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Carla's Journey
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/f; latex; bondage; reluct/cons; slave; XX
Author's note: Part two of this tale is a first person record obtained by electronic mail.  The rest of this tale has been pieced together from various sources and accounts of those involved in tale.

Carla's Journey, Part One, The Slave Colony

Carla was looking for some extra cash.  As an actress, she had not quite made the hit she was led to expect by the sleazy agent who had "discovered" her.  The guy seemed to be more interested in getting into her panties than getting her work.  She soon dumped him and began searching for another agency, a reputable one, to get her work.  It didn't take long for her to realize that reputable agencies were hard to find.  She was becoming desperate.  In fact, she was looking for any decent work that would get her enough money to buy the bus ticket back to her home in Kansas.

As she browsed the want ads in the local business weekly, her eye caught a simple one-line ad.  "Models needed for local fashion artist show.  538-4562." 

"Well, this might get me a bus ticket if they take me," she said to herself as she walked to the corner pay phone and dropped a quarter into the slot.

"Artist Fashion Zone," said the voice on the other end of the line.

"Yes, I saw your ad in the Weekly and I was wondering if there still are any slots available for your showing?" asked Carla.

"We could certainly take a look at you.  Can you bring your portfolio along to drop with us to review?"

"I'm sorry.  I don't have a portfolio.  I thought perhaps a personal interview would suffice."

"That is a bit irregular.  But since we are a new design house, perhaps a fresh look for a model might be okay.  Can you come over at two this afternoon?"

"I'll be there.  Thanks."  Carla hung the phone up. 

 She looked at herself and realized that she needed to change into something more presentable for an interview.  She rushed home to the small room she rented by the week and got ready for the meeting.

She decided to wear the sexiest clothes she had, a skin-tight pink lycra body suit over which she put on her black leather mini-skirt.  She put her five-inch heels on and checked herself in the mirror.  A few touches to her face and she was ready to go.

She found the place in the warehouse district.  It seemed to be a typical front for a struggling artsy enterprise that was waiting discovery.  She rang the bell and waited for someone to open the door.  It took a few minutes, as if the people were deep in the back of the place.

"May I help you?" asked the woman who opened the door.

"Hi.  My name is Carla and I have an appointment."

"Oh, yes.  Please come in."  The woman appraised Carla's dress and slightly arched her eyebrows.

Carla saw the body language and immediately thought, "I overdid the sexy stuff.  Oh my.  I'm already in trouble."

The woman led her down a long hall, deep into the bowels of the old building.  Carla noted that the woman wore a severely cut gray business suit.  Even in the suit, Carla could tell that this woman was probably a model once.  She opened a door for Carla and stood aside, letting her into the room.

"Mr. Heath will be in shortly," she said.  "Help yourself to some coffee and snacks."

Carla found a pleasant room with a collection of fashion magazines on a table.  A small stand in the corner held a coffeepot and some cookies.  She sat down and waited.  As the wait dragged, she picked up one of the magazines and began to scan it.  Finally, she went to the coffee stand and poured a cup of coffee.

She sipped the coffee and continued to browse the magazines.  She was about halfway through the cup when she pulled one of the magazines near the bottom of the pile and was confronted with a bizarre picture of a woman dressed in tight rubber.  The rubber suit encased the woman in a second skin of shiny black.  Her face was hidden behind the snout of a gas mask with mirrored lenses.  Carla gasped at the sight and dropped the magazine to the table. 

"How could someone put something like that out where people might find it," she thought.  She started to stand and suddenly felt dizzy.  She fell back into the chair and as her eyes went out of focus, a figure entered the room.  The figure looked remarkably like the picture on the magazine cover.  Her world went dark.

The smelling salts took effect and Carla was jolted back to consciousness.  She couldn't move any part of her body.  She was held upright on a bondage cross.  Her arms stretched out above her head and her legs spread.  Her clothing tightly squeezed her whole body.  She looked down and saw the swell of a shiny black mound that was her breast.  She realized that she was in a rubber suit.  The stretchy fabric hugged her skin in its tight embrace.  She tried to pull her arms free from the cross and the movement caused her to gasp as something moved inside her pussy.  She thrust her hips as far as they would move 
and the resulting sensation inside of her confirmed the presence of a dildo.  She also felt the pressure of a plug in her anal opening.  As she struggled with her bindings, the woman she saw earlier came into the room. 

"What are you doing to me?" she demanded.

"Silence!" came the retort.

"Get me out of this contraption, now!" Carla demanded.

The woman walked up to Carla and strapped a gag to her face.  Next she walked to a curtain in the wall opposite Carla and pulled a lanyard, opening the curtain.  A mirror let Carla see herself for the first time.

She was dressed from head to toe in a rubber suit.  The hood about her head had a small oval opening for her mouth, nose and eyes.  Otherwise she was entirely encased in the shiny black material.  Tubes ran from her crotch and backside.  They were attached to something like a catheter.  Two more tubes were attached to the nipples of her breast cups.  These led to a silver machine with a bright LED readout.  Additional wire connected the machine to a spot next to the tube coming from her crotch.  The area at her crotch seemed to have reinforcing to hold the dildo snugly inside her tender pussy.  As she surveyed her situation, she tried to scream.  The gag effectively cut her scream off into a muffled grunt.

"Come now, Carla.  Struggling won't get you anywhere.  In fact this room is completely sound proof.  I will remove the gag in a minute but you won't be able to talk very long because I have a special surprise for you.  The woman held up a complicated looking gas mask.  The mask was molded into a complete hood.  As the woman turned the hood inside out, Carla could see a limp ball of rubber.

"When I pump this up, it will completely fill your mouth.  Now you might think that you can clinch you teeth closed.  If you do, then you cannot breathe.  This tube that passes through the gag is the only way you will be able to breathe once the mask is in place.  I highly recommend that you let it into your mouth in accordance with its design." 

She approached Carla with the hood.  Carla noted that the headpiece was very heavy rubber.  The inside of the hood had thick rubber bulges where her ear openings would be.

"Now, I will remove the gag.  Enjoy your last view of daylight, Carla."

The woman pulled the gag from her mouth and clamped the face of the mask against her in one motion.  The tube that was surrounded by the limp rubber gag was inside of her mouth.  True to the woman's words her nose was completely useless.  Her eyesight was gone as well.  The eye lenses of the mask were completely darkened.  She felt the hands pull the back of the hood/mask, completely engulfing her head in the tight grip of the rubber.  The rubber pads slipped against her ears and sounds became distant dreams.  The woman pulled the zipper on the back of the mask closed and Carla was completely encased the stretchy black rubber. 

The woman put her mouth next to Carla's ear and said, "Enjoy your rubber world, Carla.  I'll see you in a few days."

She went to the machine in the corner and turned a switch.  The dildo inside of Carla came to life.  In addition, the plug in her sensitive ass started to stimulate her and a suction action began to draw her tender nipples to full arousal.  This three-pronged sexual assault on her body was taking Carla, against her will, to the first rubber orgasm she had ever experienced.

Carla lost track of the times the machine took her tortured body through its cycles of pleasure.  Orgasms wracked her body with a numbing regularity.  The vibrations began anew for the thousandth time and another orgasm washed through her limbs, she was again lost in the flood of pleasure-pain.  The vibrations did stop for a few hours allowing her to drift into a light sleep.  The minimal sleep she was getting could not hope to satisfy the need for rest that her body craved. 

Periodically, fluid would pass through the breathing tube.  Each time the gag would deflate prior to the onrush of the liquid refreshment.  The first time it happened, Carla thought the ordeal was over when the gag went limp.  Instead, a warm flavorful broth, almost as thick as syrup, was pumped through the tube.  She gagged on the stuff that first time but was able to manage to swallow it between breaths.  Soon the flow stopped and the gag again filled her mouth.  Carla began to crave these brief interludes of fluid restoration, as they were welcome relief from the incessant stimulation provided by the infernal "fucking" machine.  After all that is what the device was.  It fucked her without pause, bringing her tortured and wracked body to orgasm upon orgasm.

As for other bodily functions, she knew that she pissed more than a few times, the pee passing from the suit by way of the attached tubes.  Sweat collected in the lower extremity of the suit adding to the discomfort yet strangely erotic nature of the situation.  Oddly, she did not have any desire to evacuate her bowels.  The lack of solid sustenance combined with her heightened state of arousal to eliminate this basic function.

The psychological implications of her situation showed themselves within the first three hours.  Carla went from utter terror to denial, acceptance and finally submission in very short order.  The terror lasted but a few minutes.  Her terror only increased the sexual arousal.  As the first orgasm washed over her, the terror literally fled.  In the trick of the mind, something that good couldn't hurt her. 

Denial was a different matter.  The logic of the situation was beyond anything Carla had experienced before.  In fact it was so far beyond her that she knew that this was all a dream, some horribly wonderful dream.  Maybe she ate something bad earlier?  Maybe she had been under too much stress since arriving in town and all of those sexual advances she had played off were pulling some fiendish trick on her mind as she slept.  It seemed so real and she couldn't wake up from it!  It was the sleeping pills she had taken.  Yes that had to be it.  She reached a small comfort in the logic that she would wake in a few hours in the hotel bed and this bizarre dream would be a memory to remember the rest of her life.  It had to be.  That infernal machine took her over the edge into another massive orgasm.  Maybe this wasn't really a dream. 

Acceptance lasted for fifty-two hours in real time.  For Carla there was no time.  Terror lasted but minutes - seven to be exact, until the first carnal wave shook her body to its core.  Denial lasted until the second orgasm passed at the twenty-minute mark.  Acceptance seemed to be a state of knowing what was happening was real but thinking that the ordeal had a finite conclusion, the end of which would result in her release.   She spent the periods between orgasm or exhausted sleep or feeding figuring how much money she would demand for this kidnapping and torture.  Granted there wasn't much time for these thoughts but they were the only link to reality that she had.  She designed several ways of escaping from the place.  She imagined people rushing in and rescuing her from her plight. 

The subtle shift in her thoughts was unnoticeable at first.  Police breaking in and stripping the hood from her face were replaced with uniformed people, but these uniforms were shiny to the sight.  By the time she realized her rescuers were wearing rubber, they were dressed in body suits similar to the one she knew she was wearing.  Now the rescuers were not saving her from her plight but taking her to another part of the building for some food and rest.  Her mind conjured a bed with the softest bedding where she could rest before her next sexual experience?  Did she actually want to discover the next erotic fantasy these captors would force on her?  Was her newly unleashed carnal knowledge bending her to some dark and deviant way?  The cluttered thoughts were broken by the wild waves of orgasmic pleasure and completely confusing her basic sense of logic and values.

Carla totally surrendered to the ecstasy of the machine.  True to those words whispered by the Mistress from another lifetime before the machine worked it's magic, Carla was completely ready to do anything for her new masters by the time the machine quit and the gag in the mouth wilted for the final time.  When the hood was pulled from her face she blinked in disbelief.  She had literally forgotten what it meant to see and it was a few moments before she could fully focus on the rubber mistress in front of her.

"Well, my dear rubber slave.  Are you ready to continue with your training as a rubber servant to the Mistress Estella?" queried the shiny black figure.

"Anything to live for rubber love," replied Carla in a flat voice.


The next morning, or wake cycle, Carla was aroused from a deep slumber by the vibration in her crotch.  She rocked inside the confines of the sleep sack until she exploded in fierce contractions.  The sensor in the dildo sensed her orgasm and released the sack zipper.  The sleep sacks had ingenious electrical sensors attached to strong magnetic locking mechanisms.  The sacks were on a timer that sealed them for eight hours or any other setting once activated.  When the timer released, the first orgasm would open the switch, allowing the occupant to open the sack with the inside zipper. 

Carla carefully removed the tubes and electrical relays from her body before she climbed out of the enclosing rubber sack.  She stretched her limbs in a magnificent stretch.  The rubber suit pulled taught about her, reminding her of her current position.  Around her other members of the slave gallery were in various stages of waking.  Some of the others nodded to Carla, recognizing a new member of the group.  Not that they could tell who she was, the hood made certain of that, but knowing that a previously vacant place now held a new sleep sack.  She went to the relief station and plugged her tubing into the appropriate slots, as shown to her before she slept.  The mild vacuum literally drew any waste fluids from her body.  This experience was mildly erotic as the negative pressure drew her muscles tightly about the intruding plug and dildo within her.  She then went to the shower room and closed the door.  Attaching her release electrodes into the slots allowed her to remove the hood and unzip the suit.  She carefully removed the plug and dildo and rinsed them out with water and cleaning solution.  She then gave herself a hot shower and rinsed out the suit. 

Carla hung the suit over the warm blower system to allow it to dry.  In the meantime, she toweled herself off with one of the thick soft towels provided.  She dusted powder over her body and lubricated the plug and dildo with KY gel.  She drew the brief back into position, insuring that the plug and dildo were snuggly in place.  Next she took the dry suit and slowly worked it over her body.  She pulled the tubing of the plug and dildo through the appropriate openings in the suit and sealed the edges with adhesive.  She pulled the zipper closed.  She disconnected the wires from the suit locking system and tugged at the zipper.  As she expected, and had previously been briefed, the suit zipper would not open.  She was told that only the wires in the electrical pulse from the shower station wires would allow the lock on the suit to release.  She took a few minutes to survey her body in a mirror near the door.  The black suit she wore fit her like a second skin.  Its shiny surface reflected the light brilliantly.  As she moved shadows would highlight the perfection of her swelling breast and shapely ass.  These features were exaggerated by the heavy built-in corset of thick rubber that covered her from the bottom of the perky breasts to the swell of her hips.  The corset drew her waist down to a trim 22 inches.  Except for the two short tubes that protruded from her personal areas, she was a flawless creature in the suit.  The built-in shoes, with six inch heals were hard to get used to but she was beginning to manage.  The balancing required in the shoes emphasized her curvaceous frame. 

The internal brief, with its butt plug and dildo, filled those two orifices completely.  The little wire that passed through her suit next to the front relief tube could be attached to any number of electrical devices. The resulting burst of life in the penetrating objects would take Carla on a corresponding ride to carnal heaven/hell  (she still wasn't sure of the answer to that one). 

The hood sealed tightly to the suit with a zipper that was locked together with the main suit zipper.  It had permanent tubes that passed into the nose and the semi-rigid gag that held the feeding tube.  The gag could be inflated into a ball of rubber that filled her entire mouth.  All in all, the suit was quite comfortable.  The smooth rubber, erotic to the touch, gave her a pleasure of visual and tactile stimulation that she had not known before. 

One of the older slaves approached her. 

"I need to seal your zippers, Number 26," said the rubber-clad servant.

"'Number 26', not Carla," thought Carla.  "I truly am a slave to this place."

The other slave carefully applied a wide rubber strip to each of her zippers and the point where the neck and suit collar joined.  After completing the initial covering, she then used a foam rubber paddle to spread a black liquid goop over the seams.  She expertly feathered the goop until the point where its coverage ended and the suit latex began was almost invisible.  She next began to blow dry the goop to dry and cure it.

"The liquid latex will blend right in with your suit creating a seamless appearance when the curing is done," the senior slave said.  "You have been chosen for a very special experiment, one that the Mistress hopes will prove invaluable in our future service to her."

Carla would have loved to inquire as to the nature of this experiment, but the gag in her mouth effectively reduced her sounds to incoherent mumbles.  Now completely sealed in watertight latex with only her breathing, mouth, and lower tubing open to the outside world, she could only allow the other to lead her to whatever fate awaited her.  She also
knew that any of those openings could be closed off and there was very little she could do about it.

Carla was led down a long white corridor.  Double doors at the end reminded her of the entry to a hospital operating room.  As the slave passed her into the room, two rubber-clothed males met her.  These were the first male slaves she had seen since arriving at the warehouse.  She started to think that a rubbery man working on her would be most exciting.  She even wriggled her bum a bit as she entered the room. 

"Save that for another time, Number 26," the Mistress said flatly.

"Prepare her well, Letter Emm," she said to the nearest male. 

"Female slaves are numbered.  The males have letters," she explained to Carla.  "It makes it easier to keep track of you that way."

Emm led Carla to an x-frame and began to strap her to it.  He strapped a thick latex band around each ankle and wrist.  Soon he added straps to each leg.  Slowly he worked up her body.  She struggled against the treatment knowing the act to be futile.  Each leg had seven straps pinioning it against the frame before he started working on her arms. 

He wrapped six straps around her arms, completely immobilizing them.  He then went about locking her body to the frame.  Each little struggle she made resulted in a new strap being added.  Carla quickly became aroused.  The juices were flowing freely about the dildo as she tried to squirm enough to obtain the glorious satisfaction of orgasm. 

"If she cums while in these bonds, I'll have you begging for mercy," the Mistress warned Emm.

With those words, he redoubled his effort until she was completely immobile, just another piece of the furniture.  He then went about carefully securing her head.  It too could not be moved when he was finished.

"Very good, Emm.  Now, Number 26, we must damage that beautiful hood you are wearing.  A pity but necessary as I'm sure you will agree once we are done.  While the gag is out, not a peep from you, understand?"

Carla blinked twice, the colony's code for "yes" when there was no other way to respond. 

True to her words, Mistress slit the hood down the front and peeled it from Carla's face.  She removed all of the tubing and the gag.  She applied some liquid cement to Carla's face.  Carla gasped and was about to speak.  Mistress looked sharply at her and she thought better of it.

"This is ordinary rubber cement like the type used for Hollywood make up.  It won't hurt you," explained Mistress.

She then carefully fit a very soft latex cup over Carla's nose and mouth.  The cup had two holes that matched her nostrils perfectly and a larger hole at the mouth.  Mistress added some more cement to the edge where face met rubber for a better seal.  Now she spread cement along the rest of the cup and on the inside of the slit hood.  She carefully stretched the hood over the cup, making sure that no breaks in the seal or wrinkles happened.

She next sprayed something from an atomizer up each nostril, waited a few moments and began feeding a long and flexible piece of surgical tubing into each opening.  The tubes passed to the back of her throat, tickling it and making her gag.  Mistress shot her throat with stuff as she opened her mouth and the gag sensation stopped.

"That local anesthetic works wonders, doesn't it," commented Mistress.

Using a light and looking down the throat, Mistress made certain that the tubes were in the airways.  Once the tubes were well down the airway, Mistress drew two disks with little round flanges up to the nose and glued them to the outside of the hood.  She finally fed a larger feeding tube down the throat.  This time she made certain that the tube was in the esophagus.  She pushed the tube far into Carla.

She next fed a double walled piece of rubber, much like a doughnut along the feeding tube and into Carla's mouth.  She fed all of the tubing through a much heavier hood and pulled it into position.  This had no eyes and the heavy rubber was unyielding as it pressed against the cheeks.  Carla grunted but before she could really vocalize anything, despite the warning, Mistress pumped air into the rubber bladder in her mouth and filled any vacant spaces with rubber.  It pressed against the walls of her mouth that was now sandwiched between the gag and the outer hoods.  As the gag filled any light finding its way into the hood interior was snuffed out.  Carla was in complete darkness.

The Mistress now applied the cement to the edges of the hood that joined the gag.  She also added cement to the seam made at the point where the feeding tube passed through the gag.  She then fed the electrical wires into a fluted piece of tubing and glued the flanged edges to the suit at the point of entry.  With this final task completed, Number 26 was completely sealed in a watertight rubber suit, save for any tubes.  Of course, those would be connected to appropriate equipment when the time came. 

Now it was time to add the second suit.  This suit was a full catsuit but it had no hood.  It did have a special choker collar that doubled as a piece of jewelry and a seal.  The latex of this suit varied in thickness as well.  It was thick, almost rigid through the limbs hips and waist.  The chest area was the secret to the suit.  It was double-walled to provide an unobtrusive buffer that would allow its intended victim to breathe while not appearing bulky.  The two male slaves released Carla from the cross and held her as the Mistress spread the glycerin solution over 26's body and began to slide the suit onto her.  The slick solution allowed her to complete the task quickly.  When she finished, her creation was squeezed and shaped into female perfection; not that hard a task considering the raw material she started with. The heavy rubber squeezed Carla's waist down to a tiny twenty inches.  Once the Mistress added the solution into the chest bladder, it not only would provide breathing space, but would emphasize the slave's already abundant bust.   She closed the zipper along the back and went about sealing the suit with the latex tape and liquid cement.  She finished the job by pulling the lower plumbing and electrical wiring through the excess holes at the crotch, and gluing the sealing flanges in place.  She closed the one-inch wide collar about the neck.  It formed a near perfect seal at the neck.  A shining diamond accented the center of the silver band. 

The Mistress now filled the cavity with the glycerin solution.  Once full a thin void filled with glycerin existed from above the waist to the shoulders.  The results looked natural and very exotic.  Number 26 was now a shiny smooth black rubber statue, exuding powerful eroticism just by her presence.

Once Number 26 was squeezed into the second suit and the fluid added, the Mistress was ready for phase two of the experiment.  But since Number 26 had been such a good and obedient slave, barely letting out a noise during the arduous preparation, she had the slaves reattached her to the cross while she connected the electrical wires to a circuit and set the timer for thirty minutes.  That would be just enough time to eat a light lunch before continuing with the experiment.

Suddenly the dildo buried deep inside her sopping wet mons erupted to life.  She gasped as best she could as her muscles greedily drew the phalanx further into her sensitive cavity.  Right up against the "G" spot the instrument rubbed, sending shocking pulses through the entire body.  Unable to move, the building passion was magnified.  She could 
not do anything to hasten or stop the thrusting and probing of the object.  It was at that moment that the plug in her anal region sprang to life.  Now her body was being deliciously ravaged in both of her most sensitive places.  She tensed as the rushing explosion of ecstasy approached like a wave.  It washed over her as she clinched the throbbing intruder, squeezing it for all her worth.  The wave of passion subsided as she panted into the breathing tubes.  But the continuing vibrations would not be denied and she was betrayed as another and another wave of explosive fury washed over her.  She thought she would drown in the ecstasy of heated desire.  If you could die from pleasure, then surely her time had come.  She exploded again and squeezed the pulsing member.  The vibrations finally stopped and she hung, exhausted, panting audibly into the tubes. She knew that if she were not tied to the frame, she would have collapsed right onto the floor.   She lost consciousness.

Carla (or should I say 26) felt the stirring of consciousness returning.  She was still completely enclosed in rubber.  The darkness of her surrounding was complete.  Still she knew that something about her situation was different.  She was still upright but now her arms were hanging slightly away from her side in a naturally comfortable position. Her legs were slightly apart but not severely, as if she were comfortably standing at a concert or other public gathering.  She experimentally tried to move her limbs and discovered they pushed against something that gave very slightly but would not allow any, but the slightest movement.  The material, in fact, pushed back with an almost equal force to her efforts.  Her breathing was difficult as well, not from lack of air but from the same push of pressure against the rise of her chest.  It wasn't impossible to breathe, just slightly labored. 

Mistress Estella admired her creation.  A living art form that she knew would provide the greatest entertainment at the party she was planning for the evening to celebrate the opening of her new fetish club.  She watched as Emm and Cee finished polishing the smooth surface of the amber colored block.  Frozen within the block was a black creature from another world.  The shiny lens of the gas mask betrayed the truth that a blinded and hooded being was entombed in the clear latex block.  The latex was only about one inch thick across the slight swell of breasts.  She knew that breathing might be difficult but not impossible under these conditions. 

The preparation of her creation had been fantastic.  As planned, Number 26 had passed out from the overload of pleasure while she had been bound.  The males undid the straps and set 26 onto a very thin sheet of clear latex. The Mistress placed the mirror lens gas mask over the head of 26.  She pulled the breathing and feeding tubes through the outlet valve location.  She fit a disk over the opening and sealed the penetration points with liquid latex.  Under Mistress's supervision, all of the vital tubing and wires were passed through the bottom of the sheet.  Holes had been pre-made for this task.  Next all of the tubing was connected to appropriate equipment: breathing tubes to an oxygen rich source; body function tubes to relief systems, feeding tube to a nutrient system; and electrodes to corresponding connections.  She did add one tiny electrode directly to the chest and one to the back surfaces of the suit.  These she disguised with a thin strip of rubber tape.  They also passed through the sheet.

The sheet was suspended in a rectangular box with Number 26 centered on it.  The wall sides were Plexiglas and just an inch higher than her rhythmically heaving breast.  The bodily function monitors, heart rate and respiration, displayed on the nearby control panel. 

Now the males placed a lid over the box.  Mistress opened a bleed valve at one end of the lid.  Next she started a pump that fed clear liquid into an opening in the bottom of the tank.  She watched the viscous stuff fill the tank.  It reached up the walls, greedily consuming its victim.  Looking like some trapped insect from another time, Carla was completely enclosed in the fluid, a form of liquid latex.  Latex began to squirt from the relief valves and Emm shut off the flow. 

Mistress watched the results of her handiwork closely, mesmerized by the changing color of the latex as it cured.  She wondered how such a bondage would feel and decided that, if it worked, she would try it herself.  She knew that selecting slaves to assist such an operation would have to be done very carefully. 

Now it was critical to monitor the life signs closely.  As the stuff hardened, it could distress the breathing if her double layer suit didn't work.  The Mistress had calculated that the one inch rubber front would allow just enough free play to make breathing somewhat difficult but not necessarily exhausting.  Enriched oxygen helped in that as well. 

After three hours, the curing was done and all life functions were within norms.  Mistress had the box removed from the block of yellowing latex and raised the creation to its feet, or at least stood it up since the feet were a full foot above the bottom of the rubber block. The two males carefully moved the entrapped slave into the main room bringing all of the support equipment along.  They connected additional wires from the monitor station to two large screen television sets on either side of the cavernous room.   A spotlight shone on smooth rubber block holding its precious prisoner snuggly.  The men went about polishing the surface to a mirror finish.  It shone and sparkled like a jewel.  By the time they were finished a fine piece of amber with an exquisitely erotic vixen in its embrace resulted.

Mistress turned on the timer to run the vibrator programs and watched one of the television screens for results.  Within the tomb, Number 26 was suddenly jolted to full awareness as the probing rods began to slowly work their magic on her.  She was completely in darkness and felt a constant pressure all about her.  She had no idea where she was.  There was no sound, only absolute darkness, constant pressures everywhere, and the vibrations that were now growing in intensity.  She was the perfect submissive. She had to be since she could do absolutely nothing on her own.  She could only allow the infernal devices drive her already exhausted self to unparalleled ecstasy.  The pleasure was undeniable.  Se had been in a constant state of arousal for as long as she could remember. 

Soon the throbbing stepped up in intensity and she was quickly on the edge of a massive orgasm when the vibration stopped.  Horrible denial gripped her being.  Her muscles twitched and tried to bring on the final explosion and relief from her frustration.  After an eternity of time, all of thirty seconds, the vibrations erupted with new intensity and she flung herself over the edge.  She clinched the vibrating rod with all of her might and wanted the tool to never stop.  The vibrations ceased and she slowly fell from the peak of erotic pleasure that was passing into memory.

"Perfect!" exclaimed the Mistress.  "Did you see the way that heart rate and the respiration jumped?  Even the way the strobe patterns changed from green to blue to yellow and red as the intensity built.  This will be the hit of my party; a living, breathing rubber sex machine!  The guests will go wild when they see this!"

Carla's Journey
continues in Part 2 - The Awakening


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