting slit.  The lubricated sheath inside of her pussy easily took his throbbing tool.  The action filled her insides with hot rubber.  She slowly rocked against him, the bag didn’t allow haste, and unhurriedly built to a shuddering climax.  Bud responded as she squeezed against him and he pumped hot juices into the protective sheath.  She actually felt his hot spunk as it filled the rubber protection.  She kissed him happily and slipped into a light and contented sleep...

Carol actually saw the mud quiver slightly as Bud came in spontaneous ejaculation.  She only guessed the cause for the slight rippling of the smooth surface but she imagined that was what the muscle-tensing surge of passion would look like when buried beneath eighteen inches of muck.  Carol worked herself to her own release.  She was temporarily satisfied but she quickly went about laying out her own wading/diving suit, spreader bars and gas mask.  She looked at the clock and realized that Jim and Kathy weren’t due back from shopping for two hours.  She decided that she couldn’t wait for them.  She tossed caution to the wind and struggled into the suit as far as her waist.  She attached the spreader to her legs and stiffly walked to the edge of the pit.  She was carrying an eyeless hood, the arm-binding bar and gas mask with her. 

Almost too late, she realized that she should leave a note for Jim and Kathy.  She slowly struggled into the store area and wrote two notes, one near the phone and one for the door.  Since the store had a security gate, she could leave the note on the outside of the door and not arouse too much curiosity.  She penned the note: “It’s three PM.  We are in the pit.  Follow the hoses you’ll see on the surface and you’ll find our heads.  We are completely bound and can’t get out without help.  I’m sure we will both be ready for release when you get home.  Please lift us from the pit.  The keys to the bindings are on the top of the counter.  Love you.  Carol.” 

She laboriously waddled back to the pit.  One last look at the clock confirmed the two partners would be home in little over an hour.  She pulled the hood to her face and was blinded.  She made sure her nose and mouth openings were free and her breathing unobstructed.  She felt for the sleeves of the wading suit and worked her hand into the tight rubber tubes.  She ducked her head through the back and worked the hood into position.  She felt for wrinkles and smoothed them out.  She took hold of the lanyard that allowed her to pull the zip closed and tugged it across her back.  She pulled the lanyard out of the zipper run.  Her tight suit felt wonderful as it caressed her entire body.  She eased herself down to the ground and let her feet slide into the pit.  Just the sensation of the pressing mud on her lower legs whet her appetite for the coming adventure.  She pulled the mask over her head and adjusted the straps.  She held the inlet tube and checked for the seal.  Finally she took the last irreversible step.  She locked the arm-binding bar to her left wrist and slipped her right hand into the other cuff.  She rolled the cuff against the ground and heard the satisfying snap as the cuff closed on the wrist.  She dropped off the edge of the pit into the muck and waded out until she bumped against Bud.  She backed off slightly and let herself drop into the pit.  She slowly sank beneath the surface and in the building pressure from the surrounding mud, she reached another level of ecstasy. 

Five hours later, Jim and Kathy were surprised to come home to no lights.  Their surprise changed to wonderment and curiosity as they read Carol’s note.  They went out back with flashlights and quickly saw two sets of black tubes, buoyed by floats, in the middle of the mud pit.  Jim and Kathy exchanged looks and smiled to each other.  They went back inside, changed out of the street clothes and had a leisurely rubber session of their own.  It was midnight before they decided to take a break from their own fun and release the two friends from the pit.

The pit was a great success.  Bud and Carol were exhausted from the slow but repeated waves of amorous feelings invoked by the extended session.  They smothered each other with hugs while rinsing the mud off of the outer suits.  They rubbed and splashed each other with the hose and soon had the suits clean of any muck.  Even as they cleaned themselves, the touching and caressing that would normally have invoked a rise of passion and the resulting lust only amplified the extreme exhaustion and satisfaction resulting from the hours in the pit.  They kissed each other playfully as they peeled off the restrictive suits then headed straight for food, water, and bed. 

When they found out that Jim and Kathy were home by eight but had let them remain immersed for another four hours beneath the mud, they were quick to return the favor to Jim and Kathy the next Sunday.   They suited them up early in the morning and let them stay submerged until after midnight.  Any qualms in devotion between the two couples were shattered in those two Sunday sessions in the “Love Pit” as Carol fondly named it.  Bud was a bit more pragmatic.  He called it the “Fuck Pit”.
Business boomed for the rubber couples.  Bud set up a fetish party for Christmas.  To his surprise, the room was full of both veteran and novice rubberists.  The enthusiasm of his customers was catching and even more people began to drop by to see what all of the kinky and bizarre gossip was about.  He realized that they needed to open a new store branch.  He contacted the Institute for guidance and help.

Doctor Leytecks
continues in Chapter 9


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