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Bitter Revenge
by RbrBill
© 2003 - RbrBill - Used by permission
storycodes: F/mf; latex; bondage; enclosed; cons/nc; XX
Bitter Revenge by RbrBill
Chapter 1 

Kurt was panicked now.  The little air in the suit was quickly growing stale.  He was aroused by the smell of rubber and Sarah but he knew he had to do something quickly or he would be dead.  He sucked the rubber suit into his mouth and bit into the latex.  He gnashed and chewed as long as he could before he had to take another breath.  He exhaled and inhaled the even staler air and sucked in the suit again and chewed.  He figured he had only minutes to live if he didn't cut through the heavy rubber with his teeth and open at least some breathing hole.  He chewed and sucked and suddenly he felt the cool rush of some fresh air enter his mouth.  He sucked in the air greedily.  He was still in a hell of a situation but at least he wasn't going to die any time soon. 

"If I get out of this, that bitch is going to pay!" mumbled Kurt under his breath.  Still he was now safe from immediate asphyxiation and he actually began to enjoy his strange bondage.  He felt his growing manhood as the stuff that had numbed him was wearing off and he did kind of enjoy the extreme bondage he was in.  His thought of getting out of the situation seemed to suppress as he concentrated on the immediate and growing need of his hardening tool.  Try as he might, he couldn't move enough in his bondage to bring final climax.  His continued frustration clouded his thoughts.  Soon sweat was pouring through the tight seal at his neck, rolling down his inverted face and stinging his eyes.  He was panting from exhaustion.  Sure he could breathe but he soon realized that he needed water fast and he needed out of this bondage in order to exact his punishment on Sarah.

Sarah had left him hanging over the bed.  He was dressed in his favorite catsuit.  Tight rubber hugged his entire body.  The thick skin squeezed him in its hot grip.  His arms and neck locked in restraints; his ankles shackled to the overhead suspension device and as a final insult her suit that he loved so much sealed over his head and hanging beneath him.  He remembered seeing the suitcases at the door just before she pulled her suit over his head and closed the zip over his protests.  She had left him in this predicament with the obvious intent to terminate his life while encased in his favorite fetish and bondage gear.

With no thought of what he must look like as he dangled over the rubberized bed, enclosed in latex with the drooping suit locked around his neck, he began to shout for help.  He forgot that his shouts were futile for with the bedroom door closed, the sound wouldn't get out of the house; he had so soundproofed the place for his own purposes.

Meanwhile, Sarah found the club easily.  She had to have a drink to relax herself after her arousal and excitement of leaving Kurt to die.  Yes, the thought was quite final when she so coldly thought it.  Kurt was dead, encased in his rubber tomb.  She wondered when someone might stumble onto the encased corruption that had once been his body and how closely they might investigate the scene.  She knew it couldn't be ruled as suicide, but she was sure that a ruling of accidental death wasn't too far fetched.  She toyed with the idea of going back and releasing his wrists and neck from the shackles; any investigation would surely conclude that he had been doing some bizarre self-bondage ritual that went wrong.

She sipped her drink.  A very striking woman sat on the stool next to her and ordered a drink.  She looked at the woman and was immediately taken by the fitted blue leather dress and her black leather gloves tucked under the sleeves of the dress.  She wore a choker collar of shiny leather with gold stud highlights.  She had very pale, almost iridescent, skin and raven black hair.  Deep red lipstick enhanced her pouting lips and the dark blue eye makeup matched the dress and gave her dark eyes startling intensity.  A cigarette in a long cigarette holder completed the picture of the Cruela DeVil image.

Sarah was mildly amused and looked sidewise at her bar companion.  "Cruela" looked right into her eyes and she flinched from the unblinking gaze.  Deep violet eyes completed the mysterious image developing in Sarah's mind.

"You look troubled, dear," said "Cruela" conversationally.

"Yes, I just broke up with my husband and..."

"No second thoughts.  You must forget him.  Perhaps I can help you with that?"

"I don't know.  I mean I'm afraid that he might do something extreme."  Sarah was quite calm despite the obvious lies she was creating.  She began to think that she could get pretty good at this and she might just succeed in putting together a convincing story to use with the police.  She thought she might tell them she had gotten Kurt's "OK" when she had sealed the suit over his head and that she had only gone to the kitchen to retrieve some wine.  She was gone only a minute or two at the most but when she got back to the bedroom, Kurt was already unconscious.  She had tried to revive him but failed.  Wow, it was a good story.  Of course they would label her as one kinky girl to go along with such games but that seemed better than murder charges.  She looked at "Cruela" and those deep violet eyes seemed so trusting and open.  "Why not try the story on her?" she thought.

"The truth is..." Sarah told her tale and began crying as she got to the part about finding him dead.

"That's terrible!" "Cruela" said solicitously.  "You must take me to the house and we can call the police!  By the way, my name is Cynthia."

"I'm Sarah.  I'm so sorry to get you into this.  We've just met.  I feel so ashamed."  Sarah wondered why Cynthia didn't seem repulsed by the story.  Indeed she seemed fascinated at the idea of seeing the scene of bizarre sex and death. 

"There, there, dear.  It's no problem.  I wasn't doing anything thrilling tonight anyway.  The idea of dealing with a death under such unusual circumstances is exciting!"

As the two women got up to leave, Sarah saw the extreme stiletto boots Cynthia wore.  Again her thought of "Cruela" returned.  The barkeep watched them leave and just shook his head.  He had seen so many lonely young men and women meet Cynthia.  They never came in the bar again.

Sarah moved her bags from the front seat to the back and let Cynthia into the car.  She went around to the driver side and got in as well.

"You seem to be all packed for a trip," commented Cynthia.

"Yes, I panicked.  Now I think you have helped me figure out what I need to do."

"So what does a kinky little girl like you pack for a trip?"

Sarah blushed.  Considering the story she had told, she decided she deserved it.  "I packed my clothes...all of them.  And yes to your next question, one of the cases has my latex gear in it.  I can't explain why I packed it considering the grief it caused."

"No need to explain, dear."

Sarah looked at Cynthia again.  Cynthia seemed so calm about this whole thing.  Was she missing something?  Were there signals out there that she should be picking up on?  She then thought about the house.  She had to get to the bedroom first and get her suit off of Kurt's head before Cynthia saw it, else her story would never fly.

"I set the alarm system when I left the house.  If more than one person is moving in the house before I deactivate it, it calls the company.  It will only take a second to disarm so you wait outside until I give the 'ok', Okay?"


Sarah would run into the bedroom, pull the suit off Kurt's head and drop the cable hoist.  His body would be on the bed by the time she and Cynthia got there.  It didn't really matter what position he wound up in, it would just look like she had rushed to try to save him and failed.  That plan figured out, Sarah smiled inside herself.

They reached the house and Sarah opened the front door to hear the screams for help.

She staggered at this revelation.

Cynthia suppressed a smile and calmly said, "I thought you said he was dead."

Sarah was speechless.  Cynthia pushed past her into the house. 

"Wait!  The alarm!" cried Sarah.

"I bet you don't have an alarm, dear."

Sarah couldn't help but follow the leather-clad woman into the house.  Cynthia followed the shouts and quickly found the bedroom.  She opened the door and saw the rubberized figure dangling from the ceiling, his head engulfed in the neck of a catsuit.  She saw the small holes at his mouth where he had succeeded in biting open his lifesaving airway.

Sarah stumbled into the room.  Cynthia turned and shook her finger at Sarah, "I think you've been a very naughty little girl."

Kurt heard the voice and started to plea to be let down.

Cynthia shouted, "Be quiet!  I will get to you in my own sweet time."

Kurt went quiet.  He knew he was stuck for now.  Besides, whomever this new person was seemed to have command that he would soon fix once he was freed.

Cynthia turned her attention to Sarah.  "What should I do with you, dear?"  Sarah stood frozen.  The piercing gaze mesmerized her.  Cynthia walked right to her and put her hand lightly on her hair and gave it a light caress.  "Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.  You seem to have gotten yourself into a bit of a fix.  Whatever he did to you must have been really bad for him to deserve this.  I think I can take care of everything.  I mean, you are in some serious trouble...attempted murder is quite a charge, dear."

Kurt began to speak, "She'll pay in my own way!  I won't let her go to jail!  Jail would be too good..."

"Shut up, little man.  Your rant doesn't concern me."

Kurt fumed.  When he got down and loose from the bondage he would fix both these bitches' wagons, but he realized he had better be quiet for now.  "I'm sorry," he said in his solicitous tone.

"Put a gag in it.  I handle worse than you all the time."

Kurt was smart enough to curb his tongue at that rebuke, though he was getting hot with anger now.

"Now, Sarah, please go to the car and bring in your special bag.  No tricks either.  Just go out and bring it in."

Sarah left the room and Cynthia turned her attention to the hanging rubberized form over the bed.  She unzipped the suit and pulled it from Kurt's head.

"Thanks.  Now please let me down from here," Kurt said.

Cynthia studied the suit and appeared to not even hear Kurt.  "This is a fine suit.  The workmanship is wonderful.  Too bad you had to ruin it to save yourself.  You might just wish you had let yourself die by the time I'm finished with you."

Cynthia put the suit down and gave Kurt a friendly pat on his cheek.  She spied the hood that Sarah had removed earlier and pulled it back over his head.  Before he could protest much the gag was again shoved far into his mouth and the hood pumped up full.

Cynthia rummaged through the drawers of the closet bureaus until she found some rubber cement and latex scraps.  She knew that repair items would always be found in the collection of an avid rubberist.  She cleaned the inside of the suit and patched it as best she could.  The patch was good and smooth, though there was some minor marring of the outer surface.  Fortunately it was the back of the suit that had been damaged since Sarah had pulled it on Kurt's head that way.  Cynthia knew she could get a replacement suit later.  She already knew the perfect catalog site to order an exact replacement, only she would make sure the latex for the new suit was just a little bit thicker, the waist a tiny bit smaller and maybe some extra thick padding on the breast cups (including nice perky nipples) and the hips to enhance a sexy hourglass shape.

Sarah was back with her suitcase.  She saw the now hooded Kurt still dangling from the ceiling and the suit lying on the bed.  She looked at Cynthia questioningly.

"You plan might have worked if you had zipped the zipper up his face and not the back of the head.  He couldn't have chewed through the zipper reinforcement as easily.  Now, put the suitcase on the bed and let's see what you have in there," ordered Cynthia.

Cynthia rummaged through the bag.  She pulled out a black latex hobble dress and the matching gloves.  Then she found the black stiletto latex thigh boots in the closet.  She tossed a latex leotard with built-in remote control vibrator and ass plug to Sarah then she pointed to the suit.  "Put those on," she said.

Sarah took the hated suit and the leotard and went into the bathroom.

"This was getting fun," thought Cynthia.  She was really getting hot since under her leather she was wearing her own shiny black latex catsuit.  She felt her dildo inside her pussy and smiled.  "I have plenty of time to make sure I do this right."

She took her cell phone from her purse and dialed home.  "Pick up. Pick up," she mumbled.  "Guen?  Yes, have Morton come over to 6132 Sycamore Lane.  I'll need him in about two hours. Yes, Guen.  He needs to bring enough for two packages.  Right.  And, Guen, please punish yourself for not answering the phone by the third ring.  I think your bondage suit, hood and the spreader bar will do.  Don't forget to lock yourself in and no vibrator either."

Sarah came out of the bathroom.  She wasn't all that happy to be in the catsuit she hated so much again.  Cynthia saw her face and smiled.  "That suit must have many bad memories for you.  I hope to change your feelings toward it some day."

Cynthia looked into the closet and found a red hood that must have been for the suit.  Sarah didn't love the hood that much either.  Cynthia took the hood and pulled it over Sarah's head.  The sucking sound of the rubber closing around the face was noticeable.  Cynthia smoothed the latex and tucked the neck into the collar of the suit.  Cynthia found a posture collar and locked it around the neck.

Now Sarah was completely encased in the hot rubber suit and only her eyes were visible.  She loved latex but she was now beginning to worry that her new friend might be an even worse bargain then her marriage with Kurt.  Still Cynthia hadn't done anything painful, yet.

"Put on the boots, hobble dress and gloves," ordered Cynthia.

Sarah pulled the boots over her catsuit.  The shiny black rubber rolled up the leg like molten tar.  She felt the tight latex sheathing her legs.  The thick rubber tops bit into her skin right at her crotch.  She felt the tight pinch of the rubber pulling at her skin and she felt the warm slick flow of pussy juices around the dildo.

Cynthia found a rubber corset with garters and wrapped it around Sarah's waist.  She hooked the stays and drew the thing tight.  Sarah gasped as Cynthia's tugs drew the corset tight.  Her waist was now reduced even further and her breasts swelled provocatively above the bodice.  Cynthia hooked the garters to the boot tops to assure they would stay up.  As Sarah stood tottering on the high heels, Cynthia handed the gloves over.  Sarah reluctantly drew them over her catsuit.  The gloves were sized to wear against the skin and were just a bit tight with the catsuit sleeve and attached gloves under. 

Cynthia dropped the hobble dress over Sarah's head.  She then pulled the sleeves onto Sarah's arms and adjusted the front cups to fit the lifted rubberized breasts.  She pulled the back zip up sealing the dress to Sarah's neck.  Then Cynthia pulled down the side zip locking Sarah's legs under the hobble dress that ended just above the ankles.  A small D-ring allowed her to lock the zipper tongue in place.

Cynthia stood back to survey the shiny ebony figure before her.  "The red hood just isn't right with all the black."

Sarah thought, "God, she can't take it off the way things are locked.  Does she add another hood over my head?"

Cynthia looked through the gear and found a perfect black hood.  It was thick double latex and inflatable.  Most noticable were the tubes and bulbs attached to the black skin.  Seven short tubes with attached bulbs corresponded to the eyes, ears, nose and the mouth gag.  One tube and bulb would fill the main inflation chamber, pressing the inner latex tight to the face while turning the head into shiny sphere that matched what was on Kurt. 

Sarah shuddered as she saw the hood Cynthia selected.  Sarah hated this hood.  She hated how the inflated pads filled her ears, cutting off sound.  She hated the way the inflated pads at the eyes pressed her lids and forced them closed. She hated the way the little bulbs in the nose closed off her nostrils completely and forced her to breath through the mouth tube of the gag.  This hood was for total sensory deprivation.  She could do nothing but accept the fate.  After all, this woman knew her secret.  The hood slid over her head and encased it behind two additional layers as she was blinded.  Cynthia pushed the tubes past the openings of the inner hood and into the nose and pumped the little bulbs to block the nasal passages.  The ears openings filled with latex cutting off outside sound.  The pads pressed her eyes closed and the mouth filled with rubber.  Finally the constant press of the latex on her entire head as Cynthia filled the hood completed the torment. 

Cynthia tucked the hood into the collar of the dress.  She then locked a wide latex neck choker over the seam.  She took off her leather gloves and started to polish the latex to a severe sheen.  Sensory denial from all input save touch was not new to Sarah, having suffered Kurt's torments before but this new touch was so different from his rough bondage.  Despite her discomfort and total sensory denial, Sarah almost melted from the attention she was receiving.  Cynthia's rubberized hands were rubbing the polish diligently over every inch of her body and bringing out a warm shine that was matching the warm glow of her encased body.

"I bet you are getting pretty hot in there aren't you, dear.  I know I'm getting damn hot just looking at you turning into gleaming rubber perfection."

She continued to buff the latex vigorously.  The latex didn't really get any shinier but Sarah was swooning in ecstasy from the attention.  Even Kurt in their earlier games didn't arouse her this way.

Never had such enclosure been so erotic for Sarah and just as she thought she could stand no more, the vibrator inside her hot pussy came to life.  Cynthia stipped off her leather and pushed her hand to the base of the vibrator under her own second skin and as the thing erupted to life she wrapped her arms around Sarah and hugged her closely.  Rubber squeaked on rubber as Cynthia continued to massage the Sarah's back, lower back and bum.  She worked her fingers into the ass crack and teased the end of the butt plug, causing a stir inside Sarah's inner recess.

The overwhelming sensuality of this woman drove Sarah to heights of ecstasy she never imagined.  She shuddered as her entire body was ripped by a powerful orgasm.  Her legs went limp and Cynthia's tight grip was all that kept her from collapsing in a heap of shiny rubber.  Cynthia held Sarah tightly as she rode to her own slow orgasm, one that built slowly and spread slowly through her entire body like warm molasses.  She guided Sarah to the bed and they fell together in a heap as a second orgasm racked her body.  Sarah shuddered a second time just as Cynthia tensed.

Cynthia fumbled for the switch beneath her suit and switched off the vibrator.  She switched off Sarah's as well and Sarah's rapid pants slowly recovered.  Sarah felt the press of the hood subside and the little pads ease.  Unlike Kurt, who would leave the thing on her for hours, Cynthia was more understanding.  Cynthia opened the locked collar and pulled the hood off.  Sarah saw Cynthia revealed in rubber for the first time.  Sarah understood now.

"Better slip this hood on you to match your dress.  That red one still looks out of place."  Cynthis pulled a hood with eye, nose and mouth opening over Sarah's head and tucked it in place before replacing the collar.

"Time to get him ready for the trip," said Cynthia. 

Sarah looked at Cynthia questioningly.  Cynthia replied to the look, "He's coming with me when I leave tonight.  I need a new rubber toy for my household and he seems to be a perfect candidate.  I'm pretty sure you won't mind since you were trying to kill him earlier."  Cynthia neglected to add that Sarah was also going with her tonight.  She needed her assistance in getting Kurt ready.  But first, she had another hour before the van arrived so she quietly snuggled against the hot rubbery body next to her and whispered to Sarah, "You don't know how much I enjoyed tonight."  Latex squeaked as the two cuddled together.

Sarah wanted to scream in joy at her renwed lust for rubber lost for so many years but rekindled by this gentle, yet dominating nymph snuggling so close to her.  She thought over the evening that had begun as payback for her long-suffering bondage with Kurt and seemed to be ending in sweet revenge and rebirth of desire.  The thought of Kurt being made a slave to Cynthia held a certain appeal that far exceeded her original plans for him.  She fell into the light sleep that results from complete physical satisfaction in lust while remaining in heightened arousal from the rubber layers she was encased in.

Chapter 2 

"Get the door, Sarah."

Sarah awoke with a start and looked at Cynthia.  She didn't want to answer the door at three in the morning dressed in layers of rubber.

"I don't ask twice," Cynthia said firmly.  "It's one of my helpers.  He's seen plenty of rubbery women in his life so you aren't going to shock him."

Sarah hobbled off to the door.  Cynthia jumped from the bed quickly and stopped Sarah long enough to unlock the hobble dress and open the seam of the skirt.  "Now off you go and don't be slow!"

Standing at the door was a man in a leather coat and slouch hat that covered his face in shadow.  Sarah let him inside.  He carried two duffles that he dropped long enough to shed the coat and hat.  Before her stood a fellow that was head to toe in latex.  His eyes were covered, like hers, with plastic lenses in the hood he wore.  She led him to the bedroom.

"He looks to be pretty tough.  What do you think, drug him or let him fight us futilely?" asked Cynthia when he walked in.

The fellow measured Kurt's attributes and said, "Let him fight.  It'll be more fun."

Cynthia with rare deference said, "Okay, when it comes to this, you know best."

The fellow went to the hoist control and pushed the lower button.  The motor purred to life and the dangling body dropped to the bed.  Kurt grunted into his gag and writhed in both pain and effort to get free as circulation returned to his legs and the muscles, long stretched, tried to return to their more natural position.

The fellow ignored the thrashing figure that was still locked into the arm/neck rack and spreader bar and went about laying out a limp mass of latex he had pulled from one of the duffles.  The mass turned out to be a bag.  It had internal sleeves for the arms and a built-in spreader bar that attached to its sides and had cuffs for the ankles.  The bag was double thick latex.  The outer layer reinforced nylon and latex blend and the inner layer heavy rubber.

Sarah recognized the bag as an inflatable, much like the one Kurt often put her in, but this one would not expand beyond the limits of the reinforcement.  She remembered when she was in the service and thought this bag was much like the bladders used for fuel or water at contingency bases.  She didn't know how close to right she was.

With Cynthia and Sarah struggling to lift the feet of the convulsing Kurt, the three of them lifted him into the opening.  The fellow locked his ankles in the spreader bar.  He decided to leave the other bar on as well since it really didn't matter.  Then he used a saw to cut loose one arm shackle from the device Sarah had used to bind Kurt.  As the arm came loose, Kurt lashed out blindly only to have his arm grabbed in the vice-like grip of the helper.  With little effort the fellow fed the arm into one of the sleeves inside the bag and zipped the sleeve closed.  He repeated the act with the other arm.  Now Kurt was bound in the bag.  The fellow pushed tubing onto the breathing hole of the hood.  He pulled the tube through a small hole above the end of the zipper.  He then used some rubber cement to seal the tube to Kurt's hood and to the edge of the bag.  This assured that the tube would not separate from the hood or fall into the bag once it was closed.

"Keep your head still, Kurt, or you might wind up with no breathing tube to the fresh air," Cynthia admonished.  Kurt, having nearly been suffocated earlier in the evening, quickly complied.  He was thoroughly enjoying the bondage.  Though this wasn't his favorite idea to be on the receiving end, he figured he would enjoy the ride until opportunity to escape presented itself.  His throbbing cock demanded relief and he wanted so much to cum.  He thrust inside the hollow dildo still attached to his manhood and felt the building urge.

"I don't want to see him cum!  Close the bag and fill it before it happens!" ordered Cynthia.

Kurt felt the bag close over him.  He was dragged off the bed to the floor.  Bump!  That hurt and it also distracted him from his mission to find carnal satisfaction.  The bag was moving and he was back at writhing inside trying to find relief.  He was so close! 

The fellow hooked a hose and pump to the bathtub faucet and began to fill the bag's inside with cold water.

The water filling the bladder around him chilled Kurt.  The pressure building against him was nothing like the inflatable bags he had ever known.  As the pressure increased, he became completely immobile.  The heavy bladder above him pressed his tool hard against his abdomen.  Now he could do nothing to bring on relief and as he struggled in an effort to move inside the bag his frustration became complete. 

The filling complete, the filler hose was clamped off.  The fellow rolled the sausage shaped thing toward the door.  Inside Kurt had a constant pressure surrounding him.  He could tell that he was being rolled but the lack of up or down made it impossible to orient himself.  When the thing stopped he couldn't be sure if he was on his back or his stomach.  His cock was rock hard and aching for relief.  He couldn't move even a millimeter; the cocoon was so tightly encasing him. 

The fellow turned to the other duffle.  He pulled out a matching bag to the first one.  Cynthia came up to Sarah, "Your turn, honey." 

Sarah looked at alarm at Cynthia.  Cynthia just laughed, "Did you really think that you were going to get off so easily?  I mean. You're the one who tried to commit murder.  Now get into the bag."

The fellow had been laying out the second bag on the floor while this little reminder was being dispensed.  Sarah submitted to the logic and crawled into the bag.

"I would have enjoyed having to fight her into it," said the helper.


The fellow bent to the task of locking ankles to the spreader bar and pushing arms into sleeves.  Sarah looked forlornly at him through the lenses of her hood as he pulled the hobble dress zipper down as far as the spreader would allow.  He fitted the breathing tubing to her nose and went through the sealing process before closing the zipper that plunged her into darkness. 

This time warm water filled the bag.  Sarah was floating inside the bag with the constant pressure of the water-filled bladder crushing her into immobility.  She again was assailed with fear of the depth of the situation she had brought on herself by the simple revenge she had planned and executed only hours before.  She was deeply aroused but had no thought of relief as her fear of the unknown future was all consuming.  Suddenly the vibrators inside her pussy and ass sprang to life and she was immediately washed with a racking orgasm brought on by the extreme arousal she was in.  The vibrations didn't stop and she writhed as best she could inside her silent bondage.

"Tight as a tick," Cynthia quipped as she thumped the taught membrane. "That will be one exhausted slave by the time we get home."

Then she turned to the helper, "Get the cart and take them out to the van.  I'll gather up their rubber stuff.  It'll make a good start on their new wardrobe."

Morton rolled the two black bladders to the van and hoisted them inside.  Straps wrapped around them securely for the trip.  Cynthia went to the car and looked inside the two suitcases to see if there was anything worth taking.  The first bag yielded clothing that Sarah would never need again.  The second bag held money, a lot of money.  She took that bag with her.  She would use the cash to buy the additional equipment and clothes for her new slaves, not that she was hurting for cash but why use her money on them when theirs was available?

"Home, Morton.  And don't spare the horses!" Cynthia commanded as she climbed into the van and closed the door with a slam.

Chapter 3

Sarah was completed exhausted from this new ordeal.  Kurt had punished her, bound her, hurt her both physically and mentally, and had left her frustrated way too many times.  This new situation was quite the opposite.  Where Kurt's games were brutish, repetitious and crude, this new torture had exquisite elegance about it.  She had not been subjected to any harsh pain.  She had not been denied her animal pleasure.  Quite the opposite, in fact, she had been bombarded with continuous stimulation and she was now racked by so many orgasmic episodes that her body was aching from pleasure!  The tight binding she was trapped in supported her body so evenly that it was actually comforting during the minutes between the now weak contractions as her body clutched the vibrating probes attacking her. 

The first minutes had been blissful heaven as, blinded inside the tight latex womb, she had ridden the vibrating phallus to an incredible series of mind numbing explosions.  She had died and gone to orgasmic heaven!  That was an unknown amount of hours before, though.  Now she was aching from her ordeal, thoroughly exhausted, yet she knew complete and total satisfaction for the first time in months.  The mixed signals in her mind were inexplicable.  She was completely exhausted from the ordeal but ready to accept the uncontrolled nature of the situation and surrender wholly to any new torture her captor might devise as long as the rewards were such erotic bliss as she had just achieved.

Finally, so exhausted that her body no longer responded to the stimulus, she slept fitfully.  She awoke some time later from a most erotic dream with the buzzing phallus taking her to another carnal release as rest had restored some level of strength.

For Kurt, the ride was one of complete frustration.  His cock, still strapped into the hollow strap-on, was pressed hard between his abdomen and the tightly filled bag.  Like Sarah, he couldn't move a bit.  Unlike Sarah, he was not rewarded with any vibrating device to help him gain relief for his aching blood-engorged shaft.  The hours were numbing frustration.  The cold water inside the bladder of the inflatable chilled him but did not reduce his excitement.  His rigid body ached from denied desire. 

Cynthia sat between her two new charges.  She listened to the breathing whistling from the two oblong sausages on either side of her.  Each time the breath emitting from the bag containing Sarah increased in tempo and strength, she held her breath so not to miss that one instant when Sarah would suck in that final inhale and hold it as her body was racked with another orgasm.  Then Cynthia would smile to herself, as the panting breath would slowly subside before the cycle repeated itself.  She imagined the fat black sausage shuddering from the power of orgasm assaulting the writhing body within but knew that was impossible considering the design of the instrument of bondage. 

She found the balance ironic between the regular cycle of accelerating respiration, hold and release coming from the one bag while the other bag was a constant fit of short, rapid and tormented breathing, the only outward sign of the impossible frustration the tortured fellow inside was enduring.  Cynthia decided that this Kurt fellow was getting one hell of a lot more punishment than he had ever bargained for.  This fellow who was so good at handing out pain and punishment was going to be an interesting subject in the months ahead.

Arrival at the estate was pretty much uneventful.  Sarah, exhausted from the continual stimulation, literally fell out of the bag when released.  She had to be helped to a room where she was stripped of her rubber clothing, given a hot bath, zipped into a loose-fitting latex body suit and put to bed.

Kurt was in fighting mood.  He had to be held by strong and experienced handlers while he was dragged to a dentist chair, modified by the addition of arm, wrist, leg, and ankle restraints.  He was strapped into the chair and the strap-on removed.  His throbbing manhood was purple with rage.

"That's got to hurt," quipped one of the assistants.

"Silence!" shouted Cynthia.  "Remove the hood.  Gag him again.  Then milk him."

The hood went limp as the air hissed out and Kurt spat the now flaccid gag from his mouth.  "I'm going to get even with you bitches if it's the last thing I do!"

The hood came off his head and the dazzling light over the chair shined right into his face.  Into the light he saw the shadowy form of the same bitch he saw at his house.  The gag went right into his mouth and tightened around his teeth.

"That's better.  I like my slaves quiet and civil.  Now, my new friend, this slave will take care of your needs and then you'll sleep."  Cynthia signaled to the assistant.  "Bart, do your duty."

The fellow leaned over Kurt.  Kurt saw a heavily rubber-clad man, smiling inside his hood as he forcefully grasped Kurt's swollen cock.  This was the added humiliation to a night that had gone so completely wrong!  The fellow squeezed and pulled at Kurt's manhood.  The purple rod was so blood-engorged that the pain of the milking was almost too much.  Then the added humiliation of having a man sexually stimulating him added to his already exploding rage.

Despite his internal turmoil, the tortured cock responded to the thick strokes.  As the gloved hand wrapped the head in a vice-like grip, the first beads of pre-cum appeared.  To add insult to the situation, the fellow bent over Kurt's cock and licked off the beads.  He then teased the head with his tongue as the hand raked the shaft cruelly.  The few beads of cum became a spurting torrent of semen, firing hard off the rubber chest of the fellow leaning over Kurt and dripping off his black rubber suit in obscene white gobs onto Kurt's suit.

Still the raging cock wouldn't deflate, the torment of the past hours so great.  Bart looked at Cynthia and she smiled with a nod.  Bart happily unzipped the through-crotch zipper of his suit and pulled the anal plug from his sheathed ass.  He eased over Kurt and to Kurt's horror, the fellow slowly dropped onto his still throbbing manhood.  The rubber sheath slid easily over the cum-slick head and Bart buried Kurt inside his ass.  His sphincter squeezed the shaft and Kurt was subjected to the forced butt-fuck, albeit on the giving end.  To add to the bizarre scene, Cynthia mounted Bart and slipped herself over his raging shaft and rode him to a blissful orgasm.  Kurt shot into the sheath and Bart feeling hot cum in his ass sheath plus the attention from Cynthia exploded into his own sheath that was buried to the hilt into Cynthia.  The threesome continued to enjoy the ride until Kurt finally exhausted physically wilted as the realization of what had happened sank into his tortured mind.  Cynthia climbed off Bart and in turn he slowly dismounted from Kurt.  Bart closed Kurt's suit and gave his ass a friendly pat.

Cynthia returned with a hood and pulled it over Kurt's head, blinding him again.  "Get some sleep, Slave, tomorrow will be a busy day." 

Kurt struggled against his bonds.  He was so tired, but he sure wasn't ready for sleep.  Yet, in his exhausted state, he soon slumped in the bindings and was snoring loudly in deep sleep.

Some hours later Kurt and Sarah stood in front of the imposing Victorian desk while Cynthia played with some papers in front of her.  Kurt was dressed in a different suit, but it still was completely enclosing and the inflatable gag in his hood held his tongue.  After sleeping a few hours, he had been awakened, showered and dressed in this current suit.  As an additional humiliation, he had seen all of his hair wash down the drain during the shower.  Now his hairless body was caressed by tight latex with no interfering hair to impede the glorious latex feel.  He had shaved Sarah a few times and was insisting on it more and more in their games but the idea of subjecting himself to the same requirement had never crossed his mind.  Being hairless just wasn't manly, but here he was now, smooth as a newborn babe and feeling the full effect of restrictive rubber.  A full plug in his butt tickled his prostate and his cock stirred in an internal sheath behind the outer skin of the suit.  Sarah was in the same loose suit that she had worn in bed.

Cynthia was discussing the circumstances with them.  She ticked off the salient points quite crisply.

"One, Kurt has been up to his eyebrows in extortion and embezzling from his company.  Two, Kurt is one demented sadist and has done things to Sarah that border on spousal cruelty and outright brutality.  Three, Sarah tried to kill Kurt.  Four, Sarah stole Kurt's embezzled funds.

"That about sums up your situation.  Now I propose a solution.  One, I will return all of the money taken from the company before an audit discovers the missing funds.  Two, Kurt will resign his position in the company.  Three, you will sign over all of your assets to me as trustee of your estate.  Four, the two of you will remain here as my household slaves for the next ten years."

Kurt shook his head adamantly.  Sarah looked stunned.

"You have no choice in this.  I know everything about you and what has happened.  One word from me and you both go to jail.  Kurt, you won't enjoy the abuse you would be subjected to in jail.  The fellows using you won't be so gentle and it will be unprotected as well.  Sarah, you will fair little better for you will be in jail a very long time.  Attempted murder isn't a light charge.

"I offer both of you a chance at living in my household, secure from any decisions.  You will enjoy many of your wildest fantasies and discover some you didn't even think of.  You have no choice.  You will sign the contracts now."

Cynthia pushed the legal papers across her desk along with a pen.  Sarah took up the pen and signed on every line marked for her.  Kurt slowly accepted his fate and did likewise. 

The thing was done in seconds.  Two lives were changed forever.


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