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The Chamber & the Pool
by RbrBill
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The Chamber & the Pool by RbrBill Machine/m; latex; bond; encased; reluct; X
The Chamber and the Pool - A Dark Tale of the Future
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Adam was panting hard as he rounded the corner and leaned against the wall. The alley was in shadow while beyond the corner, the street lamp near the corner lighted the main road brightly. Maybe, just maybe his pursuer would miss his body pressed against the wall. He willed his breathing to stop as pounding footfalls approached. The interval between steps slowed as the trot dropped to a walk and finally stopped. Just beyond the alley entrance, Adam saw the shadow of a mechanoid, created by the streetlamp, reach across the front of the alley. The shadow lengthened as its owner slowly reached the corner of the building. Adam held his breath. A dark figure appeared magically from the sharp building edge and paused at the alley. Adam saw the shadow front-on in dark silhouette and willed himself to see the photo-optical receptors of the beast peering into the darkness. 

Inspector R32-D3C stood at the alley entrance and looked hard into the dark space. He sensed that something or someone was pressed against the wall of the building on the left side of the gap. He stepped into the shadow and waited for his receptors to adjust to the dark shadow. His processors noted the desire for the optic upgrade the new field units were getting that eliminated the need to be in same light for optimal vision. Yes, there the vermin was! He clearly saw the bulk and shape of a humanoid pressed against the wall of the building. 

The human designers of his species, he looked at himself that way, had been very good at creating a thinking, analyzing and learning entity. The Mechanoid D3C series was the third in the detective-capture series of police "mechs", as they were called. R32, the thirty-second model off the line from the Mechanoid Manufacturing Renton Plant was blessed with superior analytical ability and new non-lethal capture devices, but the new sensor package was not fully developed until the D4C Series. Beyond the range of 25 yards, he had a hard time discerning shapes in shadow. His heat sensors, normally reliable substitutes for his lower optical system, were thwarted by something this human had covered himself with. But now he had him and there was no escape. 

R32-D3C moved deeper into the alley. "Surrender to the authority of the State," he said in his monotone Mech voice. "Come peacefully or I will be forced to use restraint." 

Adam knew he was trapped. The damn thing still saw him once it got into the shadow. The heavy damp shroud covering him had helped but had not completely saved him. He threw the shroud from his shoulders in an act of defiance and preparation for action. 

R32-D3C suddenly saw the red and yellow shape of heat against the colder background leap into his sensor view. The bastard had suddenly appeared and had to be a threat. He launched his ALR (Automated Latex Restraining) net at the glowing figure. 

Adam was suddenly enmeshed in a thick enclosing wrap. It enveloped him and molded to his shape as it flew into his face and chest. The edges whipped around his sides pinning arms and legs and tacky strips formed a tight seal along his back. He could push against the material and feel the minimal give of it before it rebounded into shape. He smelled the heavy scent of new latex as he breathed the limited air inside the sealing cocoon. Panicking, he tried to kick himself out of the binding and fell to the ground. He struggled against the rubber, only to exhaust himself further and faint from lack of air. 

R32-D3C reached the motionless human and thought of leaving him to die in the suffocating latex sack. "Serve the vermin right to let him die. One less human to worry about," he thought. He could report that by the time he reached the human and punched the life-giving breathing hole into the restraining bag, he had expired. But his logic chip and his programming overrode his emotion drive and he punched a hole at the victim's mouth and inserted the breathing tube before lifting the immobilized rubber-bound body onto his shoulder. 

Adam found himself in a starkly lighted room. He was still bound in the original ALR net that the mech had immobilized him with. The ALR had been cut at the neck so his head was not enclosed, however, his body was strapped to a gurney and the head immobilized with head straps. A medical orderly mech (at least that was the original design) leaned into his limited field of vision. He saw the stethoscope dangling from its metallic neck and its arm held a tongue depressor that he used to look into Adams mouth. 

"Specimen WA-06-10262-HM shows no ill effects from the capture," he intoned to some unseen individual. WA - Washington; HM - Human Male; 06-10262 indicated census location of capture and capture number. 

"My name is Adam," Adam said. 

"Specimen WA-06-010262-HM will be silent," responded the orderly mech. 

The orderly mech pulled a heavy latex hood over Adam's head and stuffed a flaccid latex gag into his mouth. Before Adam could push the gag from his mouth, the mech pumped it full, filling the mouth with rubber. 

"Prepare him for the interrogation chamber," said an unseen voice. 

The mech cut the ALR and his clothes from his body. The hood remained in place as Adam was rolled across the room to the Labor Automated Taction Envelopment eXposure (LATEX) system. Adam found the gurney tilted to the horizontal position. His feet were clamped into steel straps that held his legs slightly spread. Mechanical hands gripped his wrists and held his arms away from his body. Sprays of warm liquid lashed his naked form. He twisted as best he could to avoid the onslaught but the bonds held him secure. Without knowing why, he became aroused and was embarrassed to think that mechs were seeing him in such a state. He didn't know the preparation process included hair removal chemicals and that low-level electro-stimulation was causing the arousal. The belt jolted along and hot air rushed over him, drying the water mixture. He moved along the belt again and was sprayed with more liquid. He remained at this station of the system as heat again touched him; only he felt a tightening squeeze of something against his skin. The spray and heat cycles went on many times; Adam lost count. His aroused cock was fully exposed to the process and soon was encased in a ball-sheath that attached to the suit forming around the rest of his body. Each cycle seemed to increase the pressure on his skin by an infinitesimal amount. 

Unknown to Adam, electronic diodes were cemented into the suit being formed over his body. These were strategically located to access his central nervous system and provide any type of external stimulation desired. He was rolled further along the belt. He was now enveloped in a black latex skin that cured to his form. The first spray station had cleaned and removed all body hair, allowing the latex skin to bond right against his bare body. Now the hood was stripped from him after a clamp locked to his neck and held him rigid. More spray directed to his head and the hair fell from it. He was dried again and another hood was pulled over his head. This hood incorporated clear latex lenses for the eyes, nose and mouth openings. An automated hand shoved another gag into the mouth opening. This gag incorporated a rigid hollow tube through its center that allowed for access to the throat even when inflated. The gag pumped up lining the mouth and pressing the tongue to the floor. A brush with cement flashed in front of Adam's face and slapped the liquid onto the hood face at the mouth. A latex ring was positioned by a robotic hand to seal the gag to the hood. 

Next tubing was pushed into the nose. The tubing was very flexible and Adam actually felt it pushing down into his nasal passages. Small latex rings were passed over the tubes and cemented to the hood. A spray was shot into Adam's open mouth and another wider tube inserted down the throat. The spray suppressed the gag reflex but Adam had to swallow the tube as it was worked down his esophagus. Now his lower body received attention. The suit was slit at his anal opening and a lubricated phalanx was inserted. The shaft reached deeply inside him and he felt the pressing tube against his stretched walls. The tube did not seem very large. Soon warm fluid gushed into his colon cavity and filled him. The liquid was discharged and he was filled again. This process was repeated three times before he was cleaned out. He felt the walls of the intruder stretch as it inflated to fill him to capacity. External tubing was attached with cement to the rigid tube that entered his body. The erotic feeling of this entire process now filled Adam with dreams of carnal pleasure. Adam began to wonder if the captivity would really be all that bad. Finally, a small opening was made in the sheath around his cock and tubing inserted into the urethra. As with the other opening made in the suit, this tube was glued into place with a flange/ring. 

He was conveyed out of the LATEX system and saw his transformed form in a mirror that was positioned for just that purpose. He was sealed in shiny black latex. The suit fit him like a glove. Covered from head to toe in the stuff, he could see the short tubes protruding from his nose, mouth, and his rigid shaft. He felt the press of the internal tubing up his nose, down his throat, and the filling press of the inflated plug at his rear. He knew that he was completely sealed into the latex suit and that the mechs had complete control over his environment and a shiver of fear and expectation ran through his core. To this moment the whole encounter had an erotic dream-like slant to it. The massaging rubber suit, the anal plug and the other tubes had isolated Adam from the real world in a most exciting way. He saw the porcupine needles of the electrodes sticking from the many parts of the suit and wondered at the obvious imperfections marring the smooth surface of black latex. 

Spreader bars were clamped to his ankles and wrists, jarring him out of his thoughts, and his feet released. A mech pulled him to another section of the brightly lit room. Here he saw another, very heavy latex suit hanging on a coat rack. The mech took the suit and sat Adam in a nearby chair. The mech removed the ankle spreader and began to work this suit up his legs. As tight as he was encased in the spray-on latex suit, this second suit was impossibly tight. The mech could not pull this suit on very quickly either since it had matching plugs for each electrode protruding from the first layer. The second suit was lined with a micro-thin electrical network that was sandwiched between two sealed latex layers that accounted for the suit's extreme thickness. Microprocessors were also in the suit making it a fully programmable and autonomous computer system. 

A thick ring slipped over the cock and the internal sheath fit snuggly on the rod. The mech guided the sheathed member into the tight pouch that would hold it snuggly against the abdomen. It pulled the relief tube out of a small opening and sealed the spot with glue. The mech pulled the excretory tubes through a rear opening and again sealed the tube to the suit. It clamped off the tubes so no unexpected accidents could happen before WA-06-010262-HM was properly connected to the septic system. 

Programmed with emotion responses by its formal masters, the mech enjoyed seeing the male changed into a unisexual entity by the latex covering, devoid of any external signs of his sex. It thought of the female specimens that were sent through the LATEX system, coming out of the machine with tightly bound breasts that disguised the mounds and wrapped them in a multitude of electrical sensors that could arouse the HF so intensely when the compu-suit was pulled on her. It liked the way the suits filled and sealed the female anatomy behind thick latex that held vibrating shafts snuggly inside the intimate spot. All humans in their charge were externally identical once they processed through the LATEX system, save for size. 

Its emotion chip allowed for appreciation of the changing pattern in electrical readouts on the monitoring systems when the human's were being "molded". The female monitoring always was best as the graphs showed repeated peaks of activity when a pleasure reward was programmed while the males usually peaked once or twice an hour, seldom more than three times and never more than four in a session before they were physically exhausted. The most interesting ones were the ones that showed peak stimulation during a punishment phase. These were few and the mech recognized the incongruity of these occurrences and filed the information away for further study of these most complicated air-breathers, as many mechs called any living creature. 

Adam was being encased inside the second suit, swallowed by the black interior as he watched. The mech fed his arms into the sleeves and adjusted the diode connections as it pulled the arms up to the shoulder. The suit had an attached mask that was a variant of an Israeli gas mask glued onto the attached hood of the suit. The hood had ear receptors that would transmit sound or vibrations through the first hood to the ears. The mask had an opening for the tubing at mouth and nose to pass through. Most ingenious was a heads-up display system built into the edges of the eyepieces. The lenses were actually two pieces of clear material with a thin LCD - Liquid Crystal Display units built into them. When inactive the system was clear to the wearer and they saw their real surroundings through the two eye ports. But depending on the program, a full range of scenarios, from erotic fantasy to extreme terror to complete darkness could be programmed through them. 

The mech finished pulling the tight hood and mask combination over the head and began sealing the suit. This entailed zipping the zipper up the back and covering the zipper line with latex tape. Adam was thoroughly aroused by the tight latex suits and the circumstances of his imprisonment. He felt himself on the edge of complete surrender to the latex squeezing every inch of his body. Hw knew that he could cum right now with only a slight stroke of the outer layer at the right place. The mech bound his arms behind his back, though, to restrict him from reaching the paradise in satisfaction. It led him to the final station in the room, a shiny silver capsule with hinged sides. The mech put Adam inside and locked his wrists to cuffs attached to each sidewall. All of the tubing was fed through openings in the cylinder before the mech closed the capsule with an audible click of locks, sealing Adam in darkness. 

A sudden explosive burst of sound was accompanied by the immediate press of additional restriction. Adam felt his legs wedged apart by some sort of taught pillow while his body was squeezed from the perimeter by additional unknown devices. He was comfortably cushioned but couldn't move an inch inside this new prison. The explosive compression system worked perfectly as the mech observed. Now high-pressure air had filled latex chambers inside the capsule, completely locking WA-06-010262-HM in a suspended state, supported by the latex bags. Unknown to Adam, a warm broth with a mild sedative was fed directly into his stomach. The broth was heated to exactly internal body temperature and could be adjusted quickly to respond to any changes. It put Adam into a drug-induced haze that he didn't really recognize but would enhance both the pleasure inputs and the sensory denial of the system. 

"Comfortable WA-06-010262-HM?" The mech asked in its synthesized voice. 

"You cannot verbalize your response, WA-06-010262-HM, but you think a response and we will record it. You must learn to think your responses, though I must verbally ask the queries through the communication link in your hood," the mech said. 

"Now I will explain what I will do here. I will ask you questions about the location of your home nest. If you give me correct responses I will reward you with pleasure. Wrong responses or no responses can be punished," the mech explained. 

It continued, "Since you need to have a full understanding of what this is all about, I will give you a taste of pleasure...and punishment. After the cycle is completed, I will return and we will begin our talk." 

Adam was suddenly in a room. He was still dressed in the rubber suit but he was tied to a bed. He could see a mirror overhead and see his black rubber clad body stretched securely between the bedposts and centered on a shiny red latex sheet. His masked face gave him an insect quality and he could feel the press of the rubber on every inch of skin. 

"This can't be," thought Adam. "I'm in some sort of torture chamber...yet this seems so real." 

He heard a door open and the form of a willowy female appeared at the foot of the bed. She was dressed like him, in a tight latex suit, only her suit was shiny red. She wore a hood that hid her face behind a shiny mask but her features were perfectly outlined by the stretchy material. 

"So you are ready for me to use you, my little Rubber Toy?" she asked. 

He tried to say something but the gag filling his mouth cut off any response. 

"No need to try to talk, Rubber Toy," she said. "I see the gag is in place as required and your eyes are all I need to see to read your thoughts." 

She proceeded to crawl slowly onto Adam's prostrate form. The squeaking rubber and the warmth of her latex-clad body aroused Adam in expectation. She stroked his legs, his abdomen, his chest and his masked head. She fondled his head with her fingers and wrapped her legs around it. She clamped his head in the vice of her sleek latex thighs and teased his nipples through the rubber skin. He was panting inside the mask and his body was heating up inside the suit. He felt the press of his cock against its prison and longed to have it released and taken inside this heavenly latex vixen. 

She teased him with her tongue, licking at the spot where his cock was hidden while she ground her own rubber-sheathed pussy into the snout of his gas mask. Each push of her suit against his snout cut off his breath causing an erotic rush of lust. She unzipped his sheathed cock and took it to her mouth. She kissed the tight black rubber skin. She ran her tongue sensually along the veins of his shaft. She tasted the hot latex and kissed the head. All the while she continued to push herself into his snout and writhed on top of him in carnal ecstasy. 

Her tongue swirled around the shaft; she took him to her mouth and he felt the heat of her mouth as she drew him inside it. Then she pushed one last hard push against his snout cutting off his breath completely as she screamed in ecstasy from her impassioned orgasmic release. He struggled for breath moving his head from side to side, which only aroused his lover more as she continued to push his snout inside her rubbery pussy. Just when he thought he would be carried beyond the point-of-no-return, she sprang from his head and released his throbbing member... 

"And now for punishment. Of course when you answer our questions, the program will bring your fulfillment too, WA-06-010262-HM." 

The vision left and was replaced with complete darkness and silence. Adam felt his throbbing member looking for final relief that would not come. The machine had brought him to the very edge of erotic arousal and left him hanging there in frustration! Now he had no sensations except the comforting press of the surrounding material. The constant pressure against him soon had him feeling a sense of floating. He floated on a cloud of darkness. His brain went numb from the lack of input change and he was soon screaming for sensory input. But his shouts were silent. The gag in the mouth stifled his sounds to mere grunts that were distorted into soft sounds that would never reach the receptors in his ears. His internal sound vibrations absorbed by the soft padding of the tube that passed through his throat didn't rouse his brain. 

He struggled to find a reference to hang his thoughts on. Even in sleep, you received sensory input from sounds, heat and cold, touch of the bedding, but now he was in a vacuum, devoid of all of those senses he was accustomed to. How long he was in this emptiness he could not guess. His mind wandered. He tried to think of past experiences in his life, but impossibly, he found nothing. He did conjure the vision of a red rubber suited vixen and she seemed very real. She was making him very hot with her careful attention to his stretched and tied body. She was lightly rubbing him and tasting his rubber skin with her tongue and lightly kissing at the snout of his mask. But somewhere in his mind, he knew that this vision, so real, was a fiction as surely as the void he was in. Now why was he here? What was happening to him? He tried to focus his thoughts and failed. 

"WA-06-010262-HM, tell me about your home?" He heard a very soft voice penetrate the void. He tried to say something and knew he thought it but couldn't get the words out. "Why?" 

"WA-06-010262-HM, I ask the questions and get the answers, not you." 

"Why?" He asked again, he thought. 

"I am disappointed, Adam." The silence returned and he was again left to his own thought for comfort. The tight press of the encasement was so constant that it was no longer noticed by his conscience. He remembered he was captured and was in the hands of mechs. This must be a mech asking him questions. He must not reveal the location of home or his entire community would be in peril. He thought of ways to avoid telling anything but the emptiness of this new situation made it so hard to concentrate. 

He thought of his friends at the safe haven. They were counting on him to remain silent. He knew they would be mounting a search for him and even though escape from the mech fortress was hopeless, he held out hope for the impossible. 

The mech saw the brain patterns of his thoughts and realized that this vermin was exercising that one eternal trait that the mechs were never allowed to have, eternal optimism and hope for a better future. 

"Perhaps a little pain for his thoughts is in order." 

Sudden light flooded the darkness of Adam's world. He was in the rubber suit and tied to a chair. The harsh light lit him while the surrounding room remained in shadow. The thigh-booted dominatrix strode out of the shadow and cracked her whip at his crotch. She skillfully cracked the tip of the whip on his aroused cock that, released from the suit, stood in all of its black-sheathed glory. She cracked the whip again at his chest. The stinging tip flicked at one of his rubbered nipples. 

"Ouch," he tried to say through the gag. 

"You must show greater respect for your masters, swine," the Mistress snarled. She bent to untie his bonds and rolled him so his backside was exposed to her whip. She struck his shiny rubber bottom several times eliciting a spasm from him with each strike. His throbbing shaft just grew in strength with each blow and he reveled in the sharp blows. 

She saw the reaction to the blows and flipped him over. She grabbed his cock between her fingers and locked it in a vice-grip. She squeezed his throbbing member. Its head rose above her black shiny grip, a shiny protuberance of unspent desire. She stroked the shaft slowly while maintaining the grip. 

"Oh, you like this don't you," she purred. "You would love me to bring you to a cataclysmic release, wouldn't you? You only need to tell me the secret word and I'll fulfill your every desire." 

She stopped the stroking but maintained her grip, holding him in her hot hand. 

"I'll ask you questions and every time you answer me I'll give you a nice stroke of your hot cock. For question one, I'll give you one stroke, two will give you two, three, three, and so on. The more questions you answer the better your chances of finding ecstasy. Are you ready to play with me?" 

Adam nodded affirmative and she slowly raked her hand along his shaft, sending a shiver through his body. 

"See how easy that was," she said. 

"Your heart lies someplace else, to the north?" 

He nodded negative and waited for the response from her hand. 

"I'm sorry only yes answers get rewarded. And I can tell if you lie so don't try to fool me." 

She asked, "West?" 

He nodded affirmative. The hand gave him two slow and erotic strokes. His body quaked with anticipation and his mind centered on those few square inches of flesh locked between her fingers. 

"More than ten miles?" 

He nodded yes and three sensuous strokes of her hand drove him to the brink. 

"Twenty miles." 

He had to nod negative to that question, knowing the hand would not respond but knowing the pleasure would come again when she asked him a yes question. 

The mechs were huddled over a map and had a quadrant identified, but there were many hiding places in the old city it covered. 

"Ask him if it's northwest or southwest." 


Adam hesitated. Something was wrong here. Why play twenty questions for sexual favor even under bondage conditions and then why this line of questions? It made more sense to ask erotic questions. Then his inner thoughts broke through the play and he remembered he was a prisoner and this was all an elaborate interrogation. His mind suddenly went blank and the vision of the domme was replaced again by the void. 

"That was your last mistake," he heard a mech voice say through the comm link. 

The pressure suddenly released. He felt himself being roughly pulled from the chamber and led across the room. The outer mask with the electronic diodes and links was removed and he saw the white room and the mechs on either side of him. 

A pool of clear fluid was at his feet. The pool seemed to have clear walls and was cylindrical. 

"You have one last chance to tell us what we want to know. The consequence of silence is your permanent entombment in the specimen jar at your feet." 

The mechs placed spreader bars on his ankles and at his waist. His feet were comfortably held about two feet apart and his arms were locked at an angle from his side. 

Adam remained resolute to the end. The mech had a lift pick Adam up and he was slowly lowered into the pool. He felt the thick fluid cloying at his legs and hips and waist as he was swallowed into the glutinous stuff. It was warm to the touch but very viscous. He felt the stuff closing in around him as he sunk deeper. Soon it covered his shoulders. The breathing and feeding tubes were connected to life support systems and the excretion tubes were fed to a relief unit. The lowering continued and he felt the stuff cover his head and he continued to sink deeper into the pool. He saw the room below the floor open up in front of him. It was an auditorium-like space with tiers of seats. The curve of the wall held many vessels like the one he was in. He saw people suspended in those as well. He couldn't tell if they were still alive or not and he realized that it really didn't matter since this imprisonment would be living hell. The rows of people were all in the same shiny black suit that he wore. They were all void of any sexual recognition. They were all wearing the same Israeli style gas mask with attached hoses and mirrored eyepieces. They were all locked in spreaders and they were all suspended in the thick fluid that gave them neutral buoyancy. Suddenly the diodes at his cock and balls began to pulsate and he felt an erotic surge of passion as the equipment worked at bringing on a raging hard-on. His cock swelled and throbbed beneath the rubber covering and he tried to thrust against his restraints to achieve some sort of relief. He was completely stymied by the bonds and the thick pressing fluid. He saw the others in the jars thrusting and squirming as he was. He noticed how the spreader bars were locked to the sides of the jar so that none of them could move enough to achieve satisfaction through their own volition. He heard the mechanical voice announce to unseen spectators in the gloom beyond the harsh lighting on the cylinders. 

"Here you see our former masters reduced to the very basic essence of their own passions. They will rut in this manner for hours on end, trying to achieve a goal that is apparently very pleasurable and satisfying to them. The female ones will achieve their goal multiple times. You will see how they writhe in the bonds quite frequently after we allow them to achieve. The males we hold on the edge for a longer period to allow a better performance once they explode. They seem to require a sort restorative period after the event so they are not as interesting to observe. The pleasure they achieve seems to be the greatest possible joy to them. It far exceeds the pleasure we would expect from hard work and reward of doing a good job. Now if we could only unravel the mystery of this pleasure, we might be able to create an arousal chip for our own purpose. This chip could provide us with the longed for goal of finding an answer to the mystery of existence. 

"We cut off the air flow of them and you will see them explode in built-up passion and they will struggle in the bonds as the muscles contract in release and as they struggle for life-giving air. At cross-purposes the body expels future life that will never be fulfilled exhausting what little oxygen is in its system as it struggles to restore the balance. They quickly succumb to the loss of air and faint when they are achieving the end." 

Adam felt his consciousness leave him as he exploded with his full force and passion into the sheath that was beneath the suits he wore. He pumped with a force so violent that he was completely shocked by the power of his arousal and fulfillment. His fuzzy brain reveled in the carnal lust that the torture and the imprisonment had aroused in the innermost corners of his soul... 

His breathing returned and he suddenly felt his body released from the enclosing pressure of the pool's goop. Confused, he blinked his eyes as a different light returned to his vision and there was Vera sitting on him, wearing the shiny red latex suit that she had surprised him with. 

She collapsed to his chest and whispered in his ear, "God, Adam, they were right. Latex sex is absolutely the greatest sex I've ever had. And you were sooooo good and hard for soooooo long. I fucked your cock for an hour before you finally came. This rubber suit on you and that bondage sack might be kinky but its good kinky in my book." 

"What were you thinking and dreaming while I rode you as you were bound up in the darkness and no hope of escape?" She asked. "And how about when I cut off your airflow?" 

Adam looked even more confused. The dream, if that was what it was had been so real. How could he have been so completely engulfed by the latex? How could he tell Vera the story that even he couldn't remember completely? And then there was the urgent matter of his aroused member that was still imbedded inside his loving Vera. 

"Rather than answering that now, my rubbery dear, why don't you ride me again, right now?" 

"My gosh, you are ready for more so soon?" She squealed in delight. 

"Yes, Hon, but this time I want to see the whole thing and know you're the one giving and receiving the pleasure." 

Adam and Vera remained locked in rubber passion that night, forgetting for a few hours the hostile threat of the mech patrols outside their hideaway. 


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