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Alien Rubber
by RbrBill
© Copyright 2006 - RbrBill - Used by permission
Storycodes: Alien/mf; latex; envelope; bond; mudpit; reluct/cons; X
Alien Rubber by RbrBill Alien/mf; latex; envelope; bond; mudpit; reluct/cons; X

Chapter 1: Landing

The night sky was ablaze as the falling meteorite streaked from east to west.  People in Washington looked up in amazement as the night turned briefly to day.  The afterglow of the debris trail marked the passage of the object.  Over the Virginia countryside, Kentucky, Missouri, and Kansas, people stopped in their tracks to note the passing nocturnal marvel.  Air travel was disrupted as startled pilots took evasive action to avoid first the streaking light and the trail left behind.  911 centers from the Atlantic coast to the Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado were overwhelmed by calls.  An event of truly cosmic proportions was in the works. 

Many people, having seen the recent run of disaster movies knew this was the end of the world and took whatever refuge they could.  Many drove to the churches, some went home to families, and some just stopped what they were doing and said a prayer to the god of their belief. 

NORAD, North American Air Defense, tracked the object from its entry into the atmosphere to its impact point.  All radar indicated the site was west of Denver, near the old Energy Department site at Rocky Flats.  As the extraterrestrial object went off the radar, knowledgeable members of the science community braced for the massive shock wave that had to accompany an impact of the magnitude to be expected from an object of this size.  Strangely the movement of the ground was minimal, no cataclysmic quakes, no life ending debris cloud, nothing but a minor quake felt in the Denver area.  People on duty at the NORAD Command Center, protected from nuclear strike by a ground isolation system, didn’t even feel the resultant quake.

The NORAD Duty Officer notified Space Command, Strategic Command and the National Command Authority (the President) of the impact location.  Additional calls were sent to Fifth Army and the Pentagon.  All calls were advisory in nature.  There was no reason for alarm.  For everyone the message was the same...”An unidentified object, most likely a meteorite, impacted west of Arvada, Colorado at Latitude 39 - 51 North and Longitude 105 - 10 West just south of State Highway 72.  There are no apparent casualties or damages associated with this strike.  The National Astronomic Center has been advised of our track and impact data.  End message - 0338Z28112001.”  With this brief message NORAD interest in the event was officially ended.

In scientific community, the uproar over this “non-event” was just beginning.  The most astonishing aspect of the impact was the lack of warning.  Observatories all over the world scour the skies continuously, looking for the one stray comet or asteroid that spells the doom of our civilization.  This rather large meteor was unnoticed until it was well into the atmosphere and radar tracked it.  I received a phone call that broke my early evening ritual of getting bored to sleep by the TV at about eight.
On the third ring, I picked up the phone.  The caller ID read unavailable but the number was displayed and I knew the origin.

“Dr. Sparks,” I said into the handset.

“Doctor, this is the Duty Officer.  There was an impact near Denver about twenty minutes ago.  The object was big.”
I interrupted, “It couldn’t have been that big.  I live in Golden and there was only a small tremor.  If something struck here, it would have been big!”

“Radar indicated it was big, sir, at least one hundred feet long and maybe thirty feet across its widest point.  The strange thing is that nobody saw it approaching.  NORAD gave us the first warning and of course lots of visuals from the Atlantic coast to here.”

“You got some coordinates?”

“I can e-mail them along with the NORAD notification message to you right away.”

“Good.  Am I alone on this one or do we have an initial investigation team lined up.”

“A team will be coming up from the FRC to meet you.  I called you separately since you live out that way anyway.  No point in coming into town first.”

“Sounds good.  Who’s coming out?”

“Doctor Evans and two techs, Sheila and Bill.”

“Sound like a team.  I’ll see them at the site.”

“Bye, sir.  Good luck.”

The phone clicked off and I went over to the computer and pulled up the e-mail.  The new message was already in the queue.  I opened the message and printed a hard copy as I read. I grabbed my jacket and headed for the Jeep in my drive.  Chastity Evans, now there was a name that fit, would be working with me on this one.  I had known her for two years.  She was rigidly professional, a good scientist, and showed occasional signs of imagination.  I always tried to help expand her ideas beyond the books when it came to the objects we were constantly discovering and cataloging as we searched the sky for anything that might hint at extraterrestrial life or otherwise invalidate our current theories of the universe and astrophysics. 

Bill and Sheila were good techies.  They knew their job completely.  Both were graduate candidates and would soon be able to add the title “Doctor” to their names.  They were also inseparable both on and off duty.  At first management was worried about their affair but as the complete compatibility of the two became apparent, and they worked out a couple of coups on equations in planetary and lesser body attraction, the Director realized together they were equal to any six of the other assistants.  I was happy to have them on my team. 

I reached the site a little after ten.  I was the first of the team to arrive.  Figuring that I had to drive about twenty miles less than the folks coming up from the FRC and the fact that they would have gone there first, I decided I would be by myself for a little over an hour.  A sheriff’s deputy vehicle was parked by the side of the road and some curiosity hounds were congregating.  I showed the deputy my credentials and he let me pass into the field.

Scorched prairie grass marked the path to the crater.  I found the impact site easily.  A raised mound of fresh earth, blackened from heat loomed at the end of the wide trail of blackened grass.  My first thought was the object had obviously made some sort of controlled landing/crash.  The Duty Officer was right too.  The thing was big.  It was buried at a shallow angle in the hard ground but the rear portion that was visible and the up-heaved earth indicated an object that was easily one hundred feet long. 

I approached cautiously turning on the radiological instrument that I carry in the back of the Jeep and noted the readings.  Nothing out of the ordinary registered on the dial.  I walked toward the object, noting any heat emanating from the object and looking for any markings that might betray the hand of intelligence. My trained eye noted nothing but a rough surface that looked pretty much like a chunk of space debris.  The only possible peculiarity was the shape seemed to be too perfect for the average chunk of rock.  I certainly could speculate but without some further proof, I was looking at a normal, if rather large, meteorite. 

I snapped three photos to get the general overview of the impact site.  Perhaps the flat shape allowed the thing to “fly” through the atmosphere, softening the landing enough to avoid a massive impact crater.  Maybe daylight would reveal a better explanation.  I walked to the edge of the impact zone and took some temperature readings.  The air around the site was warm but not hot.  There did not appear to be much heat radiating from the object.  I moved in for a closer look.  I reached out to the surface of the exposed section and tentatively touched it. 

To my shock the surface was silky smooth to the touch, yet visually that was impossible.  The surface appeared rough and course.  I pulled my hand away.  The spot was as rough looking as the rest of the object.  I tentatively placed my hand on the surface again.  It was slightly warm to the touch.  As I moved my hand along the surface, I was again amazed at the smooth, silky, texture.  This time when I pulled the hand away, the object seemed to stretch out with the movement as if it was unwilling to end the contact.  I stepped back as though a ghost had appeared.  Was this a living entity?

I stepped forward again and lay my ear close to the surface.  I cupped my hand to the ear and again made contact, trying to hear any sound.  The smoothness of the surface to touch continued to confuse me.  This was obviously something created by intelligent life and not a naturally occurring piece of space debris.  Not hearing any sounds I pulled back again from the object and began to take notes on what I had observed so far. 

Chapter 2: Contact and Assimilation

I was so absorbed in my thoughts and writing and failed to notice what was happening around me.  My first comprehension that something was happening was a feeling of tightness about my legs and groin.  It was such a creeping effect that I looked down with a start as my jewels and member were gripped in an enveloping warmth.  I looked down to see a black slick running from the object to my feet and reaching up my leg.  To my alarm the enclosing feeling continued to creep slowly up my body.  I pulled up my pant leg to see glossy black skin where my usually pale hairy leg would be.  I quickly went around the object to hide from the group of people gathered at the road and undid my pants. 

As I pulled my shirt up, I found a black substance slowly covering my torso.  I ripped my shirt from my body and watched in fascination and a bit of trepidation as the black reached to my chest then spread over my shoulders and down my arms.  In short order the shiny black material covered all of my exposed skin.  Perfectly fitting gloves formed about my hands.  I pulled down my pants to reveal the same material covered everything.  I pulled off my shoes and socks to find my feet completely enclosed in “foot gloves”, for lack of a better term, with each toe in its own perfectly fitted digit. 

I looked closely at my organ to discover the tight cupping material squeezing my gonads gently while the shaft was held snuggly inside a shiny black sheath.  All of the physical features were visible, even the tip retained the urethra.  Out of curiosity, I squeezed the head to open the hole and shined the flashlight on it.  The black skin seemed to extend inside the shaft as well.  I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. 

Suddenly the skin that had been enclosing me flowed up my neck and as I stood, I felt the material cover my entire head in its enveloping grip.  It penetrated my mouth and I felt the stuff lining my mouth.  It even seemed to flow down my throat.  My nostrils were lined too.  For a moment I was blinded as the black stuff covered my eyes, but then I could see again, only my vision was blurred.  As with my clothes, the material flowed between my glasses and my skin as it completed its enclosure.  On a hunch, I removed the glasses and the vision cleared.  Somehow the material had corrected my vision that had been so terrible all these years.

I now looked closely at the transformation.  I was completely encased by this alien material.  I pulled at it with my gloved finger and found it to be elastic and very much like rubber.  I tentatively explored the areas I could touch and found the enclosure to be complete and very precise.  Each time I tested an area, the second skin subtly enhanced the tactile sensation and I soon found myself aroused by my self-exploration.  I probed my anal cavity and found that it too had the material covering it well into the anal cavity.  The opening appeared to be open and functional. 

In my aroused state, my thoughts wandered to the thought of a hard invading plug up my ass.  In seconds, and for my next shock, the previously open cavity was filled with a hard intruder.  I felt its tip pushing against my prostate region creating not unpleasant waves of sensation.  My finger went to the hole and it was indeed covered smoothly, as though the intruding phalanx was an integral part of the suit.  A sudden urge to piss washed over me and I let go.  The yellow stream jetted from the open head at the tip of the covered member.  I now knew that I was fully functional in that regard.  Again my thoughts wandered into additional carnal thoughts and the material about the head of my tool began to squeeze and massage the shiny black shaft.  The engorged head bobbed with a life of its own.  I thought of the shaft being completely enclosed in a sheath or condom and a second covering flowed over the hard shaft just as I was taken over the edge in a satisfying explosion of passion. 

“Dr. Sparks.  Where are you, sir?” called a familiar voice, Chastity Evans.

I was suddenly jolted back to reality.  The plug in my anal cavity retreated and I quickly pulled my pants up over the black rubber.  In a new panic I hastily pulled shirt and shoes on.  I knew that the mask still covered my head and the gloves were visible below the sleeves of my shirt.  How could I explain these strange accessories to my colleagues?  Even as I pondered the question, the hand covering changed to my natural skin color.  My hands were still enclosed in the material but now they looked like uncovered hands.  I couldn’t see my face but I assumed that the same transformation had occurred to it. 
I stepped out to meet my team members.

“Good morning, Chastity,” I said.  “We have quite a show stopper here, I think.”

“Good morning, Dr. Sparks.” I realized that it was just after midnight.

“Can’t you call me Dennis?  I mean we have been working together for over a year.” She just gazed at me.

I greeted Bill and Sheila as they came up, “Morning troops.  You can set up shop over there.”  I pointed to a flat spot about fifty yards away.  They headed over with the computer cases and instrument bags.

“Where are your glasses, sir?” Chastity asked.

“Uh, I’m trying a new look.  I got some contacts yesterday,” I lied. She looked closely into my eyes.

“Your eyes look so clear and blue.  I’ve never really noticed them before.” She shook her head.  “Tell me your preliminaries,” all business again.

“The outward appearance is that of a common meteorite, although it does seem to be of a more uniform shape than most.  It is warm to the touch and there are some other properties that I have yet to fully explain.  It would be better for you to see, and feel, for yourself.  I took her hand to lead her over to the object. She looked at my hand in surprise and pulled hers away.  She held the back of her hand to her face and examined it.  Next she wordlessly took mine and held it near her face; she stroked it lightly.  The sensation of her touch was as strong as when I had self satisfied myself earlier.  I shuddered involuntarily.

“What’s wrong, Doctor?”

“Nothing Chastity.”

“Your hand is so smooth.  I mean it looks like it always has, rough and callused.”

I interrupted lightly, “That’s what happens when you cut your own wood.”

“No.  It’s not that.  It’s so silky.  I mean...Have you been using lotion?” she asked incredulously.

“No.  Let’s look at the object.  It might just hold an answer for you.” Together, we approached the meteorite. 

“Touch the surface,” I said.

Chastity walked to the object and hesitantly reached out to the surface.  She touched it lightly then rubbed an area before pulling her hand away.

“I don’t understand, Dr. Sparks.”

“What don’t you understand?” I asked.

“The surface is rough and jagged.  There are many fissures and small surface irregularities, yet the thing feels very smooth to the touch...  just like your hand?”  Her tone was questioning and trailed off.

“We have a lot of work to do, Chastity.  I don’t think this object is naturally occurring.  It is difficult to explain or prove unless you see what I have seen.  Yet there are certain esoteric considerations that make showing you my discovery difficult.”

I thought about that one.  How in the world could I explain the sexual nature of my discovery to her?  I wasn’t even sure if that was accurate for that matter.

I said, “Stand next to it while I snap a picture.” She went back over to the object. 

I busied myself with setting the timer on the camera for a picture.  As I adjusted the focus and the light setting, she leaned against the object casually.  Before I could start the timer for the shot, she bolted from the image and was at my side.  She let out a shriek that startled me and she was looking about her in a panic.

“What is it, Chastity?”

“There’s something crawling up my legs!  I can’t get to it!  God, Dennis, what’s happening to me?”

The terror in her eyes was real.  She was about to shriek again but a large black glob of goo flowed over her mouth and muffled the scream to a grunt.  Before my eyes, I saw her entire head enclosed by the shiny material.  Her hands were covered as well.  I knew that the alien material had encased her as it had me.  She started to run but heavy loops of material wrapped about her legs and she fell to the ground.  I ran to her and kneeled beside her. 

Curiosity got me better side and I swiftly undid her pants.  As I half expected, the material was completely covering her.  Her waist was firmly shaped by a tight built in corset of thick, more rigid rubber material.  Below her waist, her inviting love mound was fully outlined and lined with the shiny black skin that disappeared into the wondrous slit between the full lips.  As I looked a barrier spread across the inviting spot, covering her secret entry. 

I leaned close to her face and said, “Don’t be afraid.  I think the object is some sort of living and intelligent being.  It has covered you with its life energy and is trying to communicate with you.  Think that you won’t shout.”

She lay there shaking her head about but nothing changed.

“Be honest.  Don’t shout or yell and think it.”

The material pulled away from her mouth.  I put my finger to her lips in the universal silence sign.

“Now think you will not run and let’s see what happens.  Remember to mean it,” I said.
That straps about her legs pulled back into the covering suit.

“This may be a little personal, were you embarrassed by your exposure as I pulled your pants down?”

Now she nodded silently, even though she could have spoken.

“I thought so.  A privacy panel covered you while I was inspecting your, uh, suit.”

“Hey Doctor’s!  Where’d you guys go?” shouted Bill from the other side of the object. I pulled Chastity to her feet.  She pulled her pants quickly up and I saw all of her exposed skin change to its original tone.

“What the hell is going on?” she asked me.

“I wish I knew,” I replied.

Chapter 3: Basic Communication

Just as we started to go meet Bill she stopped and grunted.

“Dr. Sparks!  Something just thrust into me!” she gasped.

“Into your private parts?” I asked.

“Yes.  This is too much.”

“What were you thinking at that moment?  This is important and it is for research.”

“I was wondering if you were encased in the same stuff and what it would feel like to have you, ah,” she hesitated, “closer to me.”

I called to Bill.  “We’re behind the site, Bill.  Wait for us we’ll be over in a minute.  We need you to run some calculations.  Get the ABSCAM program ready.”

Chastity had fallen to the ground and was rocking in a building rhythm.  Suddenly my crotch became warm and overcome by desire, I dropped to the ground letting the sudden sensations of loving caresses consume me.  With each thrust of Chastity’s pelvis, a corresponding thrust of pleasure rippled through my love rod.  We were soon thrusting together and more rapidly as building passion carried us to the inevitable and cataclysmic conclusion.  Just when I could not hold back, one final and inescapable thrust took me over the edge.  Suddenly a large gag filled my mouth as my teeth bit down and a shout of ecstasy was cut off.  My eyes rolled amorously over to Chastity to see her mouth filled and her body bucking eagerly.  Her breathing was fast and audible as it burst through her lined nostrils.

As I regained control of my body, I crawled over to the panting Chastity.  My mouth gag receded and I put my mouth close to her ear and whispered, “I think we were just linked in some sort of extraterrestrial love ritual.”

Hoarsely, she said, “I don’t care.  I just want you and I want you now.” 

She pulled my mouth to hers and we kissed passionately.  The rubber linings about our tongues played with each other and merged, allowing our own tongues to play together inside the surrounding sheath. I reluctantly pulled myself away and the sheath stretched before allowing the tongues to part.  The material quickly reformed about the tongue.

“We have to get back to business, Chastity.  But we can work on our experiment later.”

I stood and dusted off my clothes.  Chastity got up as well and pulled herself back together.  We walked out from behind the mound and over to where Bill and Sheila were working with the gear.

“What were you two up to anyway?” Bill asked.

“You don’t want to know, yet.”  I added, “When the time is right, we’ll fill you in.”

Bill just looked at me, then to Chastity, then back to me.  His eyes told me that he had a suspicion of the truth but I knew he couldn’t even imagine the real truth.

He just asked, “What happened to your glasses, sir?”

Chapter 4:  Investigations and Discoveries

I knew that a discovery of this magnitude could not be kept secret.  Bill and Sheila, for example, had to find out soon.  Then the entity would require transport to a laboratory for further investigation.  Surely the rubber-like material would consume anybody coming in contact with the object.  For the immediate situation, I decided that we needed to declare a National Security Area and keep the contact to the necessary minimum. 

Since Bill and Sheila were our working team members, Chastity and I led both of them to the object.  It wasn’t long before they were both enclosed in the rubber material.  Unlike the suits Chastity and I wore, the two techies were bound in bizarre bondage accessories.  I removed Bill’s clothing to find his body enveloped in a thick shiny black skin.  His suit appeared to be something for fishing or wading in deep mud only it was all one piece.  His head was hooded, like mine, but over the hood was a bizarre respirator with long hoses attached to breathing inlet and outlet ports.  The eye lenses were mirrored.  Close inspection of the heavy suit indicated no visible seams or areas to enter.  It was a flawless skin of black rubber. 

Sheila’s suit was shiny red and sported a heavily stayed black corset.  The thick rubber of the corset seemed to flow right into the red suit and her waist was very tightly squeezed.  Her breasts formed perfect round spheres above the corset and her aroused nipples added an enticing ornament to the soft shiny swells.  Strapped to her waist was a huge black dildo.  Its formidable appearance was shocking.  As she stood, a shiny black rubber ankle-length trench coat covered her.  A wide black belt cinched her waist nicely.  Her gloves changed to matching black and her height suddenly increased by six inches as her shoes transformed to black stiletto heels. 

“Doc, this is incredible!” Bill exclaimed.  “You wouldn’t believe what is inside this suit.”

“I can imagine, Bill.  You must have a bit of a kinky trait in you, since these suits seem to amplify our carnal lusts.”

Before my eyes, Bill was completely swallowed by a heavy latex sack, the tubing of his mask protruding from the enclosing bag.  He began to thrash about the ground as the material worked its erotic spell on him. Soon Sheila was straddling Bill’s encased form and was rocking back and forth against his bound form.  The dildo seemed to melt into her suit and she gasped in surprise, all the while intensifying her rocking.

“I’ve never been so full,” she said between her quickening breaths.  “It feels soooo goood.  I want this to last forever!”

Her fervent rocking over Bill’s erogenous spot was making me horny, too.  Chastity must have had the same thoughts for she grabbed me and pulled me to the ground beside the other hard fucking rubber couple.  The four of us were thrashing wildly on the ground as the rubbery entity consumed our combined passions in a frenzied display of carnal release.  First the suits worked on us individually, then as I kissed Chastity after the first powerful release, and my third of the young day, our suits joined in an enclosing sheath of thick elastic.  As our private regions contacted each other the suits parted and rejoined with my member thrusting hard and strong into the Chastity’s rubber-lined love channel.  It was a slow thrusting since I could not move more that a few inches within the enclosing sheath and what little play in the sheath seemed to be filled with a viscous liquid that restricted any movement while amplifying the sensation.  The two of us slowly built to a simultaneous climax that washed over us in a satisfying flush.  The warm afterglow gradually receded as we cradled our rubbery bodies together.  The enclosing body sheath withdrew and we were free to pull ourselves away from our passion.  In our aroused euphoria, I hadn’t noticed that our clothing was gone.   I cast about for any vestige of our shirts or pants but failed to find them.  A new panic set in as I wondered how we could get away from the site unobserved. 

Bill and Sheila had completed their session of alien rubber induced love.  Based on what we saw of them, they were very much into bondage games.  As I watched Sheila climb off of Bill’s enclosed form, her suit seemed to dissolve into her street clothes.  Similarly, Bill’s bondage sack fell away and he stood up, brushing some dust from his jeans.  Chastity even seemed to be in her street clothes but I looked down at myself and still found the tight rubber suit enclosing me.

“How’d you guys get into your clothes?” I asked.

“What do you mean, Doc?  You’re wearing your regular clothes.  What I want to know is what happened to mine and how can I let anyone out there,” Bill nodded toward the other side of the crash site, “see me in this kinky rubber wading suit.”
The two girls started up at once in a cacophony of gibberish.

“Wait a minute, all of you!” I shouted.  The three stood silenced.  I continued, “I don’t know how this thing does it but I can only assume that each one of us is still encased in the rubber gear that our unconscious mind conjured up.  But somehow, we see each other in their own clothes and with no hoods on heads or bizarre accessories hanging about our waists.  I know you see yourself in the rubber but trust me on this, you look perfectly okay.”

I sidled up to Bill. “You got to let me in on that wading suit stuff and that breathing gear looks fantastic!”

As if by magic, a veil lifted about us and I was staring at a deputy that was nosing about. Apparently an alien created shroud had concealed our passionate interlude from prying eyes. 

“Where did you just come from?” he asked.

“We were over by the back of the mound,” I said pointing.  “Didn’t you notice us as you came around the side?”

“Sir, you just seemed to appear from nowhere.”

I chuckled, “You’ve been out here too long, Deputy.  You know that can’t be.”

I filed this additional discovery away for future reference.  In my conscious level, I had to develop an isolation plan for further study of the object.  I knew that no one else could come in direct contact yet.  In reality, exposing the four of us was foolhardy since we had no idea what we were dealing with.  So far the encounter had been a whirlwind of eroticism and carnal pleasure but I wasn’t sure if the alien had some hidden agenda to reveal.

“I want anyone working with the object to wear Level A protective clothing.  We need to set up a clean room environment for our evaluation.  Make sure no one gets near this thing because of possible contamination.” As I was saying this, the deputy’s eyes widened in panic and began stepping back from me. “This is precautionary, Deputy.  I’m not totally sure what we are dealing with.  Make sure a decon unit is set up so that Doctor Evans and my colleagues can be completely decontaminated.”

“Yes, Sir.  I’ll put the call in right away.”

The deputy ran off to his “Prowler” to make the calls.

“Well team, what shall we do while we wait?” 

With that question, Bill’s clothing disguise transformed into the heavy rubber wading suit and hood.  My own suit shifted into an identical suit.  The heavier rubber squeezed my entire body deliciously in its tight bond. 

“Gee, Doc.  All we need now is a nice bog to wallow in,” Bill said. 

No longer surprised by the power of this living material, we watched a fluid spread from our suit to the hard dry Colorado ground.  Bill, without hesitation slogged into the newly formed mud puddle.  As the mud sucked over his mid-thigh, he fell back with a splat and let the gooey muck swallow him completely.  As his head went beneath the stuff, an inflated sack appeared a few inches below the ends of his breathing tubes to make certain that the tubing stayed above the slop. Sheila’s suit transformed and she was soon beneath the wet, brown surface.  I looked at Chastity, “Why not?” 
I waded into the bog and as my head sank beneath the surface I saw Chastity’s suit transform into a wader and knew she was going to join the rest of us.

This was a truly new experience to me.  The cool muck soothed my senses.  The intense and constant pressure exerted by the surrounding mud brought on a peaceful euphoria.  My slow breathing and the beating of my heart were the only sounds I could sense.  I lay motionless in the pool mud and felt a slowly building desire in my groin.  I began to undulate within the viscous medium, a slow rocking motion that carried me so close to another joyous release.  I wavered at the edge of the dark abyss, my thoughts completely lost to the carnal pleasure consuming my very soul.  Just as I was ready to pull my arm to my crotch and finish the journey, the side of the suit bonded to the arms and I couldn’t move them. 
In my hooded head a whisper said, “Not yet.  The wait is far better than the conclusion.”

I ignored the voice and tried to rock my body to finish the job to no avail.  I panted in frustration as I was denied my final release.  Then my breathing was cut off.  Panicked I thought the hoses had slipped, despite the precautionary floats, beneath the surface.  I struggled to lift myself out of the muck but the weight of the mud overhead and my bound arms made the struggle futile.  Just as I was about to lose consciousness, my breathing suddenly returned.  I gulped eagerly at the cool air drawing through the tubing.  My pounding member bobbed and leaped inside the entrapping suit as I jumped headlong into the dark river of releasing pleasure.

The whispering came again into my head, “That is enough for today my new friend.  I’ll let you explore yourself and you friends more tomorrow.”

I was lifting out of the bog and my arms were again free.  I wiped the muck from the lenses of the attached mask and saw the suit return to its original form.  The others were groggily wiping at their eyes and slowly returning to the present.  To me their glistening rubber suits again shifted back into street clothing.

“What a blast!” cried Chastity.  “When my air cut off, I was so terrified, yet so completely enthralled!  I can’t explain it.  It’s just beyond words!”

Bill calmly commented, “That was the best session of sensory deprivation and breath control I have ever experienced.  No offense to your games, Sheila, but this thing is a true master.” 

“None taken, Bill,” Sheila said.  “After all my feelings are mutual.”

“Did we all have the same experience?” I queried half to myself.

“Doc, did you hear anything while you were in the ooze?” asked Bill.

“Yes, an inner voice seemed told me to wait then told me enough for today.”

“Yeah, me too.  What the hell do we have here, Boss.”

“I don’t really know, Bill.  I just don’t know.”  I was lost in thought. Chastity came up beside me and put her hand in mine.

“We’re together on this one, Dennis.  All the way to the final act,” she whispered in my ear.

“Let’s get to work,” I finally said. The four of us, dressed in our alien latex garments that looked to everyone else like regular street clothing headed out to the waiting crowd.



story continues in Chapter 5: Moving & Containment


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