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Alien Rubber
by RbrBill
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Storycodes: Alien/mf; latex; bond; enclosure; bagged; enslaved; cons; X
Alien Rubber 3 by RbrBill Alien/mf; latex; bond; enclosure; bagged; enslaved; cons; X

Chapter Eight: The Assimilation

The rest of the original team and I were amazed at the speed with which Moses' acted.  He had always been thorough and meticulous but with the proper motivation, his resourcefulness held no bound.  Each visiting group was ushered into the old hangar/lab.  Each was introduced to the entity be means of the compromised moon suits.  Each was introduced to Texla.  She, along with the rest of the original group, would monitor the new initiates through their initial shock, first rubber loving experience and their follow-on mission. 

The governor arrived late the same day of Moses’ phone call.  He was excited about seeing the meteorite that had blazed through the Colorado sky a mere two nights before.  His administrative assistant, a model of female efficiency, took notes of the initial meeting with Moses.

“Sorry, Doctor, but Mary insists on very detailed notes of any meeting I have.  She seems to think that the people will want to read about it in my memoirs some day,” he said.

“No problem, Governor.  I think her account of this meeting will be most interesting,” Sean/Texla replied.

“As you know, Sir, a rather large meteorite crashed near Denver night before last.  It is nothing like we have ever encountered before.  I want you to personally inspect it since this is your State.  I want to send a part of it to your the State Universities we contract with for further testing.”

“Doctor, I’m flattered that you are consulting me on this but I don’t micromanage my State that way.  Your message implied that there was something more than you’re telling me.”

“Yes, sir.  We shall go to the rock now.  There are urgent matters that only a personal inspection of it will show.  After you have inspected the object, we can talk about the graver implications of the discovery.”

Moses led the Governor and his Assistant to the hangar and took them to the containment space.  His personal security agents were left at the main building to chat shop with the facility chief of security.

“Doctor Moses, there is nothing but oil in there.  You said there was a space rock.  I don’t understand,” the Governor said.
Bill and Sam came up behind the Governor while Chastity and myself stood near the assistant. 

“Actually, Governor, the rock is still there, it’s just hard to see unless you take a closer look.  If you’ll just step into the isolation suit, you’ll see what we mean.”

“Dr. Moses, I’ve seen enough.  Come, Mary, let’s go.”

“No sir.  You need to get into the clean suit now.”  Moses nodded to Bill and me.

Bill and Sam grabbed the Governor by his elbows and clamping hands over mouth they shuffle stepped him to the opening of the nearest clean suit.  Chastity and I simultaneously pulled a kicking Administrative Assistant to another of the suits and swung her feet inside.  In seconds we saw the transformation as the liquid flowed quickly over the two people.  Gags formed over mouths to stifle protests. The two rubber-clad victims fell from the isolation suit openings.

The Governor was in basic shiny black.  His member sheathed and behind a panel. Mary on the other hand was resplendent.  She looked as though she were made for the latex that now covered her.  Her legs were sheathed in the shiniest emerald green latex.  The latex about the legs was heavy and formed thigh high boots that ended in six-inch heels.  The tops of the boots were ribbed and bit visibly into her thigh.  Above the boot top the matching green of her body suit disappeared beneath a bottom hugging mini-skirt of green that wrapped tightly about the upper thighs.  The skirt barely covered her bottom and its thick waistband defined where a low-cut, lace-up bodice shaped her waist and breasts into feminine perfection.  The suit reappeared above the bodice and was most certainly a continuous catsuit, encasing her body in the same shiny green latex beneath the outer garments.  Her suit formed a full-face hood of green with long pointed horns that trailed a train of gossamer green latex.  Mary tentatively touched her body with her shiny green-clad hands and shivered.  She was a vision of emerald latex domination.

The governor dropped to his knees and began to kiss the tips of Mary’s green boots.  “Oh, my green goddess,” he exclaimed.  “I’m yours to take.” Mary’s eyes shone behind her hood, a bright blue sparkling in a sea of green.

“Clean my boots, you slovenly slave,” she commanded.

“Yes, Mistress.  Anything to serve you,” the Governor declared.

Mary looked at Chastity and noticed our appearance.  “Have you guys been this way long?”

“Barely two days,” Chastity said.  “It’s been very enlightening.”

Mary looked down at her new worshiper groveling at her feet.  She looked over to Chastity and smiled, “I think I’m going to like this.”

I watched as the chief executive of the State was reduced to a slobbering slave to the whims of his new latex master.  His attentions to the emerald goddess had reached the edge of her skirt and she had fallen into a nearby chair and spread her legs to give him access beneath the skirt.  She moaned as his head disappeared beneath the shiny hem of the skirt.
“Ohhhh, yeeeesssssss,” She moaned as his tongue found its mark, the bud of her clit sheathed behind a green shield of latex.  Her legs squeezed tightly against his head helped by the tight elasticity of the skirt.

She looped her arms under his shoulders and pulled his head as far under her skirt as she could.  The ecstasy in her eyes was unmistakable as she let herself surrender to the building lust.  She took the toe of her boot and pushed it to his crotch and he visibly shook as her toe massaged his sheathed cock.  The two of them were locked to each other, as latex straps seemed to appear from the suits and wrap around their limbs.

“I think we can leave them alone awhile,” I said.

The four of us that were witnessing the torrid latex love quietly left the room.   I, for one, was horny again from seeing the unbridled lust that took the two State officials.  Chastity came to my side and steered me forcibly into the first open door and shut it behind us. She leapt into my arms and ravished me with her kisses.  “Take me here and now my rubber lover!” she exclaimed. The two of us fell to the floor and were soon locked in impassioned latex loving completely ignoring anything but our need to satisfy each other’s need for sexual release. Through the door I heard Latexa, “When you’re finished my love birds, we have more work to do.  I’ll be in my office with Wellington.”

The governor and his assistant were all business as they left with instructions to deliver several pint jars of the goop to key State officials.  It wasn’t long before we began to receive calls from the various State agencies for additional containers of goop.
The Commander of NORAD skeptically entered the laboratory facility but was amazingly easy to get into the suit.  Much to my surprise, he showed no outward sign of surrender to the latex lust.  Bound in rubber, he just looked at himself and pulled at the material questioningly.

“What type of new enviro-suit is this?” he asked.  “How do I take it off?”

Then as he stood before us, he nodded to himself and said, “I need to take some of this home.  I think I can find a very good use for it tonight with my wife.”

“Certainly, General,” I replied.  “Is there anything else, sir?”

“Yes, I need enough of this for my staff and we should plan to ship some to Washington D.C. as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Also, let the Command Center know that I will be home the rest of the day and to not disturb me unless it is a dire National Emergency.”

“I’ll do that, sir.  Have a nice evening.”

“Oh, I will...I know I will.” The General left the building for his trip of latex discovery.

Chapter 9: Spreading the Power

Civic and military leaders from all over the country arrived at the Center.  Each was introduced to the alien latex goop.  Each took a 55-gallon drum of the black goo back to his or her organization.  In the case of the Governor, he planned to send agency heads to the lab for their introduction.  As the points of introduction to the alien grew, the effect was almost exponential.  People introduced friend, family and church parishioners to the goop.  The spread was astounding and soon most of the people of Colorado and some of the adjacent states were under the spell of the rubber alien.  From Washington DC the goop spread soon after the NORAD Commander had a special delivery to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

I decided that I was no longer needed at the facility and submitted my resignation since the entire staff were members of the group.  Chastity, Sheila and Bill joined me.  We set out to the wild mountains west of Denver and set up our little rubber slave ranch.  One thing we discovered was that lovemaking seemed to be a substitute for eating.  We were overcome with the desire to make love three or four times a day.  We were never hungry and didn’t require food for energy; the alien rubber provided nourishment as we were taken to the outer limits of human ecstasy. 

Our ranch was quite a hit as well.  We soon had customers flocking to learn and stretch their fantasies that their transformations had inspired.  Sheila and Bill taught Chastity and me how to enhance the bondage experience safely.  Our first customers were Tamara, Sam, Bob and Texla.  With Bill and Sheila as guides and Chastity and I as learning assistants, we taught the four new rubberists how to expand their horizons. 

Each exploration into new ground of sensual pleasure was greeted with surprised shock and happiness.  Our alien rubber beings translated the vaguest concept or thought into the most delicious variation in stimulation.  The beings were very adept at creating second and third layers of latex, thick heavy bondage suits, and body sacks Hoods with breath control devices, gags, blindfolds or ear plugs were easy to create.  All sorts of devious plugs and devices to fill the various bodily orifices and thick coils of rubbery rope to hold the victim tightly in place were additional talents that the alien being regularly employed. 

Most of the games were bondage related with some light pain and a high amount of subservience and trust in the appointed master/mistress for the session.  Chastity and I learned quickly the levels of endurance that marked the fine line between safe and consensual sex and dangerous actions designed to truly hurt.  At the end of two or three weeks, all eight of us were accomplished submissives or dominators and we freely took turns in each role depending on our moods.  Always present was the helpful assistance of our living rubber being bringing heightened awareness of our sexual selves to each of our sessions. 

Chapter 10: Untimely Retirement

“I thought we could do some fishing today,” announced Bill.

“I don’t like fishing,” growled Texla, still trying to be the boss.

“This is a different sort of fishing, Texla.  We fish with our minds not a pole.”

“Okay, you got me.  What is the plan?”

One hour later I was wondering whose bright idea this had been.  The slough Bill had picked for our excursion was a little east of our ranch in the remote rolling plains that start east of Denver. It was dark and a cold wind blew waves up on the surface of the water. Twice the waves washed over my head and almost knocked me from my feet.  Only the walking stick and Chastity saved my balance.  I was exhausted and my feet were like lead as I struggled to pull them, one step at a time from the gooey floor of the pond.

The rules were simple.  We were to wade across the wide expanse of water to an island in the center of the nearly half mile wide slough.  The terrain was such that the deepest spots brought the water level up to mid-chest.  I could tell that the feet sank into about eighteen inches of thick, viscous, clay that formed the impervious floor of this place, trapping the water to form the pond.  Two waves that washed over my head allowed me to taste the slightly saline water, despite the rubber protection.  Bill insisted that we not allow our living suits to over protect us from the elements.  Consequently we had tight rubber hoods about our faces that left the mouth open to the full fury of nature.

The alien had spread two additional layers of rubber over my always-present suit.  These layers allowed some air to trap between the suits and provided a level of insulation against the fifty-degree water.  The first suit was similar to my regular one but it was heavier in texture and restricted my movements somewhat.  That suit was nothing compared to the monster outer layer.  Thick rubber squeezed my entire body in its embrace.  The boot feet flowed up each leg and tightly fondled my cock and balls.  I was soon hot and wanting relief but the rules stipulated against that until we reached the island.  The tight fitting suit continued up my body and head, culminating in that tight heavy hood with clear lens over the eyes, breathing holes and mouth holes.

“Now the rules are simple, Sheila and I will go over to the island and prepare for your arrival,” Bill started to explain. “You six have to wait for at least thirty minutes then you can set out across the water.  The water isn’t deep enough to cause any trouble unless you fall in headfirst.  Your suits trap enough air, even as the water squeezes them, to keep you relatively buoyant. As you wade over, concentrate on the elements, the water, the wind, the current, and your own insignificance in nature. Remember, this is a small body of water, yet about halfway out you will feel you’re completely swallowed by the power of it. Good luck and we’ll see you when we see you.”

“How long should it take us to get there?” asked Chastity.

“Sheila and I can make it over in about twenty minutes, but we are used to wading in rubber and the rigors associated with the efforts.  You guys could take from forty-five minutes to an hour and you’ll be completely exhausted.  Have fun.”

Bill was sure right on that count.  I had no idea how long I had been slogging toward that island goal with Chastity.  Our rubber-gloved hands were locked together for mutual support and security.  Even through the rubber, I felt the electric warmth of her passion touching me while the water cooled the rest of my body.  I knew that without the water, we would be so hot that our life might be in danger.  As it was the exhaustion and the heat of the body against the cool rubber surface created an esoteric balance that was enthralling.  My member had long since wilted as the exertions took their toll on my body, yet I was still in a heightened level of desire that this mixture of latex and the elements induced. 

Twice Chastity lost her balance in the uneven bottom of the slough and I caught her fall.  She laughed loudly and shouted her joy at the embracing water and the chilling wind. Breathlessly she shouted, “Just one month ago if someone had suggested to me that going wading out into chest high water dressed head to toe in rubber would be fun, I would have told them they were crazy.  Now look at me!”  She let my hand go for a second and flung her arms out in that universal gesture that says, “Here I am exposed to all.” She quickly grasped my hand as if afraid of losing me should she let go too long.

“How are the other four doing, I wonder?” I asked.

“Lost sight of them shortly after we set off from shore,” replied Chastity.  “My legs are like lead.”

“You got that right.  Bill and Sheila had better have feather beds waiting for us on that island because I think sleep is all I’m going to want to do.”

“I wouldn’t count on that, dear,” Chastity replied. Finally a darker shape loomed above the surface of the water.  We were just yards from the island.  It had literally appeared out of the water like magic.

“I think we are here”, I said.

In confirmation of the observation the bottom began to gradually shelve and even the gradual up slope caused excruciating labor on my tired limbs.  Together Chastity and I stumbled from chest deep water to knee deep water and finally we collapsed at the shoreline.  I rolled onto my back and stared into the sky.  Rain pelted my lips bringing the sweet taste of fresh water.  My rubber-coated tongue greedily tasted the fluid that my body no longer needed and I wondered for a millionth time at the cost of my newfound rubber-inspired sexuality. 

Chastity snuggled up to me and wrapped her rubber-clad arms about my neck.  Her hooded face nuzzled close to mine and she quickly fell into exhausted sleep.  I soon followed suit and was also soundly asleep.  Our rubber protection and our close bodies provided all of the warmth needed to be comfortable despite the chill wind blowing across the water and the rain from above.

I awoke suddenly.  Something or someone had startled me.  Chastity was breathing softly.  Her head nestled onto my shiny black chest.  I looked around and couldn’t see anything.  I put out my hand and encountered an enclosing rubber membrane.  While we slept the alien had wrapped the two of us into an enclosing sack of heavy latex.  There was no sight or sound to be heard beyond the enclosing world of the sack.  I could tell it was daylight and that the sun may be shining because of the heat inside the bag.  I felt around for an opening for breathing but only encountered two thick tubes that protruded from my nose and terminated at the wall of the bag.  I felt about Chastity and confirmed that she was also linked to the outside world by similar umbilical tubes.  I tried to roll away from her body but the sack restricted movement to a minimum.  I resigned myself to the long wait until the alien decided it was time to release Chastity and me from the enclosing sack.

There was nothing to do so I pressed myself against Chastity and began to slowly rock.  My member sprang from my layers of latex as the alien withdrew all but the inner skin from it and the hardening pole stroked against the tight rubber buns of my rubbery mate.  Soon she groaned satisfactorily and allowed my tool to slip between her legs.  As if by magic, her own suits peeled away from her womanhood and my sheathed shaft slid into the her heavenly fruit.   I began to gently push against her and with my hand I reached for her clit.  The hard button was easy to find as it pushed against the latex skin of her suit.  My shaft was penetrating and stirring her “G” spot as my finger teased the clit. 

Soon she was groaning in anticipation, as she was elevated to higher plateaus of ecstasy.  She pushed against my hips as she tried to drive my throbbing tool deeper into her wondrous cleft.  She shook with the first explosive release of passion and I redoubled my efforts.  As she floated in that remarkable aura that only a woman can achieve between explosive release, I shot my load deep into her waiting love spot.  The ever-present sheath let me down for a second time as it receded from the head of my hammer and allowed the love spunk to fire deeply into the depths of her joyous receptacle.  She exploded in her second orgasm just as I finished my last passionate thrust.  We clung together as one for long minutes before I tried to disentangle our limbs.  We were bound together in the position, inseparable! 

Now what was next as I resignedly waited for the alien to release us from our bound state?  She let out a pleasant sigh and leaned against me.  “I love you so much my rubbery man,” she whispered in my ear.  “Hold me forever.”

“Our alien friend seems to be taking you literally,” I said.

“Oh my, we do need to get out of this don’t we.  I mean Bill and Sheila and the others are probably wondering what happened to us.” 

“Yes, let’s try to get up,” I said.

Nothing changed.  Until now the alien would respond to our will, both conscious and unconscious.  Now I was willing it to release the bonds and let us out of the sack, but it was not responding.

“What is it, Dennis?” asked Chastity.

“The alien isn’t letting us loose.  I’m getting just a little scared at this turn of events.”

“We don’t need food or water so we should be fine on that count.  The alien has given us our air and we have each other.  Let’s take advantage of the situation and enjoy it to the fullest.”

“Practical advice under the circumstances,” I replied. 

Those were my last words and the final break from my former life.  A glob of latex spread into my mouth and muffled any attempt at talking.  I heard Chastity grunt and soon even those ceased to be heard as the heavy rubber about my head sealed my ears from any outside sounds. 

The period of entombment in the sack was eternity.  We slept, awoke, made love hugged and held each other with growing foreboding as our entrapment had no end.  Blinded, muted, deaf and only allowed the tactile stimulation of the ever-present rubber suits, I soon began to fail in sexual performance despite the warm closeness of my most intimate mate. 

The alien rubber began to create devices to force our stimulation.  A vibrating sheath of thick spongy latex would massage me to arousal at any time.  The alien would give me sounds to relax by, soft sounds of wind, waves or light music.  In a dream like state I thought I heard Chastity tell me how thick shafts were permanently inside her two sensitive cavities and would work her into a constant state of arousal.  At about the same time as that thought grew in my head, a shaft thrust into my own tush and I was soon introduced to the constant vibrations and pressures provided by the invasion. The alien cleverly manipulated our responses to keep us in constant heat and desire.  My body surrendered to the incessant carnal assault regularly, keeping me in a haze of pleasure, exhaustion and desire.  The enclosing suits massaged strategic points of the body to accentuate the moment. 

My mind went over the threshold of outside caring soon after the two of us became inseparably bound in the latex sack.  Every waking moment I lusted for the gratification provided by our dark stretchy tomb.  I didn’t even care whether the act was consummated with Chastity or not.  She became a mere object of latex desire that was available for me any time.  Unable to talk to each other, we communicated with touch and feel.  The sexual act became the all consuming constant in our life.  The two of us were helpless slaves to the rubber sack.  I resigned myself submissively to my fate, a heaven/hell of latex lust.  With no worries to think of and constant pleasure and gratification, I surrendered heart and soul to my existence as a rubber prisoner.  Together, Chastity and I were locked in a latex bliss of our captors’ design for eternity. 

Chapter 11: The Farms

“Those first ones did an outstanding job at that ranch.  Perhaps we need to return them to us and our farming operation,” Latxsheen said looking out on the huge floor of the old dairy farm barn. 

The concrete was as gleaming clean as when cows were milked daily but a different milking was being done these days.  The need for the male and female seed was exceeding the regular copulation process of the enslaved humans.  Latexions cherished the seed of other species for centuries, since the time they ceased their corporeal forms.  The seed was life.  The male produced millions at a time but the female was more selective, she would only release one a month.  This odd trait of these humans surprised the collective.  They had assumed, wrongly, that the two sexes produced equal amounts of seed.  Now over half the population was nearly useless for the work but to stimulate the seed makers and obtain the best seed counts.  The females were needed.  It was most inconvenient.

Two sets of wheels were rotating below them.  Each pair consisted of a massive metal wheel with humans attached along the rim, head to toe to head.  Human was perhaps an overstatement.  They were now latex milking animals and what was milked was the seed of the males on the left wheel.  The right wheel had an equal number of females...each head to toe to head.  As the wheels rotated toward each other the two nearest humans would be joined in copulation.  The wheel would rock for several minutes until the male shot his cum into the waiting latex vessel of the female.  Then the wheels would rotate the next two into position.  The female would be swabbed out as she rotated to the first position below the point of copulation, every drop of the precious fluid being retrieved.  The latex alien cohabiting with the female would immediately plug her soft cleft with a fine vibrating shaft to keep her hot and ready for the next turn.  Each rotation cycle was forty-five minutes to give the males time to reload.  As the male was in the position just prior to copulation, his alien would begin to massage his member in a warm rubber sheath.  The position of the copulation sequence was inverted - one of the aliens had absorbed the information that inverted arousal was very erotic in some why not all of them?

The wheels rotated all day.  Forcing sexual copulation of the humans on them over twenty times a day. Some special specimens were singled out for the production of Grade A quality seed.  These humans were delightfully bound and gagged and forced to endure stimulation for hours before allowed to release the prize seed from highly engorged and full cocks.  The lucky females assigned to the task were trained in the fine art of arousal and stimulation without allowing the final act.  They reveled in their duties, snuggling against the bound males and teasing their skin and cocks to the edge of joyous release before tantalizingly holding them at that point for hours by squeezing the base of the cock or changing the point of interest.  Demotion to the wheel was ever on the minds of these latex courtesans should the male ejaculate prematurely.  The aching torture of denial and the sudden relief of explosive passion resulted in particularly fertile seed.  In another bonus these males were often in need of milking again within mere minutes and with the same virile result. 

Along another wall stood the old milking equipment of the dairy.  This section held those males waiting for promotion to the wheel.  They were maintained in tight latex sacks that held them suspended above the floor. The old milking equipment had its use here. Each milking cup was attached to a throbbing cock that protruded from each latex bag.  The sheathed cocks had the heads exposed and the milking nozzles were working continuously on the helpless latex men.  These machines milked the rubber men dry in about two hours.  The bag was then moved to a rest chamber and another swung into place.  This operation was very productive but the asexual quality of it also produced the poorest quality seed... analogous to farmed fish versus wild fish. 

The goo was being added to shipments of latex house paint and was going out across the country.  Any house painted with the altered paint soon possessed its occupants.  Latex paint sales reached new records within a month of the meteorite.  Television commercials were quickly produced extolling the outstanding properties and need to replace old paint with the new improved brand.  Milking plants were in operation all over the country.

It wasn’t long before the entire population of the United States was under the control of the alien rubber beings.  Soon the stuff made its way to Europe where a more open approach to sex and dressing for pleasure accelerated the assimilation of the latex masters.  The aliens learned new and wilder uses of the rubber equipment as well and these additional pleasures or punishments were spread throughout the colony.  In a world as linked as today’s, the takeover of every corner of the planet was quick and complete. 

Some primitive peoples were completely overwhelmed by the advancing goo and found a new god to worship in their own simple beliefs.  They didn’t understand that the cost of such extreme pleasure would exact a high payment.  These simple people could be easily forgiven considering the ease with which more sophisticated and knowledgeable people were lulled into compliance. The entire planet was controlled before the end of six months.  The milking operations were successfully producing enough living seed for the entire Latexian race.

“My report, your Majesty,” said a formless black blob, bent submissively before a throne.

“We must reward those servants at that facility.  They exceeded even our wildest expectation.  We have complete control of their planet in less than a farseck.”

“Yes, your Majesty.  We have allowed the first eight to live the rest of their lives out in a secluded location.  They will always be with their chosen mates bound in the passion of their desire.”

“ Perhaps we will allow those first eight to be masters of some rubber slaves rather than mere rubber sex objects unto themselves.”

“Maybe in time.  For now they can be happy that we are not going to enslave them to our purpose.”

“Yes, a just reward for a job well-done.”

On a secluded island in the earthly region once known as Colorado four black tuber-shaped latex bags lay at the edge of the shore.  Occasionally movement can be observed as the occupants of the sacks succumb to the ever-present passions developed through months of rubber-induced loving.  Oblivious to the world beyond their dark tombs, the eight beings are unaware of the total rubber enslavement of their species and the unwitting roll they played in the affair.




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