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Doctor Leytecks
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/mf; latex; bondage; vacuum; kidnap; cons; X
Doctor Leytecks’
Or ‘How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Lived for H. Brasiliensis’

Chapter 1 - Life’s Little Turns

Tom needed some extra cash.  Times were supposed to be so great but he seemed to have been passed by in the Mr. Gore’s lottery of life.  His job, despite a college degree in sociology, was barely above minimum wage.  He had plans in the future, not the least of which included asking Betty to marry him.  He wanted to put some money aside to have a nice honeymoon and maybe a good down payment on a house.  As a research assistant to the Social Resource Foundation, he just wasn’t making any headway toward his goals. 

The university grant and graduate program he was hoping for had not materialized.  It was part of the tightening on government grants of recent so he was stuck at his dead end job at the Foundation.  He worked on completing the summary of the current project for Doctor Stevenson, Director of the Foundation and closed the Word document. Leaning back in his chair he dreamed of the day he would have a “Ph.D.” tacked onto his name and could get the bigger bucks.  That day seemed far away at this juncture in his life.  Even the work he was doing now didn’t count toward any graduate program because the Foundation was not affiliated with any university.

As was his custom, he launched the Internet to look for any promising openings for Assistants or study participants at a college.  Getting into one of these programs was a way to get known by the professors and to land a graduate assistant job and a chance to obtain that elusive advanced degree.  He typed the search parameter into the engine “social planning” and hit enter. 
Many hits related to planning parties or débutante events then he saw one that intrigued him, “Summary: The Westman College of British Columbia is seeking couples to participate in a planned community research project...” He hit the mouse button and waited for the computer to pull the URL up.

Westman College of British Columbia
Kuper Island
Postal Box 540
Ladysmith, B.C., Canada 

The Westman College of British Columbia is seeking couples to participate in a planned community research project.  The project will be conducted as part of a grant from the Province of British Columbia to study the feasibility of closed community living in isolated regions.  Social behavior patterns and community planning options will be evaluated for feasibility in establishing productive community systems in resource rich areas in northern Canada.  Participants will be asked to accept difficulties associated with isolated living conditions in which a community of 150 people will be asked to perform duties to maintain services and produce goods to support the community needs. 

Participants with undergraduate degrees in sociology, psychology, or anthropology may be accepted as research assistants and will receive credit toward an advanced degree in their related field.  All participants will receive full room and board and a monthly stipend of $5000 Canadian.  Research Assistants will receive an additional $2500 per month.   On site health care will be provided to all members of the team.  Conditions of the study require participants to sign a one-year contract.  Upon completion of the contract period, some participants may be offered a contract extension for a period of one, two, or three years.  Participants offered extensions will receive bonuses upon signing determined by the length of the extension.

This project will most likely result in some hardship to the participants.  Although all care will be taken to protect the health of participants, we ask that only able individuals between 19 and 38 years of age apply.  Serious inquiries may be sent to the above address.  Please provide a one-page resume’ and transcripts as appropriate.

“$7500 a month if they take me as an assistant,” thought Tom.  “Even accounting for the exchange rate that would still be close to $60,000 US for the year.”

“Where is this place?” mumbled Tom to himself as he typed in “Ladysmith, BC” on the map search program.  The map popped up and displayed a small town on the east side of Vancouver Island just about even with the Canadian/US border.  He typed in Kuper Island and sure enough an island just off the coast of Vancouver Island was displayed. 
“Boy, they aren’t kidding about that isolation stuff,” he sighed. Tom printed the page out and prepared to leave the office.  He planned on showing the copy to Betty and discussing her feelings on the idea of participating in the project.  If she agreed he would submit their names to the College.  If they were accepted...well he could cross that bridge later.

Betty handed the sheet back to Tom. “What do you think?” Tom asked.
“We could certainly take quite a leap toward our goals if they took us in,” she replied.  “I could be up to doing one year in a ‘monastery’ which is what this sounds like as long as we are together.”
“Yeah, and the reward would certainly help out too.  I could even complete my Masters and get a start on a Ph.D. and maybe set up my own research project.  That money isn’t bad either but I imagine that has something to do with the hardships that are expected with the project.”
“Make up a good package to send them,” Betty said.  “If they pick us, maybe we should get married before we go up there.”
With that decided, Betty went to bed, “Don’t stay up too late putting our application together, Dear.”
Tom finished and proofed the joint application a little after midnight.  He turned off the lights and headed for the shower.  After a quick shower he crawled into bed next to Betty.
“You are a naughty boy, Tom.  I told you not to be late,” Betty scolded.
“How should I make it up to you?” he asked.
“Hmmm.  Get the cuffs and I’ll figure out the rest.”

Two weeks passed before the large brown envelope arrived at the apartment.  Tom ripped the envelope open and quickly scanned the contents.  The cover letter said all that was needed.  It read:
“Congratulations on your acceptance to our project.  Your credentials have been evaluated and I am authorized to offer you a Research Assistant position.  This additional responsibility to the project will be hard work but the rewards, I hope, will be worth it.  We look forward to meeting you and your wife in three weeks for your orientation.  The enclosed check should offset your expenses for travel.  Again welcome to the team.”

Tom gave his work two weeks notice and notified the landlord of his pending move.  He planned for storage of his meager furnishings for the coming year and with Betty and a couple of suitcases headed for Ladysmith, BC, Canada. The ferry landed at Sidney.  Tom and Betty walked off the ferry and processed customs.  Across the road from the terminal was a visitor information bureau and a van parked in the lot had a neatly lettered sign on the door, “Westman College”.  The two strolled over to the van.
“You must be Tom Henderson, eh?” queried the fellow leaning against the door.
“Yes.  I’m he and this is Betty Henderson.”
“Glad to meet both of you.  We are just getting started with the project but I hope you will find your stay interesting, a learning experience and rewarding.  Please get into the van and we’ll be on our way.  I’ll take care of your suitcases.”

Tom and Betty walked around the van to climb into the open sliding door.  Surprisingly, they saw no seats in the gloomy interior.  The floor seemed to be made from very thick rubber padding.  As Tom hesitated two shiny black arms reached out and grabbed him, pulling him into the darkness.  As Betty began to step away, the driver pushed her into the opening from behind.  She sprawled onto the soft black floor and was immediately pinned by another set of powerful black shiny arms.
The two figures in the back were quick at securing wrists and legs to tie-down points in the van floor.  Face down, neither of the victims could see their tormentors.  The door slammed shut and the van gunned away from the parking lot.
“It will go a lot easier on you if you do not struggle,” said the driver from the front.   “Just let my two helpers get you ready for your stay on the island.”

Tom craned his head to see what was going on and caught a reflection of a shiny black form before he was suddenly enveloped in darkness.  The sweet-pungent odor of latex assailed his senses and a hand grasped his nose, cutting off the air.  As he opened his mouth to breathe, his mouth was suddenly full of limp rubbery material.  The gag quickly filled his mouth and his nostrils were again free.  Now he couldn’t see or say anything.  He felt his legs and arms being locked into cuffs.  After a few minutes, blinders over his eyes were opened and he could see Betty sitting helplessly in the middle of the floor.  He noticed that the eye openings were covered in a clear lens.

The two men stripped Betty of her clothes first.  They just cut everything off and tossed it in a corner.  She groaned into the gag as the invisible hands quickly and efficiently prepared her body.  The hair remover was spread over her skin then gently washed off.  All of the hair washed from her skin and into the drain sump built into the floor of the van.  Next the hood was pulled from the back of her head, although straps held it securely to her face, keeping her blinded and gagged.  The hands sheared off her hair.  A few minor adjustments of the straps were required to make sure all of the hair was shaved.  Next the hair remover was applied to the remaining stubble and soon every trace of hair was removed from her body.  The hood was rolled back into place but now it was pressing completely against her scalp and face.  Despite the predicament, Betty felt building arousal as the soft rubber caressed her face and the sweet odor assailed her senses.

An intruding phalanx penetrated her sensitive ass and she felt the warm flow as fluid filled her insides.  The slow cramping that accompanied an enema soon had her full attention.  The tubing was pulled from her and the command, “Release,” was heard through the rubber hood.  She let out the excrement and water and she was penetrated and filled again.  The procedure was repeated four times before she heard the words, “She’s ready.”
“Ready for what?” thought Betty.

The first latex garment was a sleeveless body stocking.  It had a very severe hourglass shape with very thick, almost rigid latex about the waist.  Perfectly formed pussy lips were molded into the garment. A sheath, which slid into the cleft, finished the front.  The rear plug was the other feature.  The handler released Betty’s legs and began to work the garment up her body.  The super slick silicon lotion helped him work the narrow waistline over her fine hips.  As the piece slid into place, he had to make sure that the plug was properly aligned before pulling the crotch firmly to his victim. 

Betty groaned as the large shaft spread her cheeks and slid into her body.  She had experimented with butt plugs before but the forced entry was such a new experience that she couldn’t help feeling her heart race and her breathing quicken as she panted inside the hot hood.  She felt sweat on her face and scalp.  Plus now her entire lower body seemed to be squeezed into some sort of restricting garment that was obviously rubber and she felt sweat beginning to form between her skin and the rubber.
The attendant smoothed the rubber over Betty’s hips and pulled the rest of the body piece in place.  He made sure that her breasts were properly placed inside the supporting rubber cups of the top.  He locked the leg cuffs back before releasing the arms and pulled the wide shoulder straps over each arm and smoothed them across the shoulders.  He secured the arms again and went about aligning the pussy lips with the anatomy hidden beneath the rubber shield.  He gently pushed a vibrator into the sheath, forcing the sheath into the awaiting love mound.

Betty felt the activity around her intimate zone and gasped into the gag.  Soon she felt rubber being pushed into her secret spot, prodded by something hard, probably a dildo or vibrator, but she didn’t know for certain. The full suit was the next item to get onto Betty.  The attendant released her legs again and worked the powdered suit onto her.  He pulled each rubber leg over a foot and made sure the foot was firmly planted into the attached sock.  He carefully worked the cool black rubber up each leg.  As he reached the crotch, he pulled the vibrator power cord through the convenience opening in front of the suit.  He continued with pulling the suit onto Betty.  The shiny black rubber was swallowing its victim alive, covering her in a second skin of erotic rubber.

Betty felt the rubber flowing up her limbs.  She shivered as the close fitting skin stretched across every inch of her.  She couldn’t see what was happening to her but she knew how tight leather made her really look sexy so she decided that this stuff would be dynamite!  She almost pitied the frustration Tom would have if the plugs and closures on the suit were not removable.  Of course she could always work herself off since the rubber suit effectively aroused every one of her erogenous zones.

The attendant worked the suit as far up her body as he could without releasing the arms.  He secured the legs again and released the arms.  Now he lifted Betty to a sitting position and fed each arm into a sleeve with an attached glove.  He made sure each finger was completely planted into the glove.  He pulled the suit to her chest and tucked the edges of the hood carefully into the neck.  He smoothed out all of the wrinkles and closed the zipper at the back.  The high collar gripped the hood skirt and neck in a snug embrace.  He laid her back onto the floor and reattached the arm restraints.  As the final ingredient to Betty’s rubber entrapment, he switched on the vibrator and pulled the zipper on the opening at her crotch closed trapping her now pulsating and squirming sex behind its thick latex barrier.

Betty knew the tight rubber was caressing every part of her now fully aroused body.  The soft fingers of the materials massaged her as she moved from one position to another during the dressing procedure.  She was now lying down again and her arms and legs securely locked with cuffs.  She felt frustration building when suddenly the intruder in her pussy sprang to life.  In her already aroused state she was quickly driven over the edge into multiple orgasms.  Orgasm after orgasm racked her body as she squirmed within her bonds and her rubber prison. Over and over she wanted to say, “Thank you!  Oh, thank you.  Oh, please let it stop!  Oh, don’t stop!  Oh, thank you!  Oooooh!” The gag held all of these words within the confines of her thoughts and private ecstasy caused by the experience.  Only the grunts of words cut off by the gag escaped her black shiny cocoon. 

“Well, Tom.  What do you think of that?” asked the attendant. Tom’s hood had the eye cover open and he had watched the entire proceeding as the two rubber men had dressed his Betty in the shiny black skin and as she now writhed in pleasure/agony from the vibrator and the bonds. Tom grunted.
“Not much to say, eh?” chuckled the attendant.  “Well I thought as much.  Now it’s your turn, but since you are going to be a research assistant, you get a little different treatment.”

The initial steps were very much the same as the ones for Betty.  Tom was stripped of his clothing, shaved and depilated using the lotion.  An enema was administered.  The body stocking rolled up his legs had a sheath for his member and a large plug for the butt.  He grunted and gritted his teeth on the gag as the large phalanx slid into his protesting cavity.  There was an electrical diode on the tip of the sheath and over both of his nipples once the suit was properly fitted.  The second, much heavier suit was rolled onto his body.  Roll was the only way to describe the procedure.  The latex encased his entire body like thick tar.  Each diode on the inner suit met a corresponding connection on the inside of this new suit.  The sheath was held against his abdomen and the diode on its tip mated with a diode near his navel effectively holding his sexuality in the vertical position. The suit was pulled up his arms and shoulders and the zipper pulled shut, finishing his encasement in the black rubber.  Electrical wires were attached to the three diodes on the exterior of the suit.  A head harness with more wires attached was placed over his head.

“Your hood has electrical contacts placed around your cranium.  The harness makes contact with all of the receptors.  You will observe how Betty reacts to the various stimulation processes that we are providing her and your responses will be recorded automatically through the electrical connections onto this printout,” said one of the rubber clad attendants.

Tom sat helplessly bound, encased in the rubber and watched Betty wriggle and writhe to another in a succession of orgasms.  Despite his predicament he soon found himself thrusting his hips in an effort to achieve some sort of similar satisfaction as Betty was enjoying.  The only problem was the electrical connection effectively held his tool as part of the suit to which the sheath was attached and he could not generate enough movement between his sensitive skin and the clingy latex to finish his desire.  He thus wriggled and moaned in the gag as the frustration built.  Sweat was pouring from his head and he felt the trickles of the stuff rolling down his sides and pooling near his haunches.  The warm liquid soon became quite noticeable and Tom felt dryness in his mouth. 

Meanwhile the van bumped and thumped along the road while Tom and Betty played out their sexual pleasures or frustrations depending on the situation.  The two attendants sat in a corner and joked about Tom’s predicament.  One of them crawled into his line of sight and wanked himself off.  As he exploded into his sheath, he leaned close to Tom and whispered, “Want to join in the fun?”  Tom just vehemently nodded the affirmative.“Then you should have signed on as a subject rather that an assistant.” 
The fellow scooted back to his corner laughing.

The lines on the graph paper told the tale as Tom was driven to near ejaculation.  He tried different thrusting moves to achieve satisfaction but only his frustration heightened.  As he watched Betty squirm, grunt and pant, he could only think of the pleasure she was getting from their new predicament and wondering how he could achieve similar release.  Each bump in the road transmitted pleasant sensations to his aroused brain. It wasn’t long before the van came to a stop.  One of the attendants opened Betty’s crotch zip and switched off the vibrator.  Her body went limp with exhaustion almost immediately.
As comment the tormentor said, “Ferry toll booth.  We don’t need any odd sounds coming from the back, do we?”
“One van and driver, plus four in the back,” the driver said.
“Don’t see anyone back there,” commented an unknown voice from the unseen attendant.
“Oh, they’re back there, eh.  It’s just part of the research project. 
We keep them inside a dark van for the trip from Sidney to the island.”
“You people sure are secretive about that commune of yours, eh?”
“Sign up and you can join us.”
“Nope.  I don’t want any part of communes or cults.  You can have that stuff if you want it,” replied the toll booth attendant.
“Suit yourself.  You have no idea what you’re missing.  Our little community would do wonders for your personal life, not to mention your personal esteem.  We have a way of stretching your senses.”
The driver gunned the van and they lurched forward into the parking area.

“Hey, Bert.  Was that a van from that commune?” the dock master asked from his shed.
“Yeah, Ernie.”
“I hear they do some pretty strange sex stuff out there.  Have you ever wanted to try to get in and see what they do?”
“Only once.  Sam and Eddie wanted me to come out with them two months ago.  Glad I didn’t go with ‘em, though,” Burt said.
“Yeah, their boat capsized didn’t it.  Never found the bodies either as I recall.”
“It’s kinda’ strange how it happened.  Sam was one hell-of-a boater, too.”
“The RCMP looked into it...Coast Guard, too.  Didn’t find anything to suggest any more than just a freak accident.”
“ I wonder,” commented Bert reflectively as he looked at the parked van on the end of the dock.

Inside the van, one of the faceless attendants fired up Betty’s intruder once more.  “Wouldn’t want you to get lonely now would we,” he said quietly as her body went tense and she began to squirm to the limits of her restraints.  The magic soon brought her to a grunting, gasping orgasm and the cycle began to repeat itself again.
The driver glanced around, “Hey, you know better than to turn it on while we’re parked.  They can hear her moans in the car next to us.”
The two people in the car were indeed looking at the van and shaking heads as they whispered and nodded to each other.
“Maybe they just want some of the action?  Why don’t you ask them?” said the other rubber-suited attendant.
Unabashed, the driver called over to the other car, “You want to see what all the noise is about?”
The two girls in the car looked at each other and the one sitting on the side next to the van replied, “We would love to but we can’t very well leave the car here.”
“Not a problem.  You can take a peek inside and be back in your car before the ferry pulls in.”  To one of the guys in back he said,” Better take off your hood and get a coat on so you won’t be quite so obvious when you drive their car onto the ferry.”

The two girls got out of their car and strolled over to the van.  The driver noted the nice shape of the bodies and the pretty faces.  Of course the faces didn’t really matter since they would be hidden behind hoods before long.  He got out of the van and walked to the sliding door.  He pulled the door open and the first girl put her head in to see into the gloom of the interior.  As shiny black arms grasped her by the shoulder and pulled her in, the driver blocked the second girl and nudged her inside.  Rubber hands clapped over gaping mouths, stifling the screams, and gags were efficiently shoved into mouths while hoods were pulled over the heads of the two surprised girls. 
“We don’t have time to properly prepare them.  Get a suit on them and put them in a binder for the trip,” said the driver.

The two girls were expertly stripped and lubed dildo briefs pulled into place.  While one was locked into cuffs and floor restraints, the other was unceremoniously forced into a full suit that was hanging in the back and, with effort, was worked into a thick latex bag that sealed her completely.  The second girl was similarly forced into a suit and secured in a bag.  Tiedowns on the bags made sure they were secure on the floor of the van. 
This new turn of events didn’t go unnoticed to Tom.  His pulsating dick became even harder as he witnessed the rubber bondage of these two strangers.  Meanwhile, he couldn’t help but be aware of Betty’s continued activities and her recurrent grunts of ecstasy as the vibrator caused another spasm of orgasmic pleasure. 

Betty was reaching exhaustion in the dark rubber world that she now found herself in.  Sweat was covering all of her body and the rubber moved smoothly over her skin, massaging every inch into heightened carnal awareness.  The vibrating intruder provided a focus of senses that overwhelmed her as she wriggled and thrust herself against her bonds.  Another wave of pleasure approached and she held her breath in preparation for the plunge over the chasm and the involuntary snorts and gasps of pleasure-pain.  She had lost count of the wondrous events and was lost in the sheer ecstasy of the moment. 

One of the rubber men pulled on a coat and walked to the car that the girls recently abandoned.  He got behind the wheel just as the ferry pulled into the dock and waited for the signal to drive onto the boat.  The car’s former occupants were now being massaged in the most arousing way by the rubber attendant in the van.  He sat between the two and erotically rubbed them through the bondage sacks.  He could easily find the stiff flange at the base of each dildo and made sure that the love spots of each girl received the appropriate attention.  The two bodies were soon squirming inside the black cocoons.  Both grunted into the gags as their bodies tensed in explosive orgasm.  Betty came at the same moment and Tom, looking on in wonder actually was pushed over the edge by the sight of three rubber bound women cumming.  He pumped his love nectar into his sheathed protection.

The rubber attendant grinned at Tom saying, “I guess three rubber vixens engrossed in rubber ecstasy was just too much for even you.  The Doc’s going to be real angry that you shot a load before we got to the island.  But I couldn’t very well leave these two pretty things behind after they accepted our offer to join our little group.”

Back at the tollbooth, Bert saw most of what went on between the two vehicles and decided that he should call the RCMP to investigate...  what? ... two girls climbing into a van? ... or were they forced?

Chapter 2

“Welcome to Westman,” said a tall man in white coat.  His horn-rim glasses provided the appropriate academic appearance to his face, even thought he lab coat was a shiny white latex and heavy rubber boots protruded beneath the coat.  The white sleeves of the coat had black gloved hands poking out of them.  “You are all recruits, volunteer or otherwise, to our research facility.  We experiment in the realm of sensory deprivation and unusual forms of sexual arousal, and mind control.  Each new member of our group adds your unique qualities to the overall results of the tests.  Since everyone has his or her own special experiences and values to add to our group, we look forward to learning from you as a team.

“I’m certain that your initial indoctrination and introduction to our methods has generated thousands of questions.  The staff and I will endeavor to answer as many of them as we can.  As for our rules, they are quite simple.  You remain in your basic latex suit for very long periods of time.  You will be provided with appropriate nourishment and hygiene arrangements to accommodate your long-term enclosure in rubber.  You will be asked to perform various additional duties while with us.  These duties will be accomplished without hesitation or punishment results. 

“Volunteers will be compensated at the amount identified by your initial contract.  Conscripted recruits will be evaluated for performance and compensatory arrangement made accordingly.” Two attendants led each of the cuffed victims away.  The three women were escorted to one building while Tom was led in another direction.  They entered a white tiled room.  Tom was stripped to the hood and his feet were locked into floor restraints.  His arms were stretched comfortably between two metal posts.  A white smocked woman entered and began to examine his naked body.  She probed and prodded various spots. 

“Why did you let him mess himself this way?” she asked pointing at the residual love spunk about his flaccid cock.
“We had three girls getting worked up simultaneously, Doctor.  He was properly restrained but he just did it.”
“You know that I’ll probably have to perform oral gratification to obtain my specimen since you let him shoot prematurely.  Call in someone else and report for punishment.”
“Yes, Doctor,” the attendant left the room.
The “doctor” used a hose and sponge to clean Tom up.  She may have been a real doctor but she looked the part of some rubber fetishist idea of one.  Her gown was white latex.  White latex stockings ended in a pair of white rubber sneakers.  Her head was completely covered by a skintight transparent hood.   Of course she had on standard surgical gloves but they seemed to be a second layer of rubber with white rubber gloves beneath.

She expertly drew some blood samples and forced him to pee into a cup.
“I need to milk you for a sperm count now.  It’s only part of my job.”
She slipped a dry condom onto his cock and began to massage it between her fingers.  As she had suspected, the fingering had only partial effect.  She lowered her head to the rubber sheath and began to lick the tool.  She slowly drew the hardening member into her mouth and expertly worked Tom an aroused frenzy.  Just as she felt the slick beginning of pre-cum beneath the rubber, she removed the condom and pushed a rigid glass sheath over the throbbing tool.  The snug fit of the glass and her pumping motion finished the job that her hands and tongue had started and he shot a load of white creamy cum into the tube.  The vessel had a cleverly designed bend to catch the majority of the semen.  The doctor pulled the tube from Tom’s spent member and poured the contents into a plastic jar.  She labeled the specimen and set it aside.

“I’m going to release your hands now.  I need you to bend over and spread your cheeks so I can check your prostate.  Please don’t try anything, I’m already in a bad mood because I had to suck you.”
Tom bent over and waited for the probing finger.  Soon the doctor was inside him, feeling about.  Tom felt sweat beneath the hood as he tensed from the probing hand.  The finger seemed huge.
“Try to relax.  This doesn’t take long,” the doctor said soothingly.
She stood up from the examination and came around to Tom’s face, “You’re in good shape.  Oh, you wonder why you still have something probing your ass?  I slipped a hard rubber sheath into your hole for the relief tubing.”
Tom grunted through the gag.
“You boys can dress him back up again.”

The attendant came forward with a fresh pile of shiny black clothing.  They reshackled the arms and released the feet.  The brief they pulled up his legs had a sheath with relief tube and a rear rubber flange with a screw on rubber plug.  The flange was coated with cement and was slid into the tube that the doctor had placed in Tom’s rectum.  The sheath fit over his cock.  The tube that hung from the end of the sheath had a simple stopcock valve. 

Next the rubber suit was pulled over Tom’s legs.  The attendant carefully fit each foot into the attached stocking and pulled the suit up each leg, squeezing out excess air as he went.  The erotic massaging touch associated with the procedure soon reawoke the sheathed member.  The attendant pulled the suit over Tom’s hips and fished the tube on the end of the sheath through a hole that was about six inches above the base of his member.  The attendant then applied cement to the sheath and the tube and the sheath were permanently attached to the inside of the suit, forming a perpendicular path for Tom’s member.  The tight suit was snug against his jewels, forcing the head of his tool into the sheath regardless of his arousal level.  Arms were released and the suit fitting completed.  Sleeves with attached gloves were pulled up each arm, the body of the suit adjusted to smooth wrinkles and the back zipper pulled shut.  Latex tape was applied to the zipper seam and to the seam between the hood and the high neck.  Tom was effectively sealed into the suit.  Only the nose tubes provided contact to the outside unless the gag in the hood or the plug in his butt was removed.

“Since you are an assistant to research here, your first assignment is at Observation Room 6.  It’s down the hall three doors on the left,” the doctor waved her hand carelessly toward a door at the far side of the room. Tom stood carefully and tested the fit of the suit and his attachments.  Though there was some discomfort the plug and sheathed tubing was not too bad.  He walked out the door and down the hall.  He entered the room the doctor had directed him to.  Another set of arms took him before he could protest and sat him into a chair.  The chair was nothing like he’d ever seen.  It had a human outline molded into the thick sponge cushion.  The cushion molded itself to his backside as he was settled into the seat. 

Some sort of control device was strapped to each hand.  The devices cupped each wrist comfortably and he could feel button controls at each fingertip.  A display monitor was visible in front of him.  Next the assistants placed thick rubber sheeting over his prone body.  The sheeting was pulled tightly over him and secured to the chair by zipper runs that were taped over to form an airtight seal.  Zippers secured the sheet right to his neckline and the tape applied to complete the seal. A hose was fitted to a valve in the chair and the whirring of a vacuum pump accompanied by the evacuation of excess air between the sheet and Tom’s body sucked the sheet right to him.  He was now completely immobile except for his fingers that could move slightly beneath the protecting shell of the control pad.

The chair rotated into a more upright position.  The assistant moved Tom to a window that looked down into a large gallery dominated by a pool.  Inside the pool were two black rubber figures that seemed suspended just below the surface.  Four helpers similarly attired were treading water near the two suspended bodies.  The four swimmers wore standard SCUBA breathing gear while the two suspended figures had tubing that snaked from the mouth/nose area of black eyeless hoods to an air compressor.

Occasionally one of the two bodies would move arms or legs.  One of them rolled upside down and the breathing tubes got tangled.  One of the SCUBA suits, as Tom thought of them, swam to untangle the tubing.  Two large monitors near the pool were showing lines of respiration, heart rate and other activity that Tom didn’t know. 

“Those are the two fellows that allowed you to have a little too much fun in the van.  They are in the punishment pool.  The pool has water temperature that is exactly the same as the surface temperature of human skin.  We placed plugs in their ears and eye shields over their sockets before sealing their heads inside the thick rubber hoods.  Their breathing air is filtered to a purity that is not even matched in the cleanest of clean rooms.  The water has salt in it to provide perfect neutral flotation based on the buoyancy characteristics of their bodies and the suit they are wearing.  In short, they are receiving no outside stimulation to their brain.  Were we to leave them in this state for even a short period of time, their minds would turn to mush, however, we wouldn’t do that to them.”

“They are being fed a virtual reality directly through electronic diodes into the sensory centers of their brain.  These diodes are precisely positioned inside the hoods they are wearing.  Your job is to watch them and try to figure out what type of scene and reaction they are having.  Watch the reaction from the pool, and record the results via the finger pads.  You use your left hand to record image types that you believe are being transmitted and the right hand to record reactions from the subjects.  The first finger will identify restful scenes and quiet reactions; your second finger will record fear scenes and flight responses (running movements or similar activity); the third finger will record aggressive actions and fight responses; the little finger will record erotic scenes and any sexual responses (hugging motion, erotic touching or petting).  Part of the test is to see how many cycles it takes for you to recognize the different traits.  I think that you will find out quite quickly that responses to fear and fight are almost the same as are, ironically restful and sensual so watch the monitors for difference in body function.”

“You will remain in the chair until you get ten responses in a row correct.  It is not easy and will take all of your concentration.  I have had assistants spend three days in this chair trying to get it right.  Not only is it hard on them but those fellows down there get a little upset if the punishment goes on too long.”

Two hours later, Tom was still pushing buttons and was no closer to solving the nuances of the movements in the pool.  His body was beginning to ache as muscles protested the continuous pressure and the inability to change position.  Below the SCUBA shift changed.  Grinning faces looked up to the window.  One of the divers gave Tom ironic thumbs up as he headed out of the chamber. So focussed was his concentration, Tom didn’t notice the helper that entered his room until he strapped a mouthpiece over his face.  The fellow then hooked a tube to the piece and fluid started flowing.  Tom almost choked but managed to swallow the juice.
“You need nourishment and rehydration,” the helper said as he left.

Tom was again alone and still trying to figure out the secret to the keypads.  The ballet of black suits continued below.  The two victims were thrashing or floating alternately while the four SCUBA divers tread water close enough to render aid but avoiding unnecessary contact.  Another two hours passed while Tom watched and was forced to drink the fluids introduced earlier.  The urge to piss became overwhelming and Tom released his bladder into the sheath.  He felt the warmth of his urine settle around his crotch and seat.  The fluid continued to flow and he was pissing again.  This cycle of fluid and pissing soon filled the lower extremities of the suit.  Initially, Tom’s skin was crawling from the feel of his waste but as the minutes stretched into hours, he actually began to enjoy the floating sensation and warmth of the liquid layer between skin and latex.  He began to worry about excrement.  He wondered if he had to shit, could he hold it or was that expected? 

The monotony of the trial continued.  Tom began to envy the fellows in the pool.  They were experiencing all manner of emotional swing while Tom was forced to sit in the reality of the observation room with no hope of relief.  The shift changed again. Tom was getting worried now.  He had been in the seat for over eight hours with no sign that he was getting any better with the test.  The nourishment from the tube continued to flow in some unknown pattern.
“Tom, you’re not improving very fast,” came an admonishment from the overhead speaker.  “Your best effort was three in a row.  Even a chimp could do that given enough time.” Of course Tom couldn’t say anything in reply.
“We’ll have to make sure that you don’t fall asleep on us during this observation period, Tom.  I hope you don’t mind if I add a little stimulant to your food formula?”  The voice waited for a mocking minute as if to hear Tom’s reply before continuing.  “No comment, Tom?  I take that as an affirmative to add the stimulant.”

Another six hours passed.  Tom’s eyes were wide and his brain, though dulled, couldn’t rest.  He had filled the space between his skin and the latex suit with urine that reached nearly to his neck.  Tom even began to worry that another two or three pisses might even bring the stuff to his lips.  He had heard of some people getting a kick out of drinking urine but he for one wasn’t interested.  Besides the tubing in his mouth formed a tight seal, as did the nose tubing.  Since the suit and hood were completely sealed and the eyes covered with the clear latex film, Tom soon realized that another couple of pisses could effective cover him to the top of his head in a thin layer of warm piss.
“Well, Tom, it’s been almost sixteen hours,” said the calm electronic voice.  “You almost got it right once; seven in a row before a blunder.  By now you should be almost to your eyeballs in piss.  I’ll send an attendant in to open the relief valve and drain the stuff from your suit.”

True to his word, a latex suited attendant came into the room and went through the motions of fitting a tube onto the relief tube that fed through the suit.  The tubing ran across the room and disappeared into the wall.  He opened the cock valve and Tom felt immediate relief as the liquid passed out of his sealed skin.  Like a siphon, all of the piss was drawn from his suit. 
One of the bodies in the pool squirmed and Tom pushed the button for about the millionth time.
“Which one of our punishment victims got to drink your piss, Tom?” the voice asked.
Tom was stunned at this revelation yet he was powerless to do anything about the question right now.
Thirty six hours later and three releases of piss into some poor unfortunate’s mouth the hated voice spoke through the speakers, “Congratulation, Tom.  You got ten in a row.  It only took you, uh, 52 hours.  Could have been worse!  Some one will be in shortly to release you from the chair and take you for a good hot shower and some rest.  I’ll want to see you in, say, twelve hours to discuss your duties while you’re with us.”

Tom saw the two poor (he thought of them as that) victims of his clumsiness in observation being pulled from the pool just as his door opened.  Efficient hands released Tom quickly from the bondage and stripped the rubber suits from him.  He stumbled as the two assistants helped him to a shower and finally to a bed, a real bed with cotton sheets.  He fell into exhausted sleep.

Doctor Leytecks
continues in Chapter 3


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