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Doctor Leytecks
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: latex; bondage; reluct/cons; latex sack; X
‘Doctor Leytecks’
Or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lived for H. Brasiliensis’

Chapter 5 - Visit from the RCMP

“We have a problem here,” Dr. Leytecks said.  The conference table had enough chairs for all of the staff to sit and each seat held a rubber-clad person. Tom shifted in his seat and the squeak of rubber on rubber broke the near silence of the room.  Dr. Leytecks continued. “The RCMP are snooping about again.  It seems those two girls we took when Tom and Betty joined us are being reported as missing.  The RCMP traced them to the ferry and those two ticket takers actually told them that they saw the girls talking with someone from a Westman College van.  You know that the girls don’t want to leave us.  They have become shall I say, ‘committed to their rubber existence’.”

In reality the two girls were completely stripped and suited up in matching rubber suits against their will.  They were plunged into a vat of liquid latex several times until they were enclosed in a thick layer of tight rubber and were quite immobile.  They were then placed in rubber lined coffins that fit the body forms perfectly.  Wires connected to leads from the dildos implanted in their two private openings assured a rousing session while they were entombed and hoses attached to their mouth and nose tubes provided life-giving air and liquid replenishment for the duration of their ordeal.  After three days in the bondage the two girls were passionate converts to the lust of rubber sex and bondage.

“We really can’t let them go.  I mean their old lives would be meaningless after what they have experienced with us these past weeks,” Dr. Leytecks explained.  “Now how do we handle the RCMP?”
“Why don’t we just let them interview the girls?” asked Dr. Hennington, the first doctor to examine Tom.
“You think they would know what to say?”
“We could always coach them.  I mean they want to stay here so why not just let them tell the RCMP that?”
“I’m sure that will satisfy them,” Leytecks said sarcastically.  “The girls will just say, ‘We like it here and want to stay.’ And that will work.”
“It might.”
“No, we can’t let them see the girls.  In fact the girls don’t even like to put anything on but rubber clothing anymore.  I asked one of them the other day if she wanted to take a turn shopping. She replied, ‘I can’t stand the scratch of cloth on my skin anymore.  Can I just wear my latex clothes?’ “
“No.  We have to come up with something else.”

The meeting lasted another hour and seemed to be getting nowhere when Tom finally got the courage to jump in. 
“Why not let the RCMP investigators see the girls in latex?” Everyone looked at him. “I mean,” he continued.  “The RCMP guys are, well guys.  We bring them in.  We have the girls come out in their most provocative catsuits, we have them tell the RCMP guys that they are very happy here and enjoy working with the institute on the secret project. One of us steps forward quickly and say, ‘Don’t mention the project or our sponsor might fire everyone.’ The agents probe a little about the project and we reluctantly invite them to see the research activities.  We them take them and put them through a full rubber orientation including lots of opportunities to enjoy the full pleasure of rubbery sex and love.”
“And then what, Tom?” asked Leytecks.
“Well sir if your theories are really correct, and they seem to have worked on Betty and me, we will be able to get the investigators to write a report that will assure closure of the case and we will have two new guys to add to our security force,” Tom said hopefully.

“You know, that just might work.  But the initial session will have to be well planned out and tested before we proceed.”
“How do we test a procedure on people that are already converted?” 
“I guess we need a couple of new recruits,” responded Leytecks.

The ad was answered in less than a week.  Within three days the program was ready for testing and the two unsuspecting victims were invited to Westman College. The van pulled up to the main building and two rubber-sheathed figures were bundled from the back.

“Piece of cake,” commented one of the helpers as the two black bundles were carried like sacks of potatoes into the main research area.  The van ride had allowed for full preparation of the two new recruits and all of the virtual reality diodes were built into the suits they wore.  It was only a matter of minutes before the two bags were suspended in the near weightless condition afforded by the salty water of the pool.  The feeding and waste tubing was connected and all of the wire bundles were attached to the program consoles.  The computer started running the VR program.  The monitor immediately came to life as a rubber covered woman of perfect proportion glided toward the camera.  Her arms reached around the vision and she was soon moving erotically right against the screen.  The rubber highlights of her bodysuit set off her perfect form and created a vision of heaven (or was it hell).  Soon the two sacks were moving in the water as the bodies inside struggled against or succumbed to the rising arousal of their human bodies.

The show continued as the two fellows in the sacks reached climax after exhausting climax.  Only a few hours of respite were allowed each twenty-four hour cycle of the program and the two sacks were limp from the exertions of the activities during their period of rest. The program ran for twelve days before the two limp sacks were hauled from the pool. Tom was there when the sacks were pulled open and the two suits were cut away from the perspective associates.  Eyes were glazed over and the two were helped off to get proper cleaning, food and rest. Twelve hours later they were in Dr. Leytecks office.

“How do you feel?” Leytecks asked no one in particular.
“When do I get one of those rubber suits?” asked the one on the left while pointing toward Tom.
“Just as soon as you answer my questions.  You can join us and have your own rubber suit,” replied Leytecks.
“I feel fine.  Tired.  But ready for some more of the rubber,” said the one on the right.
“I second that,” replied the other.
“Thank you, gentleman.  You can go now and Phil,” Leytecks nodded toward the quiet assistant by the door, “can take care of you.”
“Oh, thank you, sir!” the two exclaimed almost in unison.

“What do you think, Tom?” asked Leytecks.
“Amazing.  These guys are graduates with PhD’s in psychology!  They are completely conditioned by the program.  They will do anything for latex.”
“Yes, and we have the latex.  Pavlov’s dog, Tom, what can I say?”  He continued, “Bring on the RCMP.” 

Doctor Luvven Leytecks looked uncomfortable in the tailored wool suit, shirt and tie.  He pulled at the neck of the shirt and sipped his water.  Tom was sitting in a chair across the way and was also in a suit and tie.  The suits had been procured, on short notice, from a local shop. 
“Doc, you don’t look too good.  Those cops are going to suspect something right from the start,” commented Tom.
“Yeah, I’m a victim of my own conditioning.  This is the first time I’ve put regular clothing on in over a year.  Even with the suit underneath, I can feel the fabric chafing through the latex.” Both Tom and Leytecks were wearing full rubber suits under the street clothes.  Low collars and no gloves kept the underclothing material discrete for this meeting. 

“Inspectors James and Scott of the RCMP have arrived, Doctor,” said the electronic voice over the office intercom.
“Send them in, Janet,” responded Leytecks to the message.
Leytecks and Tom stood as the two policemen came into the room.  Leytecks extended his hand after making sure it was dry.  “Glad you could come out to see us, gentlemen.”
“Thank you, sir, for making time for us.  We are investigating a rather delicate matter.  It seems that two young women have been reported missing.  We were able to trace them to Ladysmith but then they seemed to drop off the planet, eh.  We did talk to the ferry ticket fellows over on Vancouver Island and they thought they saw the two women near one of your vans about two months ago.  We were just wondering if we could talk to your staff and see if any of them might have seen the ladies?”
“Actually, I can do better than that.  I can let you talk with the ladies.”
“Really,” replied Inspector Scott.

“Yes.  They joined our little project about two months ago as a matter of fact.  I’m surprised they haven’t told any of their family, but then we don’t pry too closely into people’s private business, eh?”  Doctor Leytecks continued, “I’ll send for them straight away.  In the meantime, can I interest you in some drink, water, lemonade, or something stronger?”
“Water is fine; we’re on duty as you know,” said Scott.
“Fine.”  Leytecks spoke into the intercom, “Janet, fetch some water for our guests.  While you’re at it you can bring Tom and me some fresh water, too.”

Water soon arrived and Leytecks passed two glasses to the officers.  He took one and gave the tray to Tom.  “Now, it might be a few minutes for the ladies to get here from the research facility.  While we’re waiting, perhaps I can answer some additional questions about what we do here?”
“Doc, we hear very little about your place.  Some times people tell one of the officers that they never see anyone outside and often wondered why you have so many people arrive here but there seems to be no one ever leaving, eh.  We take most of those comments as just crackpot imaginations.  After all we have never received any complaints from neighbors, eh.”  Scott’s voice trailed off.  He took a drink of water.

“Well, we are an institution that studies psychological influences on the human mind.  The old days they called some of what we do “brainwashing”.  It really isn’t as sinister as all that.  We study the effects of specialized environmental inputs on the mind and in some cases the reduction or even denial of outside stimulation.  Isolation studies are quite the rave these days.  We want to get a feel for the effects of long term isolation with only a few people, something like what you would find in long distance space flight or on a space station. Part of our research is a joint venture with the US NASA and Canadian government to determine the effects of having to wear environmental suits for long periods of time like if there was a system failure on the new space station. You would be amazed at how total enclosure in heavy suits can effect one’s thought process.  In space that could have serious consequences so we need to observe subjects in a safe and controlled environment so we avoid any surprises should the real thing occur.”

“You mean like how they went a little nuts in Apollo 13,” said James.
“Quite right.  Lovell saved the day in holding them together.  Now just imagine the situation if they were also required to be in their suits for more than just the reentry?”
“I see.  Your project sounds pretty interesting.  Maybe we can see some of your work before we go?” asked Scott.
“I might find some time to show you a few things,” replied Leytecks.
The intercom voice filled the room, “The two ladies you wanted are here.”
“Send them in,” said Leytecks standing.  Tom stood as well.
The two cops tried to stand but stumbled and flopped back into their seats.  “Whoopsee,” said Scott.  “I don’t feel all that right.”  He placed his hand to his head and rubbed it.  James looked remarkably like a twin as he made the same sweep with his hand. The two women entered into the room, true visions of latex wonder in their skintight rubber suits.  The two policemen opened their mouths in disbelief of the vision just as they passed out from the drugged water.

Scott and James awoke to darkness and steady pressure on every part of their bodies.  Neither had any idea where he was.  Each was breathing through fitted nosecups and the air was faintly sweet with the pungent odor of... new rubber.  As they tried to work their mouths, they were both surprised to find the jaws were wedged firmly open by a hard rubber mouthpiece.  A tube seemed to be pushed deep into each esophagus.  They could feel the penetration of their anal area and the pain of something pushing against the prostate region.  Neither could move a fraction of an inch.  Breathing was difficult, like wearing a too tight shirt, but not impossible.  Each remembered seeing two very shapely women in Leytecks office.  One of them thought they were wearing some sort of lycra exercise suits, the other one thought the material of the suits were vinyl.  Of course they were both wrong.

“Gentlemen,” an intercom device inside the elaborate VR helmet cracked to life.  “Welcome to my virtual reality isolation pool.  Let me tell you what you’re wearing and where you are.  This will give you a good idea of your situation. While you were asleep we took the liberty to strip you and remove all of the hair from your bodies.  We then placed you in very thin and specially designed latex suits that cover you completely.  We made sure that all of the proper openings and requirements for your bodily functions were handled.  We then placed you inside thicker outer suits, also made from latex.  These suits have special sensors that will stimulate various parts of your bodies as you live the VR experience we have planned for you.  Your helmets are really quite special, tight fitting latex that seals your from outside stimulation but there is a miniature headsup display built into the eye lenses, of course the intercom and we can provide you with any sort of odor or taste we want through the tubing.  We then placed you into sealed sacks that hold your legs and arms rigidly at your sides and your necks and heads in place.  We don’t want you moving or thrashing about as that type of behavior could result in your air tubes, feeding tubes, or relief tubes coming loose."

“Finally, we lowered your cocooned bodies into a pool of heavily salted water to produce near weightlessness.  We heat the pool to the exact temperature of human skin.  In this way we can completely isolate you from all outside stimulus.  We can also make certain that the only stimulus that you receive comes from our program.  Complete isolation does very bad things to the mind so we will make certain to keep you busy since we don’t want to harm you. Oh, by the way, I sent an interim report to your headquarters informing them that your investigation would take a few more days than originally planned.  You wanted to make certain that we were completely innocent of any wrong doing in conjunction with the girls.  For that reason you decided to go undercover as applicants for our research projects rather than the original plan to visit us outright.  I suspect that our interim reports will keep your HQ happy until you are again available to make your own final report on your findings. Enjoy your experience.  I know I did when we were testing the programming for effectiveness.”  The intercom crackled dead and within minutes a whole new world, as simulated by the VR equipment, opened before the two rubber entombed cops.

Inspector Scott of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was being taken through the fifth erotic adventure since his holiday at this resort had begun.  He was Batman and he was in Cat Woman’s lair.  Cat Woman approached him on all fours while he was strapped to a latex covered bed.  She crept to his feet and began to lick him on his toes. She took his foot into her mouth and sucked lightly on the latex of his stocking.  She began to work her tongue slowly up the rubber-clad leg and was soon licking his crotch area.  She took her fingers and careful to avoid tearing his suit with her nails began to massage his hard nipples. As his member grew in strength, she slowly worked at the seal of his belt and released the heavy rubber molded leggings from his abdomen piece.  She drew the leggings down and his sheathed cock sprung to attention.
She reversed her position and settled her shiny black bum right against his mouth.  “Lick me to ecstasy you caped rubber man and I’ll show you proper reward,” she purred.

He stretched out to the length of his restraints and began to push his tongue into the crack of her bum.  She squirmed to get closer to his reaching tongue and settled right squarely onto his probing mouth.
“Oh, that does feel soooo good,” she whispered hoarsely.  “Take me where I’ve never been before.”
She began to squeeze his rubber-clad cock between her fingers, milking him skillfully.  The already hard tool grew in girth and became even more rigid under her hand.  He felt the pleasure-pain of demand that was withheld by her grasping tightly to the base of his sheathed manhood.  Her action just caused him to redouble his efforts to bring her to fulfillment.
“Keep it up, Batman.  Oh, yes.  That’s the way.  Yes bring me home to paradise.  OH, NOW YOU HAVE THE IDEA.  OOOOH, OOOOH, Y-E-S, Y-E-S, YY-EEE-SSSSS!”

Her body went completely rigid cutting off Scott’s breath as she pushed hard against his hooded face.  She exploded in a massive orgasm and plunged her own mouth down on his rigid instrument, taking him to the root and sucking hard against the black rubber sheath.  He couldn’t hold back any longer.  Even while he was struggling for air he exploded pumping of his life fluid into the rubber protection.  Cat Woman rolled from his top and lay next to him.  She played at one of his breasts lightly, rubber finger lightly stroking rubber nipple.

“The Cat Woman Program does it every time.  Tom, you really put some heart into that one,” Leytecks was watching the vital response monitor of Scott.
“Well, Doc, Betty and I sort of practiced that one a few times while I was developing the best response and timing of her orgasm.”
Leytecks laughed, “Now that’s what I call mixing pleasure with work. What do you think?  Have they had enough of our virtual world?”
“Let me see.”  Tom looked at the printouts for Scott.  “He has become increasingly susceptible to rubber stimulation.  As you can see, in the beginning, he was quite slow in arousal and even failed on these less provocative situations.  Here he has opened up completely to rubber loving and when we put him in a situation with a girl in normal street clothing, he showed only slight interest until he was able to get her to try rubber.  Every indicator points to a rubber convert.”
“How about James?” asked Leytecks.
“Oh, yes.  He’s ready, too.”
“Not bad.  It only took four days.  Get them out of the pool.  Clean them up and let them have some food and sleep.  I’ll see them in say,” Leytecks looked at his watch, “ten hours?”
“Sounds great Doc.” Tom replied as Leytecks left the room.

Scott and James were escorted into Leyteck’s office.  This time Leytecks was wearing his more usual attire, two black rubber body suits, the outer one with attached boots, white latex lab coat, gloves and an open face hood.  The two RCMP inspectors were wearing body suits with full-face hoods and attached gloves.  Their feet were encased in black Wellington boots.
“Gentlemen, What have you decided about our little colony?” asked Leytecks straight away.
“It is perfectly fine, Doctor.  In fact we both would love to stay here except we do have wives.  Regardless, we will submit a final negative report on the investigation as long as you will allow us to visit on occasion,” replied Scott for both of them.

“Well, Inspector Scott, we can’t really do it that way.  Perhaps I can offer a counter proposal.  We will bring your wives to the colony and introduce them the pleasures of rubber.  In the meantime, you can finalize your report and perhaps submit your resignations to the RCMP soon afterward.  Of course you will remain here as our guests until your wives can join us.”
“Do we have much of a choice in this?” asked Scott.
“But of course, Inspector, you can choose to stay voluntarily or we will just put you back into the VR programming again forcibly!  Either way you will stay with us.  Of course if you don’t volunteer, we will have to stage an unfortunate accident to explain your disappearance.  I guess your wives would receive a government pension in appreciation for your loss in the line of duty, but I suspect the life they will have with us will be far more enjoyable and secure.”
“Since you put it that way, I suppose we will stay,” Scott answered as James nodded in agreement.
“In that case, I can offer you a job in our security department.  You will be compensated at say, $4000 per month in addition to room and board.”
Scott looked surprised at this offer but said, “I accept.”
Leytecks looked to James, “And you?”
“I accept,” replied James.

“Good.  It’s settled.  I’ll have some of the staff fetch your families before the end of the week.  We’ll look after your houses and other effects.  You’ll need to sign over a Power of Attorney for that but we should have everything taken care of in no time.  I’ll have contracts drawn up for our agreement. 
“Oh, and welcome to the team.”
Leytecks rang a bell and four men came into the room.
“Gentlemen, meet your new team members.  They have family that will be joining us by the end of the week but until then, you can perhaps find some entertaining diversion to keep them occupied,” Leytecks explained.
With those instructions the four men went two to each of the former RCMP Inspectors and not too gently hustled them out of the office.
Leytecks called after them, “Have fun.”  He started to laugh as the door closed behind the two groups of men.

Chapter Six

Tom was once again strapped into the chair with the rubber sheet molded about him from the vacuum.  He was right against the window looking out on the experiment gallery.  Below him were two forms bound, bound in many layers of rubber and strapped to shiny chrome poles.  While observing the preparation of the two subjects, he had felt a touch of envy at not being placed into the bondage as well.

As usual, the two new recruits had been fitted with the proper plumbing and tubing to insure life giving air, nourishment and bodily functions.  All of the tubes and hoses were carefully fitted through openings in the first suit and sealed with cement.  A second and a third suit were pulled over the two men and the same procedure of fitting and cementing was completed.  Tom noticed that the sheath on the first suit fit into a thick sheath on the second suit.  The sheath of that suit seemed to be inflatable.  The third suit had a series of rings along the inner surface that matched with the sheath.  The sheathed cock of each subject was pulled through the rings before the suit was finally pulled into place.  The inflatable sheath was then pumped up.  A noticeable bulge about the groin area was proof that the cocks were securely locked into position.  The relief tube looped back through the crotch and passed through the same opening as the anal tube.

Very heavy hoods were strapped to the two men and carefully cemented into place.  Only the eyes were visible.  The two hissed audibly as they breathed through nose tubes in the hood.  The mouths were forced open from inflatable gags that had tubes passing through them. Inside the three tight suits, Scott felt the heavy and constant pressure on all of his body.  The thick rubber booties made it impossible for him to even bend his toes or wriggle his feet.  His hands were in very heavy bondage gloves that forced the fingers to remain in an open slightly curved position.  He was hot from the three heavy rubber suits and erotic thoughts of what might come next aroused him.  His jaw was forced open by that gag and the heavy hood was squeezing his head in its tight mind-blowing grip.  His cock was encased in that complex arrangement of rings and the inflatable sheath.  He was approaching nirvana in rubber.  The pressure was becoming unbearable, as was a desire to obtain carnal gratification. 

Next the two men were strapped to posts.  First the feet were placed in clamps that held them comfortably apart.  Next the waists were tied to the posts with rubber cords.  Cords were wrapped around the chest securely and the arms were pulled behind the back and cuffed to the pole.  Finally the necks were fitted with wide rubber collars that were secured to “D” rings on the pole by locks.  The hoses that handled bodily functions were cleverly hidden within the chrome pole.  The exit from their suits matched a hole in the pole.  The tubes were fed into the pole and terminated in a waste sump at the base of the raised platform Scott felt himself being further immobilized as he was secured to some sort of pole.  He began to feel remarkably like a store mannequin as his ability to move was reduced to zero.  He was even positioned by the pole, as a mannequin would be.  The bondage did nothing to reduce his arousal and he continued to ache for relief.

The final element of the bondage was a gas mask for each of them.  The mirrored lenses belied the fact that the wearers would be completely blinded.  The masks had drinking tubes that fit perfectly onto the end of the tube that passed through the gags of the mannequin men.  Air hoses looped theatrically out from the inlet ports and terminated at bright yellow SCUBA tanks that were hanging behind the chrome poles holding the two men.  The masks were pulled into position, feeding tubes mated with the gag tube and the harness straps pulled tight. Now Scott saw the fellow working on his bondage approach him with an Israeli style gas mask that appeared modified.  He could see a short tube on the inside as the black faceplate was brought toward him. 
“See ya’ later,” said the dresser as the mask met Scott’s face.

Suddenly the light went gray as he realized the mask’s lenses were covered or painted.  He could still see a little light from the edges but he knew that light would be gone once the mask straps were tightened about his head.  Fingers fiddled with the tube then everything went black as the mask was pulled snug about his face.  The tight grip of the mask edges was driving him to ecstasy.  The mask amplified the internal sound of his breathing and he could feel the rapidly increasing thump of his heart in his chest. The attendant began to polish every inch of the outer suit with rubber sheen.  Soon each of the mannequin men was an indistinguishable shiny black figure bound in rubber.  The attendant went to a console that sat near the two and took wire leads from it to the mannequins.  He attached the leads to clips located at the crotch.  He then switched the machine on and watched for the response.

Scott was near bursting by the attention he had been receiving.  Completely in the dark and encased in tight rubber, he had been subjected to a soft massage that had been applied to every inch of his body.  To his frustration, the activity had not lingered about his cock long enough for satisfaction.  Now he was sweating inside the entombing rubber and waiting for what would happen next.  It took only a moment as the rings gripping his tool suddenly sprang to life and began a methodical massage of his tool that brought him to the brink of explosive release and satisfaction.  He was squeezing his eyes shut in anticipation and could see those flashes like stars that often accompany such activity and the vibrations stopped.

Tom saw the bodies tense in anticipation then they froze.  One of them was visibly trying to move within his binding and was completely thwarted.  He noted the response with his push console.  His tool ached for attention and his desire to be bound the same way was undeniable. The vibrations began after a period of time and Scott again began to tense in anticipation.  His throbbing tool was again being massaged toward another, disappointment (?) or success (?).  The programming of the console provided his answer as he tensed at the edge of elation for what seemed an eternity before the machine stroked him over the edge into a heaven of exploding lights and sexual rapture.

Tom noted the figure on the left shaking visibly within his restraints as an explosive orgasm wracked his entire body.  As in the past, Tom was now completely aroused and unable to do anything about it.  But he knew that his reward was coming at the end of the experiment.  He pushed the red button feverishly.  He knew he could look forward to a ravishing rubber sex session at Betty’s hands once they finished this test.  His mind wandered to those more pleasant thoughts. Tom’s reverie was interrupted as two men came in and released him from the restraining chair. 
“This one was quick,” he said.
“You were just being used for test marketing, Tom.  The test is a success so those two are off to another job, so to speak, and you are off for the rest of the day.  I’m sure you can think of something to fill your time,” explained the helper.

Below, the two mannequins and their supporting equipment were crated and hauled to a loading dock.  They were soon on the way to the ferry and Vancouver Island.  The fragile cargo was moved to Sidney for another ferry to Vancouver.  By the end of the day they were on display in the “Leather Binder”, a store specializing in leather and latex fetish and bondage.
As the equipment was activated and the two shiny forms began to shudder in erogenous ecstasy the leather-clad shopkeeper quipped, “I’ll bet these guys will boost our rubber sales.”

“Remember, they can only be on display for the week.  Don’t forget to feed them twice a day with the formula and don’t forget to empty the sump every night unless you want to have a real mess in the morning.  The air tanks get replaced when the needle on the panel gets into the yellow zone.  Each bottle usually lasts about four hours but it depends on the activity, if you know what I mean.  There are twenty bottles included with the display.  We have a standing contract at ‘Safety System Supply’ to refill empties.  You can give them this invoice number for billing and confirmation. Those are real people inside those suits so don’t forget anything,” the driver said handing over a sheet of paper.

“Do they have to use the bottles all of the time?”
“No.  You can always disconnect the hoses from the masks while you’re closed but the bottles do add a certain panache to the display for business hours,” the driver said.
“I got you.  Now how many of these contraptions can you make?” he asked.
“Why as many as you like but they are custom-order and very expensive.”

As the two mannequin-men shuddered from a powerful explosion of lust, the storekeeper said fervently, “I want to order one right now!  Money is no object.”  He rummaged through a drawer and pulled out a piece of paper.  “I think these measurements are enough for you guys to make it.”
The driver took the paper and chuckled beneath his breath.  “The Institute might actually become a going concern after all,” he thought as he left the store. 

Chapter Seven
Betty’s Idea of Rest

Betty waited for Tom to come from the test area.  A staffer had tipped her off to the fact that Tom would be home very soon.  In preparation, she put her shiniest red body suit over the black one that was standard uniform.  She lay on the center of the black latex sheet of the bed.  Her coy position most suggestive of a good time ahead.  She knew that Tom would willingly get into the tight bondage sack that was hidden beneath the bed but she wanted to experience the thrill and arousal of forcing him, unsuspectingly, into the bondage.  Her plan was well thought out.

Tom came into the room, tired from the session, brief as it was, but ready for just about anything but rest.  His member was only slightly less excited than it had been in the observation room.  He thought of just wanking himself off and then hitting the bed but he figured that Betty would not appreciate such a selfish act.
“Honey, I’m home,” called Tom.
“In the bedroom, My Sweet,” replied Betty sensually.
Tom felt the stir in his loin as her melodic voice implied possibilities.  Upon entering the room he saw a heavenly, for a rubberist, vision as the black bed sheet accentuated his wife’s shiny red body.  He came forward purposefully and reached down for a kiss.

Betty curled one arm around his waiting body and put her rubber-framed lips to his in a deep passionate lip lock.  Her other hand came around the top and as she pulled her tongue from his mouth she swiftly pulled the Israeli gas mask that was hidden behind her back over his head.  She tugged the rubber straps snug and the gas mask, with eye openings covered by heavy duct tape, blinded Tom completely. Tom, though surprised, didn’t struggle.  His member did, however, become fully attentive of the turn of events.  Betty pushed him on his stomach.  She began bucking on his buns and rubbing her hot rubber-covered pussy against his ass cheeks. For Tom the bucking rider was driving his swollen member deep into the rubber sheet.  The actions aroused him to a new level and he soon wanted her to finish the job with her mouth, her pussy, her hands, or just about anything that was part of her.
“I’m going to ride you for a while,” she said.

She lifted herself off of him and rolled him over.  She climbed back on him and began to rock her mons on his hard rigid tool.  One hand pulled the rubber sack up from the floor as she rocked on his taught abdomen. With some difficulty she spread the bag near to his prone body. He was groaning in ecstasy as she rode on him in this position for a few minutes.  She was rubbing her gloved fingers against her hard nipples and was just as ready for satisfaction but she knew it had to wait.  She continued to line the bag up. This time within six inches of Tom’s hot prone body.  She rolled him again onto his stomach. Tom was about to protest but knew that waiting usually had its reward.  He figured that Betty just wanted to elevate her own arousal some more by riding his butt.  She had always been partial to his ass cheeks and since discovering latex she usually was even more aroused by the shiny globes.   He turned his head to the side for breath and let Betty ride him.

Now Tom was centered on the bag.  The bag had two internal sleeves that locked the arms to the side of the sack.  She made sure that one side of the sleeve was between the arm and his body as she maneuvered each arm onto a sleeve piece.  She clamped her legs to his arms holding them to his side as she began to close the zipper on the internal sleeves that bound the arms to the sack lining.  By doing the task carefully Tom would not be aware of the additional bondage that she was placing him in...until she was ready to spring the trap.  She finished closing the zippers.  Next she, while continuing to rock on his buns, leaned over, pulled the sack edges together and quickly tugged the zipper of the bag up to his ass.

Tom realized immediately that his legs were pinned in a bondage sack.  His automatic reaction, to grab at his tormentor, was thwarted by the bondage sleeves that held his arms.  Before he could pull his arms out of the sleeves she finished sealing the sack to his neck making that action impossible.  Now she rolled his bound body on his back and worked the hood over the snout of his gas mask.  The hood front was perfectly shaped to the Israeli gas mask shape and the breathing holes lined up with the intake and exhale ports of the mask.  She lifted his head and finished closing the sack. 

Tom was completely immobilized in the bondage sack and he felt Betty fumbling about his crotch area.  Blinded and helpless, he could only wait for her next move.  His arousal was painfully real as he strained to find comfort in release.  Suddenly the convenience zipper at the front if his outer suit opened and his sheathed tool sprung forth in all of its rubber-inflated glory.  In his previous life, his erection was a modest five inches but rubber arousal and the prolongation of the foreplay provided by the variety of rubber play often caused his tool to spring forth at six or more inches!  He knew this boner had to be a “Grand Puba”, at least seven inches with the girth to match.

Betty gasped at the sight of his black member standing gloriously at attention.  She didn’t fully understand the extra verve that resulted from their rubber play but she was quite contented with the result.  Betty eased her aching pussy onto the awaiting phalanx.  The lubricated rubber pussy sheath that was inside her pussy easily took Tom’s rubber sheathed member into her wet love nest stretching and filling her completely.  She gasped as her love button seated against the base of his hot rod and the tip of his member brushed the inner “G” spot.  She began to pump herself (and him) into climatic bliss.  Each stroke resulted in a tiny shock of ecstasy as his member found her inner spot at the limit of each push, a decisive exclamation point of desire.  The flashing lights of release and joy flooded her vision as she was wracked with an incredible explosion of carnal lust.  She screamed to the sky and lost consciousness from the intensity of the moment and collapsed, sprawling onto the prone sack of her lover, her love nest still impaled by his member.

Tom experienced the most extraordinary event as she clutched his thrusting tool.   He exploded into the sheath to the accompaniment of flashing stars and near blinding light.  As he relaxed from the trip to heaven, he realized that she had collapsed right onto him and that his cock was rigidly fixed inside her love spot.  He wasn’t aching for release, but he remained somewhat hard as he happily rocked beneath his exhausted wife.  She didn’t stir from her slumber as he rocked himself to a second explosion and pumped more love juice into the sheath.  He fell asleep, his flaccid member still trapped inside her succulent mound. 

They awoke hours later as Betty stirred and realizing where she was began to push herself against his rubbery tool.  He stirred from his sleep and his body responded to her actions as he was again carried to a long and prolonged release of passion.  She panted fervently as she came in one of those gentle almost rolling releases of passion leaving her with a warm and cozy afterglow.  She reluctantly rolled from her encased spouse and lifted his head to start removing the sack.

Tom shook his head “no” and Betty realized that he wanted to stay in the cocoon.  She reached down and closed the zipper on his suit and the zipper of the sack, trapping his loving cock safely behind two additional layers of rubber.  She smiled to herself as she nestled up to the long shiny black rubber sack, draped an arm over its top and fell back asleep.

Doctor Leytecks
continues in Chapter 8

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