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Doctor Leytecks
by RbrBill
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‘Doctor Leytecks’
Or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lived for H. Brasiliensis’

Chapter 3  - Revelations

Tom slowly climbed out of the unconsciousness of deep sleep.  He was so exhausted from his first two days, if it was that long or longer, at the institute.  His awareness slowly returned as if sleep was layered and each layer was peeled back one at a time to expose the kernel of wakefulness.  There was someone warm next to him, snuggled against his back.  In surprise he rolled and found Betty next to him.  She was fast asleep.  Tom studied his wife closely, noting the steady breathing and the serenity of her face.  He hugged her to him and brushed his lips against her forehead in a tender kiss.

Tom wondered at what he had gotten them into.  His thoughts of the last days crowded into his mind now that he was fully awake and rested.  A dull ache permeated his entire body from the stress of the prolonged bondage that had been forced on him.  He wondered at what Betty had been doing those first days.  He studied her face for a clue and found none. 
Presently Betty’s expression formed a contented smile as she must have become aware that Tom was awake and near her.  Slowly she awoke and gave Tom a big smile and passionate kiss.
“How did you know what this place would be like?” she asked.
Surprised by her question, Tom replied, “I didn’t.  Do you like it here?”
“It’s wonderful.  It’s mind stretching.  It’s absolutely the most amazing place I’ve ever seen!”
“So what happened in your first three days?” Tom asked with justifiable concern.
Instead of replying, Betty jumped from the bed and walked quickly to a wardrobe where she took a latex brief, some gloves and a hood out.  She ran back to the bed, pulled the hood over Tom’s head, pulled the brief roughly up his legs and donning the gloves began to stroke his member into full attention. 

Tom, surprised by this sudden attack, was never the less aroused.  In his blinded state, he let Betty have her way with him and she climbed over him and eased her warm pussy onto his sheathed member.  She bucked and rode his rod until her passion released in a quaking orgasm.  As she drew him deeper into her nest, he exploded into the tight sheath.  She felt his heat and release and came again before collapsing on his chest.  She lay there, arms wrapped loosely about his neck and holding his drained rubber encased cock inside her warm pussy.  After some minutes, she eased back onto the bed.  She pulled the hood from his head and grasped his flaccid cock between her rubber-covered fingers and began her tale.

“After they took you away, two women dressed completely in rubber led me off to some sort of reception area.  They stripped everything off of me and forced me into a shower.  I was shackled at the ankles and arms and couldn’t avoid the jets of water pounding me.  The shower refreshed me and left my skin completely smooth.”
For emphasis Betty took off the wig she was wearing to expose her naked head.
“My pussy is just as clean”, she said.
“I know.  I saw them preparing you in the van,” Tom said.

She continued.  “They performed an enema on me and cleaned my insides out the they pulled on a full suit that had vibrating plugs for my ass and my pussy.  The suit was the thinnest latex and although it covered me like a second skin, I couldn’t really feel the rubber that much although it had no feet or gloves.  Next they pulled a second, much heavier suit over me.  This suit had attached feet and gloves. 

“When the second suit was to my waist, they pulled the electrical wires of the dildos through tiny holes at the crotch and sealed off the holes with glue.  Then they poured liquid between the two suits.  They worked the liquid down between the suits.  They pushed the stuff down to the bottom of the second suit.  I felt it work between my toes and fill the space beneath my arch as it molded perfectly to the shape of my feet.  They continued to push the liquid into and around my waist and soon I could feel the pressure of the evenly distributed liquid.  As the stuff reached my hips and waist, it pushed against the dildos, pushing them further into me. 

“They then pulled the second suit over my arms and shoulder and closed the zipper.  They sealed the zipper seam with rubber tape then began to pour the liquid between the suits from the neck opening.  The stuff flowed down into the space and soon they were working and pushing the liquid into every crevice between the two suit.  I felt the enclosing material gripping my body wore snugly.  My breathing became difficult as the suits tightened the grip about my chest. They pushed the liquid into the arms and down to my hands.  There my fingers were surrounded just as my toes by the stuff.  The material began to harden, cure I guess, around my lower body and I could feel it press against my body as it stiffened. Finally there was a layer of the liquid sandwiched between the two suit up to my neck.  They the pulled a hood over my head that completely covered me.  It had only two tubes, which they inserted into my nose.  They worked about the collar of the first suit as they must have sealed the hood to it.  I felt them pull a second, heavier hood into place and knew they were sealing it to the outer suit.  Then I felt the liquid pushing into the hood from its crown.  I could feel the stuff flowing up my neck and over the chin, the cheeks and finally my eyes and ears.  The inner hood was pressed right against every facial feature as the pressure increased.  My breathing increased from excitement and a mixture of fear as I realized that I was now entombed inside the suits and the stuff that was visible thickening as it cured. Soon I could only move with quite some effort.”

Tom interrupted the tale, “What was the liquid?”

“I’m getting to that,” Betty said. “They led me some distance and began to slowly immobilize me by strapping me to some sort of frame.  They tied each leg at the ankles, knees and mid-thigh.  They strapped my waist snuggly against the frame and secured my wrists, elbows and upper arms.  Next a wide strap was fitted about my neck and finally they tied another strap at my forehead.  By the time they were finished, I couldn’t move anything. All along the liquid stuff was tightening the grip on my body.  I felt like I was in a cocoon.  Before I was left alone, one of the rubber assistants got next to me and said, ‘We put liquid latex between the two suits.  When it is completely dry, you will be sealed inside a suit of rubber that is customized to your body and a quarter inch thick.  Enjoy your entrapment.’ They left the room but not before the electrical wiring from the dildos was connected to some timed power source.  For the next, I have no idea how long, I was brought into a continued state of arousal and the things brought me to orgasm so many times that I completely lost count!”

“Did they feed you or anything?” Tom asked.

“After some time, you know time doesn’t exist when you are completely enslaved in that type of bondage, someone fed a tube into my mouth and forced some sort of broth into me.  When I had to finally pee, I just let go around the dildo.  Eventually the piss began to build up inside of the suit but they must have planned for that too because every so often the piss would be drained.  I guess they had a drain cock fitted near the heels of the suit.  I didn’t really notice it when they were putting the thing on me but then I was sort of out of it by then anyway. I came and came then fell asleep right in the bondage.  I woke up after who knows and the vibrators were still working on me.  I erupted in another series of explosive orgasms.  I know that the sweat must have been pouring from me and each time I bit down on the little flange that held my mouth open.  The muscle spasms eventually were so weak from my exhaustion that I thought I would die but the stimulation didn’t stop. Soon I fell asleep again then they were taking me down and they slit the suit open, letting me out.  They literally carried me to this room and I found you sleeping when they put me to bed.  I was so spent from the ordeal yet I’m ready to try another session in rubber bondage.” 
Betty’s narrative sputtered to a stop. 

“Tom, I would have never thought of doing something like this on my own but in this place, with no choice in the matter, I can accept just about anything they want to do to me.  It’s kind of scary.”
Tom told Betty about his observation session.  He finished saying, “I wasn’t allowed to come for the entire time.  I was just locked in those suits and that chair with no relief despite the fact that my desire was certainly aroused by the experiment.  I still don’t know if those guys in the pool enjoyed drinking my piss or not.”
The door opened as he finished that last sentence.
“I assure you, they enjoyed your juice immensely.  Many of our students and subjects enjoy just that sort of humiliation.  We never force anyone to do something they don’t want...most of the time anyway.  Let me introduce myself.  I am Doctor Luvven Leytecks, director of this project.” 

The man before them was wearing a white rubber smock through which could be seen the black shiny hint of a full body suit.  His feet were encased in heavy black rubber fishing boots.  His hands were enclosed in matching black rubber gloves.  Only his face was visible to Tom and Betty.
“I’m a rubberist.  I study other people’s reaction to life in rubber clothing and sexual stimulation by this sensuous material.  I hope to discover the reason why so many of us are attracted to this substance.”

“Isn’t your research a little skewed since you force your experiments on people and the reinforcement provided by the sexual gratification programs us to respond positively to rubber?” asked Tom.

“A good question.  Actually one must be predisposed to the love of rubber before the material can work its magic, even under the most forced circumstances.  Love of latex can be an acquired passion but I believe that only happens if the predisposition is there.”

“Have any of your subjects not responded to rubber?” Tom asked.

“Well, not really.  Our methods are quite thorough.  However, I am looking for the first subject.  Then we can compare brain patterns between the rubberist and the non-rubberist to see if there are significant differences...”

Tom interrupted, “I think that proves my point.”

Leytecks ignored the interruption and continued, “With your help we may find the answer to the question of how a rubber fetish is triggered and what the result is.  Please never interrupt me again.  The consequences can be quite harsh.”

Chapter 4
A Day at the Institute

Monday, August 16:   Betty and I are awakened at 5:30 this morning after spending most of Sunday recovering from our first 96 hours at the institute.  She is taken away by two rubber-clad women while two male attendants took charge of me.  I shower under the watchful eye of the two fellows, shaving isn’t necessary but lotion for the skin feels nice.  I complete my morning toilet before being escorted into a room that contained a chair and a pile of shiny black rubber.  The rubber pile reveals itself as two suits with hood, a brief with sheath and plug and a gas mask.  Talc and lubricant is also there to make donning the items easier.  By now I have a good idea of what to do so I powder my body, lube the plug and pull the brief up my legs and settle it into the place.  The sheath fits over my member.  It has a tube at the tip and two electrical wires that spring from its base.  The base has a thick ring that fits snuggly around my cock and holds it in the sheath. 

As usual, the plug is hollow with a plug to allow access for bodily function or for enemas.  I pull the first suit up my legs and when it is covering my butt, one of the attendants glues the butt plug to the suit so that the removable cap is aligned with the corresponding suit opening.  I finish working the suit into place and pull the hood to my face.  The hood is the standard hood for the Institute, complete coverage with clear latex at the eyes, tubes for the nose and a mouthpiece with a short tube that sealed around my lips.  I pull the heavier suit up and made sure that everything lines up with the openings and tubes.  The attendants pull tubes and wires through minute openings in the suit and seal the penetrations with cement.  I notice additional electrical connecting points looking like small silver snaps centered on raised black circular pads on the suit.  I finish pulling the zipper closed. Again my body responds to the feel of the tight rubber.  The massaging effect of the rubber is again bringing me to arousal despite my continued skepticism as to the effect and power of this stretchy material.

They take me to a room with windows that overlook a large warehouse space.  I am placed in a chair at a console and strapped into the chair.  A control pad is strapped to my wrist. The buttons are easily accessible by my fingers.  I am now told to observe the floor and note my personal reactions to what I see by using the pad buttons, green for “normal”, yellow for “elevated interest”, orange for “getting hot” and red for “over the top”.  They finish connecting the tubing in my suit to various hoses and electrical wires are attached to the little silver buttons.  A wide strap is wrapped about my forehead and another about my chest.  These too have wires attached.  All of the wires are bundled together and disappear behind me to an unseen location. 

Below me subjects of the experiment are in various stages of bondage or isolation.  All of the visible subjects are female, I think.  I only can speculate in the case of two of the forms that are in inflated sacks and look like sausages hanging from the overhead beams.  All of the subjects are in separate cubicles. 

One of the cubicles glides to the window on tracks and the person is right before me in full detail.  I see an obvious woman with a finely shaped body enclosed in tight latex.  There are no wrinkles on her glossy skin.  The shadows from lighting highlight the shape and curve of her femininity.  She is stretched across a saddle like seat and I can see the base of a dildo penetrating her intimate spot.  She is undulating rhythmically on the seat and her eyes are visible through the gas mask and the lenses of her hood.  I see her increase her action and soon her eyes roll as she bucks feverishly into orgasm.  She pounds the saddle for what must be an eternity as she uses the saddle to bring on multiple orgasms before collapsing onto the saddle.  She turns her head to me and her eyes are glazed over from self-gratification.  I am thoroughly aroused and feel the heat.  I push the orange button and receive a sudden vibration from the ring around my cock. 

The cubicle withdraws and one that contains an inflated sack advances to my window.  I see the sack with an obvious occupant that is moving inside.  Through the inflated hood, I can see two eyes peering from within.  As I focus on the eyes they seem suspended in a sea of black.  They look directly at me and I can tell the person is highly aroused.  The eyes almost seem to be pleading to me looking for what? Fulfillment is the one thought I have; this person wants sexual fulfillment.  I can’t provide it.  I can only observe and push the buttons.  I push the yellow button.  The sack moves as if pushing the button triggered some response from some hidden device.  I see the eyes blink at me and begin to dart side to side as the motion in the sack becomes more pronounced.  Suddenly the eyes roll up and the lids shut.  The body within thrusts against the limits of the sack and I fear that the bag may be pulled from its mounting.  The eyes flutter open and I see the obvious gratitude of the owner in them.  I push the orange button again and feel the little jolt about the base of my throbbing cock.

The cubicle withdraws to be replaced by one with a rubbery vixen in a bubble bath.  She is using the tubing from her gas mask to pleasure herself as she rubs soapsuds over her breasts with her free hand.  The corrugated tube is pushing hard against her rubber-sheathed sex and her nipples are hard against the latex skin of the suit.  Little clumps of soapsuds highlight her suit.  I can tell that she has cut off her breathing in her concentrated desire to accomplish the goal of sexual ecstasy.  She pulls the tubing from her for a second and takes in deep breaths of air before plunging the tube back to its favored position.  I marvel at the cross purposes at work...on the one hand she wants to achieve sexual gratification yet to accomplish this elusive goal she must sacrifice her very well being symbolized by the suffocating process associated with her actions.  Denial of sexual release or denial of life-giving air is this girl’s dilemma.

As she alternately works the hard tubing against her clitoris or takes breaths of fresh air, she is looking directly at me with the same pleading eyes as the sack subject.  My heightened arousal pushes me to punch the orange button.  A churning begins in the water as a some hidden vibrator kicks into action.  He girl pulls the tube from her crotch and breathing in panting breaths rides the vibrating phalanx hidden in her suit to heavenly bliss.  She squeezes her eyes shut and kicks her legs out uncontrollably as orgasm after orgasm rip through her sexually tortured body.  She is panting as the waves of passion subside and she looks toward me with that same look of gratitude the “sack person”. 

I push the red button and the vibrations at the base of my cock thrust hard and long and I find my own eyes fluttering and lights seemingly flashing before me as I am plunged headlong over the abyss falling into the bottomless pit of carnal bliss and fulfillment.  I feel my hot juices spurting into the sheath as my hips thrust against the restraints with each pumping burst of living juice. Now my eyes must glaze over with contentment as I drift into light sleep from the morning’s arousal and ultimate release of sexual energy. 

I awaken in a bedroom.  I am still in the two suits but the mouthpiece is gone and I am now in a gas mask with a long hose attached to the inlet valve.  My now flaccid member slips easily inside the sheath that is lubricated with my own life energy.  I slowly am aware of the running water coming from the room next door.  I stumble from the bed on shaky legs and slowly approach the door.

As I approach the door, I see it is the entrance to a bathroom.  A sink and shiny black tile is all I see at first, but as I reach the entrance, the whole room reveals itself to me.  In front of me is a black marble counter with two black sinks.  Black marbled tile covers the floor.  The fixtures are polished brass and a mirror along the length of the wall reflects the entire room.  At the far end of the counter I see the black commode.  I turn my head toward the sound of the running water and I see a large tub.  It is black, quite deep for a bath and large enough to fit two people comfortably.  I see the white puff of bubble bath as the water is drawn and peaking between the suds I see a gas masked face.  I see the same eyes as the girl from the observation booth.  She eases herself out of the bath and the glistening water runs from her black shiny body.  Puffs of suds cling to her breasts and shoulders.  She beckons to me to join her and I hesitantly advance. 

In a revelation I realize those lusting eyes are familiar yet they seem so foreign.  This vixen is my Betty!  She has been transformed into a rubber vision.  The gas mask hose dangles from the front of the mask and she sways before me.  I take her hand as she draws me into the tub.  I study the clean lines of the latex suit as it moulds to her exact shape and marvel at the simplicity of the female form when covered by this shiny material.   She takes the end of her hose and screws it onto the end of my exhaust port.  She then grabs the end of the hose on my mask intake and screws it onto her own exhaust port.  Now I taste the hot sweet breath of her exhale as she eases into the tub.  The tubing pulls me down and I am lying beside her in the tub.  I know that we do not have very much time before the rebreathing we are now doing will have fatal results, yet instead of fear I feel sexual arousal.  I reach for her crotch to find the golden treasure and begin to massage her.  She begins to work feverishly on me as I am rising to the moment and our breathing becomes faster. 

The hoses collapse and expand, as our breaths grow more frantic!  I feel the lightheaded and disoriented as my full concentration is based on sexual fulfillment before lack of oxygen brings unconsciousness.  Foolishly and dangerously we continue to ignore the airflow as we concentrate on bringing each other to fulfillment.  I am climbing to the heights of ecstasy and know I am on the verge of a powerful orgasm as Betty begins to thrash wildly and pushes herself bodily against me.  Now two rubber bodies are rubbing frantically against each other.  The water lubricates the suits and allows them to move freely against each other.  The lights go out in my mind as I explode into my sheath and I lose consciousness.  I awaken in the bath.  My breathing tube is free from Betty and hers from me.  I am dizzy from the lack of oxygen and the power of my explosive release. 
Betty wakes from her oxygen starved state and pulls her mask back from her head.

“Fantastic!” she screams with glee.  “Absolutely the way they said it would be!”
“What the hell are you talking about?  We could have died?  How did those tubes get detached?”  The questions tumble from my lips after I have pulled my own mask off.  I feel a bit guilty for allowing my sexual arousal to control me to the point that I have endangered my wife and myself.
“They showed me how these work.”  Betty continues, “The latches have special sensors that release the tube when the carbon dioxide and oxygen levels reach the danger point.  We weren’t supposed to be in any real danger, but an unknowing partner doesn’t know that and it is quite a ride to come having the fear of asphyxiation combined with the thrill of complete sexual submission.  What a trip!  The power and control I felt!”
“I’ll say.  I was terrified right there at the end right before I passed out.”
“Sure but you thrust yourself so powerfully against me as your body went completely rigid in ecstasy.  You must have been in heaven!” Betty replies gleefully. 

She suddenly flings her rubbery body at me and crushes herself to me while locking her lips to mine in the most passionate kiss of our married life.
“Discovering this place is the best thing to ever happen to me.  I mean, we would have never even dreamed of anything so kinky as rubber unless these people were here to show us the way.”
I nod thoughtfully, “You sure got that right, Babe.”   I return her kiss and we both sink blissfully into the warm comforting water while the rubber covering us keeps the water from our bodies.  A final ironic thought as I drift into that light sleep that follows complete satisfaction and comforting bliss, “The bath is pointless if you’re covered in watertight rubber.”  But the warmth and the surreal surrounding of the situation got the best of me and I close my eyes. 

Doctor Leytecks
continues in Chapter 5

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