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Carla's Journey
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: M/f; latex; bondage; cons; slave; entombed; XX
Author's note: Part two of this tale is a first person record obtained by electronic mail.  The rest of this tale has been pieced together from various sources and accounts of those involved in tale.

Carla's Journey: Part Two, The Awakening

Carla is a living art object at one of the top fetish clubs on the East Side of New York. Carla can't eat solid food any more.  The liquid fare that was introduced to her in the machine is all she needs.  Entombed in her rubber piece of amber she is accustomed to the dark.  Already a little mad, she would certainly go mad completely save for the doses 
of input she receives from the vibrators.  However, she feels no sense of being any more. She is a completely sexual animal vaguely aware that her entire life revolves around rubber sex. 

She is the hit of the club.  Enthusiasts of the scene travel from all corners of the world and pay handsomely for the privilege of watching the show each night.   Dressed completely in rubber or leather themselves, they watch with fascination as the immobile figure is brought to complete gratification.  Their only proof of the event is the dazzling display on the television monitor. 

One night I paid for a chance to view the ultimate rubber fetish scene.  After the performance, I approached the Mistress with an offer.  Though she hesitated a moment, she quickly decided that she could always train and encapsulate a new slave.  I bought Number 26 and took her, along with all of the equipment to my estate in Maine.  An avid rubberist for years, I knew that she would be the perfect addition to my collection of rubber erotica or perhaps more?

I arrived home with my precious package shortly after sunrise.  I began unloading the cargo from the back of a truck that I had rented, quite hastily, for the job.  I already knew that the support equipment could remain disconnected from the entombed rubber maiden for short periods of time.  Actually, she would survive quite a long time, food and water being the most critical items that had to be supplied.  The enriched oxygen was actually unnecessary, except that it heightened arousal and the Mistress had counted on that to sell her erotic show.  I wondered who her new victim of this entombment would be?  Using an oversize hand dolly I got with the truck, I gently rolled my cargo out of the back and set her on the ground.  The arriving sun sparkled off the smooth rubber obelisk.  I marveled at the beauty of the light shining through clear amber colored latex.  I placed my hand on the point nearest the exquisitely shaped breast and pressed the spongy material.  I could almost feel the press of the rise of her chest as she breathed. 

I knew at that moment that I had to open the package before me and discover the full joy of mutual rubber partnership.  I was certain that after this intense experience that any rescuer would be forever her master and she would want to be rubber loved for life. 

I was also aware of the serious psychological factors that we would have to overcome.  I had studied the theories of isolation and its effects on people.  They usually went quite mad from extended isolation.  In this case all sensory input, save sexual arousal had been cut off.  I decided that a gradual reintroduction to the senses was in order.  A sudden return to all of the lights, sounds and smell we take for granted might prove too much.  In addition, were I to release her all at once from the rubber tomb, the sudden change in her tactile input could be damaging. 

I decided that a gradual return to the living was in order.  Once I had her placed in the den and hooked up all of the equipment I studied the subject.  I read up on sensory deprivation and solitary confinement.  There were a lot of sources on the net on the subjects.  Not surprising many of them dealt with torture, imprisonment and extreme bondage.  Except for the prisoner topics, most sensory deprivation was of limited duration, a few days at most.  I knew my prize had been in this condition for over a month. 

As I studied one of the sites the monitor indicated a fuck cycle was progressing.  I took a break from my research and began to massage my tool through the three rubber layers I was wearing.  As part of my research I tried to imagine her predicament on an almost daily basis.  It was impossible, I know but wearing three heavy full suits, hoods with pinpoint eye openings, and a tight gag in the mouth was a close approximation.  On weekends I spent up to thirty-six hours in the attire, sleeping in a tight body bag.  As the hours of one of these sessions progressed, I would read through volumes of material, taking a break only to drink or swallow some of the stuff feeding my enchanted princess or bring myself to a gratifying climax while watching her being taken through the cycle. 

Finally the day came to remove enough of the block of rubber to expose her nose and mouth areas and remove the tubing that went to her airway.  I decided to restore the sense of smell first.  I sliced away the amber material carefully to reveal the flanges and seals holding the tubes. I cut the tubes loose from the mask and slowly extracted them from her nostrils.  The exposed face area twitched from the obvious irritation.  She also made some small audible squeaks from her gagged mouth.  Once the tubes were out, I shaved the covering about her chest to a mere 1/8th inch.  Her chest visibly rose with her eased breathing.  A grunt came from her mouth.

"Soon, my Sweet," I whispered.  "I'll have you out of this bondage."

I touched her rubber cheek lightly and she responded with a short, quick breath.  I was pleased that she could still show signs of reaction to stimulus other than the vibrations of the rods in her private parts.  I spent the rest of the afternoon letting soft scents from various smelling oils waft her nose opening.  She grunted most excitedly over the lemon scent.  Not surprisingly raw rubber had a positive effect.  I rather counted on that one.  She went through two fuck cycles while I was letting her smell.  I was only able to explode with her during the first one. 

Since it was Saturday, I chose to remain in my rubber enclosure and climbed into my sleep sack for the night.  I dreamed of revealing the face behind the hoods and mask.  I already knew of her flawless body that was so perfectly shaped by her shiny black rubber suit.  I was certain that face was just as lovely to gaze upon, with or without hood and mask.  I was not sure yet whether I would see her face more that a hood but it really didn't matter just as long as she was happy and would carry me to new levels of rubbery delight.  I had the most realistic dream of my life that night.  My rubber maiden broke lose from the weakened rubber object and stumbled onto my sleeping body.  I felt someone touching my semi-hard rod through the rubber layers.  Soon the dream fantasy was stroking me and bringing my stiffening rod to readiness.  Suddenly the bag was torn open and a black shiny love goddess pounced on me and rode me to joyous ejaculation.  I spurt my juices into my suits and it mingled with the sweat already there.  I awoke just as I came.  A wet dream just like one from high school days washed over me.  The realism was too much and I was fully awake.

Unzipping my sack, I ran to the den to make sure that my love pet was all right.  I shouldn't have feared.  She was breathing tranquilly in her rubber prison.  Since I was fully awake I decided to proceed with the next step.  I began to remove the doughnut gag from her mouth.  As it deflated and her cheeks collapsed, she began to mumble incoherently.  To late, I realized that I should have restored hearing first.  I sliced two large chunks from the block to get to where her ears would be against her hoods.   I peeled the residual rubber from the openings and whispered to her.

"Don't be afraid.  I am taking you out of this rubbery prison.  I want you to listen carefully and tell me if you understand.  I bought you from the Mistress.  You are now at my home.  Once you are completely free of this bondage you may leave or stay.  It's your choice.  You are not my slave but I would very much like you to be my life partner.  One thing that has worried me is that you may be too far-gone to understand me.  You may even want to stay in the bondage since you have been there so long.   If you understand me please grunt."

Carla was shocked to hear sound.  She was so startled that her head would have jerked if she could move it.  As it was, something had already happened.  She could smell again and her breathing was much easier.  Even the gag in her mouth was down enough that she could mumble monosyllables.  The soothing voice was explaining something to her.  It was something important.  As she listened she caught the words bought, free, partner, remain, bondage.  Freedom was something that she had long since forgotten.  The words began again, this time she recognized a warm male voice that was offering her life back.

I repeated my speech in hopes that the girl would understand this second time.

She grunted as I finished.

I continued, "Do you wish for me to continue removing you from your prison?

She actually grunted with an affirmative intonation.  I was ecstatic. 

I finished pulling the gag from her mouth.  The feeding tube was tricky.

"This might hurt a little.  I have to pull the stomach tube out."

"I ready," she slurred around the tube.  Such mundane words but they were so electrifying.  Her voice was an angel's.  I began to remove the tube as quickly as I could so that voice would be unencumbered by the obstacle.  It still took several minutes to get the surgical tubing clear of her throat.  Finally the last of it passed from her lips.

"Thank you," she cried fervently.  My name is Number 26."

"Don't you have another name, a real one?" I asked.

"I am Number 26," she said then a tremble came to her voice.  "I want to remember who I am but I can't.  I am a rubber sex slave now but there has to be more."

"Take it easy, Honey.  Do you want to see?" I asked.

"You called me 'Honey'," she ignored my question.  "Why didn't you address me as 'Number 26'?"

"You're not my slave.  I call you 'Honey' or some other endearments until we know your real name."

"I like that and yes I think I am ready to see again.  I remember that seeing was nice."

"Right now I am dressed in rubber like you are.  Do you want me to change before I remove the stuff from the rest of your head?"  I asked.

"Just take off your hoods, if you are wearing any.  I want to see your face when my eyes are opened," she said solemnly.

I did as she wished then and went about cutting away the rest of the rubber from her head.  Once the head and neck were exposed, I carefully slit the seals at the neck and pulled the first hood from her head.  I saw eyes behind another hood squeezed shut from the light.  I ran to the windows and shut the blinds.  I came back to her and said, "I closed the curtains.  It is dark enough for you to open your eyes."

She blinked a couple of times and gazed into my face.  A smile slowly appeared beneath the hood.

"Let me feel you," she said.

I thought for a moment knowing that she couldn't use her hands yet.  I leaned close to her face and she stretched her hooded face to me and kissed me.  I let her lips press harder against mine.  I opened my mouth and suddenly her tongue was greedily sucking at mine, drawing it as far into her mouth as I could endure.   The passion of the kiss as overwhelming and my already aroused member hardened.  I let her kiss me as I rubbed against the still undisturbed part of the block.  My aching member wanted more.  I had to finish getting her out of the rubber block. 

"I love you," she whispered over and over.

I was enthralled with her announcement.

"It's love at first sight.  You are my rubber hero," she said.  "Do you think you could climb up here and let me swallow your love juices?

I was surprised at the invitation but it took no second request for me to strip the top suit off to reveal the convenience zip of the inner suit.  I stood where she could see as I released my growing tool.  I saw a sparkle in her eyes as they laid sight on my black sheathed rod. 

"Climb up here right now and let me help that magnificent black cock find its reward.  By the way, switch on the fuck cycle for me while you're at it.  I wouldn't want you to have all of the fun."
I turned the dial on the machine and she immediately responded with soft moans and moving her head back and forth.  I mounted the rubber block and wrapped my legs over the back and around her head, hooking my legs firmly behind her.  My tool was touching her mouth and I easily guided it between her parted lips.  She drew me further into her waiting throat and began to bob her head back and forth.  She swirled her tongue around the hard ridges of my tool, savoring the rubber taste of the sheath mixed with sweat that had found its way to the sheath.  She was working hard and the fucking machine was working on her.  Her breaths became faster as the machine brought her rapidly to an advanced state of arousal. 

Her licking and sucking took on a frantic pace and I was on that hazy edge that defined the point of no return.  Stars and lights exploded before my eyes as she took me over the cliff and I plunged into the depths of carnal ecstasy.  I pumped my love juices into the protective sheath.  Her mouth greedily licked at the sheath, savoring the feel of the slick fluid filling the protecting rubber. 

Her own release came right behind mine as she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Yes, YES.  I'm cumming.  I can feel it.  It's soooo goood.  Let me swallow your cum."

With that she bit the tip of my sheath and began to greedily draw the juices into her mouth.
"Oh that tastes so good.  It's got the flavor of love mixed with rubber!"

She continued to work on my tool and I as soon hard again and ready to pop again.  She skillfully drew out that final moment until I was aching with anticipation, then I was shooting again.  This time the semen shot through the open end of the sheath and flooded her mouth with white juices.  She had some cum dripping from her lips as she kissed my now shrinking member.  I was so taken by her second attack on me I missed her second orgasm that must have happened simultaneously to mine.  She was panting from exhaustion as she looked up from my crotch and smiled at me. 

She giggled, "I'm sorry about your sheath.  I think I ruined it."

"I'll live with it," I said.  "I have more where it came from."  But next time you want to swallow my juice let me know so I can wear this sheath under my clothes, okay?"

"It's a deal."

"Do you think your ready to come out of this tomb?" I asked.

"More than ready.  I don't think I'll be very good on my feet though."

"No problem.  I'll take care of everything," I said.

I cut the remaining rubber from her and true to her words she collapsed to the floor.  I carried my rubber maiden to the bathroom and began to cut the suit off of her.  I stripped her of everything.  When I saw the plumbing for her private functions, I was appalled.  I didn't realize that somebody could be so cruel as to lock another human being permanently into such bondage, even if it was in the most erotic material of rubber.

 I sponged the sweat and old powder from her shoulders.  I eased her into the tub and ran a hot stream of water.  I climbed on in with her and began to massage her limbs and rub her back.  I worked on her tight muscles.  She moaned as she lay, enjoying the complete attention I gave her.  She was exhausted and was hovering between wakefulness and sleep.  In that hazy twilight she moaned each time I applied my attention to a part of her pale body.  The heat of the water and my attention soon was rewarded with returning color to her skin.  A soft pink flush began to spread over her.  I reached for a sponge and began to soap her.  I worked the soap into a thick lather and began to sponge her arms, her delicate neck, her soft breasts, and her trim abdomen.

She opened her eyes and looked at me as I straddled her hips.

"What a wonderful dream, a rubber hero attending to my every need.  Whoever you are, you are the most handsome rubber man I have ever seen."

"My name is Bill," I said.

"Thank you, Bill, for saving me from that existence.  I think my name is Carla."

"Carla, you can stay with me as long as you want."

"I like the invitation.  But can you afford to buy me enough rubber to satisfy me?"

"Not a problem, Dear.  We can start picking out clothes for you tomorrow."

It did not take long to order a full latex wardrobe for Carla.  I ordered all of the costumes from my favorite Internet sites.  Together we selected four catsuits. One was a front zip full suit with attached gloves, feet and open hood.  Another was a back zip design with a full hood along with gloves and feet.  A third one was made of extremely thin latex and was entered through the only opening, a four-inch diameter hole at the neck.  To get into this suit we had to order plenty of slick-glide, a personal lubricant.  Carla already fantasized the moment she would literally slide into this suit.  The fourth suit was the only one not black.  It was a bright red suit with feet but no gloves or hood.  Carla saw this suit as the one she could wear beneath her street clothes and not stir too much attention.  It also had a v-neck collar that would allow her to wear long-sleeve shirts or blouses to cover it. 

Next we ordered a variety of skirts.  Mini-skirts to hobble skirts we ordered hem all.  Most were black; some had red highlights.  Two were crimson red; one was a deep royal blue.  They all would fit nicely over one of the catsuits to make superior party attire.  Dresses were more complicated.  Carla wanted all of the styles.  There was the sleek formal gown with the hobble skirts and side zip, black of course.   Another full-length dress was deep red and was sleeveless.  Three mini-dresses that could be worn alone or over a catsuit.  Two of these were pullover.  One black with red piping had a shiny nickel two-way zip that closed like a parka.  All dresses were custom sized, as were the catsuits, to fit Carla's perfect shape flawlessly.

Then there was the variety of underwear.  Briefs with and without dildos and butt plugs.  Vibrating briefs, briefs with little nubs to stimulate the clitoris and two sheath briefs, one with nubs, that could accommodate a standard vibrator or a more pleasurable object, my rock-hard member.  There were stockings and gloves galore: thigh high stockings and panty hose; short gloves to opera length.  Most of these items were of different thickness to provide tactile variation depending on the mood.

Then there were the thick clunky waders, thigh length and chest.  They were black industrial ones with heavy boot feet.  Also in the wader category were the two wader suits. These curious suits were one piece and thick rubber.  They zipped across the shoulder with a waterproof closure.  One of them had a heavy attached hood/gas mask combination.  The other one had a high turtleneck collar like her other catsuits.  I explained the erotic feel of wading in deep water or mud while fully protected behind layers of rubber.

I special ordered some custom hoods that would fit Carla's head perfectly.  These hoods ranged from full facial features with eye, nose and mouth openings to blinding hoods with inflatable gag and one breathing opening with an attached tube.  I decided that my gas mask collection would suffice for both of us.

I had all of the items sent by express delivery.  It cost an additional small fortune to get the gear, some of which came from Europe.  The off the shelf items began arriving in three days but the boxes of custom-made items took two weeks to come.

While we waited for the items to arrive, Carla told me about her experience at the slave parlor.  I was an attentive listener and we often stayed up late at night.  Most of the time these talks ended with both of us in an aroused state that culminated with frantic lovemaking.  Usually these sessions were done with only a few items of rubber or none at all.  Carla enjoyed the change but asked me why I didn't want to dress up.  I told her that I could not dress for pleasure unless my "Love Bunny" could join me.  It would not be fair now that I was not alone.  She accepted that explanation and waited with anticipation for her rubber wear to arrive. 

During one night, as Carla told me about the procedure that culminated with her enclosure in the solid latex block, I grew quite agitated as she told me of the emptiness she experienced when all of her senses were taken from her.  She explained how the consistent pressure of the rubber block effectively dulled her sense of touch to the point the she felt that she was suspended in a weightless pool.  Since her food went straight through to the stomach, no taste or swallowing was involved.  She didn't even know when they fed her.  Because her sphincter was permanently spread to its maximum, she didn't even know when her bowels released.  The only sensation that changed for her was the fucking cycle of the machine and she grew to desperately want it to start only to want it to end but always before it ever would.  To be completely at the mercy of such a person and to be connected to such a device was beyond my imagination.

"Actually it was very erotic and exciting at first.  To be completely submissive to the rubber and the event carried me for hours, perhaps days, before the shocking reality set in," she said.  "You have all of the equipment to sustain the person here don't you?"

"Yes," I looked at her.

"It really is quite a ride for those first few hours," she said.  "If I knew the pleasure would culminate in a joyous and shared loving experience, I would like to experience that bondage on occasion.  It does strip away all of your worldly worries when you are being screwed by a mechanical device and you have no place to go." 

I even was intrigued at the thought of the amber block.  I had a basic understanding of how to create it and even that first time seeing Carla at the club I was drawn to the idea of surrendering to that bondage.  The fact that she now suggested that it was erotic and exciting for a short time spurred me to make a decision.  Actually my plan was simpler to carry out.  I didn't need to provide feeding, although a water tube might be nice for extended sessions.  I also decided against the tubes down the airway.  We would allow for a gag that could deflate when water was needed.  I also developed a safe signal device, a simple plunger to hold in the closed palm of the hand.  The thumb could move enough to activate the pressure switch of the device.  In addition, I decided to add auditory capability to the design through small headset speakers inside the hood.  That way soothing music or questions could be relayed to the imprisoned person.  I could deny all of the senses in the same way the Mistress system did or I could provide some sensory response to avoid the true madness that could result. Sanitary needs could be accounted for with tubing for urine.  I didn't anticipate the need for solid waste since we would prepare for any session by eating only liquid for a day, purging the system with a laxative and taking an enema to clear anything from the colon before inserting any butt plug. 

Carla warmed to the idea of being enclosed again for a few hours.  She really got excited when I told her I wanted to be the first and she could be the Mistress.  We had been having some heavy sex but it had been pretty much on my lead.  Since all of her clothing still had not arrived yet, we were limited in the area of rubber but for the most part she would allow me to eat her cunt and she would suck my sheathed cock. She never really tried to take the lead, something that I hoped the machine might change.

Finally all of her clothes and toys arrived.  Everything came within a day of each other.  I had been busily working on a box for the liquid latex.  I decided to have clear sides so that the Master could observe the flow of the liquid goo and see it close over the intended victim.  I realized that a lid with some sort of relief valve was needed to make certain that all of the air was evacuated from the box.  It took me a while to figure out how she had been suspended in the rubber.  I looked at some of the remains of the original slab and finally saw the thin trace of the sheeting that had been sandwiched between the liquid.  It didn't take much to work out the details of the system for suspending a person properly in the box.  I finished the box the day the last of Carla's clothes arrived. 

In anticipation of the session, I had not eaten for twenty-four hours.  The broth that I drank was delicious but I certainly had a hard time living with the hunger pangs that the strict diet effected.  Carla came into the room where I was finishing up the final adjustments to the box and equipment.  She gleefully held up a rubber suit before me and waltzed around the room.  She caressed it and held it to her cheek.  That special sparkle of a rubberist in her private glory came to her eye.

"Is the tank ready?" she asked.

"I think so," I replied.

"I'll give you a real surprise before you surrender to the tank.  Take off to the bathroom and get yourself a good shower, inside and out and put on your tank suit.  I'll be ready for you when you're done."

Unlike the suit that I first saw her in, our "tank" suits didn't have to be flawless in appearance.  Since our plans were less artistic (?) and more practical we decided to opt for skin-tight forty gauge latex suits with attached hood, gloves and feet and watertight closure across the back.  The front side would still be flawless in appearance save for the necessary penetrations to accommodate electrical wires and other needed tubing.  I already had a suit like that.  The second outer suit I ordered at the time I released Carla.  It had arrived two days before.  I ordered suits for Carla the day we decided to recreate the bondage.  Hers were due in about two weeks but she didn't want to wait to share the experience with me. 

I busied myself with the preparations at hand.  I decided to shave off my pubic hair as well to provide added closeness to the enclosing rubber.  I worked the sheathed brief with attached plug up my legs.  This sheath was made of thicker than normal latex had a vibrating ring at the base and a relief tube on the end.  The ring would vibrate my member and massage my balls once the machine was turned on.  I worked the thick black rubber of the suit over my body.  The heavy material flowed over the limbs as I worked it up my legs.  I felt as though some alien beast was devouring me whole, like some sort of body possession.  I fed the tube containing the electrical connections to the vibrator through the hole in the crotch and pulled the suit over my hips.  My already growing member formed a smooth ridge along the front as I pulled the suit over it.  I fed the relief tube through the hole just at the navel of the suit and worked the tight latex over my torso.  The rubber magic began to grip me as the squeezing suit covered me.  I slipped each arm into the respective openings, watching my hands plunge into the darkness.  I thought of each limb opening of the suit as an adventure into the depths of rubber surrender never knowing what the coming session would bring.  Sometimes I would explode before I could even finish dressing, especially when I was doing something new.  The night I dressed for the club where I found Carla had been that way.  I had gone to the club with a full load of cum lubricating my sheath.  Of course the erotic nature of the show took me to another strong climax.  Most times I imagined each limb opening as a bottomless rubber pit that would take me from this world for a few brief moments and transport me to heavenly ecstasy.  I knew the pre-cum was juicing my sheath and I felt the tingle of desire as I ducked my head into the hood.  As I adjusted the suit about my body and pulled the lanyard closing the zip across my shoulders the thoughts of the coming games and my own building lust resulted in me shooting into the sheath.  Like the night at the club, I was certain that would not be my last orgasm. 

I went to the room where the equipment was set up and saw Carla looking like a rubber angel.  She was wearing one of the full body suits that had an attached full hood.  Over the suit, she wore one of her dresses that hobbled her to the knees.  Thigh high boots with long spike heels hugged her shapely legs.  The black surface of the outfit was shined to a mirror finish and there were no wrinkle or flaws to be seen.  She held a whip in her right hand.  Cuffs adorned a wide red rubber belt that encircled her waste.  She even had a couple of dildos hanging from the belt.  All in all, Carla presented the appearance of a formidable dominant.  My member stirred again at the sight of this exotic rubber creature.  Her piercing eyes looked directly into mine and I felt as though the dark side of my soul was bared to her for the first time.  I had never seen Carla quite this way before.  It was almost frightening.

The strict, stern façade fell away with her first words; "Did I overdo the "Dom" stuff?"

"Carla, Honey, you need to learn to be strict with your slave if you want to dress the part," I replied.

"You mean like this.  Silence, Slave!  How dare you speak unbidden!"

She giggled at her words.

"Better," I chuckled.  "I'm your slave today, regardless of how you act.  Do to me as you wish."

She led me to a bondage cross and secured me to the frame.  She then worked at preparing my hooded face for the nose cup.  Unlike her session, we decided to glue the cup to the suit hood.  She fed two short tubes into my nose.  They had little rings that allowed them to fit snuggly into the nostril.  She then slipped one of the dildos on her belt into my mouth.  It was a gag with a hollow opening through the center. 

She took me from the cross and I stood obediently while she greased my suit with the glycerin.  She had me sit while she pulled the outer suit over my feet.  She then stood me and worked the heavy material over the waist and fed my arms into the sleeves.  I could feel the additional layer of rubber squeezing all of my body in its amorous embrace. She finished pulling the tubing through the lower opening in the suit and sealed off the opening.  I could tell when she sealed the collar and added the thin layer of fluid to the bladder of the outer suit.  The feel of the slick stuff between my suits sent a signal of building passion through my whole body.  I shivered and butterflies were in my stomach.  She led me to the clear rubber sheet suspended in the box. 

"Center yourself on the sheet and hold your arms out from your body," she commanded.

I climbed onto the sheet and spread my arms.

"Hold your legs apart."

I opened my legs.

She handed me the pickle that would be my communication system.  She then reached over my body and began to pull the blinding hood mask into place.  As the heavy rubber mask plunged me into darkness I caught the final glimpse of those two glorious shiny black bosoms hanging tantalizingly close to my face.  She slipped the sealing ring onto the round opening of the hood and remaining hint of light winked out.  I could feel her working on the hood, sealing the tubing with glue.  I began to imagine the time to finish the procedure and follow in my mind each of the steps she had to follow.  She attached longer tubes to all of the short lengths and sealed them with liquid cement.  She next fed the ends of the tubing and the wire leads through the rubber sheet and passed them through the bottom of the box.  My breathing became a little labored since the tubes were so long.  She hooked everything up to the appropriate devices on the machinery and soon I felt the pump gently pushing air into the nostrils.  For my system, I had flapper valves on each tube.  One tube was for intake; the other served as exhaust.  I had wondered about that when I first saw Carla at the club and discovered this clever system upon removing the tubes from her nose. I felt her placing the breathing and heart monitor electrodes to my chest and back and knew that she would soon be filling the tank. 

"All right, my sweet," came an angelic voice over the communications link.

I pickled the button. 

I heard the distant thump of the lid and soon I felt the low vibration of the pumping equipment pushing the warm liquid latex into the tank.  I felt the progress of the stuff as first my back grew warm and slowly the warmth spread up my sides until I was completely engulfed in the warm fluid.  I took care not to move my arms or legs as the liquid began to cool and soon I couldn't move them even if I wanted to.  I was locked in a block of rubber.  The sensation of the pressing material on all of my body was enthralling.  Then the vibrations began and my tool, already hard again, was being massaged.  I was taken completely by the absolute helplessness of the situation.  There was nothing I could do to prevent what happened next.  And what happened next was a wildly erotic journey into carnal bliss.  I pumped into the sheath and tried to move against the entombing rubber.  The exhaustion of the effort left me breathing hard into the nose cup.  The vibrations stopped and I waited to see what was next.  After a while the wait became almost unendurable.  I began to push on the pickle.

"So you want something from me?" came a hard voice over the link.

I pushed the pickle.  "Yes."

"I think I like you in there, Slave.  In fact the colors on the monitor when you came were just so good that I couldn't help but cum myself.  I think I will drill a hole at your mouth and ass and plumb you up for feeding and long term enclosure.  I could really come to enjoy this Mistress stuff.  In fact, I think I'll cut off the communications link now, turn the fucking cycle back on and watch you get fucked into eternity."  The link switched off; I pickled the plunger in vain.  The vibrations began again and despite my fear, I was driven again to an ecstatic climax.  I was breathing hard and the vibrations didn't stop.  I was tensing my muscles as another explosive release washed over my wracked body.  I wondered if the term being fucked to death had real meaning.  I must have exploded at least four times, perhaps more.  By now my exhausted body could only produce the smallest of orgasmic release.  I wanted rest.  I wanted out of this block of rubber.  I wanted my life back.

"Okay, Bill.  Time to get you out of there," came the perky voice that I knew so well.  "By the way, Bill, you owe me at least one more orgasm.  I came six times while watching you; you only came five.  I'll let you perform that one later.  I hope you weren't too shocked when I told you that you were never getting out of there.  After all that was part of the game to make the experience more realistic."

When I was in the depths of despair in that block of rubber, the seed of a plan began to sprout. 

As soon as I was free of the rubber block, Carla took me into her arms, pulled the blinding hood from my head, pulled off the nose cup, removed the gag and gave me the deepest kiss she ever bestowed on me. 

"Carla," I said, "I think we have to go to the fetish club."

She looked at me, startled.  "Why?  It's too soon!  I might not ever be able to go there."

"No we have to go.  We'll be dressed and fully hooded.  Nobody will know who we are."

"That's not it, Bill.  Remember what they did to me?"

"Yes, and you just gave me a taste of it.  You know, I bought you and had to watch that thing for weeks before I knew enough of the psychology to let you out safely."

"Then you know I can't go there," she said flatly.  "It will bring back too many memories."

"Does it make a difference that there is another girl sealed in a block of latex, taking your place?" I asked.

"What!  How could they?  I mean my bondage was an experiment.  The Mistress said so before she snuffed out my eye sight and sealed me in that thing."

Well, I guess she liked the fantasy so much that she did it again.  It seems to draw quite a crowd to the club."

"But the police?  Surely the bondage is illegal?"

"The Mistress has a signed contract that she claims allows her to do whatever she wants to her employees as long as they don't come to any physical harm.  The judges have not been happy about the situation but the Mistress' lawyers are good and the police can't act unless they get a complaint.  No witnesses will come forward either.  It seems her patrons love the entertainment as much as she."

"Let's complain then."

"It's not that easy, Dear.  A complaint has to be against something she did to us."

"But she put me in that rubber," Carla complained.

"Yes and you signed a contract.  No harm no foul as the saying goes.  But I do have a plan.  We'll round up about ten of my friends that share our interest.  We'll mount our own raid on the club and put the Mistress Estella out of business for good." 

"That could be dangerous," she mused.

"Yes, it could.  If we fail we could all wind up slaves to the Mistress," I replied.  "It will take careful planning and reconnaissance to determine exactly what we are up against.  I doubt very seriously if we can just walk into the back parts of the club."

"You're right.  You may not be able to do it," she said.

"If you're uneasy about this, you can stay here, Carla.  I mean you've been there but I know your knowledge of the layout and other particulars are limited.  It would be safer for you, too."

"No.  If you go then I go."

"That's the spirit.  By the way, whatever gave you the idea to scare me that way?"

"Just the novelty of having the role reversed for a change.  I knew that the Mistress hinted that the experiment could last a long time so I decided to give you the full treatment, so to speak."

"God, I'm glad you love me," I said earnestly.

"Just watch out, Mister, and keep on my good side."


Carla's Journey
continues in Part 3 - The Raid


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