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Cyber Bound Games
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
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Cyber Bound Games
By: RbrBill

"I am committed now," I say to myself as I closed the handcuff over my left wrist.  I squeezed the right cuff closed and I am locked to my computer position.


The e-mail had been very specific.  "Lhina and RubberDoll request your company on the LLC chat room on Saturday at 3:00 PM Eastern for some important discussions."  It then continued to include expectations of how I should be prepared for the appointed chat session. 

The night before the appointed time, I took a length of tow wire and bolted it to my desktop just above the keyboard.  I filled a 1-gallon milk jug with water.  I tied a piece of thread through the eye of a key to a pair of handcuffs.  I attached the thread to a toothpick and dropped the key into the jug.  The key was suspended in the water mid-way from the top.  I then put the jug into the freezer. 

Earlier in the week, I had received an overnight package from Lhina.  I opened the package to find a combination vibrating cock ring, cock and ball sheath brief.  Control wires from the base of the sheath/ring entered what appeared to be standard paging device.  The sheath was open ended and the entire device would slip snugly over my cock and ball sheath attached to the first catsuit I would put on for the appointment. A short note in elegant handwriting explained the need to put this brief and sheath on prior to dressing in my "normal" surfing attire.  I noticed that the pager had been sealed around its edges and was certainly watertight.

Saturday morning and I woke at seven.  I checked the milk jug and found the water frozen solid, the key suspended in the center of the block.  I cut the plastic away from the ice block and set the block in a large bowl.  I put the ice back into the refrigerator, thinking, "I'd better remember to get this out later or else I'm in big trouble." 

I gathered together some of the necessary survival items for later and made certain that they were in position.  These were two one-gallon jugs of water and a gallon jug of All Sport, well chilled.  I decided to keep them on ice to maintain the cold temperature of the essential fluid within.  I fed the tubing and into the jugs and pushed the stoppers into the tops.  I connected the three tubes to a three-way valve splitter that sat to the left side of the keyboard.  A single tube extended out of the opposite side of the splitter.  This tube would later fit into the mouth gag tube of my rubber hood.

Now it was time to shower and complete the preparations prescribed for the appointment.  I clipped off my hair as short as possible then I lathered up my head, cheeks and chin and shaved myself completely bald.  I clipped the pubic hair from my scrotum and crotch and lathered the area.  I carefully shaved the remaining hair from my around my balls.  I got into the shower and applied the hair remover to my arms, legs, chest, and any other place where I still had hair and could reach.  I stopped the drain and turned on the water and watched as the hair came from my body.  I added some of the hair remover to the water collecting in the tub and sat down in the concoction of remover and loose hairs.  I made certain that every part of me contacted the remover and that it would do a thorough job on my body.  I got up and opened the drain to run the old hair down the drain and to rinse.  My skin tingled from the chemicals and I applied the conditioning lotion as directed to smooth and restore the skin tone.  Now out of the shower I toweled my hairless body dry.  Even the towel against the skin was an erotic feeling. 

I headed for my dressing room to do final preparations for the session.  I powdered the bare skin and began to pull my made-to-measure catsuit over my hairless body.  The impact of the latex against the bare skin was shattering.  I thrilled as I eased the material up my legs.  I worked the black rubber tightly to my crotch and pushed the cock and balls through the tight opening into the sheath.  I positioned the balls into the scrotum sack and worked my already hardening cock into the sheath with catheter tube.  I pulled the supple latex over my hairless chest and fed the arms into the sleeves.  I made certain that each finger was seated into the gloves.  The suit had a watertight zipper across the back so I ducked my head into the opening and pulled the neck of the attached hood over my slick head.  I felt the latex close to my skin with nothing between the two surfaced for the first time in my rubbering life.  I stuffed the flaccid gag from the attached hood into my mouth.  I bit on the rigid latex tube that ran through the gag to hold it until I could finish sealing the suit.  Using a lanyard, I pulled the zipper closed across my back.  The heavy latex closed about me and I was overwhelmed by its presence.  My racing heart and building lust drove me to finish my preparations.  I pulled the brief and vibrating ball sack and cock ring over my smooth rubber skin and fed the catheter tube through the ring.  I pushed worked my rubber-clad balls into the pouch of the device and made certain that the ring was firmly seated at the base of my sheathed shaft.  The ball sack had a tiny motor incorporated into its cover that I assumed would send pulses and stimulation through my balls and the base of my cock when activated.

Now I pulled my second suit over the first one.  The suit worked easily up my clad skin and encased me in an additional layer of tight sumptuous latex.  Like the first suit, this one had attached gloves and feet.  It did not have an attached hood.  This suit had a small opening in the abdominal section for the catheter tube to feed through.  I pulled the tube through.  I pulled another tight hood in place to further tighten the rubbery grip on my head and tucked the hood's skirts into the suit before closing the zipper.

Now I went to the refrigerator and retrieved the block of ice in the bowl.  I went to my computer table and set the bowl down within easy reach of the tow cable that ran the width of the tabletop.  I fit the catheter tube into a pre-positioned sump that would take any waste to a floor drain and fit the drinking tube into the gag tube.  I pumped the gag up comfortably tight and grunted.  I made certain that my breathing was fine and checked the range of my hands.  All of the tabletop necessities were in reach from the wrist loops of the handcuffs attached to the tow cable.  My hands could not stray from the tabletop.  An ice pick sat within reach but it had two wires attached to it that fed my surge device.  This too was by arrangement.  I had e-mailed my desire to have an emergency release device.  Lhina agreed to the precaution, but wanted a sure way of knowing that I had quit my bondage prior to the complete melting of the ice block.  If I took the ice pick up to use, the surge device would loose power and turn the computer off.  Since rebooting and logging on would take time and could only be accomplished once I had chipped the key out, unlocked the cuffs, and plugged the system into another surge protector, we agreed that a lost connection over ten minutes meant that I had quit my bondage.

Now the butterflies were in my stomach and a shiver of anticipation surged through my body as I sat down at my computer and willingly proceeded to submission to the handcuff bondage.  I started the computer and waited for it to go through the start-up sequence.  As the windows desktop came on screen, I snapped the wristband of the left cuff in place.  I clicked on my ISP start-up icon and watched the dial-up menu display.  I hit "Connect" and the system began the dialing routine.  I was on-line.  I opened my "Favorites" and clicked on LLC, Latex Lovers' Chat.  I was soon through the LLC introduction screens and opening the chat.  In my final act of commitment to the appointment, I snapped the right cuff over my wrist.  I typed in the user name "Boundnrubber" and entered the chat room.  Four other users were there..."rubberdoll" was one of them.

The Chat Room:

<Boundnrubber to rubberdoll> I am properly rubbered up and bound as per Lhina's instructions.

<rubberdoll to Boundnrubber> How r u today?

<Boundnrubber to rubberdoll> I am tight in two suits with the cuffs on my wrists.  Your little gift is properly attached and I await your desire.

<rubberdoll to Boundnrubber> Go to the Dungeon chat room and Lhina will join you.

I clicked out of the LLC primary room and logged onto the Dungeon Room.
The screen mocked me as I was the only person in the room and I waited for ten minutes.  I typed "hi." twice to insure activity to not disconnect.  Finally the screen displayed "<Mistress Lhina> has entered the room."

<Mistress Lhina> so you are the scum who chats with rubberdoll?
<Boundnrubber> yes.  How r u?
<Mistress Lhina> Silence. I ask the questions.
<Mistress Lhina> You are properly prepared?
<Boundnrubber> Yes madam.
<Mistress Lhina> How do I know?
<Boundnrubber> Trust me.
<Mistress Lhina> Trust a man?  Ha.
<Mistress Lhina> You tried to cyber relate with rubberdoll.  Trust you?

<Boundnrubber> I am at your mercy.  My rubber suits are close and tight to my skin.  My hairless body is reveling in the touch of latex.  My cock and balls are well bound inside the little toy you sent.  I am at the keyboard, cuffed and no place to go.  What more can..." The pager went off and suddenly a surge of lusting magic pulsed through my body as the vibrations began to work on my latex wrapped scrotum. "Iiiiiii, oops.  Uh, uh..."

<Mistress Lhina> I suppose you do have on the cock vibrator.

I was surging lustily as the device worked on my sheathed cock and was hard pressed to understand why Lhina was letting me cum so quickly when the pager went off again and the vibrations stopped leaving me panting in my gag but unfulfilled.

<Mistress Lhina> A test and a little introduction to what pleasure you may receive if you please me.

<boundnrubber> Thank you, madam.

Mistress Lhina> Don't think that it'll be that easy.  U're little games with rubberdoll the other night upset her very much.  I was very displeased that she could not satisfy me completely when I got home.  That she was disturbed because your chat with her had moved her.  You're the first man that she felt something other than tolerance and amusement with.  Your game must have been very different from the usual male ego trip.  However, I hold redemption if you please me tonight.

<boundnrubber> yes, madam. 

<Mistress Lhina> Now that we have established the ground rules, we will return to the main LLC site.  You must tell everyone that you are secured in a manner that restrains you from self-stimulation.  Do not mention the vibrator.  I will continue what private chat is needed about rubberdoll and yourself and me but you must not neglect anyone else who drops into the room.

Upon entering the main LLC web site I laboriously typed in a greeting to the four or so folks there.  Three guys that I knew and one girl that I had seen occasionally were in the room and "Guest".  Rubberdoll logged in shortly after me.  I knew it was Mistress Lhina; she always used rubberdoll's nickname because she didn't like to reveal herself openly on the net.

<boundnrubber> greetings tonight, fellow rubberists.

<LatexJack> greetings bound, how r u tonight?

<boundnrubber> hot and rubbery...the layered look this evening.

<LatexJack> What u have on, bound?

Now all of the regulars knew what I usually wore but Jack liked to hear it again anyway.  Besides we had a Guest to shock in the room.

<boundnrubber> the layered look is in tonight...2 catsuits, 2 full hoods with nose tubes, mouth tubing for drinking, gloves, sheath brief under it all.  Added some cuffs that only allow me access to my keyboard, drink, and the bowl with the ice block holding the keys.

<LatexJack> Cool.  How long u expect to be in there?

<boundnrubber> the ice isn't melting too fast...this could be a very long night!

<LatexJack> sounds very cool.  Mmmmmmm.  Have someone with you?

<Boundnrubber> only my chat room friends.

<ltxsubjenny> u r really into the scene, bound?

<boundnrubber> yes, very much so.  I love the feel of tight rubber.

<ltxsubjenny> I'm in my catsuit and hood and am very hot already.  You must be stifling in two suits and it must be hard to move.

<boundnrubber> not really.  But being restricted with the cuffs is new.  I'm already aroused from my rubber gear and any hot talk will sure make me horny, lol.

<ltxsubjenny> you can't do it the way you're dressed?

<boundnrubber> not til the ice melts.

<ltxsubjenny> that's cool.  I'll bet I can make you really hot.

<boundnrubber> anything you want to do.

<ltxsubjenny> of course I'm a sub so you'll have to help me as we go along...add to my own dress and make me cum for you.  Maybe I can make you have a spontaneous cum if you're really good to me.

<boundnrubber> sure.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> remember, keep your side public.  Oh, an update on doll's condition.  I have put her favorite dildo vibrator into her lovely twat, a nice vibrating butt plug too.  I then put a heavy rubber corset over her lovely body and cinched the waist down to a mere 20 inches.  Next I added red latex stocking to her legs that go right up to her cleft and long red gloves to her arms.  A nice red hood covers her pretty head and only her eyes are visible.  Her mouth is gagged and nose tubes are springing from the nostrils.  Now I have her spread eagle on a cross while I get myself ready.  I decided not to turn her vibrators on fact I won't turn them on unless you're get me horny enough.

<boundnrubber> mmmmmmm. Very nice, doll.

<ltxsubjenny to boundnrubber> you having a private with rd?

<boundnrubber to ltxsubjenny> this is against the rules of my other game that I'm in...I'm being punished by rubberdoll's mistress for playing a game with her...I'm supposed to keep all of my talk public.  I'll try to keep our game going and talk publicly at same time so don't be surprised if my writing gets a bit confused.

<ltxsubjenny to boundnrubber> cool.  What r u being punished for?

<boundnrubber> well gang, what r we discussing tonight?

<bob> we could discuss you?  Why are you in such extreme rubber bondage or do you do this a lot?

<boundnrubber to ltxsubjenny> I played a game with doll and it seems that I got to her.  She is a dedicated lesbian and her mistress got pissed when she found out that I played a game with her and that she actually came passionately.  I understand that doll will sometimes play but usually achieves only enough to just be hornier for her mistress. I carried her so far that she couldn't satisfy her mistress properly the other night.

<ltxsubjenny to boundnrubber> cool, what was the game?

<boundnrubber to ltxsubjenny> it was mutual pleasuring while in layers of rubber.  Just cuddling and stroking each other with our rubber hands and bodies.  I slowly massaged her body, starting at the toes and working up to her head.  I skipped her love spot until the very end of the game then I worked on the base of the dildo she had inside her as I related how I was rubbing my woody in the angelic valley formed by her shiny rubbery breasts.  She then said she laid her hands on my rigid staff buried beneath my rubber suits and softly massaged it until I couldn't hold back the inevitable.  She came as she imagined my shaft jumping inside the rubber trap as it shot my cum within the rubber protection.   She came so lustfully; she was so surprised that she thanked me passionately by sending me a private e-mail.

<ltxsubjenny to boundnrubber> what did the mail say?  Can I ask?

<boundnrubber to ltxsubjenny> you can ask, but I can't tell...I promised, sorry.

<ltxsubjenny to boundnrubber> that's ok.  Let's play a game and we can be public.

<boundnrubber> anyone want to play a game or take advantage of my bound condition?

<LatexJack> would like to, bound, but don't play with boys...even disadvantaged ones. lol. 

<Guest> what do you get from wearing all of this rubber?

<boundnrubber> it's a wonderful high.  the rubber massages the skin and brings on the most lovely arousal.  think of 100 women's hands gently rubbing every inch of your body at once and you remotely get the idea.

<Guest> then you do it for sexual gratification.

<boundnrubber> you could say that.

- <Guest has left the room>

<boundnrubber> gee, I guess he doesn't understand.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> I've slipped my own vibrator into my tight pussy.  I put on my favorite shiny black catsuit and corset, the one with the red highlights.  I draw my waist down to a miniscule 17" and my pert breasts are nicely displayed behind the black latex skin, two round globes of Asian perfection.  The nipples are standing taught against the skin, ready to be plucked by the right person...too bad you're all ties up. lol.  doll is squirming at the cross.   she obviously is hot from seeing my delectable body so near her.  I'm pulling on my shiny hood with a ponytail hole and letting my long black locks cascade from the hole over my back.  mmmmmmmmm, I'm feeling the rubber working its magic on me, bound, are you feeling the magic of the rubber?  Are you getting hot and horny as I dress for you and doll?

<boundnrubber> i'm feeling hotter and hornier.  my staff of love is pushing hard against the entrapping rubber.  mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  melt ice...melt!

<latexsubjenny> mmmmmmmmm, bound. you're getting so hot.  mmmmmmmm, this is better than any game; just tell me how u're getting hotter and I'll just enjoy u're elevating predicament.

<boundnrubber> oh, heartless, chat friends, watching my torture unfold before your eyes and not lifting a finger to help.  lol.

<LatexJack> won't lift a finger, but might type a line or two in support...uh, gee...what can I say in support of a horny bound rubberist...have fun, bound, better you than me.  lol.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> i'm pulling on my thigh high latex boots with seven inch heels.  the boots climb to my tight pussy crack and the edges bite into my tender cunt flesh.  i am getting hotter as my walking causes the boot tops to caress my pussy lips with their thick rolled tops and the vibrator rhythmically massages my pussy slit. i'm putting my red dominatrix dress over the catsuit.  it will be the perfect match for my black shiny legs.  it's knee length and loose about the legs but very tight at the waist and top.  the long sleeves add another layer of rubber to my arms.

<boundnrubber> mmmmmmmmm.  rubberdoll, you must look as hot as you feel in your catsuit and dress.  i would love to have the next dance with you...i would sweep your rubbery body into my own rubbery arms as we move together as one, squeak, squeak, squeak is our music to dance to the rhythm of two rubber bodies moving together.

<rubberdoll> dance!  a dance is all you can do with me!

<boundnrubber> dance to get to know get the feel of your special movements, the touch and feel of your rubber-clad body, to get to know your special fragrance of rubber and body heat.  to give you a chance to understand my physical needs when enclosed in rubber.  a dance is only the beginning of a night of unbridled rubber lust.

<rubberdoll> i may be a bi but i prefer women, so don't you think you can get to me with that romantic talk.  i don't need your male cum inside me to cool my fires.

<boundnrubber> i'll cum clean with you. 

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> lol, "cum clean"...ha that's too funny

<boundnrubber> my cum will be safely trapped beneath my rubber suits, not one drop of it will damage the perfection of your shiny body...only my hands and my tongue, should you desire, touch your angelic rubber skin.  i'll massage every inch of your shiny skin; i'll polish you to shiny flawlessness.  u're shiny skin will mirror your internal essence and spirit.  u'll be a beacon of latex ecstasy.

<rubberdoll> mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. you sound so nice.

<boundnrubber> i am your latex slave to prepare you for your most exquisite memories.  using me or whoever you desire, you will be latex perfection when i'm finished preparing you.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> time to finish with doll.  i'm removing her from the cross and helping her into her favorite catsuit.  The catsuit fits her like a glove and covers her completely with a shiny black skin of rubber.  her tits and buns are prominent and sensual behind the taught rubber skin.  Now i'm putting her between two transparent latex sheets of our vacuum bed.  i'll close the bed, clamping her between the sheets and after making sure her breathing tubes are lined up, i'll evacuate the air, sealing her between two tight, pressing sheets of latex.  mmmmmmmmm, the motor is humming and the sheets are sucking right to her shape, sealed in rubber.  the sheet conforms to every contour of her body.  every mound of her tits, and butt, the valleys between her tits and under arms are enhanced by the rubber; the cleft of her hot pussy stands out, framing the base of the vibrator. mmmmmmmmmm, the button of that vibrator beckons to me...her hard button of the clit pressing the rubber skin  above the base of the vibrator tells me more of doll's state than any words.  mmmmmmmmmmmm, my heat is rising from the site of my doll so vulnerable sexually, so obviously aroused, so visibly denied fulillment.  I put my hand against her delectable twat and a shiver, subdued by the vacuum bed runs through her body as she strains for more.  mmmmmmmmmmm.  i lick her button, my tongue feeling the warmth through the rubber layers.  she shivers again in expectation but i'm just getting started...still plenty of time for her and you to suffer before fulfillment.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

<boundnrubber> your taste in artwork is exquisite, doll, we will dance in the candlelight before your full-length art piece.  i will rub easily against your rubber skin and as you begin to feel the passion of the moment, the intimate atmosphere will melt the ice of your heart toward me as i let you see my soul, open and unfettered by social norms.  you will dominate my soul as i am humbled before you.  in latex i am a complete worshipper of you, a latex goddess. 

<rubberdoll> lick my boots, then worshipper.

<boundnrubber> i am licking your boots, worshipping the very ground you trod.  i clean them with my unworthy tongue.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> cute way to allude to doll's real situation.:)
now work your way up my legs.

<boundnrubber> i am licking the heel of the boot; now i am starting to move slowly up your leg, first your ankles, then the calves, the knees, the sensuous back of the knees, little creases in the latex perfection.  I feel the heat of your skin beneath the rubber.  i want to guide you to your rubber sheet covered bed and give your body a complete licking and massage.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> take me to the bed, my knees are weak from your tongue.

<boundnrubber> i lift your angelic body and gently put you on the bed.  i then begin my ministration of affection in earnest.  rubbing the taught skin lightly with my hands while i lick your firm belly, your perfect breasts, rubber globes of sensual desire.

<LatexJack> someone's getting some attention...mmmmmmmmmmmm...r u doing this to doll or latexsub?

<latexsubjenny to boundnrubber> oh, i'm getting so hot from this talk.  u're soooooo good, bound.  i don't care how long this takes, i want to play private with you when u're done.

<boundnrubber> mmmmmmmmm. the mixture of latex and female animal scent is overpowering...i'm so rock hard with desire, desperate for release.  my cock shouts for attention but i stay the course of providing complete fulfillment to my latex goddess, knowing that when the time is right she will give me what i need.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> mmmmmmmmmm.  keep it up and maybe just maybe.

<boundnrubber> the soft light of the room only magnifies the movement of two entwined rubber bodies, moving together toward mutual gratification in the common bond of latex.  i continue to stroke your lovely shiny skin, your hands, your arms; my mouth lightly kissed the elbow, the hard nipples of your breasts, i kiss your shoulder, the nape of your neck.  i tease your earlobe, pushing my tongue as far into the ear as the latex hood allows.  i move my hand tentatively to your rubber encased venus spot...

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> do it.

<boundnrubber> i lightly stroke the base of the dildo trapped behind the rubber skin.  i pull oh so slightly on it and let go.  your body shivers with desire as the shaft plunges back inside you.  i begin to pump the toy regularly...each stroke is rewarded with the tensing of your body. a musky odor of sexuality and rubber grows stronger and i dare to flick the hard love bud framed magnificently behind the latex shield with my tongue.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> oh, do it. do it!  i understand now.

<boundnrubber> i drop my mouth to the bud and tease it first.  i roll my tongue around the edges of the button, reveling in the sensual heat radiating from your passion inflamed body.

The pager went off and suddenly i was totally focused on the throbbing ring cuddling my cock.

<boundnrubber> mmmmmm.  MMMMMMMMM.  the button is soooooo in inviting...oooooooo.  i drive my tongue to it and esach tongue thrust is rewraded with a body jolt of pure animal lust until your whole being goes rigid and as the seconds suspend you contract in a massive release of carnal passsion. mmmmmmmmm. yyyyyyyess. YYEEESSSS.  YYYEEEEEEESSSSS.

<rubberdoll to boundnrubber> that was incredible!  for you too, i gather.  oh, yes doll had a grand orgasm too as i turned her vibrator on at the same time i paged you.  she is still panting in her vacuum bed.  i'll have to tend to her a while.  don't go away.  lol.

<boundnrubber>, don't melt....DON'T MELT.

<LatexJack> hey, bound, why the change of heart?  hehehe.

<latexsubjenny to boundnrubber> mmmmmmmmmm. that was sooooo cool.  can we play now?

<boundnrubber to latexsubjenny> i think it's ok now.  pardon me if it takes me a while to recover fully.

<latexsubjenny to boundnrubber> i understand, bound, actually i have to recover a bit myself.


Five hours later, the ice melted enough to get the keys. Exhausted but reluctantly I undid the cuffs and resolved to have another key session with rubberdoll/Lhina soon.


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