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Black Widow
by RbrBill
© 2002 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; latex; bondage; n/c-reluct; bdsm; XX
Black Widow by RbrBill
Desperate Vig
Making a Deal with the Devil

I'm a sports nut.  I love sports.  Baseball, basketball, football; I like them all and more.  I also owe about $25,000 to two local bookmakers because my teams have let me down of late.  Now I am desperate.  I need a big score and I think I have found the play.  Only I can't use my regular books.  They won't give me any more markers.  Desperation begets desperate choices.  I am now about to pay a visit to "The Black Widow."  She is notorious even among the books.  Marks disappear if they don't pay back her vig, interest, and principle on time.  She takes no excuse.  They just simply disappear. 

I have a sure thing though.  It's early in the year and the local university football team has a defense this year.  They might lose, they probably will lose, but they will make the spread.  I know they will and I'm even willing to take two points less than the spread for odds. I find the rundown café where the street talk has it the Black Widow does business.  I walk inside and find a seat.  A waitress approaches me. 

"I'll be back in a minute."  She says as she drops a menu on the table.

"Wait."  I slip the folded note to her.  "Please show this to the manager."

I've been told that a note of introduction with a drawn black widow spider is all that is needed to obtain an audience.  Black Widow looks you over and asks some very direct questions before deciding whether to make the loan or not.

The waitress hands the note to the manager.  She nods over toward me.  He looks me over and shrugs.  I see him disappear to the back of the restaurant.  I wait while the waitress returns with a glass of water and some coffee.  "Coffee is on the house this time." I sip and nervously wait for the manager to return.  It is a long ten minutes before he comes out from the back.  He fingers me to come.   I wipe my mouth and get up.  My throat is dry despite the water and coffee.

We pass through the door.  It is dark in back.  He leads me down a hall and holds a door open.  I enter the room.  In the shadow, I see her sitting behind a desk.  I see only the top of her torso and head.  Her hands are resting on the desk in front of her.  She is wearing a very tight leather jacket that cuts right under her well-shaped breasts.  She is striking.  Her raven black hair frames a very pale, almost iridescent face.  Very high cheekbones and a thin equine nose give her a truly exotic appearance.

"So you need a loan?"  She asks.

"Yes, Ma'am.  I wish to put a bet down on the State U. game this Saturday.  I need the loan to make the bet," I reply.

"You will make this bet through me?"

"Yes, Ma'am.  I want to place a $15,000 bet but I want odds.  Two to one on State but only six points, rather than the eight point spread."

"Two to one, four point spread is all I can give you."

"Five points."

"Four points, no discussion."


"Now the loan conditions are I take your bet.  You repay the amount plus $1,000 two days after the game.  Each day after that adds $1,000 to the balance.  If you're four days late without any good-faith payment of at least the accrued interest default and penalty will be assessed as I see fit."

"You break legs or something?" I ask with a nervous flutter.

"Nothing so simple or pointless.  I expect to receive repayment in either cash or another form.  You will enter my employ until the loan is worked off."

I see nothing wrong with that.  I mean I am drifting anyway.  Besides, I feel very comfortable with the wager.  How can I lose?  State U. defense rocks!  I accept the terms and shake hands.  She doesn't even remove the soft leather glove as we shake.

Game Day

The stands are swelling with State U faithful.  The cheerleaders chant a well used rhyme while the fans are jeering, "Up the middle, up the middle, pass, punt."  Even the faithful are cynical when it comes to school ability at football.  The game begins.  State U. actually mounts a drive and scores, 7 - 0.  The ensuing kickoff and the other guys are stopped.  A punt and an amazing runback.  The offense takes over and State actually scores again, 14 - 0.  Even the cynical faithful are chanting with the cheerleaders.

The next kickoff and the other team mounts a drive.  "DEFENSE, DEFENSE," we exhort.  I'm as excited as any in the stands.  Of course I doubt that anyone else sees a chance at $30,000 riding on the outcome of the game.  I'll be able to pay off all my books and have $5,000 to bet on the next Bulls game!  Despite our chants, they score, 14 - 7.

Late into the second half it is still 14 - 7.  Then the other team mounts a drive.  State defense stiffens on the eight-yard line.  The field goal makes it 14 - 10.  The kickoff and State takes over the ball.  There is about two minutes left in the game.  I feel pretty good about it then...fumble!  The other team recovers.  Three plays later they score, 14 - 17, three points down and less than a minute to go.  I home!  What can possibly go wrong?  The kickoff is deep into the end zone.  The runner starts out of the end zone.  "Put your knee down.  Take the touch back," I shout.  He's hit on the two-yard line.  Gawd, 47 seconds left.

"Take the loss.  Hold the ball.  Be conservative.  Don't try anything stupid."  Of course the coach wants to try to win.  He doesn't play the point spread.  The quarterback drops back to pass.  Receivers are covered.  He scrambles around and then as he makes a sharp cut on the turf he slips.  His knee touches and he is in the end zone, safety.  Oh no the score is now 14 - 19, five points difference and Black Widow only gave me four.

I'm stunned.  I sit down; a silent hole is a sea of raucous noise.  The fans are furious at the QB.  They are furious at the play call.  They watch the free kick and the other team run the clock out.  Some guy near me starts to hand out $5 dollars bills to those around him,  "I just made $10 Grand on a bet in Vegas!" he exclaims.

Yeah, he made $10G with the official spread.  I'm out $15G and still owe another $25G, total of $40 Grand.  I throw my head into my hands in despair.

Facing the Music

I spend a day mulling over my fate.  Employ with the Black Widow.  It's probably something crooked.  I'll be running numbers for her, or stealing cars or fencing stolen goods, any number of illegal enterprises that a bookie and loan shark must certainly be involved in.  I finally realize that I can't hide from my fate.  I go to the café.

The manager leads me to the back room.  I am pale and sweaty.  He smirks at my discomfort.  This time I am standing under a harsh spotlight.  The entire room around me is in shadow.  Black Widow sits at her desk.  She is in silhouette from the soft back lighting behind her.  She drums her fingers on the desk softly.

"Today is Monday.  It is two days after the loan.  You owe me $16,000 today or at least $2,000 for due interest and tomorrow's interest in advance."

"I don't have it," I say flatly.

"I expected as much."

"There is more.  You are not at the front of the line when it comes to debt."


"I owe Big Mickey and Sammy Boy $25,000 between the two."

"I see.  So you not only want to renege on our agreement, but I am not even first in line?"  Black Widow drums her desk.  The soft drumming is ominous.  "What do I do with a scum like you?  I gave you my good faith agreement and expected you to honor it.  Now I find that you have other bookies that you owe money to?"

I shuffle my feet as I look at them.  I know that I am in deep trouble.

"Even if I employ you for the loan to me, Big Mickey and Sammy will come looking for their money.  If you work for me, I have to cover that money.  That's $25,000 out of my pocket plus the $16,000, ummm, $17,000 you owe me.  The clock keeps ticking."

"I'm sorry," I sputter.

"That does me no good.  I must pay off your debt and you still owe me.  That makes it $42,000 you owe me right now.  While you work for me, the interest on that amount starts at $2,000 a week."

"How much do you pay?"

"That depends on what you do."

"Do I have any choice?  I really need to make the highest possible amount that you are willing to pay."

"Choice, not really.  Big Mickey will probably want your head in a week if you don't settle with him."

"Okay, I agree."

"Sign this contract."  As she pushes the paper toward the lighted globe I stand in, I notice her gloves were shiny and smooth.

"The maximum you can earn in a week is $3,000 for extreme services.  Each week you will find out how much you actually earn, but that depends on your work effort."

Even at $3,000 a week, I calculate how many weeks it will take to cut down my debt.  I could be working for her almost a year!

"All of your earnings go toward your interest and debt.  Room and board is provided while you are working for me."

At least that one problem is taken care of, but I sure won't be doing many leisure activities for the next several months.  I sign the paper.

"Through that door and you will be given additional instructions on what you're expected to do."

I walk to the door and enter.

Conditions of Employment

Four hours have passed since I walked through the door.  I am now completely sealed inside a bizarre costume of skintight rubber.  I hear my breath passing in and out of popping valves in the mask that covers my head.  My vision is restricted to a very narrow view frame by the lens of the mask.  Tubing and hoses sprout from my nose and mouth.  My ass is filled with a plug that stretches my sphincter painfully.  My cock is sheathed behind rubber and surrounded with a thick and tight collar.  I am forced into a position of attention by the bindings at my feet, legs, hands, arms, waist and neck.  I know that at least two complete rubber suits are covering me.  I am sure that other items of rubber add a layer in various places, though these additional layers do not add to the already restrictive grip of the tight rubber.

Black Widow enters the room.  She wears a latex dress that swishes about her feet.  She wears a severe corset and her breasts rise majestically above the bodice, straining against the black rubber skin.  I see her nipples visibly flushed with blood behind the rubber.  She is completely covered in shiny rubber, except for her head.  She holds a riding crop in her right hand that she taps lightly into the palm of her left one.

The conversion of my employ began with a complete stripping of my clothes.  They were ripped from me while I was restrained and tossed into a trash barrel.  I didn't realize at the time that I might never have a need for such clothing again.  I was strapped across a gym horse with a saddle of thick rubber.  Hoses sprayed my body and several hands roughly scrubbed me with a solution of water, aloe and hair remover.  I saw the hair fall off my body and wash down the drain as I was bent over the horse.  My ass humiliatingly pointing to the air, they easily shoved a slimy enema tube into me.  Water mixed with a solution to induce cramps ripped me with unmerciful cramps as I expelled all stuff from my colon.  They forced some sort of drug down my throat and I was suddenly sick.  Water washed everything down a drain and they hosed me again.  I was empty inside and the cramps subsided.

They took me to another station.  I was weak from the abuse of the cleansing.  They placed my head into a collar that forced my throat straight as I could only look at the ceiling.  The fellow preparing me pushed a balloon like gag with tube into my throat.  The tube touched the back of my mouth and I nearly gagged as it tickled.  I saw a liquid flow into the balloon and my mouth filled as the thing expanded.   Soon the material inside the gag grew hot as it chemically cured and became rigid, forming a perfectly mouth shaped gag inside my mouth. 

Two tubes were pushed into my nose.  Little inflatable tips sealed the things against the nasal cavity.  I could feel the soft rubber against the inside of my nose.  It didn't really hurt but it was uncomfortable.  The fellow slipped a little rubber nose cup over the tubes from the nose and mouth and pushed it to my face.  He pulled the tubing taught and used rubber cement to seal them to the flange of the cup.

He flushed my ears out with solution.  I could hear better than I had in years until the two earplugs were pushed into the ear canals.  The rubber plugs were thick and I felt them far inside the canal.  Outside sounds ceased, though I could hear my rapid breathing and feel the thump of my heart as blood pushed through the now plugged ears.  A heavy rubber hood was pulled to my head.  Deft fingers pulled tubing through matching openings and cemented the hood to the nose cup.  The hood zipper was closed.  Again I could tell hands were working on the back of my head.  I didn't know they were carefully making a flawless seal over the zipper run of the hood.  The eyes of the hood had clear disks that completed the seal but allowed me to see.

They then began to work on my lower body.  They pulled some sort of rubber underwear up my legs.  When the underwear was at my waist, they shoved the ass plug in and pumped it up.  It filled me and stretched me painfully.  I grunted from behind the gag as the pressure became nearly unbearable.  The sheath on the underwear slipped over my cock that was now becoming aroused by the provocative treatment, despite my discomfort.  The tight rubber of the sheath actually enhanced my arousal and my member grew into a thick rubberized shaft squeezed inside caressing rubber.  The blood-engorged head popped out of the tip of the shaft and the rubber pinched the shaft behind it.  I couldn't see the result but I knew the purple head was certainly exposed poking out of the black sheath.  The tight ball sack, hugged my nuts after they had been pulled through the narrow opening to the sack.  My sheathed cock and balls were causing a euphoric haze to my thoughts as the latex wrapped them snuggly.

Two fellows worked the first suit over my body.  The latex started covering my feet and legs with a tingling pull that slowly climbed toward my sheathed cock.  The ache inside my ass dulled as the new sensation began to command my attention.  As the suit reached my hips and waist, a sheath slipped over my raging tool, covering it completely in rubber. 

The rest of the suiting took only seconds in my thoughts.  So lost I was in the grip of the enveloping rubber, I soon was completely covered in the shiny black suit.  Little nubs inside the suit at my chest massaged my nipples and assured additional arousal.  The fellows went to work with the rubber cement at my ass.  I would learn more about what they did later.

I had a strong urge to pee and almost as if they were reading my thoughts, I felt some fingers working on my cock and a sucking vacuum actually drew the piss from me. 

"You'll learn to handle these hygiene matters on your own," the fellow clothing me said.  He must have shouted it as I could just hear what he said as a whisper.

Again they worked with cement around the closed back zip and at my neck completing the process of making the flawless seal.  Now the fellow held a printed sheet before my eyes and pointed at it.  I realized that I was expected to read what was on the sheet.

It read: You are now enclosed in your basic 24/7 suit.  This suit will remain on you at all times between your scheduled hygiene cleaning.  The tip of the sheath has a threaded plug that can be removed to allow you to attach it to the evacuation tube located at your quarters.  The hollow tube through your anal plug has a similar threaded plug.  Again you will attach appropriate tubing for internal evacuation.  Feeding and watering will be done as scheduled and at the feeding station in your quarters.  You will notice the bondage collar on your neck has a colored stone set in it.  This stone denotes your hygiene schedule.  Diamond collars receive hygiene second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.  Ruby collars schedule are second and fourth Thursdays of the month.  Sapphire collars schedule are first and third Tuesdays of the month.  Emerald collars are first and third Thursdays of the month.  Missing a scheduled hygiene appointment results in immediate salary forfeiture for the month.

This was the first warning of punishments relating to my debt I encountered.

The final line read, "Nod understanding of these rules."

I nodded.

Now the fellow began to pull a second rubber suit on.  This one had an internal sheath that my throbbing cock slipped into.  A thick ten-inch dildo poked prominently from the front of this suit.  The suit was thick rubber and so tight.  It had an attached gas mask that was pulled over my head and now my rubber-wrapped head was engulfed in the tight embrace. 

That is when the Black Widow entered the room.

"Ah, perfection," she purrs.  Surprisingly I heard her.  Little receivers must have been implanted in the earplugs.  "Now you will pleasure my hot rubberized thirst, my new rubber toy."  She leads me to a medical chair and straps me in.  I can't move a muscle as she climbs onto my chest and eases her pussy over the dildo strapped to the suit.  She begins to rock and convulse against the thing and is racked with a surging animal orgasm.  In my already aroused condition, I can feel the base of the thing working against my cock and the vision of this uncontrolled rubberized animal has its effect as my throbbing cock explodes into its protective sheath.  My rasping breath signals my release along with the tensing of limbs against bonds.

"How nice!  You enjoy it as much as I do, don't you?  I can't have that though, so you lost your pay for this week unless you can make me cum six more times in the next thirty minutes.  And I don't mean with this dildo either."

She pulls the gas mask from my head, leaving it hanging loosely down my chest, and actually rips the gag out of the mouth.  "That'll give the boys some repair work when I'm done.  She pulls a hood over my head with heavy rubber hanging from the mouth of it.  The hood blinds me and I feel my head being tugged deep into a warm aromatic place.  I catch the smell of woman musk and rubber and realize that she is pulling me under her skirts.  The thing must be a panty with attached hood and I quickly find that my tongue is lapping at her eternal gates.  Her legs wrap my head tightly and I feel a surge in my groin as she tenses from my exploring tongue finding her swollen clit.  She jerks with each stroke of my tongue that laps into her wet slit before raking across her exposed clit.  She quickly rides me to her second body racking orgasm.  I am on the verge of exploding another load into my cum-slick sheath as I feel her heavenly legs squeezing my head in ecstasy.

"You better not cum again.  Each time you cum means you have to make me cum six additional times."

Wow!  I am locked to her pearly gates and she is demanding I give her total sexual satisfaction.  How can I resist the demands of this woman?  The surge in my loins, despite her warning is too much and I shoot another load.

"You owe me eleven now, rubber toy."

I'm in a newfound heaven that might well become a hell, but I'm not thinking beyond my new desire to completely surrender to this latex vixen's demands.

I realize that it might be a very long time before I pay off the debt...a very long time indeed.

As if to add emphasis to this last thought I hear, "Repairing your mouth tubing will cost you $1,000 on your weekly salary.  Guess that means you don't pay on any of the principle this week or next."

I actually smile inside myself and feel another growing surge in my groin as I hear those words.


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