Gromet's Plaza Latex Stories
Alien Rubber
by RbrBill
© Copyright 2006 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: Alien/mf; latex; bond; enclosure; fem; reluct/cons; X
Alien Rubber 2 by RbrBill Alien/mf; latex; bond; enclosure; fem; reluct/cons; X

Chapter 5: Moving & Containment

The 'Level A' suits transformed the users into featureless aliens.  We approached them and allowed them to walk us into the changing tent of the decontamination unit.  Not knowing what to do about the rubber suits we wore, I trusted the entity would have an answer.  In short order, my original clothing, which had been absorbed by the entity earlier, was free of the rubber and lying in a pile.  Bill, who had joined me in the men’s tent, stood naked in appearance but as I looked at myself, the black rubber still covered me.  I stepped into the shower unit and let the water run over the rubber suit.  I went through motions of washing and scrubbing for anyone that might be watching.  I stepped into the clean tent and donned a jump suit provided by the Decon Team.  I watched the suit get absorbed into the rubber suit.  I just trusted that the others still saw the jumpsuit.

This time Bill still looked to be in rubber after he had put on the jumpsuit.  He was looking at me rather peculiarly, too.

“You’re not in the jumpsuit, Doc,” he said.

“Neither are you, Bill.  But we never have been in regular clothing since we encountered the entity.”

“Yeah, but at least you guys looked like you were in street clothes.”

“Well, maybe the entity has decided it is time for us to show ourselves and it.”

“Whatever you say, Doc.  But Sheila and I always kept our rubber games a secret.”

“Bill, I suspected you were holding back when all of those bizarre suit additions began to appear on you and Sheila earlier.  Well, this is it.” We stepped out of the tent and Doctor Moses, the Director ran up to me.

“What have we got, Dennis?” he asked. Obviously, the rubber suits were still hidden from the uninitiated.

“It’s a long story, sir.  It needs to wait until we can get further tests and develop better conclusions.”

“Doctor Evans, Sheila, come on out and greet Doctor Moses.  Everything is all right,” I called into the women’s dressing tent.

They came out hesitantly.  As I expected they were still in the shiny rubber alien suits.  Again as expected no one but Bill and myself saw the rubber body-hugging garments.  I had to admit, these suits were the most erotic and body-enhancing garments I had ever encountered.  The smooth shiny rubber covered our bodies, turning them into flawless human forms.  The ladies were perfectly shaped with firm taught breasts, slim waist and wide athletic swell in the hips.  The rubber did nothing to hide their love spots as it framed the delectable lips guarding the heavenly entrance.  The clits stood out against the taught rubber, unhooded in their aroused state, begging to be stimulated.  I found it hard to concentrate with this erotic distraction to cope with.  As for Bill and me, everything was exposed as well.  The taught black skin hid any flaws in our skin but all of our muscles were strongly accentuated by the glossy material.  Our hanging members were sheathed in rubber but visible to the initiated.  Any arousal of the organs exposed us unmercifully to our partners.  Right at this moment, Bill’s little friend was slowly awakening and I was hard pressed to keep from chuckling as my own instincts began to respond to the erotic picture of our to mates.
I thought, “Control.” 

Suddenly a restricting penal harness formed about my tool and pulled it to my abdomen.  A heavy rubber shield closed over it to secure it in place.  Chastity was smiling as she observed this sudden transformation.  I guess Bill saw it too and his suit followed my lead.  “Work now, play later,” I thought. 

“Nobody goes near the meteorite without full protection.  I should have thought of that earlier.  I just hope that my team hasn’t been exposed to anything unforeseen.  We need to get heavy equipment in here to move this baby to the lab for further study”, I ordered.

I gave some specific instructions to the work leaders that would coordinate the transport of the entity.  I wasn’t sure how to move such a large object to the laboratory.  I decided to don a suit and go through the motions of inspecting the entity a bit more.  Unlike other attire, as I pulled on the suit, the living rubber suit I wore did not absorb the Level A Chem. Suit.  I pushed the rubber mouthpiece of the respirator between my teeth and breathed the clean air.  I headed to the meteorite.

This time I worked with Bill, who was similarly suited up, to measure the length of the seared trail left by the landing.  We used a level and rod to get the slope of the trail and the depth of the crater entrance.  I scooped out soil to expose the lower section of the object and tried to get an accurate measure of the crater depth.  Using a rod, I pushed through the loose soil of the crater until it butted against the firmer ground beneath to determine the depth of the disturbed soil.

The heavy work inside the alien rubber suit and the chemical suit brought on heavy sweat.  I could feel the liquid waste sloshing about my lower legs and slowly creating a thin slick layer between the suit and my skin.  Strangely, my throat wasn’t dry and I really didn’t feel very thirsty.  After twenty minutes the team safety officer came up to me and ordered Bill and me to the break area.  We went to the Decon station and were hosed off.  The suits were cracked open and removed.  My sweat was well above the knee inside the alien suit and I wondered what our street appearance was.

“You still look dry, Doc,” said the safety officer.  “Are you okay?  Do you feel dizzy or anything?”

“No, I feel fine,” I replied.

“Well, get yourself some water,” he said adding, “Don’t forget to pee.”

I went to the drink station and poured some water from a jug.  I drank the water down and refilled the glass.  I didn’t really feel thirsty but I managed to put down three 16-ounce glasses.  The urge to piss was almost immediate and I barely made it to the Portalet to relieve myself.  The panel that had formed earlier retracted into the surrounding suit and allowed me to hang the rubbery member over the trough.  A stream of clear liquid gushed from the rubbery tip of my organ.  I felt as though I was pissing out every ounce of the water I had just finished.  I headed back to where the team was watching the rigging crew preparing the entity for its trip.

“Boss, the strangest thing just happened,” said Bill as I came up.  “When I pissed, it was as though the water went right through me.  I caught some in my hand and sniffed at it but there was no odor.  I mean it was still cool, too.  What do you think that means?”

“I don’t know, Bill.  I just don’t know.  This thing is becoming more an enigma as we go along,” I replied. 

I wandered over to the canteen area and pulled a Mountain Dew from the ice bucket.  I popped the top and sucked the sweet citrus soda down.  I had no problem tasting the soda as it passed over the tongue, even though the tongue was encased in the rubber membrane.  I walked to the Portalet and sure enough the urge to piss quickly appeared.  I let the stuff flow from my shaft and observed the distinctive yellow color of Mountain Dew.  I caught some in my gloved hand and put it to my mouth.  The liquid was cold Mountain Dew!  The stuff had passed through my lips to my urethra unchanged!  I struggled with this new information as I went back to where Bill and the girls were busily discussing something.

“Doc, are you hungry?” asked Bill.

“Coming to think of it, no I’m not,” I replied.  It dawned on me that I hadn’t eaten anything since last night, about twenty hours ago.

“None of us are hungry either,” Chastity entered into the discussion.

“Have you two drunk anything?” I asked the girls. Both nodded negatively.

“Well, if you drink something, be ready to relieve yourself in about five minutes.  Also, the stuff that comes out the bottom is exactly the same as what goes in the top.”  I didn’t really know how to put that delicately. With irony, I said, “I think our internal organs are completely coated with the rubber.  I’m not too sure what that means, other than lack of appetite and no need to drink, everything’s fine.”

“This is kind of scary, Dennis,” Chastity said.

“I’m still collecting facts on it, Dear, that’s for sure.”  Using the endearment surprised me.  It had just slipped out but the response was immediately visible.  The privacy piece over Chastity’s delicious Venus Mound fell away and the cod piece covering my tool dissolved into the surrounding suit.  My member was quickly massaged in its sheath and a raging hard-on stood ready for attention.  Chastity dropped to her knees and took me in her mouth.  Weak in the knees I fell to the ground while she rolled with me.  Next she pushed herself on top of me and rolled herself into the classic sixty-nine position.  She did all of this without taking my throbbing tool from her mouth.

Bill and Sheila stood shocked for seconds before they too seemed to be possessed by carnal lust.  Now we, two sex-crazed couples, were urgently satisfying our hunger for love oblivious to the busy work crews around us. Chastity pushed her soft round rubber rump into my face. “Eat me!” she gasped between her lips as she drew at my hammer.

I pulled her down to my face and worked my tongue deep into the rubber-lined lips of her love slit.  The intensity of her action on me increased as I licked and sucked at her glorious love spot.  She literally lifted my legs in the air and pulled my lower body off the ground, leaving all of our weight squarely on my shoulder blades and upper back as she arched her back in a tremendous explosion of passion.  My cock seemed to seal itself in her mouth as if it were a dildo gag to stifle her cry of joy and I shot my load into a second layer of protection that covered the tip of my cock at just the right instant. Panting, she rolled from me and lay still on the ground next to me.  Her gloved hand tentatively brushed my abdomen.  She rose up on an elbow and looked into my face.

“Dennis, that was the fourth or fifth time we’ve made love since we made contact with this rubber material,” she said.  “It’s as though it draws strength from our passion.”

“Yes, Chastity.  I believe it feeds on the emotions associated with our sexual drives.  Maybe it even sustains us for that purpose,” I said flatly.  “This could be very dangerous.”

As the four of us, our passions again drained, got shakily to our feet that veil from earlier lifted.  I hadn’t even realized it had formed around us.  Looking around, I could see work parties busily finishing preparations for moving the object.  No one seemed to have noticed our amorous activity or even our absence, assuming the entity had camouflaged us.  One crew had spread large vinyl tarps on top of two flatbed trailers while a chemical-suited crew, or Moonies as I thought of them, worked lifting harnesses around the body.  Two heavy-lift cranes moved in unison to prepare to lift the object.  Moonies clambered on top of the object and to direct the hooks from each crane to the top bolts of the harness assembly.  They connected the hooks securely, climbed off the entity and gave a lift away sign.

The crane operators lifted together slowly.  The cables pulled taught and the object broke loose from its crater.  The cranes swung the object over the top of the trailer beds while six Moonies steadied the load, centered it over the tandem trailers and directed the crane operators to lower away.   By now the Moonies were ready for a break.  They headed to the showers while another shift of Moonies came in to finish the job.  This team pulled the vinyl tarps over the top of the entity, tied off the ends and covered the first tarp with a second rubberized tarp that was secured to tie down points on each side of the trailers.

By four o’clock, the whole operation was done.  Moonies checked the site for contamination and a decontamination truck hosed down the crater zone with water and dilute antiseptic.  All of the runoff was carefully recycled into a tanker for later analysis and disposal.

The trip to Denver was slow and tedious.  Colorado State Police had already been notified to clear traffic along the route.  We had to take a very circuitous route since we needed a 30-foot wide right of way to get the object to the laboratory.  Fortunately our trucks were all-terrain so the route wasn’t restricted to highways.  The lab reception was well organized.  A section of security fence nearest the large-object reception center, an old hangar, was removed.  The truck and trailers were slowly maneuvered into the space.  Heavy lifting gear raised the object to allow the trailers to move out from beneath it.  The object was gently set on the floor.  Next the clean room enclosure was rolled out and set up by an efficient maintenance crew.  The work was done by 11:00 that night.  I couldn’t reveal my thoughts that this whole operation, normally effective in most hazardous material cases, was probably pointless under the current situation.  It was, however, necessary to maintain appearances until we knew more about the entity and could determine its ultimate intention.  Nor could I admit to any one that the four original team members were unwitting Guinea pigs in this whole affair.

Chapter Six: Failed Containment 

It had now been over twenty-eight hours since that early evening call.  Adrenaline was keeping me going as well as the heightened arousal created by the constant massaging of the alien rubber suit.  Chastity wanted to come home with me but I thought we had better go to our own homes until we understood the nature of the influence and possession of the rubber alien.  I wasn’t hungry but I felt I had to force something into me.  I fixed a Cup-o’-Soup and forced about half of it down before I gave up.  The soup tasted fine.  As with the drinks, food taste seemed to pass through the rubbery shield over my tongue.  I did notice a slight flavor to the soup, almost a subtle seasoning that was a combination sweet and tangy.  I couldn’t really put my finger on the flavor.  The urge to go to the bathroom followed soon.  After finishing my business, I checked the commode to find the contents of the Cup-o’-Soup, unchanged from the time they would have passed my throat as I swallowed.

I went to bed soon after that and lay on my back staring at the ceiling.  A flood of conflicting thoughts rushed into my head.  The events of the day pushed and fought for primacy in my thinking.  The rush of sexual desire and satisfaction associated with the entity, the mystery of discovery that awaited my investigation, the concern over what it all meant were pushing into and out of my thoughts.  Chastity and our mutual discoveries through the help of the entity floated in and out between other musings. In mid-thought a sudden flood of peace came over me and as the rubber suit began to lightly massage my body, I fell into a deep sleep...

I was sinking deeper into the black gooey mass.  No struggling could stop me from its consuming nature.  I was alone in a deep pit of tarry black goop.  At first I struggled and the sucking slime pulled me quickly down until I was covered to my waist.  I remembered my survival training and fell forward in an effort to spread my weight over as large an area as possible.  Using a breaststroke motion, I made an effort to swim through the black muck but the exertion was too much.  I had to rest and found me sinking further into the goo.  As my head seemed about to go under, a respirator hose materialized from the mask that covered my face.  My vision went black as I went under.  There was no sound or sight.  I felt the constant pressure of the surrounding fluid.  I was glad for the full rubber suit and hood that I wore.  I decided that as long as my body was protected from the goo and my breathing safe, the suit could be easily cleaned once I got out of this stuff.  I was floating in a world devoid of sensory input.  My mind filled with thoughts of childhood, college, career highlights and finally my current situation.  I was surrendering to a newly discovered sensuality in the form of an alien rubber possession. 

I soon was clutching Chastity’s rubber-covered form and was pushing my rubber-lined lips to hers.  Our tongues played together inside our joined mouths and soon a building need for gratification was carrying our mutual desire to tumultuous release.  Building floods of emotion washed over us as I slowly pushed my throbbing member into her cleft of desire.   The rubbery cover pushed deeper into the channel, stimulating her throbbing clit.  I held her tightly in my arms, our rubber-clad bodies connected as one.  I slowly rocked her, allowing my throbbing love rod to gently stimulate her inner being.  As the building desire for release approached, her muscles tightened about my invading tool and pulled it deep into her love pipe.  She shuddered involuntarily as waves of passion washed over her and I exploded into her, shooting pulses of love cum into the waiting temple of love.  We continued to clutch each other surrendering to the bond of shared bliss.

The incessant ringing penetrated my conscious.  I crawled out of the deep pit of goo as I returned to this world.  The phone rang insistently.  I picked up the receiver.

“Dr. Sparks,” I said into the instrument.

“Dennis, I’m afraid to be alone,” said a breathless Chastity from the other end.

“What happened?”

“I just had the weirdest dream.  I was covered in some sort of black goop.  Then you were there making the most gentle and consuming love to me.   When we were done you just disappeared and the blackness of the goo flooded over me again.  I was completely alone in the stuff.  I couldn’t see or hear or touch; it was just a black void.  I can’t go back to sleep.  I’m afraid the dream will return.”

“Do you want me to come over to your place?” I asked. 

“Oh, could you.  I mean I’m usually not that type but this was so real.  I would really appreciate the company.”

“I can be to your place in twenty.  Don’t you worry any; if you have a problem, call the cell.”

I hung up the phone and grabbed a light jacket.  I saw no reason to dress since the rubber suit seemed to take care of all of those sorts of things.  I headed for my Jeep and wondered at the similarity of our dreams.  It was obvious that the alien rubber linked us in some way. True to my word, I pulled into Chastity’s complex twenty minutes later. 

I knew which condo was hers and I was soon ringing the doorbell.  Chastity flung the door open and pulled me inside the door.  Her mouth was consuming mine before I could even say, “Hi.”   She dragged me to the couch and was on me like a starved animal.  I had no choice but to respond as her sensuously curved body, highlighted by the shiny rubber suit, climbed eagerly onto me.

In a fog of pounding lust, she exploded in multiple waves of ecstasy.  I could do nothing to stop her ravishing as her possessed fervor took me.  My arms were wrapped in looping coils that held them over my head while my legs were locked to the couch by strange rubber straps.   She pumped up and down on my now enlarged and stiff shaft.  As if I was encased in some fiendish dildo, my tool was thickened and lengthened by our alien rubber power.  I was a mere spectator to the entire event as she rode my body as if it were only a sex toy to be enjoyed with abandon.  She must have come four times in the period of ten minutes as I saw her body tense and the telltale gag form over her mouth to stifle her screams of passion.  I could do nothing but watch in amazement.  The thick cover on my cock denied me any relief to the painfully building lust within my own loins. 

Suddenly the thick sheath melted away and my arousal was satisfied as feeling returned to my member and her rough pounding stroked me quickly over the edge.  I shot heavy globs of cum deep into her waiting love vessel.  This time the covering sheath didn’t form and I knew that my love essence had found its place deep inside her receptacle.  I was shocked that the lovemaking had been so violent.  I was equally shocked that protection had not formed at the critical moment.  Up until this time, the protective sheath had captured the love juices and absorbed them. 

Chastity fell away exhausted.   The bonds that had held me evaporated and I slowly regained my composure.  Chastity snuggled her rubber-wrapped body to mine and our mutual warmth bound us to one another in the afterglow of our passion.  I fell into a deep sleep with her rubbery buns and back snuggled up to my exhausted tool and torso.

I awoke with a start to find Chastity already up and busily grooming her rubber skin.  Grooming the skin meant pulling it into proper position and getting all of the wrinkles out.  Since hair and other body parts were completely covered by the skin, there wasn’t really much we could do other than rinse off the rubber skin in mild soapy water and dry off. 

“I guess last night consummates our relationship,” I said.

“You were so understanding, Dennis.  I was so hungry for you.  I don’t know what to say?  I’m completely in love with your alien rubber body.” Trusting our skins to provide a proper visual effect for the rest of the world, the two of us walked to my Jeep and headed for work.

“I wonder what I look like to the rest of the world?” I mused to Chastity.

“I’m comfortable that our alien friend has dressed us appropriately, Dennis.”

We drove the fifteen miles to the southwest corner of the metro area quickly.  The laboratory campus appeared on the left.  It’s expanse of irrigated lawn green and inviting.

“Morning, Doc,” said Bert, the gate guard.  “Nice light show yesterday, eh?  I guess that thing is inside by now.”

“I wouldn’t know, Bert,” I lied.  “I was over west of town studying some new rocks someone dug up.  They thought they may have been space debris.”

“You’re carpooling with Dr. Evans today?”

“Something like that, Bert.”

He waved us through the gate with a knowing nod. I parked the Jeep in my reserved spot.  The two of us took the short walk to the lab entrance and carded ourselves into the facility. 

“Morning, Doctors,” said Jim the door guard.  “You guys brought in quite a prize yesterday.”

“You know more than I do, Jim,” I joked.

“That’s what they pay us ferrets for, you know,” he quipped back.  “You got to log in, Doc.  The automatic log entry screwed up again.” I signed the sheet and noted the time.

When we reached the second security barrier, I punched in my code and placed my palm on the palm print reader.  The red 

“Access Denied” flashed. 

“Oh, oh,” I mumbled.  “Chastity, I think we have a problem here.”

“Let me try, Dennis.”

She typed in her code and tried the reader.  The green “Access Approved” lit on the board and she went through the door.  Since the door only allowed one break of the infrared barrier per approval, I decided to try again.
This time everything went correctly.

“Our rubber friends pick stuff up pretty quickly.”

The isolation vault loomed in the middle of the cavernous room.  Moon suits attached to umbilical cords were built into the near side.  Our friend was in the center of the enclosure.  The space rock was under the harsh glare of lights.  I swung into one of the protective suits and stepped out to the rock.  I touched the surface and reconfirmed the smooth feel of the rock.  Inside the moon suit, my alien rubber skin, was pulsating and squeezing me.  It seemed to be trying to communicate some urgency. 

Chastity was walking about in one of the other suits.   Her hand went to her throat and she seemed to be gasping.  I felt a constriction in my own throat and I backed out to the entry port.  I fell out of the suit opening and saw Chastity gagging near me.  I dragged myself to her and put out my hand.  The material on my hand pulsated upon contact with her skin and seemed to meld into her suit.  The two rubber suits were now alive and sending strong pulses to each other.  The two of us were caught in the possessive pulses of the suits and convulsed where we lay. 

It was about then that Bill and Sheila arrived.  The two of them ran to our sides and before I could try to stop them they were in the same predicament.  Now the four of us were joined as the rubber suits flowed together.  The joining seemed to strengthen the material.  The pulses were stronger and more persistent.  The suits completely controlled us.  We were helplessly convulsing on the floor. 

After an eternity (about one minute) the vibrations stopped and we were parted.  I looked at the hand that had been in contact with Chastity for any sign of the recent melding.  There was no visible scar on the material.  Suddenly, my head seemed to be full of words. “You must release me.  You must let me go.  I cannot be isolated or I will die.  I am a community.  Release me.  Let me join.  I need life force.” Over and over these words repeated.  I looked at the others in turn. 
They had puzzled expressions that showed through the skin-tight hoods.

“Are you sensing something?” I asked.

“Yeah, Boss.  Something is really disturbed here,” Bill said.

I looked inside the glass isolation booth to see the rock melting into a pool of black goo.  It looked like tar.  The stuff spread across the floor to a depth of about three inches.  An impulse struck me and I ran to a drawer holding medical instruments.  I grabbed a lancet and reached into one of the suits.  I slit the protective skin inside the boot at the ankle. 

“What the hell you doing, Dennis?” queried Chastity.

By now I was into a second suit and completing the same operation.  I went to the third suit.

“Boss, your breaching integrity.  You don’t know what that stuff will do?  Look we are already contaminated.  You know; maybe we should turn ourselves in or something.  I mean this is irrational.”

“It’s okay.  Everything will be fine now,” I said.  I touched Bill on the sleeve and a sudden peace flowed between us.

“I get it.  I should have understood all along.  It really makes sense to me,” he said.

Chastity and Sheila were smiling benignly to the side.  They nodded an understanding and came over to embrace Bill and me.  The four of us fell to the floor and began to explore the rubber-enclosed curves and crevices of our bodies.  It wasn’t long before building passion forced us to do more than simple exploration.  We were ravishing each other to mutually consenting heights of ecstasy.  That veil seemed to descend over us again and we could see only our impassioned black shiny bodies writhing with pleasure as we tongued and rubbed ourselves to orgasmic ecstasy and satisfaction of carnal desire. 

We rolled away from each other exhausted from the intensity of the experience.  I was amazed that each time the rubber being guided us into sensual pleasure the event was as powerful as that first time.  Suddenly the veil was penetrated and with starling reality, I saw Doctor Bloom and two other technicians looking at us.  The three of them were dressed in tight rubber suits, just like us.

“Hey, can we join in or do we have to start our own party?” asked Dr. Bloom.

Chapter Seven: Toehold in the Laboratory

Now there were seven of us joined in the alien latex web.  Dr. Tamara Bloom, Sam Perkins, and Bob Wellington had entered the lab to study the rock.  They had all entered the airlock using the compromised enviro-suits and the entity had quickly possessed them.  They each told their story and we in turn related our first experiences at the crash site.  Their three tales were remarkably similar.

In Tamara’s case, the black liquid pool surprised her since she was expecting to see a piece of space rock.  She had jumped into one of the suits to examine the stuff and was quickly overwhelmed by the liquid.  As she tried to get out of the suit the rubber bound her and silenced her with rubber cords and a gag.  It then plunged a dildo deep into her two most private opening and the vibrations started.  Her terror turned to arousal and she found herself squeezing the intruders with her lower muscles in an effort to draw it deeper into her forbidden cleft and anal cavity.  Her passion fulfilled, she was filled with an overwhelming inner peace and the bonds released her.  She fell out of the enviro-suit to the floor where she saw us for the first time.  The other tales mirrored mine closely.

“Now, what do we do?” I asked the assembled members of our rubber ring.

“I vote we ship some of the entity to Washington D.C.  They could use some alien intervention into the goings on there!” piped Bill.

“Give me a break.  I’m not ready for that yet,” I retorted.

“We can always bring key staffers down to get a closer look at the alien.  I mean we have the perfect means to recruit them.  They just climb into the suit and the rubber does the rest,” offered Tamara.

“We could try to limit the exposure.  Maybe we can steal the thing and set up a bondage ranch out in the sticks.  I’d have fun being the mistress of a bunch of rubber slaves,” Sheila said.

“I always knew your relation with Bill was a bit kinkier than you guys let on,” commented Sam.

Bill gave Sam a wink.  “It’s all in good fun and quite stimulating, too.”

“I like it,” said Tamara in reference to Sheila’s idea.

“Let’s get realistic here folks,” I said.

“Don’t you get it, Dennis.  How can we be realistic about an alien entity that takes on the appearance and form of rubber?  It seems to completely possess our bodies.  In fact it seems to line our insides as well as our outside.  It possesses us to engage in bizarre sex at almost any time.  It seems to draw its life force from these acts.  I haven’t had anything to eat in over a day but I’m not hungry.  When I drink something it passes right through me like some kid’s “cry-‘n-pee” doll.  And I don’t have any idea how I lived without it.  Tell me, Dennis, how real can this be?”  Chastity was vehement.

“You’re right.  We don’t have any frame of reference for this discovery.  We are breaking new ground.  I never expected “First Contact” to be an encounter into the depths of sexual fetish.  Nor did I ever expect it to be so exciting and enjoyable,” I answered.  “But we need to come up with a plan to either get this under wraps completely.”  I mused, “Sheila’s idea isn’t all that bad.  The only problem is we would have a hard time moving the guy out of here without someone missing him.”

“When do we tell, Doctor Moses?” asked Chastity.

“Tell him?  I don’t think so.  We’ll just have to show him,” I replied.

Doctor Sean Moses walked into the secure clean room with an air of superiority.  He liked to think he owned the entire facility.  It was his, not the People’s.  He was not a mere custodian of the People’s research; he was the owner.  His stern upbringing, torn between the Jewish teaching of his father and his mother’s stanch Irish Catholicism reflected in his taciturn approach to life.  He never smiled.  The fact that his given name was “Sean” told much about the strength of the woman who bore him.

“It was melted when we got here this morning, sir,” I said.

“Very surprising, Doctor.  You never thought to test it right away for its physical properties, you know, things like composition, melting point, gaseous point, simple things like that?”

“We were pretty tired last night,” I rationalized. “Thought a fresh start in the morning and a clear head would be best.”

“Well, you were wrong,” he admonished.

“Why don’t you take a closer look, sir,” Chastity chimed in.

“I can see well enough from here.”

“But the material is really a peculiar texture.  You can get an idea of its feel through the suit.  I can’t explain it, sir, but it is almost like touching it unprotected, even through the glove.”

“Get a handle on it.  That is impossible.”

“I thought so too,” said Dr. Bloom.  “But, Dr. Evans is right.  It’s the strangest feeling.  The thing may actually be alive.”

“Bull!  All right, you guys are so intent on making me sweat in that thing.  I’ll satisfy you; then I’ll write all of you up as loonies!”
Moses expertly swung himself into one of the isolation suits in the chamber. “What the hell!  Mother!...” Moses cried and was silent.  The muffled grunts of his struggles were enough to know that a gag filled his mouth.  He was soon in a struggle as the alien rubber bound him and completed its transformation.  Moses fell from the suit and was not only encased in rubber but was now a rubber TV.  He looked down at his rubber-clad breasts.

“What is this?” he asked incredulously. 

“You make a great vamp, Doc”, chuckled Bill.

“God, Sparks.  This thing has strapped me tightly inside some sort of sheath and now its pulsating and its making me, uh, its...ohmygod...” Moses fell to the ground and began to writhe before our eyes.  His urgent breathing increased as the rubber took him to his first rubber orgasm.  He thrust his hips upward in a massive convulsion as his lust was fulfilled in front of us. He recovered from his first rubber experience and saw us for the first time.

“You’re already possessed!” he cried upon seeing our rubber bodies.

As we watched his bulging crotch seemed to disappear into his body, the swell of his hips more pronounced, the breast mounds firmer, and his waist narrower.  He became a full she before our eyes.

“I don’t think Dr. Moses is a ‘he’ anymore,” I observed.  “Dr. Moses, did you always want to be a woman?”

His alto voice startled me, “What type of question is that?”  He looked around as the full reality of the transformation set in. 

“Geeze, Sean wants to be a rubber slut!” squealed Sheila.  “Are you a submissive as well?  I would love to give you some motherly discipline.”

“What happened to me?” asked Moses.

“Your true self is shining through, Sean, er, Sarah, er, whatever,” I stumbled.

Sheila came up beside Sean and snapped him/her, not too gently, on her shiny buttocks.  Sean jumped at the swat and looked sharply at Sheila.  Sheila just smiled at him/her and whispered, “You want to have some fun?  We can do it hard or soft, couples or a group.  I can orchestrate your pleasure and desire.  Maybe Bob can be your mate since he seems to be the only single in the group right now.”  We all noticed how Sam and Tamara had been gazing at each other’s shiny bodies and knew true lust when it was so obvious.

Sean stammered, “I am still the director of this facility.  Now how do I get out of this stuff?”

“Don’t worry, Sean.  To the uninfected, you will still look just like the Sean Moses we all have come to hate.”

“Do you mean that, Dennis?”

“Yes, all of it,” I replied.

“I’ve got to get to the office and report what has happened here.  We have a potential Level 5 Alien Infestation developing and I can’t allow it to continue.  How did you let things go this far?” Sean looked at me accusingly.

“Just couldn’t help it,” I shrugged. Sean bolted from the building and headed for the Admin Building.

Sean Moses made it to his office and was able to lift the receiver of his phone before his alien possessor overwhelmed him.  The rubber suit filled his mouth with a solid rubber ball.  As he tried to run out of the office, binding pulled his legs apart and tied each ankle to a chair leg.  He was forced into the low-backed chair that was reserved for visitors and his arms secured behind his back.  Thick rubber coils wound around his chest, securing it to the chair back while one coil drew his arms severely taught and tied off on the back chair rung.  He was totally immobile and completely at the mercy of the entity. 

The suit formed two probing shafts that penetrated his/her buttocks and pussy.  Both began to move slowly inside her/his secret spots.  He/she was squirming against the building pleasure that he/she could not control.  The throbbing clit, that had once been a rather inadequate male appendage, ached for glorious climax.  Sean felt the building urgency of the body and tried to control himself but the relentless carnal attack of the rubber entity was totally addictive.  The tight pussy lips were soon eagerly drawing the throbbing dildo deep into the heavenly cleft and he/she was shaking with a before unimaginable orgasm.  The orgasm rocked him/her in waves of complete rapture.  He/she had never achieved such a sexual release as a mere man.  He decided he was now really a she.

She gasped for breath as the passion subsided.  She looked down at the rubber suit that had laid bare her sexual self so completely.  Her thoughts were on the recent rapture she had experienced and how to bring those feelings and emotions into single-minded focus.  The intensity of the experience made her weep for those that had not yet experienced such joy.  She knew why Dr. Sparks had let this happen.  It was the most natural and logical conclusion.

In her fogged mind, she drifted into an inner reverie as she sat strapped to the chair.  The rubber implements of her downfall again began to work their magic on her and she was soon ravished with another and yet another massive orgasm.  To the initiated she decided to call herself “Texla”.  It seemed so natural considering the nature of the dawn of her sexual being.  She also decided that the fraternity of initiates needed to grow.

As she sat thinking of what to do next, the binding slipped back into the suit and she stood shakily from the chair.  She was quickly all business as she strode to the desk and asked Eva, the administrative assistant to place some calls.  It wasn’t long before Dr. Moses completed calls to the Commander, Space Command; Commander, NORAD; the Superintendent of the Air Force Academy; and the Governor of Colorado.  He placed calls to all of the Regional Directors of federal agencies in Denver.  He notified the Colorado Congressional delegations.  With each group, he set up appointments for them to visit the laboratory. 

“General, I am calling you on a matter of grave national security.  You are aware of the meteorite that hit earth near Denver.  Well there are extraordinary properties associated with the meteorite that can only be explained in person and must only be divulged to the highest level of authority...”  With this introduction, Moses was able to convince everyone on his calling list to come to see the meteorite.



story continues in Chapter Eight: The Assimilation


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